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  1. 1. Sims Resume’ 1 University of Alaska Anchorage Cynthia S ims MA English Literature December 2010 8031 Sabrina Street Interests Anchorage, AK 99507 T 907-227-5149 Teaching undergraduate level English courses. Exploring creative and academic writing. University Studying contemporary literature, multicultural education, and the humanities. Experience includes publishing prose and poetry and academic presentations listed follow. Membership: The MLA (Student) and The PEN America Center (Assoc.). Education Current adjunct instructor and Candidate for Master of Arts in English, Literature Emphasis, at the University of Alaska Anchorage (Dec. 2010). Bachelor of Arts (Alpha Phi Sigma) in Journalism and Public Communication with a minor in Justice from the University of Alaska Anchorage (2000). GPA 3.6. Related Employment Teach two-three courses per semester as an adjunct Instructor: College of Preparatory and Developmental Studies (Introduction to College Writing: Preparatory PRPE 108) through the Community and Technical College. I have also taught for the Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences (Methods of Written Communication: English 111). Teaching Assistant (Stipend) and then hired under Instructor status in The Writing Center at UAA (2007-10). Undergraduate: Editor Student Newspaper and Magazine; Writing Center tutor 1997-2001 Substitute teacher, Anchorage School District (2001/02 & 2006/07). Conference Presentations Conference: Electronic Literature Organization (To facilitate and promote the writing, publishing, and reading of literature in electronic media). “ Visionary Landscapes.” Presentation: “ Multimedia Project of Isaac Rosenberg and William Blake.” Panel: Readings of Digital Media. Discussed classroom. Discussed how the Modern poetic form was brought
  2. 2. Sims Resume’ 2 University of Alaska Anchorage forward through the combination of spirituality and nature and the methods of sophistication in William Blake’ s nature words and images. Keynote Session: “ Artists, Personas, Mediums, Instruments: Envisioning the Visionary” by Mark Amerika, author of The Kafka Chronicles and other books, University of Colorado. Date/Location: May 29-June 1, 2008 Vancouver, Washington. Sponsored by Washington State University Vancouver and The Electronic Literature Organization. 8031 Sabrina Street Conference: Red River World Languages Conf. “ Canonical Texts / Textuality of Canons.” Anchorage, AK 99507 T 907-227-5149 Presentation: “ Jess Walter’ s The Zero: A Novel and Neo-canonicity.” This presentation University argues that the strongest prong to literary canonicity is historical, material, and social relevance; textual hybrid examined. Panel: Recovering/Discovering/Uncovering Voices. Keynote Session: “ The Poetics of Muslim Immigrant Fiction," by Dr. Wail Hassan, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Date/Location: April 21, 2007. North Dakota State University; Fargo, North Dakota. Conference: Pacific Rim Conference on Literature & Rhetoric. “ Shakespeare in the Bush.” Presentation: “ Contemporary Work Through a Neocanonical Lens: Jess Walter’ s The Zero: A Novel (2006).” Presents a need for concretizing canon criteria to reflect changes in thought; textual hybrid examined. Trygve Sandvik, Conference Director. Panel: "Firing the Canon"; Dr. Robert Crosman, Laura Eidam, and Cynthia Deike (Sims) Moderated by Dr. Patricia Linton. Keynotes: Dr. Rich Erlich of Miami University--Introduced by Dr. Toby Widdicombe; Panel, "Pan-Alaskan Theatre"; Jeffrey Herrmann and PJ Paparelli from Perseverance Theatre and Dawson Moore (The Last Frontier Theatre Conference), on adapting the arts to Alaska and Alaskan Cultures. Moderated by Dr. Genie Babb. Date/Location: March 30-31, 2007. University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, Alaska. Conference: International Symposium on New Directions in the Humanities. Presentation: “ How the Literary Humanities Avoided Suicide.” The focus of this presentation was support for the literature component of the humanities, addressing the changing nature of literature study as discipline. Conference organizer: Gayatri Spivak and Common Ground. Keynote: Joseph Buttigieg, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Lindsay Waters, Lydia Liu, Jean Franco, and Brent Hayes Edwards.
  3. 3. Sims Resume’ 3 University of Alaska Anchorage Date/Location: Columbia University, New York City, NY. Feb. 24-26, 2007. Conference: 2006 Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric. “ "Technology, Humanity, and Change." [How technology has impacted humanity, or the humanities.] Presentation: “ More and Bellamy’ s Foretold Solutions to Existent Labor and Education Problems: Still Fearing the Social Utopia” Conference Organizer: Chris Gunderson. Keynote: Dr. Cynthia Selfe, Humanities Distinguished Professor at The Ohio State University, 8031 Sabrina Street and Dr. Patti White, Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Alabama. Anchorage, AK 99507 T 907-227-5149 Date/Location: Feb. 23-25, 2006. University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, Alaska. University Conference: 2004 Pacific Rim Conference on Literature & Rhetoric. “ Laws Without Outlaws: Utopia / Transgression” Expression Territory / of desire outside dominant powers. Presentation:“ Understanding Raven: Examining the Natural Element: Alaska Native Poetry” Keynote: Dr. Ted Kassier; Discussion:; Presentation: Dr. Fran Shor, Wayne State University, “ Can We Be Together? Outlaws / Territory / Utopia” ; Dr. Jeffrey Paris, University of San Francisco on “ Theories of American Decline” ; Linda McCarriston and Richard Hoffman; Interdisciplinary Roundtable: “ Anarchy & Academia” ; Film “ Derrida.” Director: Sol Neely. Date/Location: March 4-6, 2004. University of Alaska Anchorage; Anchorage, Alaska. Recent Publications “ The Shame of Seeking Solitude.” Anchorage Daily News. June 7, 2007. “ Daughter of a Yup'ik Woman,” Red Ink: Amer. Indian Studies, U of Ariz., in April 2007 “ Compliments Deferred: Upon the Years,” Academic Exchange Extra, 2006. Eliz. Haller, ed. “ The Big Squeeze,” VOICES: Duke Univ. Women's Center. 2006. Holly Manning, ed. “ A Tapestry of Time and Terrain,” Quiet Mountain Essays, 2005. Suzanne Sunshower, ed. “ “ Matching Games,” Winning Poem: Civil Rights, Social and Economic Justice Contest 2005: “ A Letter to My Father,” NCADV: The Voice, Aug. 2005; LitSite Alaska: AkWrites 2005. Earlier Publications
  4. 4. Sims Resume’ 4 University of Alaska Anchorage Freelance: A series of seven articles on the beating death of John Hartman, a Fairbanks teenager, for the Fairbanks New Miner during the course of the trial, 2001. Casey Grove partially based his series of UAF articles and online project on my series. Freelance: International adoption article for the Anchorage Daily News, 1997. Awards: 2008 Tutor II Certificate, UAA Writing Center. 8031 Sabrina Street Anchorage, AK 99507 2006 Student Appreciation Luncheon. Nominator: Dr. Robert Crosman, Engl. Dept. T 907-227-5149 2002 Quarterly Quality Work Service Award. Counselor, Volunteers of America. University For model teamwork, ownership and responsibility for client services (2001-05). References: Judith Moore, Professor of English and Chair of Languages, University of Alaska Anchorage, ADM 101-M, 786-4371, Heather Caldwell, Term Instructor of English, University of Alaska Anchorage, Admin. Bldg. 101, 786-4355, Fawn R. Caparas, Adjunct Faculty for College Preparatory and Developmental Studies courses and Writing Center Tutor Trainer for the Learning Resources Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, SMH 118, 786-6918, 301-1519, Sarah Kirk, Associate Professor of Composition, College Preparatory and Developmental Studies, University of Alaska Anchorage, BMH 120E, 786-6851