BVF social media tactical plan


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Compilation of Social Media plans from various sources on the web, and my own commentary and advice for the client.

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  • Our team will continue to develop new content based on the Editorial Calendar themes, topics and campaigns. As new posts are made, BVF will comment and share these posts through appropriate SM channels.Encourage content experts on staff to comment, share, and retweet to generate buzz on focused promotions.
  • Most of these social media channels can be managed through tools such as HubSpot or HootSuite, however monitoring interaction still should be a manual process. Check in with channels periodically through the day for comments and conversations. Do respond as appropriately. Don’t get lost in a rabbit hole—keep to your planned schedule for routine posting.Adding a careers tab in LinkedIn is another great way to increase traffic and followers on your LinkedIn company page. To set up a careers page, your company LinkedIn account needs to be either a Silver or Gold level account.
  • Google+ is becoming increasingly important for both SEO and Social Media. One of the biggest reasons to sign up for a Google plus account and have it optimized is that it will help you rank higher in many different situations. If you link your blog posts or site to your G+ account, it will then populate higher in search results because of your optimized Google Plus page. This benefit cannot be stressed enough!
  • The main idea of Reddit is the ability to post something to a subreddit (category), whether it be a link or a message, for other people to see. People can then “upvote” or “downvote” links that have been posted as well as comment on posted links or messages which themselves can be upvoted or downvoted. The idea behind upvoting and downvoting is that it will promote good links and comments or hide those which are bad.Digg dot com is social bookmarking community where a great number of bloggers meet to read posts and “digg” their articles to get more visitors to their blogs. The website and it maintains credibility by using a “voting” process . The better the article submitted is the more diggs it gets and, the best of all appear on the front pages. is a site that basically directs you to web pages based on your interests. It’s pretty random, and I haven’t yet determined if there is any really measureable value.
  • Blog commentscan significantly increase chances of ranking a website much higher in search engine results. There are some basic rules that every blogger should be aware of. Take a look at these rules for blog commenting:It is important to go through the entire post properly. If you want to give such a comment that stands out from the rest of the comments, then it is better instead if just commenting after reading the last post, you go through the entire post as well as comments. You get to learn a lot by reading content written by other bloggers.When you are practicing in commenting, and then be sure that you consider the views of others too. It is not just about sharing your own opinions and views. You need to give respects and importance to views of others also. When you are giving an opinion, don’t try to impose it on others.Be real. Don’t use a keyword instead of your name. The reason for this is that it does not give a nice impression. Using real name can add an extra value to your comments. Readers will start to recognize you and this will help in building rapport. The use of keywords might also spam your comment so it is better not to use them.The comment policies have become much stricter than before. As the number of spammers has being increased, the blog commenting software has become much more efficient. Use of links in the comments can make your comment land into spam. Therefore, do not use links in the fields unless it is necessary.Who does not hate spam? If you are a blog commenter then do follow the ethics and don’t post unnecessary comments. Also don’t post any inapt comment.Engage in the discussions naturally. Also, comment on those blogs that are of the same niche in which you are working. This might help you in bringing traffic.
  • Make sure your YouTube channel is up to date with most current YouTube layout, including a description of the channel.
  • It is the largest presentation sharing community on the Internet. On SlideShare, you can upload and share (publicly or privately) presentations, videos, music files and more.The users of SlideShare are numerous (60 million visitors a month) and tend to be business owners and professionals. The greatest benefits to businesses who use SlideShare is for content marketing. With five times the traffic from business professionals than other popular websites, and 1,140 slides viewed per second, it's worth considering in your marketing strategy.
  • Identify Influencers relevant to your campaigns from target demographics.Engage with seed influencers, manager and nurture relationships.Monitoring & measurement is ongoing, but actual reports will be published monthly. Adjust strategy accordingly.
  • BVF social media tactical plan

    1. 1. Social Media Tactical PlanAnswering the who, when, what, how often
    2. 2. OverviewThis plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish thefollowing social media goals:1. Increase inbound leads at a low cost2. Expand reach of thought leadership content3. Engage and excite influencers4. Better understand, identify, and engage potential buyers5. Improve customer service and satisfaction
    3. 3. Blog – 1-2 weekly/5-8 monthlyShort term objectives:Increase recognition Post relevant original content created bybloggers Post relevant curated content, includingthoughts/commentary on content 50/50 mix of original and curated OK Utilize Editorial Calendar to createinventory of contentIncrease engagement Promote and share via HubSpot Encourage employees to share andcomment Encourage comments, forum pages, etc.Key Metrics: Number of posts Number of social shares Audience growth – unique andreturns Conversation rate Conversions Subscribers Inbound links Directory listings SEO Improvements
    4. 4. Social Networks– daily/weeklyShort term objectives:Facebook Company Page Build your audience by inviting contacts to “Like”your page (need 30 to get access to insights) Share a mix of relevant links, engagingcontent, videos, and polls Make sure you promote upcoming events andcreate them in the events tab 2-3 posts per day Engage with influencersLinkedIn Create a group/groups Consider adding a Careers tab Identify other groups to follow and participate Encourage employee participation Monitor and participate in Q&A 1-2 posts dailyKey Metrics: Facebook Likes and posts Linkedin Followers Referring traffic Linkedin Group members Linkedin Discussions
    5. 5. Social Networks (cont’d)Short term objectives:Google+ 1-2 posts per day Share engagingcontent, videos, images, and relevant links Comment on posts Utilize Google Hangouts Create and promote upcoming eventsTwitter Promote content through Twitter Utilize promoted Tweets Communicate support issues from SocialMedia to support team, ensure follow-up Listen to relevant conversationsKey Metrics: Google+ Circle adds/followers Google+ mentions Followers Mentions Retweets Retweet Reach Replies Reach Number of lists
    6. 6. Bookmarking/TaggingShort term objectives:Post key thought leadership to: Reddit Digg StumbleuponParticipate in communities: Review blog sources to identifyadditional bookmarking sites thatmay drive trafficKey Metrics: Referrals frombookmarking/tagging sites Pages ranking on key terms frombookmarking/tagging sites Views and submissions
    7. 7. Blog Commenting/Q&A sitesShort term objectives: Participate on relevant messageboards, blogs, and Q&Aplatforms Provide insight and thoughtleadership within your comments Only include a link-back whenrelevant Work positive comments into yourposts and then follow-up with amore detailed explanation Focus on building relationshipsKey Metrics: Increased brand awareness oninfluential blogs Link-backs and referring traffic Influencer mentions
    8. 8. Online Video – monthlyShort term objectives: Update YouTube profile with BVFlogo Updating profile will now alsoprompt you to create Google+profile if one isn’t already created Update videos on social videosites and link to core site(YouTube/Facebook) Create video series for YouTubeKey Metrics: Referrals from social video sites Views of videos on social sites Pages ranking on key terms fromYouTube
    9. 9. Presentation SharingShort term objectives: Create 1-2 Slidesharepresentations per quarter Post webinars, slidedecks, infographics Optimize for SEO Generate views and leadsKey Metrics: Followers Presentations Presentation views Number of leads generated Total views Downloads Favorites Tweets Facebook likes
    10. 10. Additional Notes & Objectives Match Buyer Personas to Social Media sites, adjust strategy aboveto better fit personas Train sales about better use of social media Create company social media policy Discuss social media policy with SEO and SEM vendors Encourage employees to be active participants in social media--don’t be afraid to incentivize! Adjust strategy based on metrics, but keep consistent identityInfluencerIdentificationEngagementMonitoring &Measurement