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CynoCast - Interactive Closing Tool
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CynoCast - Interactive Closing Tool


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CynoCast is an advanced sales and support tool with unique interactive capabilities. It gives businesses the ability to deliver any web content to the desktop of your audience - whether it's a one to …

CynoCast is an advanced sales and support tool with unique interactive capabilities. It gives businesses the ability to deliver any web content to the desktop of your audience - whether it's a one to one phone call, or an online meeting with a several thousand participants. TRY IT FREE at

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • One Click And You'll Know What You're Missing!
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • “ Only when you see it in action can you begin to conceptualize just how powerful CynoCast can be for your own organization. ” – Melissa Welch,
      ____________________________________________ SLIDE 1 OF 18 ____________________________________________ CYNOCAST SUITE CYNOCAST SUITE INTERACTIVE CLOSING TOOL Fast, Effective Web Interaction IMMEDIATE  MEASUREABLE  VERIFIABLE  SCALABLE
    • 2. What is CynoCast?
      • Pronunciation: [ sin-uh-kahst ]
      • Advanced web presentation and content delivery tool
      • Unique interactive program that engages your audience
      • A fast, effective way to sell and support both prospects and customers
      CynoCast comes from ‘Cynosure’ which is something brilliant that guides or directs. SLIDE 2 OF 18
    • 3. Why use CynoCast to sell and support prospects and customers? SLIDE 3 OF 18
      • Deliver an interactive experience your audience will remember
      • Present from your own site. Get started on-time, every time!
      • Solve customer issues faster, shorten the length of each support call
      • Convey a consistent message each time employees engage online.
      CynoCast is FREE for everyone in your audience. However, you can charge them if you like.
    • 4. CynoCast Saves You Time, Every Time!
      • Close more deals, faster!
      • Make ALL your meeting software hassles vanish – including logins!
      • Deliver your company brochure, PDF, or PowerPoint presentation without emailing, but with just one click.*
      • Run impromptu presentations anytime you like with zero setup time.
      • CynoCast saves your clients’ time too.
      SLIDE 4 OF 18 *Easily import PowerPoint, PDF, or any MS Office document into the CynoCast dashboard.
    • 5. How is CynoCast different from meeting programs like WebEx & Go-To-Meeting?
      • CynoCast is NOT ‘screen-sharing’ or ‘co-browsing technology’. The audience cannot see your screen.
      • Share online content with an audience of any size.
      • Launch LIVE web pages that your audience can click and choose links on, or fill-out & submit back.
      • Zero setup time. Start impromptu presentations whenever you like without logging in.
      • Your audience never needs to login, register, or download & install anything – Ever!
      SLIDE 5 OF 18
    • 6. Close Deals Faster With CynoCast!
      • Deliver two senses simultaneously , sight and sound, to get your point across more easily.
      • Navigate your site quickly and launch web pages the audience can click and choose links on.
      • Launch sign up pages and order forms at the right moment during your presentation.
      • Walk your audience through filling out your sign up page in real-time – right through submission.
      • Avoid ‘ Presentation Disconnect ’ by instantly delivering any Office document, PDF, or company brochure that they can read, print, sign and return.
      SLIDE 6 OF 18 “ I predict CynoCast will become a new word in the sales lexicon.  If you aren’t able to CynoCast, you’ll be the odd-man out .” – Nancy Nardin,
    • 7. Shorten Customer Support Calls
      • Deliver a compelling, interactive experience that will solve customer issues faster.
      • Reduce the length of each inbound support call by navigating your site for customers.
      • Launch relevant documents and web forms instantly to your customers and eliminate post-call emails.
      • Steer customers to recorded CynoCasts that answer commonly asked questions.
      • Overcome language and accent barriers by sending web pages that corroborate what your support rep says.
      SLIDE 7 OF 18
    • 8. Save Time & Work More Efficiently
      • Hold impromptu presentations anytime at your own site. Your dashboard is always accessible without logging in.
      • Add prospects to your presentation in just seconds by simply speaking your presentation URL -
      • Eliminate emails by delivering electronic documents to your entire audience with just one click.
      • Avoid the startup hassles of typical meeting software. Our end-to-end Flash application requires no downloads, installers, logins or registrations.
      SLIDE 8 OF 18
    • 9. Advanced Interactive Capabilities
      • ‘ Lightning Fast’ content delivery engages viewers
      • Create Interactive ‘Closing’ Opportunities:
      • 1. Let your audience click and choose links on web pages you send them.
      • 2. Launch LIVE web pages that audience members can individually
      • fill-out and securely submit back with their own options and preferences
      • 3. Deliver any Office document that your audience can Save, View, or Print & Sign.
      • 4. Request links from viewers, then launch them for the rest of the audience.
      • Our integrated live video feed with ‘ChatBack’ provides full two-way communications
      SLIDE 9 OF 18 Interact with your entire audience in completely new ways:
    • 10. CynoCast Target Markets
      • Resellers
      • Inbound call centers
      • Multi-level marketing entities
      • Sales and support teams
      • Professional coaches and speakers
      • Training and education organizations
      • Internal business collaboration
      • Broadcast media - satellite, terrestrial, & online
      SLIDE 10 OF 18
    • 11. Track Employee Performance With CynoCast’s Built-In Reporting
      • 1. Manage your sales, marketing, and support processes with more precision.
      • 2. Track how many people are viewing each employee’s CynoCast day to day.
      • 3. Compatible with Google Analytics for insightful marketing intelligence.
      SLIDE 11 OF 18
    • 12. Setup CynoCast to run from your own site in just minutes!
      • Setting up CynoCast to run from your website is simple, and can be easily implemented by non-technical staff.
      • After signing up, we email you two small files that you can FTP directly to your site…
      • Send your audience here to watch : And control your CynoCast from here:
      • You NEVER have to login to our site to present!
      SLIDE 12 OF 18
    • 13. CynoCast Technology
      • Platform, OS, and browser independent software
      • 100% web-based, low-bandwidth Flash architecture
      • Advanced proprietary interactive engine
      • Secure encryption - 128-bit cipher end to end.
      • Accessible from any Internet enabled computer
      • SaaS model. PaaS is available for medium, and large size businesses.
      SLIDE 13 OF 18
    • 14. CynoCast Live Support
      • Live on-line support available M-F 8am – 8pm EST at
      • Chat instantly with qualified on-line support reps
      • Instant issue diagnosis with rapid resolution
      • Instructional web pages are delivered right to your computer screen
      • Customized 'Priority Support' available for an additional fee
      SLIDE 14 OF 18
    • 15. CynoCast Hosted SaaS Plans
      • CynoCast Suite – $575 per year
      • Navigate your site for your audience and deliver LIVE sign up pages, order forms, PowerPoint slides, company brochures, and PDFs. Launch live video or speak directly to your audience right through the web page from your own site!
      • CynoCast Reseller Suite – $4,975 per year
      • Broadcast live video and audio over the Internet with integrated web page launches. Your business gets 10 licenses (seats) for one year, and you will be able to launch web pages and documents for an audience of any size.
      SLIDE 15 OF 18
    • 16. CynoCast Suite – PaaS Solution
      • Improve sales cycle efficiency, lower support costs, and make training programs more effective.
      • Brand any CynoCast with a company logo and generate revenue by reselling to your existing customers.
      • Make CynoCast an indispensable part of your sales, support, training, and collaboration activities.
      • Single screen administration - Create, copy, and deploy CynoCasts from our easy to use ‘Pilot Dashboard'.
      • The CynoCast ‘Master Dashboard’ – Ask About It!
      SLIDE 16 OF 18 Put the power and efficiency of an enterprise sales automation tool to work for your entire company!
    • 17. Architecture & Scalability
      • Written entirely in Adobe Flex for scalability
      • Google ‘App Engine’ cloud computing platform with Distributed Services Architecture
      • Thousands of simultaneous ‘one-to-one’ CynoCasts
      • Many simultaneous ‘one-to-thousands’ CynoCasts
      • Wowza Media Flash Server for live audio/video stream
      • Co-present with any other CynoCast dashboard, no matter what CynoCast server they are on.
      SLIDE 17 OF 18
    • 18. CynoCast Next Steps Opportunity
      • Join our ‘Live CynoCast’ group on LinkedIn:
      • Follow CynoCast on twitter:
      • Invite Robert Hayes on LI: [email_address]
      • Get one month free when you pay for a year’s service in advance:
          • $575 annually for the CynoCast Suite (1 license)
          • $4,975 annually for CynoCast Reseller Dashboard (10 licenses)
      • Phone: 720-985-2399
      • Email:
      • Visit:
      SLIDE 18 OF 18