Is there a Second Life for FM?

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Who by: Soulla Stylianou, Client Director, Daden Ltd …

Who by: Soulla Stylianou, Client Director, Daden Ltd
Date: 13th April 2010
Where: Be2Camp Fringe Event at BIFM annual conference, London
Description: How virtual worlds like Second Life could be used within the FM industry for training

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Daden Limited Is there a Second Life for FM? Soulla Stylianou Client Director Daden Limited © 2010
  • 2. Who are we? ©2010  Virtualworlds & character solutions provider  In industry since late 1990s  In Second Life since 2004  World-class expertise and innovation in Integration, AI and virtual worlds  Member, Serious Games Institute  Based in Birmingham UK, and Second Life
  • 3. ©2010
  • 4. What We Do…. ©2010 Training & Instruction Collaboration Design & Build
  • 5. Design & Build ©2010  Annotated Spaces  Assesssocial aspects of new developments  Consider HVAC spec  Stakeholder involvement  Build completed before RL equivalent
  • 6. Collaboration ©2010  Datascape  “Data Visualisation Hub”  Multiple sources of information – one space  Open documents, video etc within virtual world  2nd prize “Collaboration” category at US Federal Virtual World Challenge 2010
  • 7. Training & Instruction ©2010  PIVOTE – open source  St George's Hospital Training Paramedics  Customer Service/Speaking & Listening skills  Hurricane Shelter Training/Disaster Management - NY  Downloaded >250 times  THE Award 2009  1st prize “Skills Building” category at US Federal Virtual World Challenge 2010
  • 8. Digital Birmingham - bscape ©2010 Client: Birmingham City Council Aim: Showcase virtual world technology World: Second Life Duration: 2 months Solution: Briefing hub using Google Maps, Geocode RSS and KML datafeeds, images & videos Benefits: Show how virtual worlds can support virtual working, visualise data and GIS, support user generated content and prime for further projects Follow Up: Full island build, extension of 3D model to include new Library, Council chamber for edemocracy © 2009
  • 9. Birmingham City Univ. – Education ©2010 Client: Birmingham City University Aim: Create eLearning environment in SL World: Second Life Duration: 4-6 months Solution: Deployment of Sloodle Modelling of Millennium Point building Benefits: Improved Learning Follow Up: Multiple internal/external projects
  • 10. PIVOTE ©2010 An exercise authoring system for virtual worlds which:  Lets you write an exercise once, but play it in multiple virtual worlds, and on the web  Clearly separates content, structure and appearance  Allows you to create different user experiences for the same content based on levels of user expertise, and/or the session objective (e.g. novice, advanced, revision, assessment)  Captures student performance data and allows export to a VLE  Lets you exchange objects with other users and embed them in your own exercises  Is based on an open XML standard (MVP) and is open-source
  • 11. PIVOTE Scenario ©2010
  • 12. Web: Email: YouTube: Twitter: Soulla Stylianou Second Life: ImmortalitySou Ballinger Second Life sim: Daden Prime © 2010