Discon 2012 - Watercommissie


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Water and Sanitation as a precondition for development

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Discon 2012 - Watercommissie

  1. 1. District 1580 - Water Committee Water and sanitation as a District 1580 - Rotary internationalprecondition for development Peter Wiers District Conference D1580, Duin & Kruidberg, 24 March 2012
  2. 2. Water is one of the Rotary Foundation’s 6 Key Focus Areas Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment District 1580 - Rotary international Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development
  3. 3. Why is water and sanitation so important ?... District 1580 - Rotary international
  4. 4. Safe drinking water and sanitation is a precondition … For peace and security For disease prevention For maternal and child health District 1580 - Rotary international For education … For development !
  5. 5. For Peace and Security“Many of today’s conflicts around the world are being fuelled by water shortages… Increasingly, fights are erupting over such basic human needs as water and arable land”. Ban Ki-moon, February, 2008 District 1580 - Rotary international
  6. 6. District 1580 - Rotary internationalFor Disease prevention
  7. 7. District 1580 - Rotary internationalFor Maternal and child health
  8. 8. District 1580 - Rotary internationalFor Basic education and literacy
  9. 9. We cán do something about it … District 1580 - Rotary international Jacob van Lennep There’s no reason why 1 billion people should not have access to safe drinking waterand 2.5 billion don’t even have basic sanitation
  10. 10. It only takes € 1 à € 5 per year to really change someone’s life District 1580 - Rotary international “Safe drinking water is perhaps the most effective way to eradicate poverty.” (UN University, 2008)
  11. 11. District 1580 - Water Committee Peter Wiers RC Santpoort- Voorzitter Lou ten Cate RC Amsterdam Sloterdijk- Ink. Voorzitter District 1580 - Rotary international Dolf Jager RC Heemstede- Secretaris Rex Veldman RC Amsterdam Minerva Ink. Secretaris Hans Aupers RC Purmerend- Communicatie Hans van Velsen RC Haarlemmermeerlanden- Lid Huub de Kruijf RC IJmond- Lid Elisabeth Rijpkema RC Heemstede- Lid
  12. 12. D1580- What has been achieved so far? District 1580 - Rotary international • Ca 10 dams • Ca 50 (shallow) wells • Ca 100 sources protected • More than 2.000 water tanks Fiche, Ethiopia • Hundreds of thousands of trees
  13. 13. Why not go for 2,5 million people ? One for every inhabitant of our district District 1580 - Rotary international Please join us ! Nakuru, Kenya
  14. 14. How can YOU help?Invite schools for‘Wandelen voor Water’Become ‘watercommissaris’ in your clubOrganise fundraising for water projects District 1580 - Rotary internationalCall us for further informationPlease join us ! Nakuru, Kenya
  15. 15. Wandelen voor Water District 1580 - Rotary internationalSource: RC Purmerend Call schools now for 2013 !!
  16. 16. Regio Promotoren & Water Commissarissen - North Noordkop Robin Goossens Wilfreda Pompert Milou Bos Peter Maurits ? Noord Kennemerland District 1580 - Rotary international Vacant Peter van Lingen Onno Walgien Adriaan Verbeek West Friesland Carl Hageman Arnold Peerlings Gem Bot Hans van Leerdam Pieter Postma ? Saskia Kerkhoff
  17. 17. Regio Promotoren & Water Commissarissen - South Midden Kennemerland Huub de Kruijf Waterland Jan Kets Hans Aupers Els de Roo Kees Oudewortel Thijs Hennipman Peter Kock Daan van de Hans de Wit Vijver Hans van Gelder District 1580 - Rotary international Peter Oldeman? Susanne Rozema Jelle Brouwer? Zaanstreek Vacant Zuid Kennemerland Hans op den Velde Maurits van Tol Cor Gorssen Frits Bekker ? Robert Jan Oost Amstel/Meerlanden Henk van Montfrans Eddy Gans Hans van Velsen Hugo Postma Elly Thuring Cathy Samé Lottin ?
  18. 18. Regio Promotoren & Watercommissarissen - Amsterdam Amsterdam 1 Amsterdam 2 Lou ten Cate Theo Ruys Bob Seemann Janet Poot District 1580 - Rotary international Jan van Gaalen ? Rex Veldman Amsterdam 3 Willem de Vries Lentsch Aadje van ‘t Riet Frans ter Horst Paul Wilbrink Trudy Elsenaar Paula van der Velden Johanna van Nieuwenhuizen Niels de Boer
  19. 19. Thank you for attention! District 1580 - Rotary international For further information call me: 06-23123644