Measurefest 2014 - Our SME Digital Marketing Formula


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For most small businesses brand awareness is a very powerful aspect of marketing. But when marketing budget is being spent and every penny counted, focus very quickly turns towards return on investment. Splitting your budget between spending and measuring can then become a game of Chicken and Egg. So whats the solutions?

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  • Confusing?
    Part of this formula is missing?
    It can be interpreted in different ways?
  • How much can you safe by measuring?
    5% of £1 000 000 is £50 000?
    What is the purpose of the campaign?
    Are we looking at this short term or long term?
    Are we plugging holes?
  • Often a website is skipping the lead and nurture and going straight to sale!
    Seriously, no one will by a wedding online? Putting a book your wedding form on the website is crazy?
    Our sale in this instance technically is Capture Data?
    We are involved in Attract Visitor to Capture Data.
    We are accountable to Convert to sale?
    This is how the client will measure success of the work that we do?
    We have taken on numerous PPC accounts from other companies where in truth they were doing a great job! But the ROI was poor due to the process after the lead.
    We call our selves a Digital Marketing Agency but with the smaller customers who cannot afford a dedicated company to sales manage them we end up taking this on by putting some very basic tracking in place.

  • A very basic view of the wedding hotel process!
    Do we generate more visitors?
    Can we generate more visitors?
    Many of the talks here are about segmentation. But if you can’t get the traffic you often open up the funnel. This is madness.! The quality of traffic reduces.

    Obviously Availability will impact these figures as the more leads we generate the less availability we will have further down the process.
  • What we discovered?

    The brochure was not up to scratch, the staff did not know how to answer the phone, The venue was not laid out on show rounds.
    Test Campaigns: We offered couples tea and sandwiches after show round.

    One of the biggest things we discovered is that by putting in place measurements and sharing these with the team the conversion % increased. Just with the reporting an accountability put in place.
  • This is an example of how we setup analytics before we did any work to a customer website.

    What did we achieve? Saved on spend? Etc…
  • By showing our clients how much money we can save them?
    By making the sales funnel more efficient!
    By finding ways of tracking offline activity as well as online!
  • Measurefest 2014 - Our SME Digital Marketing Formula

    1. 1. Our SME Digital Marketing Formula MEASURE BRAND ROI SPEND - = / @wayneruk
    2. 2. WHO AM I? @wayneruk
    3. 3. WHO AM I? @wayneruk
    4. 4. WHO AM I? @wayneruk
    5. 5. WHO ARE D2? I Hotels Professionals Trades People @wayneruk
    6. 6. Please Raise Your hands @wayneruk
    7. 7. Agencies @wayneruk
    8. 8. Students @wayneruk
    9. 9. Government @wayneruk
    10. 10. Business <10 @wayneruk
    11. 11. Business 10+ @wayneruk
    12. 12. SPEND - MEASURE = ROI / BRAND ? @wayneruk
    13. 13. TYPES OF WEBSITES ? Credibility Support Generate New Sales@wayneruk
    14. 14. HOW MUCH DO YOU SPEND ON MEASURING? ? @wayneruk
    15. 15. Marketing Life Cycle The journey Attract Visitors Create and drive traffic to the website Keep your database warm. Tell stories, create a dream. Nurture Database Convert Sales Create a package. Offer added value. Deliver & Satisfy Measure customer satisfaction Once a sale has been secured make attempts to upsell Upsell Ask for referrals and reward through competitions Generate Referrals Capture Data Capture visitor information in order to re-engage them @wayneruk
    16. 16. Customer Journey Visitors 10000 Brochure Sent 1st Show Around 2nd Show Around Provisional Booking 70 Sale Confirmed Enquiries Visitors 10000 Enquiries 500 480 Brochure Sent 1st Show Around 200 2nd Show Around 180 150 Provisional Booking 140 Sale Confirmed 500 480 100 90 75 @wayneruk
    17. 17. SO.. WHAT HAPPENED? @wayneruk
    18. 18. THE BASICS @wayneruk
    19. 19. HOW DO WE EARN OUR BUDGETS? @wayneruk
    20. 20. YOU THANK FOR LISTENING @wayneruk