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Webquest edtech


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Student Page [Teacher Page] Be the Gym Teacher Title A WebQuest for 4th Grade (Physical Education) Introduction Designed by Task Drew Alboreo Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  • 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Introduction Title Introduction You and your class went to Gym today, Task just like you do everyday. Except today’s Gym Process class is different than normal. There is NO Evaluation TEACHER! None of the students know what to Conclusion do and the students are on the verge of panic and chaos. It is up to YOU the students to stay calm and assume the role of the teacher for the day. Credits
  • 3. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Task Title Your job is to become the teacher. You will Introduction need to use all of your cunning in order to prevent chaos Task and control the class. Your task will be to come up with a Process new activity, using the web to guide you, that you can Evaluation teach to your classmates. Conclusion You need to make sure the game or activity is new and exciting, but easy to learn and play. Credits
  • 4. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Process Title In order to accomplish this task you’ll need to follow these steps: Introduction 1. Split the class into four groups Task 2. Each group will be assigned a sport that they need to create a game for. Process a. Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Tag Evaluation 3. Using these websites, the group needs to choose an activity/game Conclusion to play. • • • • • 4. After choosing an activity each group needs to write up a lesson plan. 5. Lesson plans should include: a.What equipment is needed b.How to play/win c.Specific Rules d.What skills the class needs to play the game * Students need to make sure their activity is appropriate for our grade level Credits
  • 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Evaluation Title Multimedia Project : Physical Education WebQuest Introduction Task Teacher Name: D Alboreo Process Student Name: ________________________________________ Evaluation CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Conclusion Content Covers topic in- Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal depth with details knowledge about information about OR there are and examples. the topic. Subject the topic but there several factual Subject knowledge knowledge appears are 1-2 factual errors. is excellent. to be good. errors. Organization Content is well Uses headings or Content is logicallyThere was no clear organized using bulleted lists to organized for the or logical headings or organize, but the most part. organizational bulleted lists to overall organization structure, just lots group related of topics appears of facts. Workload The workload is The workload is The workload was The workload was divided and shared divided and shared divided, but one not divided OR equally by all team fairly by all team person in the group several people in members. members, though is viewed as not the group are workloads may vary doing his/her fair viewed as not doing Requirements All requirements All requirements One requirement More than one are met and are met. was not completely requirement was exceeded. met. not completely met. Credits Date Created: Feb 22, 2012 04:15 pm (UTC)
  • 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] Conclusion Students were able to complete a lesson plan for gym class. They worked in groups and Title were able to choose a game that they would enjoy. Also students discovered how to teach a game including the importance of rules, equipment, and skills. Also the websites used Introduction allow students to learn about additional fun games and activities that can be played in Task their own time or suggested to a gym teacher. Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits
  • 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Credits & References 1. The WebQuest Page Title 2. The WebQuest Slideshare Group 3. Macaulay Culkin Scream Introduction 4. Sports Picture Task 5. Computer Picture 6. Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits
  • 8. [Student Page]Teacher Page Curriculum Standards (Teacher) Academic Content Standards for Physical Education Standards