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A mobile view for BTO 2011 by Valentina Paruzzi
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A mobile view for BTO 2011 by Valentina Paruzzi


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. La scuola di VERO
  • 2. La scuola di VERO
  • 3. MobileMobile is growing faster than Internetany technology before (Post Pc) Desktop Internet 10B+ 1B+ PC Microcomputer 100MM+ Mainframe 10MM+ 1MM+ Units/ 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 Users Source: KPCB -
  • 4. Let’s go through some facts!
  • 5. “ In 10 years, there will be 50 billion devices ” connected to the Internet Hans Vestberg - CEO Ericcson
  • 6. 1.8 billionInternet users worldwide by 2012 Source: Juniper 2011
  • 7. 700 billion Facebookper month spent on mins Source: Facebook Sept 2011
  • 8. 40 billion spam emails sent per day Source: Symantec Intelligence June 2011
  • 9. near 6 billion mobile phone users China and India… rock! :-) Source: Mobithinking - November 2011
  • 10. Mobile games revenue to top $11bn by 2015* Source: Juniper Prediction 2011
  • 11. +100 million iPhones sold by 2012 +60 million iPads sold by 2012 Source: - November 2011 | Gartner 2011
  • 12. In 2010 16m tablets were sold, in 2012 it will reach 85 million Source: eMarketer 2011
  • 13. Today 60% of Apple’s revenues are mobile. In 2008 it was 10%
  • 14. Paypal is expecting over $3.5 billion in transactions from mobile devices by the end of 2011. And by 2013, the online payment giant is expecting its mobile payments volume to reach $7.5 billion. Source: PayPal 2011
  • 15. 2014 mobile will become the first way to access to internet
  • 16. 2014 mobile will not replace pcs pcs remain the first tool for work but mobile brings technology in physical world
  • 17. Humans were born to move
  • 18. :) mobile makes people feeling :( free from the “chains” of pc
  • 19. all youneed all in ONE because LESS is more
  • 20. walletkeysphone ⧽ pick only one of them
  • 21. Is NFC something new?Not at all. Offices havebeen using it for years...
  • 22. By the end of 2012, all thesmartphones will beavailable to pay throughNFC technology(Microsoft and iOs, too)
  • 23. A moving paradigm pull pull&push information fixed entertainment location dayparts search always on relevance social contextual
  • 24. A2P
  • 25. of all Google searches20% are for local information of all Google Maps usage is on mobile devices in 50% July 2011 of fuel savings are created each year thanks to Google’s new route-around-$250,000 traffic feature Source: Mashable / Techcrunch
  • 26.
  • 27. Chromaroma, a travel game forLondon’s Oyster card system, lets youcompete against friends for points asyou travel, making public transit morefun.
  • 28. Mobile Devices: A “Go To” Travel Resource in 2012 44% of U.S. travelers plan on using their mobile phone or smartphone more as a travel resource during trips in 2012 Source: TripAdvisor 2012 Travel Trends/Rearden Commerce
  • 29. Mobile, but don’t forget social
  • 30. Mobile Devices: A “Go To” Travel Resource in 201242% of business travelers indicated they access the mobile Web on their devices of choice to perform tasksthat they wouldn’t ordinarily do on their desktops With 84% reporting using smart phones for business use during travel, participants indicated their top three travel-related activities via mobile phone today are focused on location: mapping or finding directions (80%); researching local activities (63%); researching destination information (55%).
  • 31. Anywhere, anytime 72% of all social network users access their social network sites daily while they are travelling Source: Tripl Research
  • 32. Interstitial time is a treasure (for business) 200 mil passengers will board GOGO-WIFI flights this year Source: Tripl Research
  • 33. First find reliable opinions, then feel confident to plan your travel 69%of all travel companiessaw traffic growth from Facebook 2.566.000 The number of fans of top 5 airlines on Facebook* Source: Tripl Research *South West, Lufthansa, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines
  • 34. Something secret? Source: Tripl Research
  • 35. 31% plan to use travel appson their mobile device or smartphone in 2012 47% use mobile to organise their travel 34% use it to pre-purchase infos Source: TripAdvisor 2012 Travel Trends
  • 36. 37%will use a mobile devicefor restaurants research27 % will use one for attractions research26 % will use one for accommodations research Source: TripAdvisor 2012 Travel Trends
  • 37. 16% percent plan to use travel apps on their tablet devices Source: TripAdvisor 2012 Travel Trends
  • 38. What’s next?Just remember thathuman will come first