Sheet Metal processing division of DANOBATGROUP
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Sheet Metal processing division of DANOBATGROUP



Sheet metal Processing Division iS the Division of DANOBATGROUP specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of sheet-metal technology (punching machines, panel benders, fiber laser ...

Sheet metal Processing Division iS the Division of DANOBATGROUP specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of sheet-metal technology (punching machines, panel benders, fiber laser cutting machines, punch shear and punch laser combination machines).

An organization that joins the client throughout the whole cycle of the machine, offering adapted solutions and quick responses. A brand that offers full coverage to its customers by means of local assistance services and custom made solutions development systems. With machines that integrate all the sheet-metal process from raw material to finished product, with the last generation software.



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Sheet Metal processing division of DANOBATGROUP Sheet Metal processing division of DANOBATGROUP Document Transcript

  • EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY IN SHEET METAL YOUR PARTNER IN SHEET METAL ADAPTED SOLUTIONS, EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Because we are and always will be with our customers offering fast efficient responses with integrated solutions to each of their needs. We believe in efficiency and in things well done, thus doing everything in our power to ensure greater machinery productivity and profitability. Because we believe in what we do, with clear defined targets. Always at the forefront in the search for new solutions for today and tomorrow. Because our service vocation takes us where our customer is. Because we have been designing and manufacturing the most efficient machinery with the best productivity on the market for 50 years.2
  • Maximum cutting and bending performanceWE ARE PRODUCTIVEProductivity is our slogan and the reason why we are specialists in machinery with largeworking areas and high speed, enabling us to achieve greater production volumes and a betteruse of the material.Thanks to the innovative design of DANOBAT machines downtimes are minimized andperformance increased.Furthermore, we have integrated most of sheet metal processes in a single machine, withfast and user friendly automation, making the production process easier and providing moreefficient solutions.This search for productivity is complemented by our technological centre, IK4 IDEKO, whereteams of experts research and develop new solutions in this field. 3
  • EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY IN SHEET METAL EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY A key factor for DANOBAT in the search for productivity is to do it more efficiently. All DANOBAT machines have been designed to minimize our customers’ operating and maintenance costs. We offer a wide range of punching and other servo-electric systems which reduce energy consumption by 60%. POWER CONSUMPTION HYDRAULIC PUNCHING MACHINE VS. ELECTRIC PUNCHING MACHINE kW Hydraulic Chroma Iron 25 20 15 10 7,5 5 2,5 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 x10 sec. Regarding laser, energy saving is achieved by implementing fiber technology. This technology also enables to achieve a drastic reduction in fixed maintenance costs and consumables. COST COMPARISON FIBER LASER VS. CO2 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 Compressed air 30 Consumables and spare parts 20 Maintenance Cutting gas 10 Laser gas 0 Energy 3 kw co2 2 kW Fiber4
  • PROCESS INTEGRATIONAt DANOBAT we understand that process integration is critical to optimize our customers’ production.With this integration we get a reduction in the maturation period of the processed part and animprovement in the material flow.The integration of different technologies enables us to start with raw material and obtain finished productin a single system.Worthy of mention are the systems combining the punching and shearing processes (CUPRA) and thoseof punching and laser cutting (SILVER). BEFORE + = NOW + =CUPRA SILVER 5
  • EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY IN SHEET METAL PUNCHING IRON / CHROMA New generation of servo-electric punching machines of maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, fully automatable and adaptable to any production requirement. IRON is the entry-level model in the range. Equipped with a servo-electric motor of 20 Tn, it reaches the lowest power consumption levels. CHROMA is the star punching machine in the range. The high productivity and precision levels it reaches make it the ideal solution to meet the most demanding requirements. S E R V O - E L E C T R I C A L O P E R AT I O N Main Servo-Motor Y axis motor Multi-Index motor X axis motor Auto-Index motors Turret motors · High punching rates and up to 30 Tn punching power. · Special modular concept for large formats. · Simple maintenance with easy access to key points.6
  • LASER IRIS DANOBAT has developed a laser cutting machine based on fiber technology. The use of fiber technology achieves great reduction of production costs, associated with energy saving. Furthermore, it achieves a drastic reduction in fixed maintenance costs and consumables. The IRIS model is easily automatable. It may optionally be equipped with automatic storage, loading and unloading systems. F iber laser advantages · EFFICIENCY: drastic reduction in energy consumption due to the high performance of the laser source. · SPEED: high cutting and piercing speeds, thanks to the beam density and linear motors. · VERSATILITY: a wider range of materials can be processed, due to wavelength which enables cutting of reflective materials (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.). · COMPACT: compact and simple layout. The use of optic fiber simplifies machine architecture, since the beam is transported through cable.7
  • COMBICUPRA / SILVERDiscover our most efficient and productive machines.DANOBAT integrates different processes to obtain finished parts in a single system.CUPRA: Punch+shear combination. SILVER: Punch+laser combination.With the integration of a fully electric right angle shear to With the combination of fiber laser with our top rangeour top range punching machine, we have achieved the punching machine, we obtain the perfect flexible systemideal system for rectangular parts and large production for processing parts with irregular contours and greatvolumes. added value.A D V A N TA G E S O F T H E C O M B ICUPRA offers:· High shearing rates.· Reduction in machine set-up time thanks to automatic and programmable blade clearance setting.· Greater material use due to a better scrap management.SILVER offers:· Lower power consumption thanks to the fiber laser.· Reduced maintenance and important saving in consumables.· Greater diversity of materials to process. 8
  • BENDINGPGDANOBAT is a specialist in automatic bending technology, offering the PG panel bender range. Thanksto its single tool concept, the machine is both highly productive and flexible.Its conception makes it more precise than conventional bending and less operator dependent.Its automatic bending length adjustment makes it the ideal machine for short series, providing greatflexibility to the production.A pplications· White goods and food equipment · Metal doors · Lighting· Furniture, shelving and store fixtures · Elevators · Air conditioning Positive and negative bending without inverting the part. 9
  • EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY IN SHEET METAL ERGONOMY Interaction between machine and operator is another value to highlight. All DANOBAT machines have been ergonomically designed, providing both operating and maintenance benefits. Among the most noteworthy benefits is the EASY TURRET system by DANOBAT, which improves access and reduces tool change time. Regarding software, DANOBAT machines incorporate the SMART TECH system, which makes interpretation of messages easier for the customer and enables direct connection with DANOBAT tecnical assistance service. The application of ergonomy in machine design has also meant a great advance in maintenance thanks to the incorporation of numerous mobile elements and improvement of the access to key points.10
  • ADAPTED SOLUTIONSOur teams of experts analyse with the customer The MODULAR TECH system integrated in allall their requirements offering the best solutions DANOBAT machines enables the incorporation offrom a productive point of view. any automation element throughout machine life.DANOBAT marks the difference due to its greatvariety of special and customised solutions. Automatic sheet storage-loading-punching-unloading system: · Maximum autonomy and flexibility in production. · Complete processed sheet unloading. · Hydraulic table with automatic height adjustment to make part removal easier. Automatic loading-punching-laser-stacking system: · Maximum autonomy and flexibility in production. · Reduction in production processes and manipulation. · Stacking and separation of finished parts. Automatic storage-punching-shearing-stacking-bending system: · Maximum productivity. · Optimum raw material management. · Minimum operator intervention. · Maximization of process integration concept. 11
  • DANOBAT SHEET METAL TECHNOLOGIES PUNCHING LASER PUNCHING + SHEARING PUNCHING + LASER BENDINGSERVICE 05/2012We are with the customer throughout the machine life. This document is not a contract. GOITI reserves the right of making changes to all without prior notice. The ilustrations in this catalogue remain property of GOITI. Immediate telephone response. Local service assistance in each country. Personal treatment. Teleservice from factory. 24 h Fast assistance, 24 hours. Stock of parts in all countries. ©DANOBAT 2012 MORE INFORMATION IN If your phone has QR code reader, you can directly access to GOITI Tel.: +34 943 74 80 23 Apraiz kalea 1 · P Box 80 .O. Fax: +34 943 74 81 44 E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa) Spain