Cydcor’s Website Wins Interactive Media Award and Creativity Media                             Silver Award               ...
Cydcor, Inc., is the leading provider of outsourced, in-person sales teams to a diverse client base ofcompanies in a range...
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Cydcor’s Website Wins Interactive Media Award and Creativity Media Silver Award


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Cydcor’s Website Wins Interactive Media Award and Creativity Media Silver Award

  1. 1. Cydcor’s Website Wins Interactive Media Award and Creativity Media Silver Award Cydcor, Mel Lim Design and Coalition Technologies collaborate on new award-winning websiteWESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.--(June 29, 2012) --Cydcor, the leading provider of outsourced professionalsales services, announced that the company’s new website has been awarded the best-in-class 2012Interactive Media Award (IMA) for the B2B category, as well as the 41st Creativity Media Silver Award.Launched in January 2012, Cydcor’s new website design won the Interactive Media best-in-class Award,Best in Class in the B2B category, the highest honored bestowed by the Interactive Media Council. Witha score of 484 out of a possible 500 points, the website’s feature functionality received a score of 99 outof 100. Cydcor’s site has interactive aspects, with impressive animation such as trees growing andpeople walking.Cydcor’s website design also received a silver award in the 41st Creativity Media and InteractiveCompetition. With an increase in submissions of 84%, the Creativity Media Silver Award is given to onlythe top 25% of entries that are considered by judges to be an example of outstanding creativity anddesign.Cydcor partnered with San Diego-based Mel Lim Design (MLD) who led design for the site and LosAngeles-based Coalition Technologies which was engaged to handle the sites development. "This is atrue partnership between Cydcor and the talented teams at Mel Lim Design and Coalition Technologies,”said Chief Operating Officer Vera Quinn. “We were seeking to create an experience with Cydcor’swebsite that is as special and unique as our company is, while appealing to our clients, team membersand field sales force. We are honored that the website has received such prestigious awards.”First establishing metrics to measure against Cydcor’s business and marketing goals, MLD coordinatedwith Cydcor’s executive team to develop a creative strategy with fresh solutions for a website redesignthat would connect with customers most effectively. The final design reflects those metrics, transformedinto creative visual assets that blend a psychology of color and font with unique, hand-drawnillustrations on each of 30 pages that tell a compelling story, engaging emotionally with the reader."At MLD, our high standards, core values, and holistic approach to understanding clients lead us tounique processes, methods, and solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. The awards weconsistently win serve as further validation that our work is cohesive, meaningful, and imminentlystrategic, and we are honored to be recognized by both IMA & Creativity Media Awards,” said Principaland Creative Director Mel Lim.Los Angeles-based Coalition Technologies then integrated the logistics that helped tie the entire projecttogether. A full-service web design and online marketing agency, Coalition Technologies gave life andinteractivity to the redesigned website. "The Coalition Technologies team is proud of our work andhappy that we were able to help Cydcor successfully present their brand as current and forward thinkingby employing HTML5 while ensuring that their websites SEO structure was built correctly," saidCoalition Technologies President Joel Gross.
  2. 2. Cydcor, Inc., is the leading provider of outsourced, in-person sales teams to a diverse client base ofcompanies in a range of industries, including telecommunications, office products, home entertainment,energy, and financial services. Serving Fortune 500 and emerging market clients in the business-to-business, residential, and retail channels through in-store marketing initiatives, Cydcor works with anetwork of independently owned corporate licensee (ICL) Cydcor sales offices, providing clients withaccess to approximately 3,000 sales professionals and more than 200 offices in North America. Theprivately-held company is based in Westlake Village, California. For more information about Cydcor, goto Lim Design, LLC is a multi-platform, innovation studio of dimensional design thinking thatconsistently delivers award-winning, curated design solutions that transform a broad range of productsand services into meaningful design experiences for unique clients in a dynamic world. Since 2003, MLDhas powered start-ups in various industries from telecommunications, software, and retail to Fortune500 companies nationwide. For more information, go to Technologies is a full-service web design and online marketing agency, offering unparalleledexpertise in creative strategy development, web design, graphic design, programming, search engineoptimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and social media. With offices in Los Angeles and Seattle,Coalition is fully committed to addressing the holistic needs of companies looking to successfully markettheir concepts, products or services online. For more information, visit their websiteat, Inc.Gail Michalak, 805-277-5500