Lesson 3: Internet Tool in life Sciences Research


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Lesson 3: Internet Tool in life Sciences Research

  1. 1. 3Internet Tool in life Sciences Research D.ALQahtani
  2. 2. Lessons 1- Essentials 2- Searching 3- Using MeSH 4- Working with Results 5- Jeopardy game D.ALQahtani
  3. 3. 3- Using MeSH D.ALQahtani
  4. 4. 3- Using MeSHBasically , when we search , we use keywords or /and MeSH terms D.ALQahtani
  5. 5. 3- Using MeSH keywords  Is fast and easy - usually finds what you need  Often automatically maps your keyword to the appropriate MeSH term, including it in your search D.ALQahtani
  6. 6. 3- Using MeSH MeSH Search MeSH Retrieves Subjects – Not Words: When you search with a MeSH term, you are searching for a subject (not a keyword) match D.ALQahtani
  7. 7. 3- Using MeSH ExampleSearching for the keyword "aids"retrieves articles on : AIDS virus, as well as articles on hearingaids, audiovisual aids, clinical aids,teaching aids etc. Using the MeSH term for AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome [MeSH] will limit your retrieval to the relevant subject D.ALQahtani
  8. 8. 3- Using MeSH When MeSH Helps and When it Doesnt ? Type of Topic Explanation SearchOne Aspect Adverse effects of theof a Larger A keyword search retrieves over 800 hits. A MeSH MMR vaccine Topic search with subheadings quickly provides focusRare or New A keyword search is best for rare or new topics. Turners hypoplasia Topic There is no MeSH term for Turners hypoplasiaComplicated Adverse effects of A keyword search here is too broad. A MeSH search Topic fluoride on newborn helps focus on the relationship between the terms. D.ALQahtani
  9. 9. 3- Using MeSH Selecting medical subject headings (MeSH) for a search D.ALQahtani
  10. 10. 3- Using MeSH Consider doing a MeSH Search F D.ALQahtani
  11. 11. 3- Using MeSHUse MeSH subheadings to quickly focus yoursearch on a specific aspect of a topic. Forexample: "Etiology of aphthous ulcer ","Genetics of amelogenesis imperfecta" Tip: When your topic contains the word "of" consider selecting MeSH and MeSH subheadings for your search D.ALQahtani
  12. 12. 3- Using MeSHAlso Consider doing a MeSH Search If: Your keyword search results in a retrieval that is Too large D.ALQahtani
  13. 13. 3- Using MeSH D.ALQahtani
  14. 14. 3- Using MeSHMeSH will probably NOT help you if you search A new or emerging medical concept A recently published articles D.ALQahtani
  15. 15. 3- Using MeSHScenario You need to find articles on drug treatments for aphthous ulcer ! D.ALQahtani
  16. 16. 3- Using MeSHTo see the difference between searches, start with a keyword search  Clear the previous search if it is still active  In the query box, type aphthous ulcer AND drug treatment  Click GO D.ALQahtani
  17. 17. 3- Using MeSHYou should retrieve about 1097 citations. This is more than isoptimal. More importantly, inspection would show that drugtreatment aphthous ulcer is not the main focus of many of thesecitations. (Some of the articles are about aphthous ulcer , butmention drug treatment of other conditions We need to increase the search precision D.ALQahtani
  18. 18. STEPSD.ALQahtani
  19. 19. Locate and Select MeSH Terms From the MeSHdatabase 1 D.ALQahtani
  20. 20. Locate and Select MeSH Terms From the MeSHdatabase 23 D.ALQahtani
  21. 21. Locate and Select MeSH Terms From the MeSH database 6 745 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh?term=aph thous%20ulcer D.ALQahtani
  22. 22. 3- Using MeSHWHY Subheading ( STEP 4)Attaching subheadings to a MeSH term allows you tofocus on a specific aspect of your topic. In thisexample, we retrieved citations about drug therapy ofaphthous ulcer . We did NOT retrieve citations where "aphthous ulcer " and "drug therapy" are bothmentioned as separate concepts D.ALQahtani
  23. 23. 3- Using MeSHWHY Restrict Search to Major Topic Headings Only( STEP 5)So that your articles will have drug therapy ofaphthous ulcer as a major focus D.ALQahtani
  24. 24. SO, 540 focused citations in your results down fromabout 1097 retrieved at the beginning of this example D.ALQahtani
  25. 25. 3- Using MeSH D.ALQahtani
  26. 26. 3- Using MeSH Quick Summery A MeSH search is a subject search Consider selecting MeSH terms if your searchresults are off topic or too large A MeSH search usually results in a smaller retrievalthan a keyword search. Selecting MeSH terms limitsyour search to the MeSH fieldMeSH subheadings allow you to quickly focus onone aspect of a topic D.ALQahtani
  27. 27. 3- Using MeSH Quick Summery Consider restricting your MeSH search to MajorTopics OnlyMeSH will not usually help you if you need toresearch a new or rare topic or the most recent articleson a topic Display search sets in Citation format to view theMeSH terms for each citation. D.ALQahtani
  28. 28. Reference1- Gustave L. and Janet W. Levy Library of Mount Sinai School of Medicine D.ALQahtani
  29. 29. End of the lessonTHANK YOU 3 D.ALQahtani