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DANOBAT is a global manufacturer with production plants
in Spain, Germany and England and a sophisticated sales
support and after-sales network covering 40 countries.
Overseas sales in 2010 accounted for 85% of turnover.
In this catalogue, Danobat presents a complete range
of grinding machines covering the machining of parts
from smallest to heavy duty, single part batches to high
DANOBAT specialises in the construction of grinding
machines suited to customer´s application.
The latest technologies are utilised to achieve the highest
rigidity and precision. The modularity in the design makes it
possible to achieve the shortest lead time and the optimum
cost for a machine made to order. DANOBAT machines
provide an ergonomic and quality solution

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DANOBAT Grinding

  1. 1. hIGh PrEcIsIoN GrindinG MachinesINDEX Your PartNEr for MIcroNs .03 LEaDErs IN MachINE tooLs aND ProDuctIoN sYstEMs .04 GrINDING soLutIoNs .05 r&D cENtrE IDEko-Ik4 .06 INNovatIoN aND tEchNoLoGY .07 EXtErNaL .08 uNIvErsaL EXtErNaL & INtErNaL .10 INtErNaL .12 INtErNaL & raDII .13 sIMuLtaNEous INtErNaL & EXtErNaL .14 surfacE .15 cENtrELEss .16 vErtIcaL .18 GrINDING cENtrE .19 aErosPacE aPPLIcatIoNs .20 crEEP fEED .22 hIGh-tEch rE-ENGINEErING .23 MaIN INDustrIEs .24 soME rEfErENcEs .26 sErvIcE .2702. INDEX
  2. 2. Your PartNEr for Microns GrINDING .03
  3. 3. LEaDErsin Machine Tools and ProducTion sysTeMs founded in 1954, DaNoBat is part of DaNoBatGrouP which is one of the largest machine tool and production system manufacturers in Europe and is specialised in different manufacturing technologies: grinding, turning, sawing, drilling, plasma cutting, punching and bending, boring and milling. DaNoBatGrouP’s strategy is to focus on niche applications for high-technology products and to deliver tailor-made solutions to customers in a wide range of industrial sectors. DANOBATGROUP MONDRAGON CORPORATION turnover 2010: 190 M of € financial area Personnel as of 31st December, 2010: 1.061 people industrial area Machine tools retail area automotive chassis and Power train cM automotive Knowledge area MONDRAGON CORPORATION Industrial automation DaNoBatGrouP is the Machine tool Division components of the prestigious industrial holding, construction MoNDraGoN corPoratIoN. vertical transport total sales 2010: Equipment 13.989 M of € household Personnel as of 31st December, 2010: Engineering and services 83.859 people Industrial systems tooling and systems04. GrINDING
  4. 4. GrINDING soluTionsDaNoBat is a global manufacturer with production plantsin spain, Germany and England and a sophisticated salessupport and after-sales network covering 40 countries.overseas sales in 2010 accounted for 85% of turnover.In this catalogue, Danobat presents a complete rangeof grinding machines covering the machining of partsfrom smallest to heavy duty, single part batches to highproduction.DaNoBat specialises in the construction of grindingmachines suited to customer´s application.the latest technologies are utilised to achieve the highestrigidity and precision. the modularity in the design makes it overbeck Gmbh (herborn - Germany)possible to achieve the shortest lead time and the optimumcost for a machine made to order. DaNoBat machinesprovide an ergonomic and quality solution with a userfriendly and powerful software. Newall uk Ltd. (Peterborough - uk) GrINDING .05
  5. 5. r&D cENtrEideKo-iK4 Research & Development Centre dedicated exclusively to Machine Tools conscious of the need to develop and innovate its products to remain a market leader in Grinding solutions, DaNoBat is backed by IDEko-Ik4, whose main work consists of product development and optimisation as well as production process improvement. thus, DaNoBat subjects all components and all machines to constant development at the IDEko technology centre. this ensures that the design of its products and productivity can be continually improved and adapted to the latest technological innovations. the high-precision laboratory IDEko-Ik4, which is both temperature and humidity controlled is dedicated exclusively to new projects and the development of machines, components and verification equipment necessary to develop ultra precision applications and new prototypes. the main activity of this 770 m2 prototype laboratory is to develop new machining technology and to collaborate with manufacturers and users to develop new machines. the laboratory, which is temperature controlled to +/- 0,5º, also serves as a demonstration facility for DaNoBatGrouP´s technological capacity, carrying out trials, testings and optimising existing processes.06. GrINDING
  6. 6. INNovatIoN and TechnoloGyMeasuring systemsWe provide customised solutions for the most stringent grindingprocesses. Different commercial and in house measuringtechnologies are applied to our range of machines for in or postprocess applications.Advanced softwarethe operation and programming of our grinding machines hasbeen designed to meet the requirements of the users. thesoftware has a modular design. the basic machine operatingmodule software can be completed with other specific modulessuch as form and thread grinding, profiling of complex workpieceforms, monitoring , etc.Hydrostatic technologyour broad experience in grinding machine design & productionallows us to provide the most suitable guideways and rotatingsolutions. our machines can be supplied with hydrostatic linearmotion and rotary technology to achieve the fastest and mostaccurate positioning for linear and rotation movements.Digital & motion technologyour grinding machines use digital drives in both linear and rotaryaxes, to ensure the most accurate positioning arrangements.Integrated linear motors are extensively used through ourcomplete range of grinding machines. GrINDING .07
  7. 7. cG PGExTERNAlthe compact design with small footprint combined with its high In order to fit to the customers requirements, an automaticrigidity, make the cG the perfect machine to work in the most loading system can be easily incorporated, in the way of differentexigent industrial and production environments. a robust and technologies like robot, external or integrated gantry and customreliable machine, the capacity to hold a grinding wheel of up to made manipulation systems.760 mm in diameter, make this model the most attractive to for customers requiring the grinding of bigger parts, the PGthose customers making high production series. model offers a production solution that can accommodatethe machine has as well flexibility to adequate more than one parts of up to 2000 mm length and wheels of max. 910 mm inwheel, with the possibility to work with both internal and external diameter.grinding spindles. CHARACTERISTICS CG PG Max. distance between centres mm 600/1000 Max. weight between centres kg 80/250 500 Max. diameter to be ground mm 440 Max. grinding wheel diameter mm 760 910 Max. peripheral speed m/s 6008. GrINDING
  8. 8. LGExTERNAlthe LG range has been developed for high precision component covers the range necessary for grinding with conventional abrasivegrinding, such as cutting tools, hydraulic components and (45 m/s) or superabrasives (up to 120 m/s) with maximum torque.automotive parts. the machine’s natural granite base and thelinear motor driven slides provide the high accuracy and thermal In addition the machine is versatile and flexible with the directstability required for these high demanding applications. these driven B axis and the use of multiple wheels.specifications also allow the grinding of non-round components. requirements of completely automated manufacturing processesthe use of water cooled electric-spindle makes possible the are fullfilled with incorporation of customised automatic loadingcombination of conventional and high speed grinding. this systems developed by DaNoBat, e.g. integrated gantry or robotproduces a maximum peripheral wheel speed of 120 m/s and solutions. CHARACTERISTICS lG-200 lG-400 lG-600 Max. grinding length mm 200 400 600 Max. weight between centres kg 30 80 80 Max. diameter to be ground mm 200 300 300 Max. grinding wheel diameter mm 350/400 500 500 Max. peripheral speed m/s 35/120 GrINDING .09
  9. 9. hGUNIvERSAl ExTERNAl & INTERNAlthis moving table grinding machine range has been designed In order to obtain the maximum machine performance hGto fulfil the requirements of a wide range of applications machines can be equiped with in-process measuring systems,that combine external, internal, face and taper grinding of automatic wheel balancing system incorporating gap and crash,components such as: transmission shafts, electric motor axial positioning system and taper correction system, etc.shafts, gas and wind turbine shafts, railway shafts, machine Depending on the application the machine can be equippedtools shafts, landing gear components, etc. Depending on the with an absolute multi-diameter measuring system MDM 300 orapplication corundum, cBN or diamond wheels can be used. MDM 500, as an option.the machine base and sub-assemblies are made of stabilized hG series is a very flexible, ergonomic and easy to use machineperlitic cast iron. hG grinders can be equipped with a wide with a wide range of configuration in order to suit the customer’srange of wheelhead configurations: straight, angular and “B”- needs.axis which is driven by an integrated torque motor. Wheels areassembled on hydrostatic bearing spindles,roller bearing or onDaNoBat designed electric-spindles. CHARACTERISTICS HG-62 HG-72 HG-92 Max. distance between centres mm 2000 4000 5000 Max. diameter to be groung mm 440 640 850 Max. weight between centres kg 500 1500 5000 Max. grinding wheel diameter mm 760 915 1015 Max. wheelhead power kW 30 45 45 Max. wheel peripheral speed m/s 45/60 45/60 45/6010. GrINDING
  10. 10. WtUNIvERSAl ExTERNAl & INTERNAlthe medium and heavy duty Wt grinding machine range has a cross In order to obtain the maximum machine performance hG machinesslide configuration to optimise the machine foot print. Machine main can be equiped with in-process measuring systems, automatic wheelgroups like wheelhead, workhead and tailstock are designed to grind balancing incorporating gap and crash, axial positioning system andcomponents weighing up to 8 ton and 8 meter length. Gap bed option taper correction system, etc.is available for large diameter swing components. Different wheelhead configurations can be installed combining IDthe machine base and sub-assemblies are made of stabilized perlitic and oD spindles for all kind of universal applications for the mostcast iron. Wt grinders can be equipped with a wide range of wheelhead demanding industries such as aviation, railway and power generationconfigurations: straight, angular and “B”-axis which is driven by an among others, offering the maximum flexibility to the customer.integrated torque motor. Wheels are assembled on hydrostatic bearing Depending on the application the machine can be equipped with anspindles, roller bearing or on DaNoBat designed electric-spindles. absolute multi-diameter measuring system MDM 300 or MDM 500,Depending on the application, corundum, cBN or diamond wheels can as an option.be utilised. CHARACTERISTICS WT-62 WT-72 WT-92 Max. distance between centres mm 2000 8000 8000 Max. diameter to be ground mm 440 640 1000 Max. weight between centres kg 500 1500 8000 Max. grinding wheel diameter mm 610 1060 1060 Max. wheelhead power kW 11 45 45 Max. wheel peripheral speeds m/s 45/60 GrINDING .11
  11. 11. ID ID-400LINTERNAlthese high precision machines have been designed for internal, all machines are equipped with linear motors technology, which isexternal and face grinding of components such as: gear parts, ideal for unround parts. Ball screws are optionally available. the IDcutting tools, bearings, unround components and hydraulic parts, and ID-400L can also incorporate spindle turret, measuring headsetc. and automatic loading systems. CHARACTERISTICS ID-200 ID-400 ID 400l ID-600 Max. internal grinding diameter mm 100 200 300 700 Max. part length mm 100 190 1300 600 Work swing mm 200 400 500 900 Max. workpiece weight kg 30 70/170 350 500 x and Z axes stroke mm 400/200 400/450 400/450 650/65012. GrINDING
  12. 12. IrDINTERNAl & RADIIhigh precision grinding machines with integrated rotary axes in spindle turret for higher versatility with up to 4 spindles.the workhead base. the cNc controlled motor and the 3 axes Prepared for internal, external, radius, face and unroundinterpolation software allow the grinding of different radii without grinding, ideal for the machining of forming and cutting tools.manually resetting of the pivot points. CHARACTERISTICS IRD-200 IRD-400 IRD-600 Max. internal grinding diameter mm 100 200 460 “B0” axis swivelling range mm +95/-95 +95/-15 +95/-15 Work swing mm 200 400 600 Max. workpiece weight kg 30 70/170 400 x and Z axes stroke mm 400/200 400/450 650/650 GrINDING .13
  13. 13. IEDSIMUlTANEOUS INTERNAl & ExTERNAlsimultaneous machine for internal and external diameter or Designed and manufactured for the grinding of gear parts, injectionface grinding. the machine is designed with quality components components and other machine parts.producing high accuracies and reducing non machining time to aminimum. CHARACTERISTICS IED-400 Max. workpiece length mm 250 Work swing mm 300 Max. workpiece weight mm 70/170 x and Z Axis stroke internal grinding mm 220/400 x and Z Axis stroke external grinding mm 320/22014. GrINDING
  14. 14. sGSURfACEDouble column slide way grinding machines with fixed or mobile the machine base, columns and sub-assemblies are made ofcross rail and tangential and/or universal wheelheads. stabilised perlitic cast iron. In order to obtain the maximum machinethese machines have been designed for the grinding of machine tool performance the sG machines can be equipped with automatic wheelbeds and guideways, and high precision heavy and large components. balancing system, gap and crash, automatic wheel changers, etc. CHARACTERISTICS SG Max. table length mm 14000 Max. table width mm 3000 Max. wheel dimensions mm 760 x 200 Max. height to be ground mm 2000 Max. wheelhead power kW 37 GrINDING .15
  15. 15. Estarta 301/302/305/318/327CENTRElESSthe Estarta series of centerless grinding machines have been In keeping with the Danobat philosophy of modular design, thesedeveloped for infeed and throughfeed applications, for parts from centerless grinders are totally customisable machines and candiameter 0.5 to 250 mm, involving high volume production and be equipped with fix and mobile workcenter, cantilever and twinstringent quality requirements. grip headstock and single or double slide, as well as load/unload systems, post-process measuring equipments, etc. ESTARTA ESTARTA ESTARTA ESTARTA-318 ESTARTA CHARACTERISTICS 301Mv 302Mv-CBN 305Mv Mv Mv-DC MDA-DC 327fDA Part diameter min-max 0,5 - 50 1,5 - 50 1,5 - 50 1,5 - 120 3-250 Max. infeed grinding length mm 125 125 160 254 500 (660) Grinding wheel dimensions mm 325 x 125 x 175 375 x 125 x 175 400 x 160 x 203,2 610 x 254 x 304,8 650 x 500 x 304,8 (660) Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 35 35 - 100 35/50 35/50 35 / 50 / 63 Regulating wheel dimensions mm 220 x 125 x 125 220 x 125 x 125 250 x 160 x 127 305 x 254 x 127 355 x 500 x 203,2 (660) Main motor kW 7,5 22 11/15 22/30 55 / 75 / 90 Net weight kg 1600 2000 3000 6500 7500 7500 1600016. GrINDING
  16. 16. Estarta 315CENTRElESSBase built on a natural granite for optimum thermal and the grinding wheel headstock is based on an electrosplindledynamic stability, the Estarta-315fv centerless grinding concept, which means there is no mechanical transmission, andmachine has been designed for ultra-precision infeed works. allows speed variations from 20 to 100 m/s for grinding with aall six axes are driven by linear motors with positional control conventional, diamond or cBN wheel.courtesy through glass scales. CHARACTERISTICS ESTARTA-315fv Part diameter min-max 0,5 - 50 Max. infeed grinding length mm 200 Grinding wheel dimensions mm 610 x 200 x 304,8 Grinding wheel peripheral speed m/s 20-100 Regulating wheel dimensions mm 305 x 200 x 127 Main motor kW 20 Net weight kg 10000 GrINDING .17
  17. 17. vGvERTICAlthe vG series is a high capability product for the precision grinding Movement of the table and vertical slide is driven by a doubleof medium / heavy components. ball screw with individual servo motors to optimise the machineall models in the vG series are equipped with two independent dynamic behavior. the rotary table is assembled on a hydrostaticslides located on heavy duty linear guides. this machine bearing with constant pressure. options include measuring devicesconfiguration allows to perform the most demanding hard turning for pre, in and post-process measurements; multi-spindle turret;operations. the traversing X axis slide carries a c-axis rotary table and a 15/30 tool capacity magazine with tool changing takingwhile the vertical Z axis slide is fitted with a swiveling B-axis. place outside of the machining area and performed by robot. CHARACTERISTICS vG Max. diameter to be ground mm 1000 1500 2000 500 500 500 Height to be ground mm 700 1000 1000 1000 1500 1500 Nº of spindles in “B”-axis 4 4 4 Max. table load kg 3000 3000 300018. GrINDING
  18. 18. IEvGRINDING CENTRENatural granite bed for higher thermal and vibration stability. options; measuring systems, automatic tool changer, toolDirect driven technology in all linear and rotary axes for higher magazine and automatic wheel balancing system.accuracy and longer component life. Designed for awkward shapes and unround work pieces withswivelling “B”-axis with integrated torque motor. high accuracy requirements.Interpolation software for non-round and eccentric parts. CHARACTERISTICS IEv Max. diameter to be ground mm 800 Height to be ground mm 800 Nº of spindles in “B”-axis 4 Max. table load kg 1000 GrINDING .19
  19. 19. DaNtIPAEROSPACE APPlICATIONSthe DaNtIP machines are for precision grinding, deburring and this feature ensures the highest degree of accuracy that can bemeasuring fully assembled variations of jet engine turbine rotor obtained with current technologies.blade tips. It has been shown that diametric tolerances can be held tothe DaNtIP grinds the blade tips of the rotor while they are 0,025 mm. this achievement is regarded as very important,being rotated at high speed, thereby presenting the blades to since the clearance between the rotor blade tips and the outerthe grinding wheel under the appropriate operating conditions. housing has a critical bearing on the engine’s performance. DANTIP CHARACTERISTICS R1 R2 R3 Max. grinding diameter mm 400 700 1500 Max. grinding length mm 600 1000 1500 Max. component length mm 900 1425 2000 Workpiece speed min-1 20 - 6500 20 - 6000 10 - 4000 Wheelhead swivel degrees -10º/+115º -10º/+115º -10º/+200º20. GrINDING
  20. 20. DaNuNIAEROSPACE APPlICATIONSMachine designed and developed for precision grinding of different Designed to machine the most advanced materials, such usaircraft landing gear struts. hvof, using the latest generation grinding wheels and dressingGap bed and traversing wheelhead configuration. Mobile workhead technologies.with maximum swivelling diameter up to 4 meters and different recognized by the major landing gear oEMs and Mros through outwheel-spindle configurations for oD & ID operations. the world as the best gap bed grinding machine for landing gear application in aerospace machine tool market. DANUNI CHARACTERISTICS 2500/2500 3050/3400 4100/3400 Max. swing in gap mm 2500 3050 4100 Max. length between centres mm 2500 3400 3400 Max. width of gap mm 800 1400 1400 Max. swing over the table mm 840 1600 1600 Max. external diameter ground mm 610 GrINDING .21
  21. 21. Mc MtCREEP fEEDthis range of machine built using a modular concept for moving and overhead dressing units as well as large diameter wheels andcolumn/table creep feed grinding machine combines versatility clamping fixtures with rotary tables. the machine includes the mostand high precision with an excellent thermal stability. the design up to date digital driving and optical measuring system to guaranteeof the machine allows integration of a large variety of overtable optimum precision in the components with a maximum productivity. CHARACTERISTICS MC MT Max. table length mm 800 2000 Max. table width mm 600 Max. wheel dimensions mm 508 x 225 508 x 150 Max. wheelhead power kW 9022. GrINDING
  22. 22. HIGH-TECH RE-ENGINEERINGDaNoBat-NEWaLL and DaNoBat have a vast experience can be found in the high volume automotive industry,in design, production and re-engineering of high tech specialized aerospace manufacturers and serviceMachine tools. providers throughout the world.DaNoBat-NEWaLL and DaNoBat offer remanufacturing their expertise is in utilising the latest technologyservices tailored to customer requirements that can go components and incorporating them into existingfrom a basic mechanical tune up, to the upgrading of the machine tools. the machine performance is thereforemachines with the incorporation of new technical and increased and overall output improved.safety features. the companies are forward thinking, incorporating bothtypical applications for the DaNoBat NEWaLL and the customer’s process and machine design for theDaNoBat range of precision cNc controlled machines manufacture of re-engineered machines.Before afTer GrINDING .23
  23. 23. MainINDustrIEsaerosPacecaPiTal Goods24. GrINDING
  24. 24. auToMoTiVeWind PoWer railWays GrINDING .25
  25. 25. soMerEfErENcEsAUTOMOTIvE &INDUSTRIAl vEHIClES HEAvY DUTY APPlICATIONS AEROSPACE & ENERGY GENERATIONBosch aErotEch PEIssENBErG aIrBuscatErPILLar aLstoM PoWEr aIr fraNcE INDustrIEsDaNa ata GEars aLItaLIaDELPhI caf aMErIcaN aIrLINEsEatoN cINcINNatI EXtrusIoN BoEINGfaW chINa EIckhoff WIND PoWEr DELta aIr LINEsforD fIschEr & krEckE GENEraL ELEctrIcGEtraG GEt GaMEsa ENErGY traNsMIssIoNs GE PoWEr sYstEMsGkN hartchroM aG stEINach IBErIa aIrLINEsJohN DEErE kLINGELNBErG MEssIEr DoWtYMahLE LohEr Pratt & WhItNEYMtu MaN DIEsEL roLLs roYcErENauLt MartIN saEsLscaNIa MovENtas oY sIkorskY hELIcoPtErsshaNGaI autoGEars MM MaDErN sNEcMa GrouPtEDrIvE rENk aG sr tEchNIcstrW sEW-EuroDrIvE sta ENGINEsvW sIEMENs aG uNItED aIrLINEsZf soLar turBINEs st. LouIs MEtaLLIZING uNIoN WErkZEuGMaschINEN voIth turBo26. GrINDING WaLDrIch coBurG
  26. 26. our coMPaNY, your ParTner In DaNoBat we offer a service to perform machining tests on our machines with your workpieces. In this way your company will beable to see our facilities first hand, our experienced work force andmachine capabilities guaranteeing quality for your future investment. Customised solutions: Next to the customer · customised machining solutions. from the beginning: · Improving machining process study. · Local sales service team at your · fixturing. disposal. · tooling. · Production process analysis by local product engineers. · software. · feasibility analysis. · acceptance trials machining customer’s parts. · technical & economical study. Together during the complete Project management: machine lifecycle: · Machine set-up & commissioning. · technical assistance by local service · Personnel training. engineers. · Production assistance. · teleservice. · hotline. · Preventive maintenance. · spare parts available. GrINDING .27
  27. 27. 09/2011 this document is not a contract. DaNoBat reserves the right of making changes to all models without prior notice. the illustrations in this catalogue remain property of DaNoBat.DANOBAT DANOBAT Rettificatrici ITALIAarriaga kalea, 21 tel.: + 39 0332 747 711E-20870 ELGoIBar (Gipuzkoa) spain Info@danobatrettificatrici.ittel.: + 34 943 74 80 44 DANOBAT Machine Tool Inc. USAfax: + 34 943 74 31 38 tel.: + 1 847 593 6644danobat@danobat.com danobatusa@danobatusa.com DANOBAT DO BRASIL tel.: + 55 113 082 90 80OvERBECK GmbH danobatbrasil@danobatbrasil.com.brkonrad-adenauer str. 27D-35745 hErBorN Germany DANOBAT JApANtel.: + 49 (0) 2772 801 0 tel.: + 81 362068472fax: + 49 (0) 2772 801 153 tsujiai@aa.mbn.or.jpinfo@overbeck.de DANOBATGROUp INDIA tel.: + 91 9819043038NEWALL UK LTD + 91 91588845521 sturrock Way, Bretton, Peterborough danobatgroupindia@danobatgroup.comcambs, PE3 8Yf Englandtel.: + 44 (0) 1733 265566 DANOBATGROUp CHINAfax: + 44 (0) 1733 843819 tel.: + 86 10 64673639sales@newall-uk.com info@danobat.cn ©DaNoBat 2011