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Annual Report 2011

  2. 2. 1. Chair’s Introduction p4 2. Meet the Board p6 3. Chief Executive’s Report p8 4. Meet the Staff Team p12 5. Project Case Studies p14 6. Cycling Statistics and Trends p26 7. Cycling Scotland Business Plan and KPIs p32 8. Cycling Action Plan for Scotland p48 9. Financial Accounts 2010/11 p52 CYCLING SCOTLAND ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS2010/2011
  3. 3. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG 01 CHAIR’S INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION FROM BILL WRIGHT, CYCLING SCOTLAND CHAIR: I had a flash of inspiration recently whilst cycling to work. Admittedly it wasn’t as earth shattering as Einstein’s, who famously came up with the Theory of Relativity while out riding his bike. But it did occur to me, whilst riding into Glasgow city Government figures, included in this report in the centre alongside a friend who recently started to cycle Statistics and Trends section, show high levels of to work after finding out I did, that in order to double people cycling to work in areas of Scotland, including the amount of people cycling, we need only convince as many as 7% in Edinburgh. each existing cyclist to convert one friend. You’ll see many more examples of the growing cycling It seemed so simple. culture in Scotland mentioned throughout this report. The hard work of Cycling Scotland, our partners and Theories do tend to come in a flash of course, and stakeholders is paying off. Cycling is starting to evolve turning them into reality is rarely as easy. But the into a commonplace, everyday transport mode, on increasing visibility of cycling on our paths, streets the cusp of a crucial tipping point where the wider and roads does seem to be having something of a population is starting to take notice and try it out for similar effect. themselves. More people are now cycling, and this demonstrates The cumulative effect of this cultural shift towards to other people that they could also be out on their cycling, the chain reaction of thousands more bikes. Psychologists call it the availability heuristic. individuals having their own flash of inspiration to The more often we see cyclists, the more likely we are get back in the saddle, will make more work for all to think of cycling when we think of how we’re going partners in the cycling and active travel sector. Our to get where we want to go. busiest times are still ahead, as we are faced with the ongoing challenges of ensuring the environment Clearly, initiatives to encourage more people to cycle is right for an ever-growing number of cyclists making are working. The snowballing effect of this has been journeys to school, work, to the shops or for leisure. evident in several ways this year. 2011 saw the first ever Scottish Bike Show take place in Scotland, which There will of course be many hurdles to overcome surprised many by being not only wildly successful, along the way, not least the issue of securing but also mainly attended by families and casual sufficient funding amidst reductions in government cyclists rather the keen roadies and mountain bikers spending. But I think that the balance between the many expected. financial numbers at the back of this report and the achievements described in the case studies speaks for “ We also saw something of a milestone reached when itself – Cycling Scotland’s projects are delivering on Cycling Scotland’s own freshnlo Pedal for Scotland their targets and providing excellent value for money. Clearly, initiatives to encourage more ” event took another giant leap forward, combining with Investment in cycling contributes to solving so many people to cycle are working. Sky Ride Glasgow to attract over 14,000 cyclists. It of the most serious problems in society that it really is was difficult to miss cycling’s availability on the roads an investment in the future, and it’s an investment we BILL WRIGHT, CHAIRMAN CYCLING SCOTLAND between Glasgow and Edinburgh on that day. can’t afford not to make. You don’t have to be Einstein to see that…4 5
  4. 4. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG 02 MEET THE BOARD Bill Wright is the chair Brian Curtis has been Rona Gibb is the of Cycling Scotland. Bill active in cycle promotion development manager at is a financial planner, a for many years through the Paths For All, a partnership non-councillor member of CTC, the Scottish Cycling of more than twenty TACTRAN and was a board Development Project and national organisations member of Sustrans before Cycling Scotland. Brian was committed to promoting joining the board of Cycling formerly chair of Cycling walking for health and the Scotland. Bill became Scotland and was awarded development of multi-use 1 2 4 5 Chairman in 2008. an MBE for his work in path networks in Scotland. cycle promotion. 1 CHAIRMAN BILL WRIGHT 2 DIRECTOR MBE BRIAN CURTIS 3 DIRECTOR RONA GIBB Maureen Kidd has both a Stuart Knowles is the John Lauder is the Director 7 8 personal and professional Senior Manager for Traffic of Sustrans Scotland, the 6 interest in promoting and Transportation Services charity that’s enabling cycling, as the strategic at Fife Council. people to travel by foot, lead for physical activity in NHS Health Scotland and bike or public transport for more of the journeys we THE BOARD IS APPOINTED BY OUR a regular cyclist for active travel and recreation. make every day. MEMBER ORGANISATIONS: The Bike Station Road Safety Scotland The Bicycle Association for Great Britain and Northern Ireland Scottish Cycling 4 DIRECTOR KIDD 5 DIRECTOR 6 DIRECTOR Bike Week Scottish Natural Heritage MAUREEN STUART KNOWLES JOHN LAUDER Challenge for Change SESTrans City of Edinburgh Council Spokes The Common Wheel SportScotland CTC Scotland SPT Alan Malcolm was Senior Sandy Scotland has Karen Furey is Cycling CTC UK Sustrans Depute Director of Land been involved in cycling Policy Manager with the Cycle Nation TRANSform Scotland Services for Glasgow City promotion for many years Sustainable Transport Team East Dunbartonshire Cycle Cooperative Transport Scotland Council until retirement and as a member of Spokes and at Transport Scotland. East Dunbartonshire Council VisitScotland is an appointed member of an appointed member of Fife Council SPT. the SEStran board. First Scotrail The following people are individual Forestry Commission Scotland members of Cycling Scotland: HITRANS Living Streets Scotland Gareth George National Access Forum Alan Malcolm OBSERVER NESTRANS Bill Wright KAREN FUREY. DIRECTOR NHS Health Scotland 7 ALAN MALCOLM 8 DIRECTOR SANDY SCOTLAND 9 TRANSPORT SCOTLAND Paths for All 6 7
  5. 5. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG 03 CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S REPORT A new focus on curbing climate change is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s plans for the next 11 years, as outlined in the recent Report on Proposals and Policies published this year. The report outlines the ways in which the government’s ambitious climate change targets can be integrated across all its areas of work to provide the most joined up cross- departmental approach to cutting emissions between now and 2022. The Government’s challenge is to balance funding the urgent action needed to tackle climate change with the need to accommodate the current spending cuts. What this annual report shows, is that promoting greater use of the bicycle is one of the ideal ways to meet that challenge. Over a fifth of the CO2 produced in the UK comes from transport, and with 60% of the car journeys we make clocking in at less than 5 miles, cycling is one of the obvious solutions to cutting our transport emissions. This has been apparent for a long time. We can see that when the conditions are right, people are keen to cycle. Over 14,000 Scots got out on their The challenge has always been in overcoming the bikes on 11th September this year, as freshnlo Pedal scepticism that Scots would ever really embrace for Scotland offered a range of routes where cyclists cycling, and in persuading those holding the purse were prioritised to make people confident enough to strings that investment in cycling would really deliver cycle between Glasgow and Edinburgh. value for money. There is a formula for getting more people to cycle, We are now in a position to quash these doubts, that many other countries have followed successfully. and show strong progress towards the vision set by We believe the Scottish Government’s Cycling Action the Scottish Government in the Cycling Action Plan Plan for Scotland covers all of the actions necessary for Scotland. to see that happen in this country. Scotland now has a unified multi-level cycle training There simply needs to be adequate funding available scheme, Bikeability Scotland, that is giving the next Cycling Scotland Chief to carry out the plan. Executive Ian Aitken generation of car drivers in Scotland the skills and at this year’s freshnlo confidence to choose to cycle instead. Pedal for Scotland. There are several areas of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland that should be prioritised to make the best The National Cycle Network in Scotland has seen a use of the funding available. 44% increase in usage in the last three years, with 40 million trips being made on it last year. Over 35% Bikeability Scotland is an essential component of of those trips were made by commuters, using the Scotland’s transport future. The most common reason growing network of paths and short links to get to people give for why they don’t cycle is the lack of work by bike, up from just 3.7% in 2008. confidence to cycle on Scotland’s roads. Bikeability8 9
  6. 6. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG get back on a bike for first time, and discover how quick, easy and enjoyable cycling is. Schemes like Cycle Friendly Employer and Cycle Friendly Schools have proven themselves to be a highly effective way of encouraging workplaces and schools to provide the right infrastructure and incentives for cycle commuters. Investing in the Future Housing and Transport All of the benefits that cycling can bring will lead to a Minister Keith Brown © 2011 Sustrans brighter future for Scotland. MSP launches new segregated cycle infrastructure in Scotland’s focus is on training young people to cycle Encouraging more Scots to use a bike for short trips the Bridgeton area of Glasgow, where in an on-road environment and teaching them how can significantly reduce the huge contribution road he announced and to make journeys on today’s roads. Ensuring that the transport makes to CO2 emissions, as outlined in the additional £1.3m of funding for Cycling generations of the future feel as comfortable getting Report On Proposals and Policies. Scotland projects. in the saddle as they do getting behind the wheel of a car will ensure the biggest barrier to cycling that Cycling can help reduce the road congestion which has made. the statistics in section 6 demonstrate that the currently exists is erased. costs the UK economy £20billion a year. collective efforts of everyone in the cycling and active Our track record was recognised by the Scottish travel sector are pushing cycling levels towards the Segregated Cycle Infrastructure in Scotland’s Moving to a modal share of 13% for cycle trips Government earlier this year when Cycling Scotland CAPS vision. towns and cities is also essential in delivering a major would save the NHS in Scotland around £2billion was awarded an additional £1.3million of funding shift in the modal share of cycling trips. The extensive a year by reducing deaths and illness by increasing through the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland Consistent capital and revenue funding is vital to research Cycling Scotland carried out for the Cycling physical activity. for Bikeability Scotland, the Cycle Friendly and achieve a 10% model share by 2020. Action Plan for Scotland revealed that the major Sustainable Communities Fund and an up-scaled Give change Scottish people said would encourage them to Investing in cycling is preventative spending that Me Cycle Space campaign. This is a fantastic vote of Ian Aitken, cycle more was good quality, well planned segregated will pay back in multiple areas, all of which save confidence in our abilities to deliver real steps forward Chief Executive, Cycling Scotland cycle lanes. the Scottish economy money. Investing in cycling in making Scotland a nation of cyclists. now makes excellent financial sense, as the current Promotional measures also play a crucial role in recession means that individuals trying to reduce their However, the future funding outlook for cycling is encouraging non-cyclists to get back on their bikes. monthly outgoings are much more receptive to trying bleak. Transport Scotland’s budget line for Sustainable Cycling Scotland’s Give Me Cycle Space campaign out a mode of transport which costs them nothing. and Active Travel in the draft budget for 2012-13 is has had amazing results in encouraging more children set to reduce dramatically. It is a challenging funding to cycle to school, increasing the modal share Now is not the time to cut back investment in this environment especially for capital projects, but there significantly in the areas it has been run. area. Investing in cycling works, it will save Scotland can be little doubt that CAPS vision will not be met more than it costs and it will bring many more benefits if we cannot provide the appropriate cycle lanes to Events like freshnlo Pedal for Scotland provide as well. make people feel safe. the impetus for thousands of people each year to As a minimum, the Cycling Walking and Safer Streets Infrastructure spending is potentially facing a double © 2011 Sustrans funding for local authorities should remain in place blow with the provision of ring fencing of Cycling, alongside direct government funding for infrastructure Walking and Safer Streets funding still to be agreed and promotion to support the vision in the Cycling between Cosla and the Scottish Government. It Action Plan for Scotland. has never been more important to demonstrate the value of cycling, its benefits in terms of jobs, the Achieving that vision of 10% of trips made by bike environment, health and wellbeing – and to argue the by 2020 is possible, but only with consistent funding. case for maintaining investment at a time when the The results shown in this annual report, both in the pressure on the public purse has never been greater. case studies and the table of performance against Key Performance Indicators in the Business Plan, This report shows that the investment made in Cycling demonstrate the progress that Cycling Scotland Scotland’s projects has delivered great results, and10 11
  7. 7. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG 04 MEET THE TEAM Chris manages the Cycle Friendly Graham supports the coordination Employer, Cycle Friendly School of Bikeability Scotland Training and Cycle Friendly and Sustainable nationwide, by working with key Communities programmes. networks and delivery partners to ensure as many Scottish EDUCTION & schoolchildren as possible receive multi-stage on-road cycle 1 4 TRAINING OFFICER CHRIS JOHNSON training delivered in line with the national standard. 7 8 CYCLE TRAINING 4 6 2 Paul supports the coordination of Bikeability Scotland Training 5 OFFICER GRAHAM PARK 12 10 nationwide, by working with key 5 networks and delivery partners 9 3 to ensure as many Scottish schoolchildren as possible receive Andrew manages communications multi-stage on-road cycle training projects for Cycling Scotland, including delivered in line with the national the Give Me Cycle Space Campaign, standard. freshnlo Pedal for Scotland and Team Green Britain Bike Week. CYCLE TRAINING SENIOR COMMUNICA- 6 OFFICER PAUL WRIGHT 7 TIONS OFFICER ANDREW PANKHURST William works on communications Debbie is responsible for managing projects for Cycling Scotland, including Cycling Scotland’s finances and the Give Me Cycle Space Campaign, administration. freshnlo Pedal for Scotland and Team Green Britain Bike Week. SENIOR FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION 8 COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT WILLIAM WRIGHT 9 OFFICER DEBBIE WATSON Catherine manages the Cycling OFFICE Scotland office and assists with all of ADMINISTRATOR our projects and initiatives. 10 CATHERINE CHRISTIE Ian became Chief Executive of Cycling Alasdair plays a key role in formulating Jim runs all of Cycling Scotland’s Scotland in 2009, and has been with the organisation’s business plan, Education and Training programmes, the organisation since 2004. Ian is the organises the annual conference, including Bikeability Scotland, all other TRANSPORT PLANNING AND ENGINEERING chair of the Cycling Action Plan for responds to a wide variety of cycle training courses, development Scotland Delivery Forum, chair of the consultations on cycling and active programmes and the Making Cycling Bikeability Scotland Delivery Group travel and works in partnership with Mainstream workshops. and chair of the Bike Week Board. representatives from Sustrans, SPT, Peter manages TP&E (Transport Planning and Campbell works alongside Peter Living Streets and Paths for All to Engineering), the social enterprise engineering Leslie to deliver sustainable transport stage the annual Walking, Cycling and consultancy solely owned by Cycling Scotland, engineering solutions with TP&E. Connecting Communities Conference. SENIOR whose profits go back to promoting cycling. TP&E EDUCATION design cycle routes and infrastructure projects for a ASSISTANT POLICY OFFICER & TRAINING wide range of Scottish local authorities and private TP&E SENIOR ENGINEER 1 CHIEF EXECUTIVE IAN AITKEN 2 ALASDAIR MARSHALL 3 OFFICER JIM RIACH sector organisations. 11 ENGINEER PETER LESLIE 12 CAMPBELL MCCALL12 13
  8. 8. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG 05 PROJECT CASE STUDIES Cycling legend Graeme Obree launched the newBikeability Scotlandbrand at Longstone Primary School in Edinburgh Cycling Scotland also engaged leading UK experts to of Bikeability Scotland in each local authority. The assist with the content review of the existing training results collected this year are the most accurate yet Bikeability Scotland cycle training and support local authorities to deliver recourses, and the resources reissued in spring 2012 and will set a new benchmark for years to come. The Cycling Scotland assumed responsibility for children’s levels 2 and 3 on road. The group also agreed to will be aligned exactly with the national standard. data shows that 30% of Scottish school children are cycle training in October 2010. review the content of the existing three levels and Wide consultation with the cycle training network in currently receiving Bikeability Scotland level 2 on- align them more closely with national standard for Scotland has taken place to ensure all stakeholders road cycle training. A huge amount of progress has taken place in the last cycle training. involved in training delivery were able to have input 12 months. With funding from both the Bike Hub levy into the redrafting process. and from the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, Cycling In March 2011, the existing cycle training resources Scotland appointed two full time Cycle Training Ready Steady Bike, Scottish Cycle Training Scheme Work has also taken place to increase the amount Officers, with a remit to oversee the administration and Go By Cycle were rebranded as Bikeability of volunteers to help deliver cycle training. Cycling and development of cycle training. Scotland. A high-profile media launch with Scottish Scotland has worked with Volunteer Development cycling legend Graeme Obree generated national print Scotland to produce a set of printed resources to help Cycling Scotland set up the Cycle Training Standards and broadcast coverage to publicise the new brand. local authorities support and brief volunteers and and Delivery Group in partnership with key The level 2 resource pack was also rebranded, and also introduced a web portal to make volunteering stakeholders CTC, Learning and Teaching Scotland, volunteer support kits were developed with prominent more accessible. A suite of Continuing Professional Road Safety Grampian, Road Safety Scotland, Bikeability Scotland branding. Development courses have also been produced to sportscotland, Sustrans, Transport Scotland, Volunteer help teachers and local authority officers improve Development Scotland and West of Scotland Road Cycling Scotland administered the Cycle Training their volunteer support skills. A communications drive Safety Forum. Fund, which provided grants to 14 local authorities to is also planned for early 2012 to heavily publicise the help them increase the amount of children receiving call for volunteers. The group agreed on a Cycle Training Action Plan, training in their area. In total £99,000 was awarded which set out plans to rebrand the existing three to help local authorities train instructors, and provide A new data collection system has also been levels of cycle training into one unified scheme, the necessary equipment. introduced to ensure accurate monitoring of the increase the amount of children receiving multi-level numbers of children receiving each of the three levels14 15
  9. 9. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG(Far Right) The Riderz shows support the Give Me Cycle Space Round-the-world cyclist MarkGive Me Cycle Space Cycling Scotland’s social marketing campaign for Beaumont launchedcampaign by showing children that cycling encouraging children to cycle to school has produced the Give Me Cycle Space campaign is a fun, cool and excellent results this year, both in terms of changing alongside pupils exciting activity. from Cross attitudes and driving greater modal share for cycling. Arthurlie Primary School in Barrhead The Give Me Cycle Space campaign aims to encourage more children to cycle to school by targeting the biggest barrier - parents’ concerns about their children cycling on the road. The campaign creates large awareness zones around schools, which asks drivers to be aware of child cyclists and give them as much space as possible. This awareness raising, run at the same time as cycle training in schools, is designed to reassure parents that cycling to school is a safe and healthy option for their children. The 2010 campaign’s success was recognised by both the transport and marketing industries. The The campaign had a significant impact on the number Independent market research carried campaign scooped the award for Best Practice in of children cycling to school in the areas it ran in out by Progressive Partnership found Travel to School and Work Schemes at the Scottish 2010. Using the Sustrans Hands Up Survey results, that for the 2011 campaign: Transport Awards and the Silver Award for Best the table below increases in the numbers of children Social Marketing Campaign at the Marketing Society cycling after the campaign were recorded: 84% of drivers and 88% of parent Star Awards. drivers said the campaign would make Local Authority 2009: Percentage 2010: Percentage Increase in cycling The campaign ran again in 2011, in Aberdeenshire, them slow down when driving through of children cycling of children cycling to school after Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire, East the cycle friendly zones Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Inverclyde, Perth & Kinross to school as main to school as main Campaign and Moray. The post-campaign market research mode of transport mode of transport before campaign after campaign 90% of drivers/parent drivers and showed the campaign had a hugely positive impact on drivers’ attitudes to child cyclists and on parents’ parents said the campaign would feelings about letting their children cycle to school. Orkney 9% 18% 100% make them more aware of children North Lanarkshire 2.05% 2.46% 20% cycling to school We asked over 100 people in each local authority area a detailed set of questions to find out how effective East Dunbartonshire 5% 9.67% 93% the campaign had been. We spoke to drivers who 88% of drivers and 89% of parent drove past target primary schools regularly, parents of Edinburgh 7% 12.2% 74% drivers said the campaign would make children from the local primary schools with kids in the East Renfrewshire 0.4% 7.75% 1837.5% them give kids more space on the P5-7 age bracket, and also parent/drivers who fell into both categories. *Increases shown in the table are from the target age group of Primary 5-7 age children in participating schools only. Increases in cycling will also have been influenced by the roads great work by active schools teams, school travel-co-ordinators and partner organisations such as Sustrans. The 2011 campaign’s impact on modal share will be 57% of parent drivers and 64% of assessed following the publication of the sustrans hands up survey results for 2011. parents said the campaign made them more confident about letting their children cycle to school 16 17
  10. 10. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG freshnlo Pedal for Scotland Graeme Obree and Aggie MacKenzie Cycling Scotland is perhaps best known for organising at the start line in Glasgow the biggest annual celebration of cycling in Scotland – freshnlo Pedal for Scotland. Scotland’s largest mass participation cycle ride broadened its range of rides and its audience this year, joining forces with Sky Ride Glasgow to offer 4 ride Lorraine Kelly choices in total. took part in Sky Ride Glasgow and Graeme Obree The ride finished this year at the impressivekicked off freshnloPedal for Scotland. Murrayfield Stadium, providing an iconic finish venue for weary cyclists to relax and refuel after Riders enjoying a well earned rest their journey. at Murrayfield Satdium. The event picked up a number of awards this year, being named Best Sports Event at the UK Event Awards. The partnership between Pedal for Scotland and sponsors freshnlo was also commended with awards for Best Sponsorship from both the Scottish Event Awards and a Gold Award from the Marketing Society Star Awards. Cycling Scotland Chief Executive Ian Aitken and Housing and Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP complete the Edinburgh Family Ride. Key facts for freshnlo Pedal for Scotland 2011: Over 14,000 people took part across the 4 routes. 7258 people took part in the Challenge Ride, the long running 47 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh route. 903 people took part in the 94 mile Sportive Ride, which takes a longer, more challenging route between Glasgow and Edinburgh. 242 people took part in the new Edinburgh Family Ride, which allowed families with young children and those new to cycling to ride the last 9 miles of the Challenge Ride on a traffic-free route. Around 6000 riders are estimated to have taken part in Sky Ride Glasgow, which saw Glasgow City Centre closed to traffic along the River Clyde to allow cyclists to cycle from the new Riverside Museum to Glasgow Green without a car in sight.18 19
  11. 11. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG Cycle Friendly Programmes Aberdeen City Airy Hall Primary School Fife Kirkton of Largo Primary School Cycling Scotland’s programmes to improve conditions Charleston Primary School Cairneyhill Primary School for cyclists in three key settings have continued to Aberdeenshire Hill of Banchory Primary School Culross Primary School progress this year. The Cycle Friendly programmes aim Newtonhill Primary School Hill of Beath Primary School to improve facilities, infrastructure and incentives for Strathdon Primary School Park Road Primary School cyclists in schools, workplaces and local communities. Alford Primary School Glasgow Swinton Primary SchoolA local stunt rider Buchanaven Primary School Shawlands Primary School celebrates all Angus Seaview Primary School Inverclyde Inverkip Primary School 6 Bishopbriggs Primary Schools Maisondieu Primary School Gourock Primary Schoolgetting their Cycle Argyll and Bute Achaleven Primary School Lady Alice Primary School Friendly School Award Barcaldine Primary School Midlothian Rosewell Primary School St Mun’s Primary School Lasswade Primary School (Far Right Bottom) Borders St Ronan’s Primary School Cornbank Primary SchoolPupils at Priorsford Primary in the Priorsford Primary School Strathesk Primary School Borders receive City of Edinburgh Towerbank Primary School Paradykes Primary Schooltheir Cycle Friendly School Award Oxgangs Primary School St Mary’s Primary School Pentland Primary School Gorebridge Primary School Davidson’s Mains Primary School Moray Hopeman Primary School The Edinburgh Rudolph Steiner New Elgin Primary School Primary School East End Primary School Dumfries & Galloway Lochside Primary School Kinloss Primary School Locharbriggs Primary School Greenwards Primary School Cargenbridge Primary School North Ayrshire Moorpark Primary School Cycle Friendly Schools Nethermill Primary School Blacklands Primary School The Cycle Friendly School Award is designed to Dalbeattie Primary School North Lanarkshire Carnbroe Primary School encourage a cycle culture within primary schools. The Gatehouse Primary School St Andrew’s Primary School award is given to schools that provide the necessary Eaglesfield Primary School Cumbernauld Primary School training, infrastructure and promotion to encourage Eastriggs Primary School Kirk O’Shotts Primary School children to cycle to school. Lincluden Primary School Orkney Papdale Primary School East Dunbartonshire St Matthew’s Primary School Perth & Kinross Alyth Primary School There are now 101 schools in Scotland with the Cycle Baldernock Primary School Arngask Primary School Friendly School Award, covering over 25,000 children. Westercleddens Primary School Tulloch Primary School Woodhill Primary School Royal School of Dunkeld Primary School A pilot of a new award scheme for secondary schools Balmuildy Primary School Goodlyburn Primary School is currently underway and 5 pilot schools are expected Clober Primary School Renfrewshire St Charles Primary School to receive the award this financial year. Castlehill Primary School South Ayrshire Doonfoot Primary School St Helen’s Primary School Barassie Primary School The roll call of Cycle Friendly Schools is: Auchinairn Primary School South Lanarkshire Tinto Primary School Meadowburn Primary School Blacklaw Primary School East Lothian Dunbar Primary School Halfmerke Primary School Longniddry Primary School St Mary’s Primary School Haddington Infant School St Blane’s Primary School WindyGoul Primary School Stirling St Ninians Primary School Sanderson’s Wynd Primary School West Dumbartonshire Linnvale Primary School East Linton Primary School Dalreoch Primary School East Renfrewshire Eaglesham Primary School Whitecrook Primary School CYCLE Cross Arthurlie School Knoxland Primary School Mearns Primary School FRIENDLY Springhill Primary School Bonhill Primary School Western Isles Bragar Primary School SCHOOL St Johns Primary School Auchenback Primary School Shawbost Primary School 20 AWARD 21
  12. 12. CYCLING SCOTLAND Annual Report 2010 / 2011 WWW.CYCLINGSCOTLAND.ORG Cycle Friendly Employer twice yearly count of people commuting by bike. There Aberdeen Council: NHS Ayrshire & Arran: were 197 responses, covering a workplace of almost Marischal College Ayr Hospital The Cycle Friendly Employer Award is a scheme to Aberdeenshire Council: NHS National Services, Edinburgh encourage workplaces to introduce the right facilities, 60,000 people, and the results showed that 3.6% of Woodhill House North Ayrshire Council: Perceton House infrastructure, promotion and incentives to make people across the participating workplaces cycled to Angus Council: Ochil View Housing Association cycling to work an easy and practical choice. work on that day. Bruce House Paths for All County Buildings Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Edinburgh A new initiative to start measuring the number of 88 workplaces in Scotland are now Cycle Friendly Headquarters Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh people cycling to work was launched as part of the Employers, with over 42,000 people working in a Cycle Buro Happold SAC Friendly workplace. Cardonald College Glasgow Scottish Gas Cycle Friendly Employer scheme this year. The Big CEH Edinburgh Scottish Government: Count, which took place on 21 September, asked offices City of Edinburgh Council: Victoria Quay and workplaces across Scotland to count the number The roll call of Cycle Friendly Employers is: Waveley Court Atlantic Quay of bikes in their bike sheds on the same day to begin a Clackmannanshire Council: Saughton House Greenfield St Andrews House Kilncraigs Scottish Wildlife TrustEdinburgh Airport receiving their Lime Tree House SESTran award Cycling Scotland South Ayrshire Council Diageo Scotland Ltd SPT: Dumfries and Galloway College Broomloan Depot Dumfries and Galloway Council: Buchannan Bus Station Cargen Tower Consort House East Dumbartonshire Council: SQA: The Triangle Dalkeith Tom Johnstone House Optima East Renfrewshire Council: Stevenson College Barrhead Centre Stirling Council: Edinburgh Airport Municipal Buildings Energy Saving Trust Changeworks Viewforth Falkirk Council: Student Awards Agency Scotland Abbotsford House Forest Research Sustrans Gartnavel General Hospital The Bike Station Glasgow City Council: The Highland Council: LES - Richmond Exchange Headquarters Inverness Glenmore Lodge Transport Scotland Halcrow: University of Dundee Edinburgh University of Edinburgh: Glasgow Central Area Inverness Kings Building Highland Council: Chancellors Building Dingwall Office Queen’s Medical Research Institute Diriebught Road Office BHF Cardiovascular Research Centre Harbour Road Office Fraser Building Town House Library Kinmylies Building Sir Alwyn Williams Building Institute of Occupational Medicine St Andrew’s Building Integrated Environmental Solutions Stevenson Building Jewel and Esk College Wolfson Medical School Living Streets Scotland University of Stirling: Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park: Stirling Campus Boathouse National Park Headquarters Malcolm Fraser Architects National Library of Scotland22 23