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Recruitment and selection by daniel doni sundjojo
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Recruitment and selection by daniel doni sundjojo



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  • 1. Manpower Planning,Recruitment and Selection : Starting Right Daniel Doni Sundjojo
  • 2. Manpower Planning Strategic Analysis Organizational Development Analysis Task Analysis People : Process Analysis Turnover Career Planning Government’s Policy Market Environtment Company’s Budget
  • 3. Recruitment and Selection based onCompetency Consistent to Competency Requirement, Strategy and Objective Value versus Cost Advertise in proper way to attract the right candidate Focus on the RIGHT thing not the GOOD thing Never recruit people because of the deadline to be fulfilled Use your negotiate skills to attract the best competent people with optimal price
  • 4. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection1. Need Analysis based on Manpower Planning • Annual Plan • Need Analysis for plan B2. The Right Sources and Media to attract the Right Candidate
  • 5. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)3. Preliminary Screening :Such as : Phone Interview Online Screening Curriculum Vitae/ Application Form ScreeningScreening Indicator : Basic Qualification
  • 6. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)4. Preemployment Testing : Refer to General Competency Intellegencia Test : Measure the applicant capacity to learn, solve problem, and understand relationship Aptitude Test : Predict how a person migh perform on a given job Vocational Interest Test : Determine the applicant’s area of major work interest
  • 7. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)4 Preemployment testing (Cont) Personality tests : Measure the applicant’s emotional adjustment and attitude Achievement, proficiency or skills test : measure the appplicant’s knowledge of and ability to do a given job Work Sampling or work preview : A test in which the prospective employee must perform a task that is representative of the job
  • 8. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)5. Preemployment Interviews : Refer to General Competency and General Term and ConditionSome spesific questions you might asks are : What did you do on your last job How did you do it? Why did you do it? Of the jobs you have had, which did you like best? Which the least? Why did you leave your last job? What you consider your strong and weak point? Why do you want to work for us? How about your term and condition? (Salary, working hours etc)Give the candidate CLEAR DESCRIPTION about our company, system, management style, process, culture, rules
  • 9. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)6. Technical Interview/ Test (conduct by user/ panel Interview) : refers to Core/ Technical/ Fungsional Competency. Use job description and job spesification as the parameter Behavioral Interview Project Focus Group Case Study Roleplay Presentation Spesific Technical Practices/ Test
  • 10. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)7. Checking references and records8. Final Selection : Never let candidate know that He/She is the final candidate (even He/ She is the only one candidate who match with our requirement)9. Physical Examination (where legally permitted), Drug/ Medical Test
  • 11. 11 Step in Recruitment and Selection (Cont)10. Job Offer. Negotiate with : – Job Security – Company’s Benefit – Career Path – Corporate Culture – Company’s Brand11. Agreement
  • 12. Good luck