P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09
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P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09



P&W Services offers affordable, non-insurance health and dental benefits for individuals and small businesses. This briefing was presented to small business owners, insurance brokers, and non-profit ...

P&W Services offers affordable, non-insurance health and dental benefits for individuals and small businesses. This briefing was presented to small business owners, insurance brokers, and non-profit organizations at our ribbon cutting ceremony on 17 Jul 09. For more information, go to PandWservices.com



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P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09 P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09 Presentation Transcript

  • How Your Company Can Offer Affordable Health Programs to Your Employees Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  • Employer Advantages NO Contribution Requirements NO Participation Requirements Flexibility Ease of Administration FREE to Owner/Company
  • Employer Advantages continued…  Employee Retention – 2nd highest reason employees move to another company is for benefits  No Mandatory Participation – Unlike insurance, there is no required percentage of employee participation  No Mandatory Contribution – Unlike insurance, there are NO contribution requirements placed on employer. Employer may choose to pay all, part or NONE of monthly fee. Employer may decide which employees/full-timers/part-timers or independent contractors to contribute to or not contribute to. OWNER Controls Don’t worry about high turnover staff…It’s FREE to You!!!
  • Employer Advantages continued...  Payroll Deduction at Employer’s discretion  One List Bill Sent to Company (w/ 5+ participants)  Auto Draft (w/ less than 5 participants)  Ease of Administration (easy adds and drops)  Qualifies for Section 125 – Pre-Tax Dollars  No Mandatory Open Enrollment; at Employer Discretion  NO COBRA Administration  Employee Education by Independent Representative  ID Cards mailed directly to employees’ homes OWNER can now offer benefits to EVERYONE, including Part-timers, Seasonal, during wait periods, until open enrollment!
  • Employee Advantages Affordability Freedom of Choice Everyone in House Gets Benefits No Waiting Periods No Medical Qualifying Pre-Tax Dollars Portability Low Cost: $3.42/week - $13.85/week
  • Employee Advantages continued…  Drastically lowers cost of Healthcare (SAVE MONEY!!)  Five (5) Low cost plans to choose from  Payroll Deduction Available at $3.42/week - $13.85/week depending on plan selected  No Deductibles to meet  Instant Savings  Up to 80% Savings or More 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !!
  • Employee Advantages continued…  May choose and change provider within network without prior approval or notification  May refer and recommend personal dentist or physician if not a participating provider in network  No Limits of Services or Visits  Never Pay Retail for Health Services  No Age Limits  Household Fees include anyone living at residence, regardless of relationship or age Everyone in the Home can start saving money TODAY!!
  • Employee Advantages continued…  No Exclusions of pre-existing or ongoing conditions  No Paperwork or Reimbursement Worries  Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry included with Dental Plan  Hearing, Podiatry and Diabetic Supplies Program, LASIK Surgery Sign UP Today…..Use it Tomorrow!!!!
  • Five (5) Plans to Choose From PLAN I (DENTAL) PLAN II (BASIC HE ALTH)  Dental with  Medical with  Vision  Doctor Visits  Prescription  Laboratory  Chiropractic  Ancillary (MRI, etc.)  Hospital Advocacy Individual:  24 Hour Nurseline $14.95/mo or $3.42/week Household: Household: $19.95/mo or $4.61/week $29.95/mo or $6.92/week
  • Five (5) Plans to Choose From continued… PLAN III (TOTAL HEALTH) PLAN IV (TOTAL HEALTH +)  Dental with Medical  Dental with Medical as in  Including:  Plan III details;  Vision, Prescrip., Chiro,  Including also:  Doctors Visits  Auto Club (Sign & Drive)  Ancillary  Discounted Legal Services  Hospital Advocacy  Identity Theft Protection  Nurseline Household: Household: $59.95/mo or $13.85/week $39.95/mo or $9.23/week
  • Five (5) Plans to Choose From continued… PLAN V (BASIC WELLNESS)  Vision  Prescription Drugs  Hearing Plan  Nurseline Household: $14.95/mo or $3.42/week
  • Group Requirements
  • Group Requirements & Benefits  Must have minimum 5 employees for monthly List Bill  Under 5 employees, corporate will auto-draft the company account  1st month’s payment may be made with company check or company credit card  Must mail initial paperwork (originals)  Future adds/drops to existing group account may be faxed to Corporate Group Division Owner: YOU never pay for programs your employees select even if they quit….WHY? YOU never prepay….always collect funds first!
  • How Simple is It?  Only One Form to Complete (5 Min) Authorization Form  Only one application per employee (they pick one of the 5 plans)  P & W Services handles the mailing/correspondence with Corporate  Corporate mails out membership cards, and handles customer service questions directly with each employee  THAT’S IT!! EASY to Do!! BE A HERO Help you Employees Save Money on Dental and Health Now!
  • Managing General Representative Program for Insurance Agents/Brokers Now Your Company Can Offer Affordable Non-Insurance Dental and Health Programs to Your Clients Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  • MGR Program Highlights  The MGR program is pretty simple and the target market is well defined. Who is eligible for an MGR agreement?  Any licensed insurance agent who has one or more “General Agent” or “Managing General Agent” contracts with recognized insurance companies.  Full monthly residual Commissions will be paid. 30% level monthly on all business.  The MGR can designate at the time of contracting whether they want to receive the entire commission and in turn they will pay their agents, or  They can designate how they want the commissions split and AmeriPlan will do the splitting and send the checks in accordance with their specified split arrangement.  The MGR and their agents can enroll members into the AmeriPlan Discount programs. (No geographic or territorial limits) The total program costs, literature, interactive websites are FREE!!
  • MGR Program Highlights continued..  AmeriPlan has five (5) attractive Dental and Health care programs  AmeriPlan provides customer support for clients  P&W Services, LLC provides comprehensive training for all agents  Web based training also available Add more income to your bottom line… FREE Literature, Training, Websites
  • MGR Program Highlights continued..  How easy is it to get started?  It takes about 15 minutes to fill out paperwork Requirements  Fill out two forms  Copy of Insurance License for Broker/Owner  Personal contact info, license # for each agent  Select % split for commissions paid directly by AmeriPlan Corporate YOUR DONE ! Now you can help all your clients regardless of income or health situation, and help your agents earn more income for their families!
  • Non-Profit/Association/Club Now Your Organization Can Raise $1,000’s and at the same time help others who need access to affordable Health Care. Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  • What Are the Details?  Fill out one Form to activate relationship with AmeriPlan What do we get?  3 Websites maintained by AmeriPlan to sign up members (secure server) will be provided  Back office support to monitor account status and earnings  Help Desk Support for members All the work is done for you!
  • What Do We Earn?  Immediate residual earnings of 30% on all memberships (only 17 individual memberships are needed to generate profit from investment) What Does It Cost?  Depends on level of entry, but cost will be negated by P&W Services, LLC as our contribution to your fund raising efforts FREE
  • Example of Potential Earnings Partner with P&W Friends, Family of Services, LLC General Non-Profit Members $50 100 Monthly 100 Investment Monthly Return on Investment US Population 175 Million 4,150 Business Relationships Income based on Individual Dental Membership Only 500
  • How Will P&W Services Support US?  Handle all questions/issues about the program (No additional administration by your organization)  Media campaign to provide information to Public/General Membership and others about program utilizing Organization’s current media products/resources  Support at your fund raising activities  Personal commitment by P&W Services, LLC to excellence, integrity and financial goals of the Non-Profit/Association/Club
  • Thank You for Attending! Questions anyone? Presented By: Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins P & W Services, LLC 321-220-8265 PandWservices.com