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Cyworld AppStore Overview


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Presentation material for announcement conference held on July 7, 2009

Presentation material for announcement conference held on July 7, 2009

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  • 1. AppStore Overview August 2009
  • 2. Service Model Overview SKcomms OPEN Reposition NATE/CYWORLD with innovative Open Social Platform technology for providing new user experiences on NATE/CYWORLD NATEconnect AppStore 1 NATE ID Application (Apps) 3 Expand application of Nate ID & Applications developed by Billing System 3rd party developers 2 Open API Attract external contents, notification from external services
  • 3. AppStore Overview AppStore is an open market application platform on which (1) SK Communications shares Apps API, (2) developers provide Apps, and (3) users selectively add and use Apps Developers Develop & provide Apps Distribution of Apps on NATE AppStore SK Comms API for Apps development Select & use Apps Users Share Apps with 1-chons on Minihompy
  • 4. AppStore Key Differentiator Distribution + Payment Solution •Mass •Distribution structure utilizing Social Graph •Real Identity •High Trust •Digital Economy Infrastructure
  • 5. AppStore Development Platform– OpenSocial APIs OpenSocial API+ SK Comms’ Customized API OpenSocial SK Comms’ Custom API Maximize collaboration with existing Apps providers and marketing impact by adopting + Develop customized API that fits domestic usage patterns (Scrap, Payment API, etc.) OpenSocial
  • 6. AppStore Apps – Social Apps Apps that interact with Cyworld platform & 1-chon’s Let’s compete! My pet will I just grow bigger! adopted a pet on Apps Engaging Conversational Participatory
  • 7. AppStore User Scenario Where can I get Something fun that I can enjoy with my 1-chon’s, Convenient features that didn’t exist before? Visit Users Select
  • 8. AppStore Composition For Apps Developers For Apps Users •Apps developer registration •Apps Directory •Apps development guide & test •Apps introduction & usage guide environment •Apps installation, execution, •Apps registration & management reviews
  • 9. Apps Developer Flow Apps test & registration on Dev.Square 1. Register as a developer 4. Display Apps upon verification by admin. 2. Read development document 3. Develop & register Apps
  • 10. Apps User Flow Select Apps on AppStore and add to Minihompy 1. Apps Directory 5. NateOn Buddy Notifications MiniRacing Apps Item has been updated [Setting] 2. Apps Introduction 4. My Cyworld 1- chon Notifications 3. Add to Minihompy
  • 11. AppStore Framework – 1) Structure IntroPreview Use Mgmt Verification Mgmt Stats Registration Stats 1. 2. AppStore 6. Admin 5. Dev. Square Apps 3. Minihompy 4. My Cyworld AppStory MyApps Notification (Display) (Gateway) Service Name Definition Applications developed based on OpenSocial API; Can be developed by anyone following the 1. Apps API, create interactions among 1-chon’s 2. AppStore Place where Apps are stored and introduced 3. Minihompy Results of my Apps are displayed; Apps in use are stored (Gateway to AppStore) 4. My Cyworld Feeds on Apps activities are received All process required by 3rd party developers to develop and register Apps are executed & 5. Dev. Square supported 6. Admin. Place where Apps are verified and generated keys are managed
  • 12. AppStore Framework – 2) Working Flow ● User Process ● Developer Process Admin Dev.Square AppStore Apps Verification Registration Home Minihompy Nate Apps AppStory My Apps Short Apps Introduction < cut > Apps Apps News Introducti on Save as Posts Review / Community Notification Canvas View My Cyworld AD Apps News Apps Play NateOn
  • 13. AppStore Framework – 3) Apps Apps Basic Composition Item Role Guide Apps Name Apps Name • Maximum 20 letters Apps Introduction Text that describes Apps • Minimum 100 ~ Maximum 500 letters • Size : 16x16 px Icon Icon displayed before Apps’ name • File format: jpg, gif ; Animated / semi- transparent images not permitted • Size : 75x75 px Thumbnail Apps image displayed on Apps list, etc. • File format: jpg, gif ; Animated / semi- transparent images not permitted • Size : 221x221 px Representative Image displayed on AppStore introduction • File format: jpg, gif, semi-transparent images not Image page permitted • Number: At least 1, Maximum 3 Decoration | Quiz/Test | Friends | Chat | • Select 1 category Message | Photo | Music | Video | Travel | Category • Game / Entertainment Apps: Must be rated by the Food | Book | Game/Entertainment | Game Rating Board of Korea Fashion | Business | Event | Utility
  • 14. AppStore Framework – 3) Apps Apps Source Registration Only source registration is supported; areas described in OpenSocial will be adapted to fit the service in Nate AppStore OpenSocial Features in Nate AppStore Guide Views Core operation page for Apps Canvas Size: Width max. 760 px AppStore > Source rendered in Apps Canvas View Minihompy > AppStory > Source rendered in Shortcut area Profile When clicked by Apps user, directed to Apps Canvas view Size : 274x155 px When clicked by Apps non-user, directed to Apps Introduction page AppStore > Source rendered in pop-up window when clicking “Preview” on Preview Apps Introduction page “Preview” button will be displayed only when preview option is checked Home Not available in Nate AppStore: Inactive
  • 15. AppStore Framework – 4) AppStore AppStore Home All registered Apps, Apps added by 1- chon’s Apps registered by service admin. Apps added by logged-in 1-chon’s
  • 16. AppStore Framework – 4) AppStore Apps List Verified Apps sorted by Apps Name popularity & date Apps Thumbnail Apps Introduction Developer name Review stars # of members / 1- chon’s who added the Apps
  • 17. AppStore Framework – 4) AppStore Apps added by 1-chon’s Displayed from 1- chon who has most recently added an Apps – profile picture & name
  • 18. AppStore Framework – 4) AppStore Apps Introduction Page Copy URL Representative Image - Max. 3 1-chons’ who Common added the Features Apps - Add Apps Developer info. - Recommend - Preview Other Apps by the same developer User feedback / replies
  • 19. AppStore Framework – 4) AppStore Canvas View Common Features - Boast - Recommend Apps execution - Width max. 760px - Height no restriction Developer info.
  • 20. AppStore Framework – 5) Minihompy AppStory MyApps AppStory - Shortcut to each Apps
  • 21. AppStore Framework – 5) Minihompy MyApps MyApps Added apps are displayed; sorted by recent use & added date
  • 22. AppStore Framework – 6) Distribution 01 Cyworld Alerts Recommend Minihompy > Visitors’ log | Max 50 people / alert, 300 people / day Add Apps My Cyworld Cyworld / Nate Main Apps News News area NateOn Alert 02 3rd party Feeds CreateActivity My Cyworld Happy Replies 03 AppStore Replies > Leave reviews Notification on Intro. page 04 Apps – Save as posts Minihompy > Posted (Scrapped) to Bulletin Boards
  • 23. AppStore Framework – 6) Distribution Minihompy> Recommendations Recommend Apps on Visitors’ Log Messages automatically Apps Intro. Page generated Recommend to 1-chon’s Home – My Cyworld Notifications NateOn Alerts Canvas View XXX has recommended XXXX Aoos!
  • 24. AppStore Framework – 6) Distribution Save as Post “Save As Post” feature is one of the APIs provided by Nate AppStore Refer to the platform guideline on Dev.Square for more details Canvas Example of Saved Save as Post layer View (“Scrapped”) post 오늘 회원님의 뮤직은~ 마우스만으로 쉽고 재미있게 만드는 음악 UCC "뮤직쉐이크" 위젯으로 락, 힙합, 발라드등 다양한 장르의 음악을 "직 접" 만들어 보세요. 쉐이크 버튼만 클릭하 면 한 곡이 뚝딱! 알록달록 블록만 클릭하면 나만의 곡이 뚝 딱! 여러분이 직접 만든 음악은 MP3로 무 료 다운을 받을 수 있어요
  • 25. AppStore Framework – 6) Distribution Added Apps Notification When a user add an App and choose to notify close 1-chon’s, notifications will sent to 1-chons’ My Cyworld Home – My Cyworld Notifications Boast on My Minihompy’s AppStory Notify Close 1-chons’ of your new Apps V V 박지성 has added How I met your mother NateOn Alert XXX has added XXXX
  • 26. AppStore Framework – 6) Distribution Apps info. feeds 3rd Party Feeds 1. Provide Title, Title ID ( OpenSocial Activity ; Home – My Cyworld Notifications 5 new interests are using How I met your mother “My interests : Born before 1980, Male, Korea” 카세료 sent you a How I met your mother challenge. “ Let’s meet at five on 9th “
  • 27. AppStore Policy Anyone who’s interested can participate for free Available for use to all current members •Major developers •Internet service providers All Cyworld •Ventures / Start-ups Members •Individual developers All NATE Members All newly registered members
  • 28. AppStore Policy Game, self-expression, shared interests, communication, utilities, etc. All kinds of Apps created from unlimited imagination Game Self-expression Shared interests Communication Community Commerce Life Info. Utilities / Tool
  • 29. AppStore Policy Apps that contain associations with adult / sexual, gambling, etc. and may harm SK Comms’ image & business are not allowed Apps that are against Apps that may deteriorate Apps that may harm service law or public morals usability and rights values and business E.g. Adults / sexual, E.g. Spam, phishing, etc. E.g. Minihompy visitor number gambling, etc. manipulation
  • 30. AppStore Policy Apps in the category of Games / Entertainment have to be approved by Game Rating Board before Registration • Approval by Game Rating Board required before registration • All, 12 or over, 15 or over • Should be registered as Game developer or publisher • SK Comms will carry out the process as proxy for foreign developers / individuals • Individual developers will be able to apply from September (GRB)
  • 31. AppStore Policy AppStore Privacy Policy No personal information will be provided to 3rd party • Member information can only be “viewed” through Personal information API • Public API can be viewed in approved Apps only • Viewed personal information is not stored (Code will be verified) • Personal information will be available upon acceptance of Personal information API use • All Apps that use personal information API needs to acquire approval from members • Personal information collected by members’ approval must also be destroyed when Apps are deleted
  • 32. Apps Developer Business Model Developers can monetize from advertisement and digital item sales
  • 33. Apps Developer Business Model All profits from in-Apps advertisement following advertisement guideline will belong to Apps developers Advertisement in Apps execution area are for developers • Advertisement / Sponsor link can be added to Apps • Apps developer can decide the arrangement of advertisement Apps Execution Area Advertisement Guideline (Canvas View) ∨ Content: Adults, gambling, alcohols, tobacco, guns, credit, religion, etc. ∨ Size: Smaller than 20% of Apps ∨ Format: Too many pop-ups, twinkling effects, etc.
  • 34. Apps Developer Business Model Developers can sell digital items inside Apps through Dotori payment system Dotori payment API + All profits from Item sales except 30% of Dotori payment commission will be paid to Apps developers
  • 35. Schedule July 7 Announcement Conference Developer Registration Open on Dev.Square Recruit foreign/domestic developers & develop Apps September 30 AppStore Beta Open Dotori payment Open
  • 36. Thank you.