Unit 1 ip the world of social corp cynthia allen


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  • Cynthia Allen _September 6, 2013_IMKT120-1304A-01_Media Design ConceptsProf. Terry Powell
  • The index….
  • A company adopts social media as a way to benefit in internet technology practices; giving a corporation a chance to gain and share opinions, perceptions and views and to keep an eye on their competitors and employees.
  • Promotes: A way to expand the company’s name Endorse the company good and services Pick up new ideas and opinions for the company Gain new and future customer Build stronger relationship with regular customers
  • • broad reach - social media can reach millions of people all over the world• ability to target particular groups - many forms of social media (e.g. Facebook, Foursquare) allows your businesses to target certain groups, often in specific locations• free or low-cost – the costof social media are free for businesses, and paid options are usually • personal - social media helps to communicate on a personal basis with specific customers and groups• fast – your business can rapidly allocate information to many people• Easy there is no need for high-level skills or computer equipment to participate in social media
  • Facebook- Allow conversations with consumers, post pictures, videos, get opinions and more.Twitter- A blogging site that allows one to send and receive short messages or opinions from regular and potential customersYou Tube-is a video hosting site that lets people share their videos and advertisementsLink in- for people in professional occupations who are looking for a job or employees. Posts professional status, skills and educational trainingPine rest- a pin board type of photo sharing site that allows an individual to create and manage theme based images such as, events, ideas, interest, and etc.Blogs- posts a series of topics of interest and opinionsInstaGram- web based photo, videos and social sharing; it allow users to take pictures and video and share them.
  • • wasted time and money no perceptible return• the rapid spread of the wrong kind of information negative reviews posted by others)• legal problems if you don't follow privacy legislation and the laws regarding spam, copyright and other online issues.(Queensland Government)
  • Finishing comment….
  • Work Cited: I could not format my reference the program would not let me…
  • Unit 1 ip the world of social corp cynthia allen

    1. 1. By Cynthia Allen
    2. 2. Understanding Social Media in the Corporation World The use of Social Media in the Corporate World Benefits The Risk The different types of Social Media TheWorld of Social Media within the NorthwesternTechnologies
    3. 3. Social Media is a communication network that creates, share, and exchange information through virtual municipal and networks. Social Corp is when a corporation links into the social media world. What is Social Media and Social Corp?
    4. 4. Why a Company should use Social Media The company name Goods and services of the company Opinions and ideas about the company New and future customers Stronger relationship with existing customers
    5. 5. Benefits of Social Media in the Corporate World • Broad reach • Ability to target particular groups • Free or low-cost • Personal • Fast • Easy
    6. 6. Facebook Twitter You Tube Reed Blogs InStagram Pinterest Linked In Different Types of Social Media Services
    7. 7. The Risk of Social Media Within the company  Legal problems  Waste of Time  Spread of wrong information
    8. 8. Social media services are affordable and easy to use, and can put your business in touch with customers like never before! Thank You! Let’s Get Started
    9. 9. References Bavaro , Gian . "Increasing Brand Awareness with Social Media - ." Website Designer Miami | Marketing Miami | Advertising Miami | Miami SEO Services . Exposure Media Miami, n.d. Web. 9 Sept. 2013. <http://www.exposuremiami.com/increasing-brand- awareness-with-social-media/>. "Social media - Definition and More from the Free Merriam- Webster Dictionary." Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam- Webster Online. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated , n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2013. <http://www.merriam- webster.com/dictionary/social%20media>. "Using social media to market your business: the basics | Queensland Government." Home | Queensland Government. N.p., 29 Aug. 2013. Web. 11 Sept. 2013. <http://www.business.qld.gov.au/business/running/marketin g/online-marketing/social-media-business>.