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D2 Event Portfolio


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Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Event Portfolio DANIELLE DUBOIS 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 2. Corporate Events Administrative Training Summit—March 2010 Network Systems All Hands Workshop—May 2010 Systems Services Spy School—January 2008* SB Services Workshop—February 2008* G2E, Manager’s Forum, September 2004 G2E, Manager’s Forum, September 2003 Midwest Manager’s Forum, September 2002 Community Efforts H.S.I. Adopt a Family Christmas—December 2008* Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts—November 2005 Thunderbird Car Show—August 2005 H.S.I. Extreme Ability Challenge—August 2005 H.S.I. Extreme Ability Challenge—August 2004 H.S.I. Adopt a Family Christmas—December 2004 Special Events ARIA Go-Live Celebration—May 2010 Winterfest The Party—December 2005 Winterfest Silver Baron’s Ball —December 2004 Winterfest Masquerade—December 2003 Winterfest Speakeasy—December 2002 Casino Services Quarterly Luncheon—Happy (Fiscal) New Year Casino Services Quarterly Luncheon—Hawaiian Luau Casino Services Quarterly Luncheon—Tailgate Party Casino Services Quarterly Luncheon—Summer Picnic Casino Services Quarterly Luncheon—Brunch * Event sheet not included in portfolio
  • 3. Corporate Events
  • 4. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down political and per- sonal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. There is no replacement for human interaction when it comes to relationship building and confirming corporate culture and continuity.
  • 5. EVENT First IGT Administrative Training Summit Administrative Summit 2010 Attendees: 64 The Announcement Invitations and multiple email blasts sent to potential guests to create awareness, stir excitement Marketing Campaign Event logo design * signature line added to all planners email for further awareness through- PROMOTIONS out company * custom document design Course Development power packed program in direct response to the topic requests of attendees via prior survey Follow-up Correspondence to Managers of interested attendees to further explain benefits and return on investment of their team members participation in the event Attendee Gift Custom portfolios with event logo and date Keynote Speakers TEAM BUILDING Diablo’s Cantina 6:00pm—10:00pm 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109 (702) 730-7979 D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 6. Administrative Summit 2010 Thursday, March 25, 2010 MS Tools to SharePoint SAP – Ordering Lunch & Keynote Speaker Tour of IGT Las Vegas Campus Conferencing Software – AT&T Connect Conferencing Software – Microsoft Live Meeting Video Conferencing Presentation Video Conferencing – Hands On Lab COURSE AGENDA MS Tools – PowerPoint Friday, March 26, 2010 MS Tools – Outlook MS – Tools – One Note MS Tools – Project Org Plus MS Tools – Visio Lunch & Keynote Speaker Technology Services Travel – Cliqbook Tips & Tricks Automated Expense Reporting D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 7. EVENT Administrative Summit 2010 IGT 2010 Administrative Training Summit Danielle DuBois The event began with three administrative assistants, who work together daily from three different locations, setting up an online meet- ing that would work into their calendars to share some new software tools and discoveries. The conversation came back to, as it often does, that administrative assistants needed not only training on the plethora of tools they were using, but a support network of peers to share information with, connections with people they could call for help, some kind of unification to bring our already extensive skills to a place of utilization company-wide. The idea was born. We have the talent and experience within our peer group we just need a way to share it. So the idea was thrown out to a few possible participants. MEDIA COVERAGE The idea grew. The interest was substantial and a plan had to be made – FAST! The first draft of content was published on February 11, 2010 and informally distributed to a handful of eager contributors. Once the plan had been given the thumbs up from the Executive Office, we were on our way. The countdown begins. The executive office recommended the event take place March 25th-26th. Just over a month away. Over the next two weeks we needed to confirm a conference agenda, enlist subject matter experts to present the material, select and secure a venue for overnight accommodations, line up transportation, outline expenses and billing, design a web based option for those that could not attend, and create conference theme and marketing plan to promote participation. The announcement and invitation went out March 3rd. On March 8th the confirmed attendee count was 64. 64! We had to get a bigger room! The response was tremendous and that drove even more development: 1) an online submit your questions link to determine subject matter most important to the user and allow presenters to prepare their material accordingly. 2) The addition of two Key Note Speakers that would not only advocate IGT, but inspire our support professionals and promote pride in our company’s innovations. 3) Pre-conference training for online attendance. The list grew, and so did the list of volunteers. The first IGT Administrative Training Summit consisted of 14 presenters, 3 keynote speakers, 39 onsite and 19 online attendees, 15 technically intense classes, 1 facility tour, 2 working lunches with keynote address and 1 networking, teambuilding event. It was a power packed agenda from which everyone took something away. Equally significant, it was an opportunity to unite an assortment of talented colleagues that rely on the sharing of information to better perform for our organizations and company. Next step – 2011 Administrative Training Summit – Reno, Nevada – Date TBA D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 8. Administrative Summit 2010 2010 A Y T E T A E R N B D O E O E K Key Note Speaker Comments: “Amy Packard ***** (Five Stars!)” “Amy Packard should attend EVERY admin summit!!!” “Amy Packard was wonderful!“ “MORE AMY PACKARD!!! Loved her!” “Amy's presentation was wonderful.” “Amy was an excellent motivational speaker “ “Amy was the best and most inspiring speaker. Very motivational. Always include one speaker of this type.” D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 9. All Hands Team Building EVENT Event, Las Vegas Network Systems Workshop Attendees: 37 The Mission: Please join our team development offsite on Thursday, May 13th 8:30 am – 5 pm– in the Las Vegas Bldg. B HR Training rooms 2524 &2525. In the workshop we’ll learn about a tool used extensively throughout much of IGT- Emergenetics has been an effective tool to build cohesive and collaborative teams, both on projects and within departments. Teams that have participated in this workshop have been able to realize and respect the differences of each of its members with greater awareness of their thinking and behavioral preferences. As such, tension, stress and frustration levels have been reduced. Emergenetics has helped to increase trust between team members and breakdown functional silos. Overall, the teams that have been through Emergenetics state it was a great experience, and a great tool in the spirit of understanding others, team building and communication to better meet business deliverables. Refreshments and lunch will be served. EMERGENETICS Very soon you will receive an email from Jonathan Lee with instructions on how to access the Emergenetics website to complete your questionnaire, please complete this promptly as we cannot prepare for the workshop until all have done this step. All questionnaire responses are kept confidential. A little background on Emergenetics: Emergenetics is defined as a blend of genetics and learned experiences expressed as a behavior and a way of thinking. During the work- shop, you will be scientifically grouped and regrouped with your colleagues as you learn how thinking and behavioral attributes affect your communication, creativity, productivity and ability to work together. Emergenetics is the merging of two ideas; behavior emerging from our life experiences driven biogenetics of our heritage. It reflects the fact that we all have unique talents, some are in-born and others learned. Emergenetics is a valuable tool that enhances an organization’s ability to make good people decisions and create strong work teams that are more effective and innovative. The Emergenetics Questionnaire was designed to reflect your thinking and behavioral attributes as compared to the general population. There are no right or wrong answers. It is not an intelligence test. All questionnaire responses are kept confidential. At the workshop, you will receive an individualized report of your unique characteristics. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 10. Network Systems Workshop FIREFLY* Tapas Kitchen & Bar is the perfect spot your party, meeting, or gathering! Choose from our many hot and cold plates to assemble a multi-course feast or order in waves and share to enjoy as TEAM BUILDING many flavors as possible. Our house-specialty Sangria marinates for three days and provides the perfect accompaniment to your meal, or check out our list of interesting and affordable wines by the glass, fine brews, and signa- ture cocktails. At FIREFLY*, our mission is to provide our guests with a unique and stimulating dining experience in a cool, comfortable atmosphere at an affordable price. First Course Toasted bread, almond butter, smoked almonds, and marinated olives Second Course - Tapas Tasting FIREFLY* Artichoke Toasts Smoked Salmon on Brioche Toast on Paradise Bacon-Wrapped Dates Mango Ribs Albondigas in Sherry Tomato Sauce Patatas Bravas [Spicy Potatoes] Ham and Cheese Croquetas 3900 Paradise Rd. Pulpo Asado [Grilled Octopus] Chicken Skewers with Roast Garlic Cream Sauce Las Vegas, NV 89169 Steak Skewers with Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce Camarones a la Diabla [Spicy Shrimp] 702.369.3971 Third Course - Dessert Caramel Flan Chocolate ―Tres Leches‖ Cake Banana-Nutella Sandwiches D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 11. EVENT Manager’s Forum - 2004 G2E Opening Day Keynote - State of the Industry: Gam- ing Entertainment, Past, Present & Future. >From Left to Right: Al Bernstein, Rita Rudner, Wayne Newton, Larry King, Frank Fahrenkopf, Franco Dragone, Clint Homes CONFERENCE / ACCOMODATIONS D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 12. Manager’s Forum - 2004 Indoor seating available in our 7,000 sq.foot restaurant or outdoor seating on our patio Exclusive or non exclusive use of any or all of the attractions TEAM BUILDING EVENT The only Gran Prix Track and High Banked Oval Sprint Kart Track in the State (Both of which have timing systems which get the competitive juices going and are great for contests!) A 7000 sq. ft. Restaurant/Party Room (With a full pizza kitchen, delicious sandwiches, chicken wings, salad, and mouthwatering home baked cookies. Barbeque chicken, ribs, hamburgers and hotdogs available upon request for your group event!) Games and Rides for All Ages (Enjoy our Large Arcade, Four different race tracks, Dragon Roller Coaster, 90 ft. Super Fun D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 13. EVENT Manager’s Forum - 2003 ACCOMODATIONS CONFERENCE D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 14. Manager’s Forum - 2003 THE YORKSHIRE DINNER The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad A blend of crisp romaine, iceberg lettuce and baby spinach, shredded beets, chopped eggs and croutons tossed with our Vintage dressing in a salad bowl spun on a bed of ice. Chef’s select fresh breads Entrée GROUP DINNER Roast Prime Ribs of Beef Our 9 ounce cut is carved to order and served with mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and a choice of creamed spinach, creamed corn, or buttered peas. Fresh Salmon served with fresh vegetables Freshly brewed Kenya Sumatra Coffee and Sir Thomas J. Lipton Teas Dessert Selections English Trifle Pecan Pie with Carmel Sauce Crème Brûlée Cheesecake Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Seasonal Berries D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 15. EVENT Midwest Forum - New Orleans IGT Steamboat Natchez Dinner Menu Prime Rib au jus Prime Rib carved and served with au jus and our signature honey horseradish sauce. Praline Chicken Boneless breast of chicken delicately marinated in Italian seasonings, white wine, and olive oil; then baked and topped with our southern pecan sauce. Catfish Louisiane TEAMBUILDING EVENT / DINNER Fillet of Louisiana catfish lightly broiled with Cajun seasonings in a white wine marinade, served with a pinwheel of lemon. Mardi Gras Pasta Alfredo Penne pasta in a classic Alf redo sauce with Italian cheese and julienne red and yellow peppers. Spinach Southern Style A casserole of spinach and artichoke hearts with a blend of three cheeses, topped with toasted bread crumbs. Green Beans Amandine Fresh cut green beans lightly seasoned and topped with roasted almonds. Roasted Red Potatoes New potatoes lightly seasoned and roasted in a light butter garlic sauce. Sternwheeler Salad Freshly tossed greens and Creole tomatoes, your choice of three delicious dressings. New Orleans Bread Pudding Homemade bread pudding with Steamboat Sauce. French Bread & Butter Community Coffee & Iced Tea D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 16. Midwest Forum - New Orleans IGT Manager's Dinner Appetizers Crabmeat Prentiss Succulent Gulf crabmeat, baked in a delicate cheese sauce Mushrooms Veronique Baked fresh mushroom caps stuffed with grapes and savory boursin cheese encrusted in fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano Entrée Pompano (or chef's selection) Duarte Sautéed fillet of Pompano topped with Gulf shrimp and toma- toes. Seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs and crushed chili peppers ~or~ Chicken Pontalba GROUP DINNER Sautéed chicken breast with Marchand de Vin and Béarnaise sauces, Cajun ham, fresh mushrooms and potato croutons ~or~ Filet le Doux Grilled Prime filet of beef served with a Port Wine sauce Vegetables Fresh Asparagus Dessert Flamed Strawberries Arnaud Strawberries sautéed in butter, strawberry puree and Orange Curacao, then flambéed with brandy, served over vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and almonds ~or~ Chocolate Devastation A velvety blend of imported dark chocolate, too wicked for re- flection D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 17. Community Efforts
  • 18. IGT has been part of the Reno community since the very beginning in 1975. The people of Northern Nevada have been not only supportive, but para- mount to the success of IGT. As our company benefits from their loyal sup- port, it is important that we exhibit our gratitude through involvement in our community….this one and beyond.
  • 19. EVENT Hurricane Katrina - Thanksgiving Relief THE ENCOURAGERS In our continued efforts to assist those in need, The Encouragers, an "adopt-an IGT- family" pro- gram, has been established to ensure that every IGT individual and family who has been affected by this tragedy is provided with care. Individuals RELIEF EFFORTS or groups of people may "adopt" a family. Some items your “adoptee” can use are cards, care packages, prepaid gift cards and small presents. We know that our peoples’ losses range from minor wind damage to complete loss of home and all personal belongings. The effects of this terrible storm will be felt for years and we ask that if you take part in this effort, that you main- tain your commitment at least through the end of the year. Your encouragement will help sus- tain our IGT family members as they rebuild their lives and as we assist our customers in the rebuilding of our markets. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 20. Hurricane Katrina - Thanksgiving Relief “I can’t describe the feeling my family and myself have for our IGT family. The support that has arrived and been distributed is appreciated more than you all will ever know. I cannot describe the situation here and you cannot ever understand it until you live it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - George Kieman, Gulfport Sales “Everyone in the Gulfport facility wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you provided for us and our families. Giving leaves an imprint that endures forever, and you have all left an imprint in our lives” - Cherlyn Epperly, Gulfport Administrative “Thank you doesn’t quite express my appreciation for the kindness, caring and compassion that you all shared with us last week and the wonderful meal that you pre- pared. All of you touched all of us in a way that has lifted our spirits, warmed our hearts and brought us even closer together.” - Ken Metcalf, Gulfport Training “I’ve been back at the office this morning for about an hour now and I have heard nothing but high praise for your efforts and exertions on our behalf. The dinner you worked so hard to provide was truly appreciated. Just as it was so important to get our folks back to the office to spend time away from the destruction, the sense of family and normalcy that the Thanksgiving Dinner represents is beyond value. - Mac McClendon - Gulfport Manager D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 21. EVENT Hurricane Katrina - Thanksgiving Relief We have formed a group called The Encouragers to assist the many families in our com- pany who were impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The IGT Encouragers are pro- viding emotional and financial support for the 63 families from our company in the area and we are seeking your help in our efforts. Although every one of the families suffered some level of damage and loss, 18 of them lost everything as a result of Katrina. We have another 35 families who suffered severe damage to their homes and belongings as a result of the winds, rain, flood waters and RELIEF EFFORTS mold. It is our desire to provide as much holiday joy as possible for all our folks. We will be traveling to New Orleans and Gulfport during Thanksgiving week to cook and serve a holiday dinner for our people. At that dinner we will also be giving presents to each of our employees and their family. That’s where you can help! We are seeking donations that we can wrap, box and deliver by November 21 and there- fore would need them at our Reno Facility by November 10. We want to ensure that every one of the families who lost their holiday decorations leaves the dinner with a new set. We want to ensure that every child has a new set of pajamas. We’d like to provide each household with a nice gift basket of bath and beauty supplies. The list of needs is limitless and whatever you can supply will be greatly appreciated. We will note the source of every gift and IGT will run an ad in the Reno Gazette Journal thanking you for your support. Please contact Danielle DuBois (775) 448-7363 or Tina Kostrzeski at (775) 448-0354 to coordinate the pick up of your donations. Thank you in advance for your kindness and care for people who are truly in need. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 22. Hurricane Katrina - Thanksgiving Relief D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 23. EVENT Theme: 50’s T-Bird Shindig Thunderbird Car Club Tour Attendees: 20 Pre-Event Mail Out to Attendees Coffee Station Introduction & Welcome Letter * Map to Facility * Agenda * Tour Route * Map FOOD & BEVERAGE PROMOTIONS from Facility to Luncheon Location Selection of Hot Teas Company-wide Advertising for Car Show Juice, Water Viewing Breakfast Pastries Custom Signage to Welcome Group Off-site luncheon after tour and car exhibit Departing Gift Bags for Each Attendee Stainless Steel Travel Mugs * Note cubes * Pens * Key Chains * Bottle openers * Lanyard Name Badges Facility Tour Hosted by Three of the ENTERTAINMENT Company’s Executives Show & Shine Car Exhibit Parking Lot Blocked for Car Show 62 Spaces to allow for viewing * SET UP Custom Music Compilation Balloons to line drive indicating entrance Coffee and Pastry Station Registration, Gift Bag Station D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 24. Thunderbird Car Club Tour Title Artist Fun, Fun, Fun The Beach Boys Smokey Joe's Cafe The Coasters aka The Robins Da Doo Ron Ron The Crystals CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION Runaround Sue Dion Barbara Ann The Beach Boys Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis Shotgun Junior Walker & The All Stars Good Vibrations The Beach Boys Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Born to Be Wild Steppenwolf ARTWORK Young At Heart Frank Sinatra 409 The Beach Boys I'm Beginning to See the Light Bobby Darin Fly Me to the Moon Frank Sinatra The Best Is yet to Come Tony Bennett D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 25. EVENT HSI - Xtreme Ability Challenge - 2005 RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL 8/11/2005 Walking in Their Shoes X-treme challenge raises money so HSI’s disabled employees have a place to work, live and learn - Siobhan McAndrew Danielle DuBois had a huge task ahead of her: learning sign language to compete in the HSI X-treme Ability Challenge. MEDIA COVERAGE She printed out the sign language alphabet and practiced signing the letters. But DuBois’s team at last year’s X-treme Ability Challenge still had trouble. It isn’t easy to learn the skills that the mentally or physi- cally challenged have to master, which is the whole point of the annual event. Business leaders, athletes, politicians and TV and print personalities compete against each other in eight tasks the employees at HSI do every day — things such as wiring plugs, maneuvering a wheelchair and using sign language. ―It is so much easier to practice signing out the letters than actually communicate with anyone using it,‖ said DuBois. Her company, International Game Technology, a Reno- based slot machine manufacturer, enters more than 10 teams in the event. IGT is planning on setting up a practice station in the lunch room next week, said DuBois, who is helping to organize her company’s teams. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 26. HSI - Xtreme Ability Challenge - 2005 HSI 2005 Annual X-treme Ability Challenge Results Time Team Name 3:09 IGT Anderson 3:15 Washoe Medical Center 3:22 Kimmie Candy 3:23 IGT Burdick 3:25 Washoe Medical Center 3:48 Reno Hilton 3:59 IGT Lavasseur 4:01 Washoe Medical Center 4:21 EET 4:30 Governor's Team EVENT 4:36 Washoe Medical Center 5:06 IGT DuBois 5:31 Western Turf 5:47 Sierra Pacific Power 5:53 IGT Toledo 5:54 Seven C's 5:56 Southwest Airlines (1) 6:23 Reno/Tahoe Intl. Airport 6:25 Media/Elected Officials 6:27 IGT Borremans 6:37 City of Fallon 6:55 Southwest Airlines (2) 7:09 IGT Brady 7:47 SBC 8:03 First Independent Bank 8:20 Sierra Regional Center 8:25 UNR Athletes 8:28 Washoe Medical Center 8:53 Reno South Rotary 9:18 TMCC 10:14 Tactical Security 12:14 City of Reno 12:14 Charles Schwab Bank D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 27. EVENT HSI - Xtreme Ability Challenge - 2004 HSI addresses the needs of persons with de- velopmental, mental and physical challenges, offering employment opportunities, direction and education, while also providing light manufacturing and assembly services to busi- nesses in the region. HSI, originally High Sierra Industries, is a non -profit organization established in 1977 to ORGANIZATION serve people with developmental, physical and mental challenges in northern Nevada. HSI provides a variety of meaningful work, learning and supported living opportunities for more than 190 people with disabilities. In addition to providing employment opportuni- ties in the light manufacturing industry, HSI also encourages the people they serve to be- come self-sufficient and independent, by de- livering the best training and developmental services available. HSI is recognized by local, statewide and national organizations for the service it provides to the disabled community as well as excellence in manufacturing opera- tions. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 28. HSI - Xtreme Ability Challenge - 2004 X-treme Ability Challenge®: Each year HSI hosts the X- Treme Ability Challenge (XAC). The XAC is a relay race where local teams compete, perform- ing tasks that HSI employees do everyday. The relay includes EVENT tasks such as assembling brack- ets using only one hand, building a box while blindfolded or open- ing a door sitting in a wheel chair. The event informs and focuses on the abilities of HSI employees as well as raises cru- cial funds that are used to sup- port and enhance HSI pro- grams. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 29. EVENT HSI - Adopt a Christmas Friend Share your holiday spirit with someone in need of a little intervention “All of these employees have some type of disability, ranging from developmental disabilities to traumatic brain injury to autism. In general, people with disabilities are the poorest population in America, so our guys are really in need. Our guys are going to be so happy. This really is what Christmas is all about.” - Emily “God bless us, everyone” -Charles Dickens D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 30. HSI - Adopt a Christmas Friend January 28, 2005 Dear Danielle and Friends at IGT, Thanks for making Christmas 2004 special for the employees of HSI. Your generosity is amazing. Our employees truly appreci- ate all of the gifts they received. You reached out to brighten the lives of people LETTER in need, and their lives are better for it It is companies like IGT and people like you that make the Truckee Meadows a great place to live. Your generosity will not be forgotten. Sincerely, Emily Kilgore Manager of Programs & Production HSI Phone: (775) 829-7400 ext. 122 Fax: (775) 857-5130 D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 31. Special Events
  • 32. The employees of IGT are fiercely dedicated and prove it every day though hard work, long hours, camaraderie among peers and support for their leaders. Rec- ognizing their efforts and accomplishments is not only saying “thank you” but allows the relationships they have already forged in profession to expand into those of levity and laughter.
  • 33. Recognition Party for those EVENT involved in ARIA Go-Live ARIA Celebration Attendees: 200 The Announcement Food TEAM BUILDING PROMOTIONS All you can eat Pizza Party! * Sodas * Ice Cream Invitations and multiple email blasts sent to potential guests to create awareness, stir excitement Attendee Gift Fun Drawings every 30 minutes during event with gift 4 hours of unlimited bowling! * 20 lanes of 5 cards for winner selection member teams D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 34. ARIA Celebration The casino at CityCenter features 1,940 machines in 150,000 square feet of gaming space. IGT games dominate the floor with 970 games, all connected to sbX™. Hot new game themes include Wheel of Fortune® Slots, Sex and the City™, Megabucks®, Wolf Run® and Lil’ Lady® MultiPLAY, Sirens™, Triple Red Hot Gold™, Maltese Fortune™, and Cats Video Slots. ARIA represents the biggest commercial install of sbX™ and G2S games to date. Our partner WMS has 100 games on the floor connected to sbX™, powering the Service Window and floor management on those machines. Aristocrat, Bally and Konami are expected to be able to connect their machines to sbX™ in the new year. Rich Schneider (left) and Surinder Singh (center) address Preparing for ARIA required the biggest enterprise-wide upgrade in IGT’s history: in the IGT team outside ARIA. June, we upgraded all 12 MGMM properties to IGT Advantage® Patron Management 8.2. This effort required more than 80 individual upgrades at those 12 properties be- forehand to bring all of MGMM up to the same product version. Since that upgrade, IGT has continued to meet the customer’s expectations every step of the way. "Congratulations to the installation team and the cross-functional teams for their sup- port at ARIA," said Stacey Baggett, Director of Installation Services. "These teams have sacrificed holidays, weekends and long hours to execute this project, including the Ad- vantage upgrade. Now we're looking ahead to the next phase, with additional features for the customer in IGT Advantage® 9.0 and sbX™ 4.0." (Left to right) Bhavani Prasad, Mohammad Entezari, Dileep Dandge and Li Sha at Monte Carlo D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 35. EVENT Theme: The Party Winterfest 2005 Attendees: 2,000 Event Promotional Campaign Appetizers Jalapeno Poppers with Ranch Dressing “Will U B There?” Shrimp Egg Rolls Served with Hot Chinese Mustard Arm Bands * Pens * Antenna Balls * T- Beef Kabobs with Polynesian Sauce PROMOTIONS Shirts * Lanyards * Note Pads Mixed Nuts Bowl FOOD & BEVERAGE Crudités Formal Attire - Black & White Seasonal, Fresh & Roasted Vegetables Served with Ranch & Dill Dips International Cheese Display Entrance Gifts to all Guests: Gorgonzola, Camembert, Chevre, Edam, Fresh Mozzarella, Swiss, Custom Designed Picture Frames * Pro- Colby, Jack, Cheddar, Boursin & Pepper Cheese gram of Events Program Garnished with Summer Sausage & Fresh Fruit Served with Gourmet Crackers & Sliced Baguettes Dance Floor Throws: Salad Baby Greens Topped with a Medley of Tear Drop Tomatoes Feather Boas * Light up Devil Horns * Wizard Hats * Glow Sticks * Glow Accessories Roasted Garlic & Artichoke Hearts Served with a Red Wine Vinaigrette Main Course Grilled Boneless Breast of Chicken with Shallot Chardonnay Sauce Grilled Petite Filet Mignon with Demi-Glace Holiday Rice Medley 5:30 PM Doors Open...THE PARTY begins Seasonal Vegetables The Dempsey’s on the dance floor Dessert kicking off the evening in high gear Chocolate Entremets Gateau 6:00 PM Additional entertainment may be viewed Raspberry Cognac Anglaise & Chocolate Garnish ENTERTAINMENT overhead on four video screens 8:00 PM Prizes Reception 8:30 PM Comedian Paul Rodriguez takes the stage Photo Opportunity SET UP 9:00 PM Grand prize surprise – On stage game Rounds of 10 to accommodate 2,000 guests (200) show 32x48x42 Stage 9:15 PM Bjorn Again takes the stage 30x60 Dance floor 10:30 PM Balloon drop initiates party throws and 10 Bars dancing for the remainder of the evening 8 Appetizer Stations Custom Designed IGT Martini Slide D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 36. Winterfest 2005 Björn Again have gone to become one of the most popular acts in the uni- verse and are currently in their 15th year, having performed over 3000 live shows in over 60 countries world-wide. They are without doubt one of the most entertaining live rock shows to ever grace the stage. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE on anyone else! Paul Rodriguez is an in demand performer with a busy schedule of concerts and personal appearances. As a well-rounded stand-up comedian, having honed his craft over the past twenty-five years, it is estimated that Paul has performed live to well over one million con- cert goers from coast to coast building a solid fan base. Within His- panic communities, Rodriguez is considered to be the Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and George Carlin when it comes to original comedy. Hands down, he has become the Original Latin King of Comedy. The Dempseys, a unique musical trio based in Memphis, TN, are D A N I E L L E D U B O I S known for their brand of high octane rockabilly music and their much talked about live show. The band’s energetic live perform- ances are unlike any show in the current popular music scene and 1212 Riverside Drive have been referred to by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame as ―the most Reno, Nevada 89503 entertaining rockabilly show on the planet.‖ The group emphasizes 775-376-3306 ―entertainment‖ including bass fiddle stunts, instrument swapping, a Email: flaming trumpet and a good - humored repertoire.
  • 37. EVENT Theme: Silver Barons’ Ball Winterfest 2004 Attendees: 1,800 Formal Attire Dinner Buffet Baron of Beef, Turkey Breast, Maple River Ham PROMOTIONS Period Costumes Encouraged Hot Selections Entrance Gifts to all Guests: Fried Prawns * Vegetarian Lasagna * Beef Stroganoff * Chicken Cordon Bleu FOOD & BEVERAGE * Buttered Noodles * Whipped Potatoes * Green Beans & Carrots Julienne Custom Designed Goblets * Garters * Bags of Silver * Cold Selections Mushroom Salad * Ambrosia Salad * Shrimp & Egg Salad * Potato Salad * Programs on Tables Pasta Primavera Salad * Artichoke Salad * Cashew Chicken Salad * Mari- nated Cucumber & Tomato Salad Vegetable Tray to include: ENTERTAINMENT PLUS Carrot Sticks, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Olives, Peppers, Pickles, Cherry Toma- toes & Cucumbers, Productions & Talent Management Dessert Table 5:00 - 7:00 - Meet/Greet Characters and Per- formers start to work the guest lines. Yule Logs * New York Style Cheesecake * Polka Dot Chocolate Cheese- cake * Chocolate Apricot Cake * Lady Finger tortes * Black Forest Torte * Dobosh Torte 5:30 - The doors to the ―Old West‖ open while saloon sounds from Squeek Steele, Vir- ginia City piano legend complete the atmos- phere of days long ago. ENTERTAINMENT Reception 8:00 - Showtime! Photo Opportunity “Raise A Ruckus” Saloon Show Rounds of 10 to accommodate 1800 guests (180) A high kickin’ western musical review, featuring can-canning cuties, and rip-roaring cowboys! 20x48x3 Stage Sensational singing and dancing at its boot- SET UP stomp in’ best! Join us for a rip roarin’ good Stage in front of pillars on south wall with 7x24x4 in between Pillars. Stand- time! ing podium stage right . Upright piano on stage. 8:45 - Guest Celebrity (3) Dance Floors McAvoy Layne - The Ghost of Mark (1) 21x54 Dance floor in front of stage, (2) 15x15 Dance floors in the mid- Twain dle of the room. 9:15 - DJ for the remainder of the evening “Doug Midkiff - Twisted Productions” 6 Bars 4 Buffet Lines D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 38. Winterfest 2004 McAvoy Layne, the Ghost of Mark Twain, and Baron von Remmel, Twain’s musical sidekick, have teamed up to present a musical comedy panorama about gambling in the Silver State, ―Nevada’s Story.‖ Squeek Steele, pian- ist, composer, teacher, holds a Guinness World Record (1990) for playing more pieces of music from memory. She lives in Virginia City, Nevada, where she teaches the Middle School Choir as well as piano students, and performs at the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Historic Gold Hill Hotel. D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 39. EVENT Theme: Masquerade Ball Winterfest 2003 Attendees: 1,800 Formal Attire Dinner Buffet PROMOTIONS Baby Shrimp Salad Masquerade Costumes Encouraged Mandarin Orange & Chicken Salad Tender Leaf Spinach Salad with Mushrooms & Red Onions Served with Warm Entrance Gifts to all Guests: Bacon Dressing FOOD & BEVERAGE Spring Mix of Baby Green, Julienne of Vegetables and Hearts of Palm Serviced with Champagne Vinaigrette Custom Designed Champagne Flutes * Venetian Masks Vegetable Lasagna Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce Chicken Marsala Mesquite Barbecued TriTip AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTIONS Oven Roasted Potatoes PLUS Blended Wild Rice Reno Hilton Chef’s Selection of Fresh Seasonal Chef’s Selection of Holiday Cakes, Pies, Mousses, and Pastries 5:00 - 7:00 - Walk Around Greeters entertain guests in line Blizzard Wizard Reception Snowflakes Silver draping and white birch trees with white lights, lattice walkway fences in Icicles thick cotton snow. Suspended snowflakes hang above 5:30 - The doors open Photo Opportunity ENTERTAINMENT White birch trees with lights fill the photo area * A castle façade is the back- 8:00 - Showtime! drop for this magical Winter Masquerade SET UP “IGT Winter Masquerade” Rounds of 10 to accommodate 1800 guests (180) Act I Opening Mixture of multi-sized glistening snowflakes and silver stars encompass the ball- room by highlighting the entire ceiling Act II Snow Globe Act III Snowball Fight 32x48x42 Stage Act IV Razzle Dazzle (2) quarter round colonnade arches flank the stage * (1) fiberglass replica of the Act V Mask of Zorro Statue of David wearing a masquerade mask * (1) fiberglass replica of the God- Act VI Carnival dess of the Fall wearing a masquerade mask 9:15 - DJ for the remainder of the evening 30x60 Dance floor “Rick Maskaly” 6 Bars 6 Desert Stations D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 6 Buffet Stations 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 40. Winterfest 2003 D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 41. EVENT Theme: Speakeasy Winterfest 2002 Attendees: 1,800 Starters Formal Attire Bruschetta with garlic dip FOOD & BEVERAGE Cheese pastry sticks PROMOTIONS Period Costumes Encouraged Affettalo misto All served as a mezza at the table Entrance Gifts to all Guests: Main Course Custom Designed Champagne Flutes * Breast of chicken wrapped in Palma ham, sauce of tomato, onion, chili & Top Hats (boys) * String of Pearls (girls) oregano Steak braised with a red wine mushroom & green pepper sauce Aubergine slices with garlic, tomato and mozzarella Program “Glossary” Cards on Tables Selection of fresh vegetables and potatoes Dessert Tiramisu, Ricotta cheesecake, Fresh Fruit Salad ENTERTAINMENT PLUS Productions and talent management Reception 5:00 - 7:00 - Meet/Greet Characters and Per- formers start to work the guest lines and con- Guests enter under 2 custom awnings * red carpet * Brick wall facade * tinue into the ―Speakeasy‖. Just inside entrance Whisky crates * Bags of grain * Silver garbage can jugglers will perform while guests are pre- sented with gifts Photo Opportunity ENTERTAINMENT Speakeasy back door and brick wall façade * Street lamp * Park bench 5:30 - The doors to the ―Speakeasy‖ open while melodic sounds from The TUXEDO Rounds of 10 to accommodate 1800 guests (180) CLASS QUARTET, costumed ―Gangster Guys‖ get the party jumpin’! Entire room pipe & drape in black * Suspended building facades with backlit windows - illusion of an alley SET UP 8:00 - Showtime! 32x48x42 Stage “The Diamond Cinema Capers” Gold eyelash curtain backdrop hung behind stage * Black pipe & drape on 8:45 - Guest Celebrity remainder of stage with gold and silver lama swag * Four freestanding art- deco flats flank backdrop RICK SONATA 9:15 - DJ for the remainder of the evening 30x60 Dance floor “The Music Doctor” 6 Bars 6 Desert Stations 6 Buffet Stations Buffet transformed into 1920s scene - 3 building facades: Jazz Club, Dinner D A N I E L L E D U B O I S House, Gangster Hide Out * Old fashioned street lamps throughout area 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 42. Winterfest 2002 He makes a sudden turn of the head and you gasp. It's eerie - he IS Frank Sinatra as he was 50 years ago. RICK SONATA is a phenomenal entertainer with an uncanny resemblance to Sinatra both physically and vocally. It's not just his stage presence, his cocky swagger, or the phrasing of his songs - Rick has incredible vocal talent, a feel for the music and the per- sonal magnetism worthy of the headline performer he is. Rick has opened for Phyllis Diller and Michael Burgess, and is a frequent performer in Las Vegas at the Mirage, MGM Grand, Excalibur and Caesar's Palace. As well he has appeared at such hot spots as the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and The House of Blues in New Orleans. He has performed with the Tommy Dorsey Band in Chicago, Count Basie Band in Sacramento and the Nelson Riddle Or- chestra in San Diego. His is the only Sinatra Tribute Show approved by the Sinatra Fam- D A N I E L L E D U B O I S ily and Rick was told by Nancy Sinatra that "he was almost a dead ringer for her Dad." 1212 Riverside Drive Rick Sonata is available with a backing quartet, or with either his 7 Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 piece or 16 piece orchestras as well as a "Special Guest" entertainer - for Email: corporate events.
  • 43. EVENT Theme: Happy (Fiscal) New Year! Quarterly Luncheon Attendees: 200 Steamship Round of Beef Honey Glazed Ham Black & White New Year’s Invitations Roast Turkey PROMOTIONS Party Favors Green Been Almandine FOOD & BEVERAGE Top Hats * Tiaras * Noise makers * Horns * Confetti Sticks * Streamers * Champagne Mashed Potatoes Glasses Variety of Specialty Breads Black Eyed Peas Cornbread Cabbage Slaw Green Been Almandine Black & White Ice Cream with Confetti Sprinkles Assorted Soft Drinks ENTERTAINMENT “Disco” Ball Drop Outdoor Buffet Special New Year’s Toast Employees served by Supervisor and Management Staff Sparkling cider passed out just SET UP prior to VP address and toast Carving Station Custom Music Compilation Indoor Seating for 200 - Tables Draped in Black Ball Drop D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 44. Quarterly Luncheon Title Artist 1999 Prince Happy New Year ABBA New Year's Day U2 Happy New Year Original Broadway CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION Cast "Rent" New York, New York Mel Tormé 'Round Midnight New York Voices MidnightGroove Junkies Meet Me, Midnight Diane Schuur Mermalds After Midnight The Aqua Velvets Midnight Radio Big Head Todd & The Monsters Tokio, Paris, New York Vision Diva New York Minute hy Blakeman & The Whiskey Fever Band Minute by Minute Michael McDonald Next Year Foo Fighters Auld Lang Syne Lou Rawls D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 45. EVENT Theme: Hawaiian Luau Quarterly Luncheon Attendees: 200 Roasted Pork (2 whole) Flower Leis Roast Chicken PROMOTIONS Coconut Cups Green Salad FOOD & BEVERAGE Fruit Salad Grass Skirts Hawaiian Bread Grass Hats Rice Vegetable Medley Hawaiian Punch Coconut Cream Pie Pineapple Cake Assorted Soft Drinks ENTERTAINMENT Hula Lessons Carving Station for Roast Pigs SET UP Roast Pig (whole) Buffet Service Indoor Seating for 200 - Tables Draped Bright Island Colors D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 46. Quarterly Luncheon Title Artist The Ventures Medley: The Ventures Tiny Bubbles Alex Kaeck & His Keikis Pearly Shells Waikiki Community Singers CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION My Lovely Lei The Bonaires This Is Paradise Kalani Kinimaka & His Kanakes Sea and Sand Lani Sang & The Poi Boys One More Aloha Prince Kawohi and His Royal Orchestra Hawaii Five-O The Ventures Surfin' Safari The Beach Boys Copacabana Barry Manilow Wipeout California Dreamers Surfin' USA The Beach Boys Endless Summer The Waikikis Walk Don't Run The Waves D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 47. EVENT Theme: Superbowl, Tailgating Party Quarterly Luncheon Attendees: 200 Pom poms Hot Dogs Noise Makers Hamburgers PROMOTIONS Horns Chicken Wings FOOD & BEVERAGE French Fries Clappers Nachos Foam #1 Fingers Potato Salad Hats Macaroni Salad Footballs Popcorn Cotton Candy Peanuts Assorted Soft Drinks Pie Eating Contest ENTERTAINMENT Magic Show Concession Stand Stations Football Game Video SET UP Nachos, Popcorn, Cotton Candy Indoor Seating for 200 - Tables Football Bloopers Video Draped in NFL Colors Pie Eating Table D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 48. Quarterly Luncheon Title Artist Monday Night Football Hank Williams Jr. The Schwagcast boB and Kevin CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION Heavy Action Johnny Pearson The NFL Show: Matthew Blake NFL RAP Double Or Nothin We Will Rock You Queen Who Let the Dogs Out Raggs Kids Club Band We Are the Champions Queen Road to Victory David Robidoux The Lineman Sam Spence & Tom Hedden Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A. University of Michigan Band Crowd Goes Wild Mark Wills Thunder Prince Let's Go Crazy Prince D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 49. EVENT Theme: Summer Picnic Quarterly Luncheon Attendees: 200 Green Salad Fruit Salad “Wear Your Surf & Summer Duds” Fried Chicken Sun Glasses FOOD & BEVERAGE Biscuits PROMOTIONS Frisbees Hot Dogs Hacky Sacks Hamburgers Water Balloons Potato Salad Macaroni Salad Water Guns Assorted Fruit & Cream Pies Visors Watermelon Assorted Soft Drinks ENTERTAINMENT Water Balloon Toss Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest Outdoor Cooking Station Pie in the Face of Your Favorite Boss Outdoor Buffet SET UP Tables Covered with White & Red Check Kiddie Pools Filled with ice * water * drinks * water toys * water guns D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 50. Quarterly Luncheon Title Artist Summertime DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Here Comes the Sun Dan Fogelberg Sunshine Earth, Wind & Fire Soak Up the Sun Sheryl Crow CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION Summer of Love The B-52's Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett Endless Summer Eric Stone In The Summertime Mungo Jerry My Maria B.W. Stevenson Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly & The Family Stone Sir Duke Stevie Wonder Lovely Day Bill Withers Jamming Bob Marley & The Wailers Vacation Go-Go's Summer In the City The Lovin' Spoonful In the Summertime Mungo Jerry Hawaii Five-O The Ventures Groovin' The Young Rascals Summer Madness Kool & The Gang D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 51. EVENT Theme: Brunch Quarterly Luncheon Attendees: 200 Pancakes Scrambled Eggs Bacon Sausage PROMOTIONS “Wear Your Jammies” Hash Browns FOOD & BEVERAGE Biscuits & Gravy Muffins Danish Donuts Orange Juice Tomato Juice Grapefruit Juice Milk Yoohoo Coffee Tea ENTERTAINMENT Cartoons on Video Outdoor Cooking Station 6ft Griddle * 6ft Grill School House Rock on Video SET UP Tables Covered in Yellow, Orange, Gold & Red Egg Toss Condiment Centerpieces Jelly * Butter * Syrup * Sugar D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email:
  • 52. Quarterly Luncheon Title Artist Summertime DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince The Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch That Lady The Isley Brothers What a Wonderful World Kenny G & Louis Armstrong CUSTOM MUSIC COMPILATION Wake Up Everybody Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Here Comes the Sun Dan Fogelberg A Beautiful Morning The Rascals Morning Sun George Duke I Dream of Jeannie Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack Early This Morning David Bromberg Black Coffee in Bed Squeeze Don't Worry, Be Happy Bobby McFerrin arly Sunshine The Partridge Family The e ets Come On Get Happy Daddy a Go Go Bird g ARTWORK rm! he wo Sunshine Earth, Wind & Fire T Soak Up the Sun Sheryl Crow Summer of Love The B-52's Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now McFadden & Whitehead D A N I E L L E D U B O I S 1212 Riverside Drive Reno, Nevada 89503 775-376-3306 Email: