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Produse destinate ajutorarii si avertizarii persoanelor cu dizabilitati privind acesibilitatea cladirilor publice.

Produse destinate ajutorarii si avertizarii persoanelor cu dizabilitati privind acesibilitatea cladirilor publice.

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  • 1. Info RANGE OF PRODUCTS “ACCESSIBILITY” One person out of three with a different degree of disability is estimated to experience discomfort to move within their everyday environment. As a manufacturer of products intended for the building industry, DINAC answers the needs regarding walking, negotiating differences in level, detecting obstacles, locating oneself in space, grasping objects, security, in case of : - physical disability : anyone motor impaired (wheelchair or cane user...) - visual handicap : people with a visual impairment or blind people Intervention fields >>>>> DINAC’s solutions Pedotactile slabs DINALERT Stairs and vertical traffic Highly adherent inserts More information on the back of the page. ISBA, ISBATEX, adjustable nosing profiles and nonslip inserts Handrails, brackets and acces- Walls and partitions – horizontal sories traffic Outdoor walking areas Ramps Access to balconies, loggias Entrance mats : ARAVIS, OISANS, Entrance areas from outside CLEANLUXE ...
  • 2. Info STAIRS AND vERTICAL TRAFFIC What the law says On top of the stairscase, positioned 0.50 m away from the first step, there must be 50 cm 1 a floor infill working as a warning device thanks to a visual and tactile contrast. The french standard AFNOR NFP 98-351 describes a warning device which is compulsory along platform edges and curb ramp passages at pedestrian crossing points. If a client decides to install such a warning device on top of a straircase, he will have to make sure that its setting up is conform to standards. The form of the selected warning device should not lead to risks of falls. Infill DINAC’s solutions PEDOTACTILE SLABS DINALERT INFILLS Dv 30 (blisters h : 0.5 mm) SLABS Dv 10 (domes h : 5 mm) 50 cm Dimensions : 1350 x 400 mm. Dimensions : 420 x 420 mm. Sole thickness : 2.5 mm. Sole thickness : 2.2 mm. mini To be stuck or joined with the To be stuck. 10 cm PVC type floor infills. Available in white, yellow, grey, 50 cm Available in light grey, dark grey and black. Slab yellow. In accordance with the AFNOR NFP 98-351 hauteur marche standard. maxi 16 cm The first and last steps must be equipped with a riser the height of which must be at 2 least 10 cm and the colour of which visually contrasts with the step (the height of the mini 10 cm steps must not exceed 16 cm). >10 mm <10 mm mini non! DINAC’s solutions 10 cm OK ADhESIvE INFILLS hauteur marche OK maxi 16 cm Dimensions : 100 mm x 3 m. Adhesive. mini hauteur marche 10 cm maxi 16 cm Available in fluo yellow, black / yellow, yellow, black, red / white, photoluminescent, photoluminescent / black. >10 m hauteur marche maxi 16 cm <10 mm The nosing profiles must answer the following requirements : >10 mm 3 - their colour must contrast with the rest of the staircase ; It is recommended non ! OK to use contrasted colours and tones, or appropriate lighting effects. It is very important to be able to see distinctly the first step when walking down. <10 mm >10 mm - they must be nonslip. The use of polished materials with neither surface treatment ! non OK nor nonslip element (such as concrete, stone, metal, polished glass) is prohibited. OK - the overhang related to the riser must not exceed 10 mm, so as not to trip up. DINAC’s solutions NOSING PROFILES AND NONSLIP INSERTS All our nosing profiles ISBA, ISBATEX, grooved, adjustable, PvC, to be stuck, are conform to standards except for those with a rounded bullnose shape. Coloured nonslip inserts, highly adherent on bare steps or integrated in the adjustable nosing profiles (for the 36 mm length). Range of products «accessibility» Z.I. des Marais - B.P. 29 - 38350 La Mure - France Tél. : +33 4 76 81 14 22 - Fax : +33 4 76 30 93 03 -