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  • 1. 2009/2010 CYCLING SCOTLAND 2009 / 2010 ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS
  • 2. CYCLING SCOTLAND Chair’s Introduction 4 2009 / 2010 Chief Executive’s Report 8ANNUAL REPORT & ACCOUNTS Project Case Studies 20 Cycling Statistics and Trends 32 Cycling Scotland Business Plan 37 Cycling Action Plan for Scotland 58 Financial Accounts 2009/10 62
  • 3. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Cycling Scotland Annual Report in on sustainable modes of transport in times of fiscal difficulty. Schemes that promote active travel often have and environmental change for Scotland in an extremely cost effective way. We have a track record of doing a lot 2010: Chair’s Introduction a much higher return on investment than large scale road or rail infrastructure projects, and cost considerably by using just a little. less to implement. During the economic hardship of An effective sustainable transport network in Scotland From time to time it seems we all hit a bump in the road at some point or other. Mine the 1970s there was a focus by local government on is within reach, and although there will be bumps in came about a third of the way through Pedal for Scotland this year, when I buckled installing pedestrian precincts in town and city centres the road along the way, Cycling Scotland is committed my front wheel and had to gracefully retire from the ride. across the UK, which left an indelible legacy on the to going the distance to get the results. Unlike my way people choose to travel to retail centres and move ill-fated experience at Pedal for Scotland, this is not The UK seems to have hit something of a bump has developed an excellent support network of around public spaces. an organisation that is about to gracefully retire from recently too, and the threat of spending cuts hangs organisations, campaign groups and specialist local the ride. heavy over us all. However we shouldn’t lose sight of authority staff which are now working collectively to The publication of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland long term problems when trying to put our collective achieve real change, as the upward trend in range of earlier this year clearly demonstrates the Scottish Bill Wright house in order in the short term. Even in the countries positive indicators contained in a later chapter of this Government’s commitment to encouraging more Chairman that have enjoyed huge success in encouraging large report bears out. people to choose cycling for short journeys. This annual Cycling Scotland numbers of people to cycle, the progress was made report sets out how Cycling Scotland will carry out the over several decades and the results were achieved The Scottish Parliament recognised the importance actions assigned to it in the plan to help the Scottish gradually. The problems we seek to address by of cycling in a recent inquiry held by the Transport, Government achieve its aims. You will also find our getting more people to choose cycling over the car for Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee. The accounts statement for the last financial year. short trips, such as climate change and the problems cross party group concluded that promoting active There is less money to go around, and every4 caused by physical inactivity, require sustained long travel modes has huge potential to benefit the health 5 organisation should be looking to do more with less and term effort to make a lasting impact. of the people of Scotland as well as contributing to make every penny count. But the message I hope you meeting Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets. will take away from reading this report is that Cycling Scotland is starting to make real headway in terms Scotland is an organisation that is delivering real social of promoting cycling, and over the last ten years Indeed, it makes excellent economic sense to focus
  • 4. Meet the board Our member organisations are: Chairman – Bill Wright Bill Wright is the chair of Cycling Scotland. Bill is a financial planner, a non-councillor The Bike Station member of TACTRAN and was a board member of Sustrans before joining the board of Cycling Scotland. Bill became Chairman in 2007. Challenge for Change City of Edinburgh Council Director - Brain Curtis MBE The Common Wheel Brian Curtis has been active in cycle promotion for many years through the CTC, the Scottish Cycling Development Project and Cycling Scotland. Brian was formerly chair CTC Scotland of Cycling Scotland and was awarded an MBE for his work in cycle promotion. CTC UK East Dunbartonshire Cycle Director – Jackie Davidson Cooperative Jackie Davidson is the Chief Executive of Scottish Cycling, board member of Commonwealth Games Scotland and a former President of Triathlonscotland. Fife Council First Scotrail Forestry Commission Scotland Director – Stuart Knowles Stuart Knowles is the Senior Manager for Traffic and Transportation Services at Gareth George Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Fife Council. HITRANS Living Streets Scotland Director – John Lauder Alan Malcolm John Lauder is the Director of Sustrans Scotland, the charity that’s enabling people to National Access Forum travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. NESTRANS NHS Health Scotland Director – Alan Malcolm Paths for All Alan Malcolm was Senior Depute Director of Land Services for Glasgow City Council Road Safety Scotland until retirement and is an appointed member of SPT. Scottish Cycling Scottish Natural Heritage Director – Sandy Scotland SESTrans Sandy Scotland has been involved in cycling promotion for many years as a member of Spokes Spokes and an appointed member of the SEStran board. SportScotland SPT Observer – Karen Furey, Transport Scotland Sustrans Karen Furey is Cycling Policy Manager with the Sustainable Transport Team at6 Transport Scotland. TRANSform Scotland 7 Transport Scotland VisitScotland The board is appointed by our member organisations.
  • 5. Chief Executive’s Report Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Bike Week is held every year in June as a way to entice people to try out cycling by participating in one of the hundreds of entry level events on offer, with the idea being that it leaves behind a legacy of cycling activity throughout the summer. In Bike Week this year, the Scottish Government set out plans intended to have a far longer legacy, as the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) was published with the vision of getting 10% of journeys in Scotland made by bike by 2020 as its core aim. CAPS was launched by Transport, Scotland, and Transport Scotland is now the Infrastructure and Climate Change Minister agency leading the development of CAPS. Stewart Stevenson MSP at the opening Cycling Scotland has an important role to of a new cycle path in Fife, and made the play in many of the actions set out in CAPS, Government’s impetus for growing the number and our business plan is now focused around of cyclists very clear, saying: “Scotland has the helping to deliver on the ambitious vision set toughest climate change legislation anywhere out by Transport Scotland. It has been revised in the world and as our climate change delivery for the period 2011 – 2016 to encapsulate plan made clear we need to decarbonise all of Cycling Scotland’s CAPS actions and almost all road transport by 2050. This means was circulated amongst all of our member8 persuading more motorists to get out of their organisations for consultation. Across 5 9 cars and getting more people to cycle.” different programme areas, we are working to make Scotland a place where cycling is the The Scottish Government’s Transport natural choice for making short journeys. Directorate recently merged with Transport
  • 6. Following the publication of CAPS, Cycling Scotland chaired the first meeting of the Cycle Training Standards and Delivery Group. The group consists of representatives from CTC, Cycling Scotland, Learning and Teaching Scotland, Road Safety Grampian, Road Safety Scotland, sportscotland, Sustrans, Transport Scotland, Volunteer Development Scotland and West of Scotland Road Safety Forum. The group has announced additional funding to support the delivery of cycle training, and will meet regularly to drive the project forward. From 2011 Cycling Scotland will co-ordinate the distribution of resources for all 3 levels of training to Road Safety Officers, Active School Coordinators and any other delivery partners. Another key development in our Education and Training programme that has been prioritised in CAPS is working with key stakeholders and the tertiary education sector to offer accredited modules on integrating cycling best practice within their professional roles. Cycling Scotland will do this by continuing to develop and expand our range of Making Cycling Mainstream Courses, which offer continuing professional development for those working in the cycling and active Cycle training for children has been travel sector and for post graduate students of transport planning identified as a high priority by CAPS. and engineering degree courses. This will ensure that there is a skilled workforce that can plan, design and deliver infrastructure New Cycling Scotland Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts and education which will provide the necessary facilities to support more people cycling. Business Plan Active Living Our Active Living Training & Education These are: programmes will also • Ready Steady Bike, the playground-based contribute to a number CAPS places a significant level of importance on level 1 programme aimed at equipping Primary of key outcomes in equipping the generations of the future to cycle 5 age children with basic cycle control skills, CAPS. The plan sets confidently and safely. The very first action CAPS which forms a comprehensive introduction to out the need to provide sets out is to set up a standards and delivery the SCTS. increased support for group for cycle training to ensure as many Scottish • SCTS is a level 2 programme which is community cycling children as possible get access to on-road cycle delivered in an on-road setting and teaches projects that will promote training. Cycling Scotland has been working for Primary 6 age children to negotiate traffic and cycling in an inclusive, many years to build additional delivery capacity basic junctions. accessible way, in Scotland by providing instructor training so that • Go By Cycle, the third level, teaches journey particularly to novice people across the country have the right skills to planning and more advanced junctions to cyclists, and encourage the development and maintenance of online teach children to cycle competently. Primary 7 aged children. cycle journey planning by local communities. We have also ensured that Scotland has a Around 50% of children in Scotland receive cycle Cycling Scotland’s Cycle Friendly Communities Fund provides this three-level cycle training programme in line with training, and around half of those receive training support, by offering grants of up to £5000 for community groups to the UK national standard. This was done by in an on-road setting. The Standards and Delivery10 Cycling Scotland is now responsible for the three levels of set up local cycling projects. Groups can also apply for funding and 11 developing an additional two levels of training Group is committed to ensuring that significantly children’s cycle training. resources to map their local area’s cycle facilities as part of the open resources to support the Scottish Cycle Training higher numbers of children receive on-road source online cycle journey planner Scheme (SCTS) module administered by Road cycle training. Safety Scotland.
  • 7. CAPS also places emphasis on the importance campaign to encourage more children to cycle to of promoting cycling to young people not only school which has been successfully delivered in as an activity for leisure or travel, but also as a 13 local authority areas. The campaign has been fun activity and a sport, through the promotion of proven to have a significant positive impact upon cycling activities, led cycle rides and cycling as a parents’ attitudes to letting their children cycle to PE activity choice. In order to increase the number school and has enthused children about wanting to of school cycling activities and the development of make the journey to school on their bikes. Cycling cycling as an option for extra curriculum activity, Scotland has also started to deliver cycle training Cycling Scotland has developed a number of courses for PE teachers and we are delivering programmes in the schools setting. CPD for teachers in conjunction with Learning and Teaching Scotland for Go Mountain Bike and Cycle Cycling Scotland chairs the Cycling and Schools Ride Leader training. group, which meets quarterly to coordinate all cycling activity in the schools setting across the member organisations, which includes Bike Club, CTC Scotland, Road Safety Scotland, Scottish Cycling, sportscotland, Sustrans and The Cycle Friendly School Award rewards schools that create a cycle culture that encourages children to make active journeys to class. Transport Scotland. Our Cycle Friendly School Award is specifically geared towards creating schools with an established cycling culture. It is awarded to schools CAPS also recognises the multiple benefits of encouraging people Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts that provide cycle training, good infrastructure to cycle to work. Cycle commuting reduces congestion and carbon Employer Handbook CAPS aims to get and promote cycling activities to pupils. We have more people cycling emissions whilst also giving people their recommended levels of physical to work by providing activity for the day over the length of an average journey. The Cycling developed a suite of lesson plans to accompany additional support for the award which integrate cycling across a the Cycle Friendly Action Plan seeks to encourage private sector employers to become Employer scheme Cycle Friendly Employers by offering loan support for workplace cycling wide spectrum of areas within the Curriculum for Excellence. We also run a social marketing facilities. Cycling Scotland has administered the Cycle Friendly Employer Scheme since its inception in 2003 and currently 65 workplaces have been given the award, with over 36,000 people now working in a cycle friendly workplace. Cycling Scotland is also working in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust to offer interest free loans to help employers improve workplace cycling facilities so they can achieve the Cycle Friendly Employer Award.12 13 Shetland on Wheels is a community project funded by the Cycle Friendly Communities Fund, which aims to promote active travel and provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their cycling skills.
  • 8. Events such as freshnlo Pedal for Scotland can play a vital role in encouraging people to get back on their bikes, including young people as seen here enjoying the Family Ride at this year’s event. Information and Guidance The Cycling Action Plan for Scotland also places significant importance on promoting the use of planning policy, access legislation and design guidance to a wide range of professionals. Cycling Scotland is addressing this by working in partnership with a range of stakeholders on the SATIN project - a technical advisory group for those designing and implementing infrastructure for outdoor access and active travel networks. The group is called SATIN, the Scottish Access Technical Information Network, and will act as a single mechanism to exchange good practice and to store, disseminate and share information amongst those delivering outdoor access and active travel infrastructure in Scotland. A web-based resource is being created as the key mechanism for this dissemination of information. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts In order to measure the success of the wide range of initiatives within CAPS, Transport Scotland has also identified the need to develop guidance for gathering data on the numbers of people cycling at a local level. The SATIN web resource will promote the use of best Cycling Scotland will take this forward and practice in planning policy, provide guidance, advice and support for cycle access legislation and design guidance. monitoring at a local and national level. This will be addressed through the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland Delivery Forum, which Cycling Scotland will chair. has continued to grow in Scotland throughout Cycling Leisure Tourism and Access Scotland’s involvement with it, with the number of events increasing from 150 in 2005 to 273 in 2010, and CAPS also highlights the importance of the number of people participating in the events has providing cycling events which encourage increased from 12,000 in 2005 to 72,000 in 2010. people back into the saddle. Both Team Green Britain Bike Week and freshnlo Pedal for Cycling Scotland has also grown freshnlo Pedal for Scotland are featured in CAPS as case studies Scotland into the biggest bike ride and one of the of successful ways of engaging people and biggest mass participation events in Scotland. Over getting them back into the habit of cycling.14 9000 people took part in 2010 across three rides 15 Cycling Scotland has been responsible for tailored to suit every level of cycling ability. The event promoting Bike Week in Scotland since 2003. has won 7 industry awards in the last 2 years and looks The annual week-long celebration of cycling set to attract even more cyclists in years to come.
  • 9. provides a year-round calendar of events for all types ofcycling, including mountain biking, andrides for beginners, families, road cyclists orcompetitive sports cyclists. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Events can play a strong role in encouraging Through this wide variety of programmes and projects Cycling Scotland will people to cycle, and Cycling Scotland works support Transport Scotland in its efforts to get Scots out of their cars and to promote all cycling events that take place in enjoying a greener and healthier way of travelling on two wheels. Cycling Scotland by listing them in the online events Scotland is proud to be one of the key delivery organisations for the Cycling database, which was Action Plan for Scotland and as this report shows, the projects required to fulfil developed in partnership with CTC Scotland, our CAPS actions are already established and achieving results. Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Cycling, Sustrans and Visit Scotland. This annual report also contains case studies of our most successful projects from the last 12 months and gives details of our board members and project Communication staff. There is also a section highlighting key cycling statistics and trends, a copy of our newly revised business plan and our statement of accounts for the In order to achieve the CAPS vision of getting 10% last financial year. I hope the annual report provides a useful insight into our of journeys made by bike by 2020, it is important organisation, and demonstrates that we are delivering a high quality service to for cycling to be viewed in a positive way by Scotland that makes a positive impact on people’s lives. provides a the public. Cycling Scotland’s communications comprehensive online resource for cycling activities directly support this by generating positive news, events and advice for cyclists. media coverage that positions cycling as an aspirational and mainstream mode of transport. Cycling Scotland has generated just under Ian Aitken 17 £3,000,000 worth of media coverage in 2010 to Chief Executive, Cycling Scotland date, and provides a comprehensive website for cyclists and a regular newsletter to keep people informed of key developments.
  • 10. 1 Ian Aitken – Chief Executive 6 Paul Wright - Assistant Cycle Training Ian has been with Cycling Scotland since 2004, Officer starting out as Company Secretary before Paul assists the Cycle Training Officer in the becoming Marketing Manager in 2005. In 2009 he coordination of Cycle Training nationwide, by working became Chief Executive of the organisation and is with key networks and delivery partners to ensure Meet the team responsible for ensuring Cycling Scotland delivers as many Scottish schoolchildren as possible receive on the key performance indicators set out in its multi-stage on-road cycle training delivered in line business plan. with the national standard. 2 Linda Peters – Company Secretary and 7 Andrew Pankhurst – Senior Senior Finance Officer Communications Officer Linda is responsible for managing Cycling Andrew manages communications projects for Scotland’s finances, and is also the organisation’s Cycling Scotland, including the Give Me Cycle Space Company Secretary. Campaign, freshnlo Pedal for Scotland and Team Green Britain Bike Week. 4 8 6 3 Alasdair Marshall – Policy Officer Alasdair plays a key role in formulating the 8 Janika Fuchs – Communications 11 organisation’s business plan, organises the Assistant 7 10 annual conference, responds to a wide variety Janika works on communications projects for Cycling 3 of consultations on cycling and active travel and Scotland, including the Give Me Cycle Space 5 works in partnership with representatives from Campaign, freshnlo Pedal for Scotland and Team 2 Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Sustrans, SPT, Living Streets and Paths for All to Green Britain Bike Week. stage the annual Walking, Cycling and Connecting 9 Communities Conference. 9 Catherine Christie – Office Administrator 1 Catherine manages the Cycling Scotland office and NOT Jim Riach- Senior Education and assists with all of our projects and initiatives. PICTURED Training Officer Jim runs all of Cycling Scotland’s Education and 10 Gordon Walker – Training programmes, including all cycle training Finance & Admin Assistant courses and development programmes and the Gordon looks after Cycling Scotland’s finances and Making Cycling Mainstream workshops. assists with a wide range of projects. 4 Christopher Johnson – Education Transport Planning and Engineering and Training Officer Chris manages the Cycle Friendly Employer, NOT Peter Leslie - TP&E Senior Engineer PICTURED Cycle Friendly School and Cycle Friendly Peter manages TP&E (Transport Planning and Communities programmes. Engineering), the social enterprise engineering consultancy solely owned by Cycling Scotland, 5 Graham Park - Cycle Training Officer whose profits go back to promoting cycling. TP&E Graham supports the coordination of Cycle design cycle routes and infrastructure projects for a Training nationwide, by working with key networks wide range of Scottish local authorities and private and delivery partners to ensure as many Scottish sector organisations. school children as possible receive multi-stage18 on-road cycle training delivered in line with the 11 Campbell McCall – Assistant Engineer 19 national standard. Campbell works alongside Peter Leslie to deliver sustainable transport engineering solutions with TP&E.
  • 11. The Riderz provoking a typically awestruck The Riderz show off their impressive stunts reaction from pupils at Duddingston Primary during their 2010 tour as part of the Give Me School in Edinburgh Cycle Space campaign. 3. Project Case Studies Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Riderz/Give Me Cycle Space Campaign planning sessions so that parents can help their children plan the safest route to school. As part of our Active Living programme, Cycling Scotland is working to ensure more people are We also used visits from the Riderz stunt team to making their regular, everyday journeys in a more get children excited about the prospect of getting active way. The school run is one of the major areas on their bikes. The Riderz is an urban cycle stunt we focus on, as encouraging active journeys in this team that visits schools in each of the local authority setting gives children daily exercise and helps to areas that the campaign runs in, and performs a teach them to be independent. spectacular stunt show to show children that cycling is an exciting, cool and fun thing to be involved For the second year, Cycling Scotland has run a in. The team also run afternoon sessions with the social marketing campaign aimed at encouraging children covering cycle skills, bike maintenance and more children to cycle to school. Our research travel planning. showed that the key barrier to children cycling to school was that parents did not feel that it was safe, Cycling Scotland coordinated the campaign in and so we devised a communications campaign seven areas across Scotland during 2010 - in East to address this. By creating Cycle Friendly Zones Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, around schools using a mix of advertising, we were Glasgow, Moray, North Lanarkshire and Orkney. The able to engage with drivers and ask them to be six week campaign included outdoor advertising, aware of children cycling to school and to give them chalk stencilling on roads, lamp post banners, plenty of space on the road. We aimed to make the ad-bikes, advertising on local radio and leafleting campaign very visible to parents, so that they would to parents. The marketing activity was timed20 specifically to coincide with the delivery of cycle 21 see that steps were being taken to make the journey safer for children. We also co-ordinate cycle training training in schools, and linked to other interventions at the same time, to give parents greater confidence such as the Cycle Friendly School Award. in the children’s cycling ability, and organise travel
  • 12. Post campaign research has shown the campaign has a significant effect on parental attitudes to children cycling to school: 33% of people recalled the This is a campaign unprompted cycle 71% of people recalled the outdoor friendly advertising when prompted 94% of people said the campaign made zone. them slow down when driving in Cycle Friendly Zones 97% of people said the campaign made them more aware of children cycling Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts to school Give me cycle space. 94.5% of people said the campaign made them give kids more space CS-02222-School-Lampost-AW-GK-v2 1 14/4/10 11:36:42 79% of people said the campaign made Give me cycle space. them feel more confident about letting their children cycle to school The success of The Riderz team was also recognised at the Scottish Event Awards, as the team’s tour was voted Best Educational Event at the 2010 awards in September. The Riderz are also nominated for Best Educational Event at the UK Event Awards.22 23 We have created a cycle friendly zone. CS-02222-School-48Sht-AW-GK-v2 1 9/3/10 17:29:27
  • 13. The Clan stunt team in action. Team Green Britain Bike Week As part of the partnership with Bike Week HQ and Team Green Britain, Cycling Scotland co-organised During June the UK’s annual festival of cycling, the workshops in Glasgow and Perth to help new Team Green Britain Bike Week, took place. Cycling event organisers plan their events. The workshops Scotland worked in partnership with Bike Week HQ were well received by over 60 attendees. and Team Green Britain and headed up the PR campaign as well as other activities in Scotland. The Team Green Britain ran a large outdoor and print results marked the most successful Bike Week yet. campaign focused on raising general awareness of Bike Week and Cycling Scotland supported 273 Bike Week events took place between the 19th this with a more specific call to action for Scots to to the 27th of June, up from 263 in 2009. Events visit the website to check out events in their area. varied from beginner and family rides to long The promotion included a radio campaign, social Cycling Scotland also teamed up with The Clan Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts distance rides, competitions, bike to work days and networking and an extensive PR campaign. Cycling cycle stunt team to create a cycle zone as part of bike breakfasts such as the Spokes Bike Breakfast Scotland also produced a comprehensive 12 the 4 day Royal Highland Show, with thousands of at Edinburgh City Council. Participation numbers page Bike Week Supplement with the Scotland on visitors flocking to see the stunt shows and have a were up significantly to 73,000 from last years Sunday, informing readers of events in their area as go on a cycle skills course over the final four days 39,000, an 85% increase. well as bike tips and features. of Team Green Britain Bike Week. Cycling Scotland teamed up with the Clan to create a ‘Cyclezone’ at the Royal Highland Show for Team Green Britain Bike Week TV Presenter Dawn Porter’s dream bike, built by the Bike Station Edinburgh-based cycling organisation The Bike Station also got involved in the UK PR campaign this year, by building bikes designed by celebrity cyclists. Working from designs from a wide range of famous faces, several social enterprises from across the UK used celebrities’ sketches of their dream bikes and made them a reality, with the finished cycles being auctioned for charity. Amid entries from Lord Alan Sugar and Red or Dead24 25 fashion guru Wayne Hemmingway, the Bike Station built bikes designed by TV presenter Dawn Porter and designer Orla Keily, which netted over £900 of the £4852 raised overall. Fashion designer Orla Kiely’s dream bike, built by the Bike Station
  • 14. Mark Beaumont, Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh, Graeme Obree, Aggie MacKenzie and Kaye Adams at the start line of freshnlo Pedal for Scotland 2010. Private Investment in Cycling There is a growing trend in Scotland of large scale cycling events being part funded by private sector corporations. Cycling Scotland receives funding from freshnlo, Gold Award for Event Excellence and Best Sports Event, Best Outdoor Event Alpine Bikes, and Scotmid to support Gold Award for Best SME Marketing and Event Management Grand Prix the development of freshnlo Pedal for Scotland, ensuring that the ride The ride also continued to make an impact in the wider events continues to grow and develop year and marketing sphere, receiving 5 industry awards in 2010. In on year. May, the event received the Gold Award for Event Excellence and the Gold Award for Best SME Marketing at the Marketing Bike Week, which has run since 1923, Society Star Awards. At the Scottish Event Awards in September now has the considerable support this year, the event won the awards for Best Sports Event, Best of Team Green Britain, which is a Outdoor Event and the overall award of the ceremony, the Event sustainability initiative devised by EDF Management Grand Prix. The event received Best Sports Event Energy. Team Green Britain invested and the Event Management Grand Prix at the 2009 Scottish significantly in the development of Event Awards as well, and so retained those titles for a second Bike Week in 2010, funding event year running. organiser’s workshops and a suite of Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts freshnlo Pedal for Scotland The event was a huge success, attracting an extra event organiser guides to help grow 2000 riders than in 2009 – an increase of 29%. Over The event also continues to raise significant sums of money the number of events staged. Funding Cycling Scotland’s annual mass participation bike 300 people took part in the Family Ride, over 700 in for charity. The final 2009 total for our official charity partner was also provided for a large scale ride continued to grow and develop this year, the Sportive and over 8000 in the Challenge Ride. Maggie’s was £230,000 and with fundraising expected to communications campaign to spread with the addition of two new rides to broaden the For the first time ever, a roll of honour featuring all surpass £250,000 this year the event looks set to exceed the word about the variety of events reach and appeal of Scotland’s biggest and most participants was published in the Scottish Sun, who a fundraising total of £1 million since it started in 1999. The of offer. successful bike ride. were media partners with the event this year. event has supported a number of charities in the last 12 years, including Alzheimer Scotland, Barnardos, Children 1st and The UK-wide series of Skyride events freshnlo Pedal for Scotland offered participants the Our post event survey showed feedback from Leukaemia Research. are funded by Sky, and provide traffic- choice of a 3 mile off-road Family Ride and a 100 participants was extremely positive, and showed that free mass participation rides in cities mile Sportive Ride in addition to the long-established the event is not all about going out on your bike for across Britain to attract newcomers to 51 mile Challenge Ride. Designed to appeal to one day – 55% of riders said they had undertaken cycling. The Glasgow event attracted families with young children, the Family Ride offered over 10 bike rides in preparation for the event, which thousands of riders this year, and the a completely traffic-free route around Glasgow Green shows that the event’s impact takes effect well in Skyride Local led rides also proved with a host of entertainment and activities, including an advance of the day itself. very popular. appearance by the Singing Kettle, the 7 Stanes stunt display team and skills activities provided by the Bike This encouraging trend allows much- Station. The Sportive Ride was introduced to appeal needed cycle promotion events to be to more serious road cyclists and to offer a bigger staged and to develop further. challenge to previous entrants. The route took riders from Glasgow to Edinburgh on a completely new route through the Southern Uplands, offering some steep26 climbs and long stretches of rural backroads across 27 open countryside and moorland, to put the cyclists’ stamina to the test.
  • 15. CAPS Delivery Forum Transport consultants Halcrow have continued to The 20 Cycle Friendly Employer Awards demonstrate their commitment to encouraging staff achieved this year take the total number The widespread consultation of cycling stakeholders to use active travel, by following the lead of their to an impressive 65 workplaces across that was undertaken as part of Cycling Scotland’s Glasgow Office which received the award last year, 39 individual employers, with over 36,000 Best Value Review identified a call for a national and achieving Cycle Friendly Employer status for people in Scotland now working in a cycle cycling forum to be re-established. A forum for their Inverness and Edinburgh offices as well. friendly workplace. The full list of Cycle national bodies and local authorities to discuss the Friendly Employers to date is: development of cycling was in operation until around Scottish Gas in Edinburgh has become the 2002, and many stakeholders called for a similar biggest private sector workplace to achieve the Aberdeenshire Council meeting to be re-introduced. Cycle Friendly Employer Award to date. The Angus Council organisation has demonstrated a clear commitment Cardonald College City of Edinburgh Council From December 2010, a new national group will to encouraging more staff to cycle to work to Clackmannanshire Council meet twice a year, bringing together representatives the 750 employees at the site, which hosts the Dumfries and Galloway College from all organisations that have actions assigned organisation’s headquarters and a customer East Dunbartonshire Council to them in CAPS. The Cycling Action Plan Delivery contact centre. The staff now benefit from improved Changeworks Forum will provide a national meeting to drive secure cycle storage facilities, ample shower and Forest Research forward the delivery of CAPS, and bolster efforts changing provisions, as well as a host of incentives Glenmore Lodge National Mountain Centre and promotional activity to support their commute Halcrow Group Ltd to promote cycling across Scotland. The group will Integrated Environmental Solutions also seek to coordinate monitoring and evaluation to work. Jewel & Esk College for cycling levels nationwide. Scottish Gas implemented a wide range of measures Living Streets Scotland Scottish Gas was one of 8 workplaces that attained to encourage cycling amongst staff, including Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park maintenance sessions with the Bike Station. The meetings will be chaired by Cycling Scotland the Cycle Friendly Employer Award through their Malcolm Fraser Architects Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts and will be attended by representatives from involvement with the ‘A Better Way to Work’ initiative National Library of Scotland Transport Scotland, Sustrans, COSLA, Local run by the Bike Station. The project team have NHS Ayrshire and Arran NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Authorities and National Parks. A National Cycling engaged with hundreds of businesses in Edinburgh Ochil View Housing Association Interests Group will also be formed to ensure to get more people cycling to work, and Cycling Paths for All all national organisations that were involved in Scotland has worked in partnership with the team Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP the development of CAPS and were part of the to get as many organisations as possible to be Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh consultation process have the opportunity to remain Cycle Friendly Employers.This will ensure the right SAC engaged in cycling development. infrastructure is in place in workplaces to support Scottish Gas the excellent promotional work the Bike Station Scottish Government Scottish Qualifications Authority Cycle Friendly Employer team have carried out. SEStran South Ayrshire Council Many more workplaces have been commended A new interest free loan scheme is now available Stirling Council this year by Cycling Scotland for showing their to help businesses achieve CFE status. Private Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) commitment to getting more staff on their bikes. employers can apply for a loan to pay for Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) 20 additional workplaces have achieved the Cycle infrastructure such as secure cycle storage, lockers, Sustrans Scotland The Bike Station Friendly Employer Award since the start of the showers or cycle paths via the new scheme The Highland Council financial year. administered by Cycling Scotland and the Energy University of Dundee Saving Trust. University of Edinburgh Dundee University was among the many new University of Glasgow additions to the roll call of employers making University of Stirling cycling an easy and practical option for staff, having28 implemented an impressive amount of cycle parking 29 for staff and students and offering cycle training for Transport consultancy Halcrow gained two Cycle those who needed a confidence boost to get them Friendly Employer Awards this year for their Edinburgh back in the saddle. and Inverness offices, having gained the award for the Glasgow office last year.
  • 16. Cycling Scotland Chairman Bill Wright presents Linnvale Primary in West Lothian with their Cycle Friendly School Award 61 schools across the country now hold the Cycle Friendly School award, with over 15,000 pupils now covered by the scheme. Aberdeenshire Fife Hill of Banchory Primary School Kirkton of Largo Primary School Aberdeen City Cairneyhill Primary School Airy Hall Primary School Culross Primary School Newtonhill Primary School Glasgow Strathdon Primary School Swinton Primary School Alford Primary School Inverclyde Angus Inverkip Primary School Seaview Primary School Gourock Primary School Maisondieu Primary School Lady Alice Primary School Argyll and Bute Midlothian Achaleven Primary School Rosewell Primary School Barcaldine Primary Schools Lasswade Primary School City of Edinburgh Cornbank Primary School Towerbank Primary School Strathesk Primary School Pentland Primary School Paradykes Primary School Oxgangs Primary School St Mary’s Primary School Davidson’s Mains Primary School North Lanarkshire Dumfries & Galloway Carnbroe Primary School Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Lochside Primary School Orkney Locharbriggs Primary School Papdale Primary School Cycle Friendly Schools Scotland’s Give Me Cycle Space campaign, with Cargenbridge Primary School Perth & Kinross both Cross Arthurlie in Barrhead and Papdale in Nethermill Primary School Alyth Primary School Primary schools across Scotland are continuing to Orkney receiving the award after participating in the Dalbeattie Primary School Arngask Primary School support children cycling to school, with an additional marketing activity earlier this year. East Dunbartonshire Tulloch Primary School 18 schools receiving the Cycle Friendly School St Matthew’s Primary School Renfrewshire Award this year. The most impressive development this year comes Baldernock Primary School St Charles Primary School from East Lothian, where 6 schools in the council Westercleddens Primary School Tinto Primary School Both St Ninians Primary in Stirling and Swinton area have received the award, including Dunbar Woodhill Primary School South Lanarkshire Primary in Glasgow received the award as a result Primary where over 30% of children cycle to school. Balmuildy Primary School Blacklaw Primary School of parent-power, with mums and dads leading the East Lothian also laid claim to the first ever infants Meadowburn Primary School Halfmerke Primary School charge to get the schools through the award. only Cycle Friendly School, as Haddington Infants East Lothian St Blane’s Primary School Other schools were inspired by being part of Cycling received the award earlier this year. Dunbar Primary School St Mary’s Primary School Longniddry Primary School Stirling Haddington Infant School St Ninians Primary School WindyGoul Primary School West Dumbartonshire Sanderson’s Wynd Primary Linnvale Primary School School Dalreoch Primary School East Linton Primary School Knoxland Primary School East Renfrewshire Bonhill Primary School30 CYCLE Eaglesham Primary School 31 Cross Arthurlie Primary School FRIENDLY SCHOOL AWARD
  • 17. 4.0 Cycling Statistics and Trends Secondary Schools Hands Up Travel Survey Results: Secondary Schools Ongoing engagement with stakeholders Travel to school 45% 42.8%42.8% continues to highlight the need for quality data 40% 37.2% 35.9% on cycling and a process to keep practitioners The Hands Up Travel Survey, from Sustrans, has 35% updated with recent research findings. Cycling provided useful and much needed data about our 30% Scotland is committed to developing an accurate children’s patterns of travel to school. As well as 25% 2008 and robust set of indicators and will be working national level data, we now also have a means 2009 20% with the Cycling Action Plan Delivery Forum of looking at differences in trends in travel within 14.3% 15% to achieve this. In addition we will produce and between local authorities. 12.7% a series of position papers outlining the role 10% cycling can play in contributing to improving This year’s Hands Up Survey showed that at 5% 1.6% 1.2% 3.6% 3.5% 1.0% 1.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.9% 0.9% public health, tackling climate change and a national level the overall amount of children 0% contributing to a strong Scottish economy. cycling to school in 2009 was 2.3% compared to e xi en s er k e e l Bu al yc t rid Ta ka th riv W We will also support the development of the 2.8% in 2008. C St O r/S D & te rk oo cycling knowledge base through Making Cycling Pa Sc Mainstream, our programme of Continuing Sustrans, 2009 Professional Development. The figures for the last two years show a modest decrease in travel to school by active modes and Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts corresponding increase in the use of the car to make the journey to school. Hands Up Survey Results: Primary Schools 60% Travel to work 51.6% 49.5% Figures from the Scottish Household Survey show a modest rise in the recorded modal share for cycling 50% journeys to work over the last decade. 40% Travel to work: Bicycle mode share 30% 27.9% 2008 26.1% 2009 2.4% 2.4% 20% 2.3% 2.2% 8.7% 8.5% 2.0% 10% 7.4% 8.4% 2.0% 3.4% 3.0% 1.8% 1.9% 1.0% 0.8% 1.6% 1.7% 0.2% 0.2% 1.8% 1.7% 0% 1.7% 1.7% e 1.6% 1.6% 1.6% xi en s er k te e l Bu al yc rid Ta ka th riv W C St O /S D r & te 1.4% 1.4% rk oo Pa Sc 1.2% Sustrans, 2009 1.0% 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 200932 Scottish Household Survey, Scottish Government 2010 33
  • 18. Utility & Leisure Cycling Cycle Ownership Over the last 10 years recorded rates of general utility and leisure cycling from the Scottish Household The rate of bike ownership has also grown since 1999. Survey have also risen slightly. Households with one or more adult cycles Utility & Leisure Cycling Rates 38% 36.9% 36.8% 5.0% 4.8% 37% 4.6% 4.5% 4.7% 36% 4.5% 4.2% 34.9% 35.0% 4.0% 4.1% 35% 34.2% 35.3% 35.4% 4.0% 35.0% 3.6% 34% 34.4% 3.9% 3.5% 3.4% 33% 3.3% 3.2% 3.3% 3.2% 32% 3.0% 2.9% 3.1% 3.1% 31.8% 31% 2.9% 2.8% 2.5% 2.6% 30% 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2.0% 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Scottish Household Survey, Scottish Government 2010 Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Cycling as a means of transport Cycling for pleasure or to keep fit Cycle Safety Scottish Household Survey, Scottish Government 2010 The Scottish Government has identified road casualty reduction targets for 2010. These are a 40% reduction in the numbers of cyclists killed or seriously injured and a 50% reduction in child cyclists killed or The most recent participation figures from Sportscotland also show cycling is in the top three most popular seriously injured. sports and physical activities for both children and adults in Scotland. Reported Killed and Seriously Injured Cycling Casualties, 1994-2009 Most popular sports and physical recreations 260 (at least once a month) 249 240 2005-07: all (peak months) 220 Adults (16+) % Children (8-15) % 200 Swimming 16 Football 52 189 Football 10 Swimming 37 180 176 Cycling 10 Cycling 36 160 171 163 152 156 Golf 9 Dance 16 151 140 139 Keep fit/Aerobics 6 Running/Jogging 11 141 132 128 120 Sportscotland 2008 100 Recent data from Sustrans shows a steady year-on-year increase in the number of people cycling on the 1994-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 National Cycle Network in Scotland. The number of trips made on the National Cycle Network increased ave34 35 from 31.3 million trips in 2008 to 37.3 million trips in 2009, a 19.2% increase from 2008, and a 31.8% increase from 2007 (Walking and Cycling Outcomes for Sustrans in Scotland, 2010). Reported Road Casualty Statistics, Scottish Government 2010
  • 19. The reduction in cyclists killed or seriously injured represents a reduction of 37% on the 1994 – 98 average. Even greater reductions have been achieved for the reductions in child cyclists killed or seriously injured 5.0 Cycling Scotland Business Plan 2010 – 2016 with 2009 rates 73% lower than the 1994-98 average levels. Reported Killed and Seriously Injured Child Cycling Casualties, 1994-2009 Who we are and what we do direction for the promotion of cycling in Scotland. Cycling Scotland is a company limited by guarantee We have a strong track record of partnership 100 100 and registered charity, with a membership of working; effectively and efficiently connecting the stakeholders with an interest in cycle promotion. We wide range of interests across the sector to produce are funded by Transport Scotland to bring cycling outcomes greater than the sum of their parts. 80 out from the fringes of everyday life and into the We have a growing reputation for the quality, mainstream. We aim to establish cycling as an effectiveness and usability of our programmes, 69 60 65 acceptable, attractive and practical lifestyle option. projects and publications. 56 40 Cycling Scotland was established in 2003 to take a Constitution, Structure and Staff 40 46 48 40 29 national lead on the development of cycling as an everyday mainstream activity. Cycling Scotland is constituted under the companies 30 20 27 act and is a registered Scottish charity. 20 Since our inception, we have worked together Cycling Scotland is governed by a board of directors with our partners and stakeholders to increase with a wide range of professional and cycling Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 0 the number of people cycling and improve the experience. The operations of the organisation 1994-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 ave environments they can do so in. We have worked to are managed by the Chief Executive. The team at achieve this by having a strong strategic focus on Cycling Scotland is comprised of a core staff of 13 Reported Road Casualty Statistics, Scottish Government 2010 our vision for Scotland to be a nation of cyclists. officers with extensive cycling, training, promotions, administrative and engineering experience. Why Cycling Matters Cycling Scotland is a membership organisation. At Cycling can be a safe, convenient and practical way present there are 30 members; shown in Table 1. to get around our towns and cities and it can be an The membership appoints Directors to the Board for attractive, fun and healthy way for us to spend our a fixed term at the Annual General Meeting. leisure time. Cycling also has an important role to play in tackling some of the very real and serious problems facing Scottish society today, such as obesity, climate change, congestion, pollution, social exclusion and physical inactivity. Why Cycling Scotland There are a wide range of organisations involved in cycling in Scotland. Cycling Scotland is uniquely placed amongst them to provide a national lead on cycling policy and practice. Through our embedded36 understanding, experience and skills we provide a 37 knowledge hub for the sector and provide vision and
  • 20. Transport Planning and Engineering Figure 1. Partnership Working Transport Planning & Engineering is a sustainable transport consultancy that is a social enterprise, wholly owned by Cycling Scotland. It provides practical design construction management and strategic development and planning services to a broad range of clients. For further information, please visit Cycling Scotland Member Organisations The Bike Station Challenge for City of Edinburgh The Common CTC Scotland Corporate Governance Change Council Wheel Cycling Scotland Membership CTC UK East Fife Council First Scotrail Forestry Dunbartonshire Commission Cycle Cooperative Scotland Active Living Education & Communication Information and Leisure Tourism Gareth George HITRANS Living Streets Alan Malcolm National Access Training & Events Guidance & Access Scotland Forum Cycling and Safe Cycle National Cycling Action Plan Bike Events NESTRANS NHS Health Paths for All Road Safety Scottish Cycling Schools (S) Working Group Communications for Scotland Scotland (S) Scotland Scotland Cycle Interests National Standards & PR Strategy Cycling Action Developing Scottish Natural SESTrans Spokes Sportscotland SPT Liaison Group Board Development (S) Plan for Scotland Mountain Biking in Heritage Scotrail Cycle Cycle Training Walking, Cycling, Delivery Forum (S) Scotland (SMBDC) Sustrans TRANSform Transport Scotland VisitScotland Bill Wright Forum Standards & Connecting Scottish Access North Sea Cycle Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Scotland A Better Way to Delivery Group (S) Communities Technical Route Work Pedal for Scotland Information National Cycle (S) Network (SATIN) Tourism Forum (S) Cycling Scotland Board Members Led Cycle Ride Bill Wright (chair) Independent Programme Brian Curtis Founder Member / CTC Scotland Jackie Davidson Scottish Cycling Through these partnerships, Cycling Scotland is engaged with a broad range of other organisations from Stuart Knowles Fife Council across policy fields and sectors, and representing a diverse range of interests. The organisations Cycling John Lauder Sustrans Scotland engages with in partnership projects, forums and working groups are represented in the table over Allan Malcolm Independent the page. Sandy Scotland Spokes Transport Scotland Observer Associations and Partnership Cycling Scotland is represented in a wide range of partnerships across our programme areas. Many of our programmes will be taken forward in conjunction with stakeholders and key delivery partners. Our workstreams and projects have been developed in consultation with our key stakeholders and therefore compliment the work that these organisations carry out. Cycling Scotland provides a facilitation role for many national partnership initiatives and is a member of38 39 several others. Below is a figure outlining some of these key partnership groups. (S) indicates Cycling Scotland currently provides the secretariat/chair of the group
  • 21. Partner Organisations Visions Objectives & Aims Cycling Scotland Project Delivery Partners Our vision is for Scotland to be a nation giving people from all walks of life better access in Bike Hub CTC, Cyclists Touring The Bike Station Eco Schools of cyclists Scotland’s towns, cities and to the outdoors Club Goal 4 Forestry Commission Learning & Teaching Living Streets MBLA (Mountain Bike Where people of all ages and abilities, from all walks Show that cycling is a safe, effective and Scotland Scotland Leaders Association) of life, cycle more often. Enjoying better access to economical transport option that’s better for the Paths for All Road Safety Scotland Scottish Centre for Scottish Cycling Scotland’s towns, cities, villages and the outdoors. people of Scotland, and for their environment Healthy Working Lives A nation of cycling-friendly communities and green Goal 5 Scottish Local SNH (Scottish National Sustrans VisitScotland spaces, where people feel safe on their bikes, and Celebrate and promote that there is a type of cycling Authorities Heritage) think of cycling as the best way to get around; to for everyone; leisure, travel, tourism, sport and play Local Voluntary, Scottish Government Transport Scotland school or work, to college or the shops. Where the Charitable & 3rd Sector streets are bustling with people on bikes, easing We are also fully committed to playing a central role Organisations congestion, reducing carbon emissions, and helping in assisting Transport Scotland, its partners and Cycling Scotland Forum & Working Group Partners create a happier, healthier population. stakeholders to achieve the vision set out in the Scotland Cycling Action Plan for Scotland: ADES (Association of Bike Club Consortium British Cycling COSLA Our Vision is supported by 5 Strategic Goals: Directors of Education “By 2020, 10% of all journeys Scotland) Goal 1 taken in Scotland will be by bike.” Environmental National Access Forum NHS Health Scotland Regional Transport Let everyone know about the role cycling can play Association of Partnerships in achieving a healthier, more sustainable and fairer As a mainly publicly funded organisation, we aim Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Universities and Scotland to provide the best possible value for money in Colleges (EAUC) Goal 2 everything we do. Our resources are focussed Scotrail Scottish Countryside Scottish Enterprise Scottish Mountain Safety Help promote better, greener public spaces where on a range of strategic priorities that evolve Access Network Forum people of all ages and abilities can cycle safely to reflect Transport Scotland’s priorities as SCOTS (Society of Chief sportscotland Transform Scotland Goal 3 circumstances change. Officers of Transport Show that cycling is a great way to get around, Scotland) Corporate Plan UK Cycling England The Department for Northern Ireland Passenger Focus Transport Assembly Corporate Plan demonstrate how we contribute to outcomes at RoSPA (Royal Society Skills Active TfL Welsh Assembly local and national levels. We will report annually on for the Prevention of Our corporate plan for 2011-2016 sets out our our progress and achievements in relation to the Accidents) framework for delivery against our vision and goals. performance framework and how these relate to This plan builds on our recent work and is rooted in higher level outcomes. the belief that cycling can deliver multiple benefits for Scotland and its people. We have a clear vision How we will work that cycling can make a key contribution towards a successful Scotland. We will deliver against our vision and strategic goals through a series of Programme Areas. Each Measures of success of these will contain Workstreams and Projects, which have been developed to form our annual40 Cycling Scotland measures progress and business plan. 41 achievements in a range of different ways. To do this in a systematic manner we have developed a performance framework with indicators which will
  • 22. Appendix 1: Performance Framework We have five Programme Areas: using 2010/11 funding levels as its baseline. The Performance Framework will be reviewed annually • Active Living taking into consideration performance against our 2015/16 62400 • Education & Training targets and future funding levels. 312 15 6 • Information & Guidance • Communication Our programme of work has been designed to 2014/15 • Leisure, Tourism & Access help deliver higher-level long term outcomes. 53400 267 This process has been logic modelled as part of 15 6 These will form the general themes with which developing an outcomes framework. An outcomes we focus our specific Workstreams and Projects. framework is a resource that allows us to link what 2013/14 Each Project has its own Project Overview we do (projects and activities) with what we want 44400 222 Targets 15 6 and will be reported on monthly against the to achieve (outcomes). This process is represented Performance Framework. diagrammatically in Appendix 2. Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework 2012/13 35400 The individual projects and the targets for them Although we have 5 programme areas only 4 have 177 15 6 are specified in Appendix 1: Cycling Scotland’s been represented in the outcome maps and the Performance Framework. projects from Education & Training have been placed along side other complementary projects. 2011/12 26400 132 The Performance Framework has been prepared 15 6 2010/11 17400 Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Increase in Parent- 15 87 6 authorities engaged their children cycling covered by scheme: difference in favour Friendly Schools: KPI / Reporting to school following Number of Cycle Driver feelings on Number of Pupils Number of local between pre and exposure to the post campaign) Measure in partnership campaign (% Cumulative Cumulative KPI Number 508 Schools Comms A social marketing 2 1 project links directly cycling to school by recognises schools as bike parking and that provide a good consideration. This infrastructure such children space and attitudes about the Schools and Cycle Training within the training and travel targeting parental safety of cycling. seeks to create a to Cycle Friendly primary schools. lockers, national Description campaign to get programme that within Scottish cycling culture standard cycle Cycle Friendly Cycle Friendly messaging for drivers to give more children Zones around schools carry target areas. Schools is a standard of The Award planning. 403 Cycle Friendly Schools Award Projects Campaign Workstream Cycling and Schools42 43 Programme Active Living
  • 23. 44 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Active Living Cycling and 508 Schools Comms A social marketing Increase in Parent 13 13 13 13 13 13 Schools Campaign campaign to get feelings on their more children children cycling to cycling to school by school following targeting parental exposure to the attitudes about the campaign (% safety of cycling. difference in favour Cycle Friendly between pre and Zones around post campaign) schools carry The campaign will 80 80 80 80 80 80 messaging for make me feel more drivers to give confident about my children space and child cycling to consideration. This school (Post project links directly campaign level of to Cycle Friendly agreement. Av. % Schools and Cycle support for statement across groups) Training within the target areas. The campaign will 95 95 95 95 95 95 make me give kids more space on the road when driving in cycle friendly zones (Post campaign level of agreement. Av. % support for statement across groups) Cycling and Work 406 Cycle Friendly Cycle Friendly 3 Number of Cycle 66 106 146 186 226 266 Employer Award Employer is a Friendly Scheme programme that Employers: encourages active Cumulative travel by commending workplaces that provide facilities, Number of 29700 47700 65700 83700 101700 119700 incentives and Employees covered encouragement for by scheme staff cycling to work. Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Active Living Community Cycling 409 Cycle Friendly Cycling Scotland 4 Number of Projects 25 25 25 25 25 25 Communities Fund will provide funding Supported for local community projects which are innovative, deliver health gain, support the community and encourage cycling Number of case 18 18 18 18 18 18 by awarding small studies of community grants. projects generatedEducation & Workforce 401 Cycle Trainer This is a 5 Number of newly 360 480 600 720 840 960Training Development qualification aimed certified Cycle at those training Trainers (baseline both children and of 302 FY 2009/10) adults in on-road cycling skills from the basics of learning to ride, through to cycling on busier roads. It incorporates the Cycle Skills Trainer qualification and covers instructor training. 437 Cycle Ride This is a one day 6 Number of Trained 140 190 240 290 340 390 Leader course aimed at CRLs (baseline of those who will be 120 Sept 2010) leading groups through a variety of rides on pre- planned risk assessed routes within their local area, usually as part of a larger project. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 45
  • 24. 46 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Education & Workforce 439 Cycle A 2 day course for 7 Numbers trained on 20 30 35 40 45 50Training Development Patrol/Police Cycle staff who make Cycle Patrol Patrol extensive use of the bicycle to enhance their current patrol duties. Staff who may benefit from such training are Park Rangers/Wardens, Path Rangers and Countryside Rangers. 421 National Training Figures are subject to review following pooling of data by National Standards and Delivery group. National targets will be determined by this group. Standard Cycle Training National Standard 8 Percentage of 27.50% 30.00% 32.50% 35.00% 37.50% 40.00% Cycle Training Scottish Children covers the learning Receiving Level 2 outcomes of cycle National Standard training from basic Training control skills to making independent journeys. The three levels are designed If adopted by the Numbers of children to be complimentary Cycle Training receiving Level 1 to one another. Standards and National Standard Each caters for a Delivery Group Training different level of specific targets will development. be identified for Numbers of children annual numbers receiving Level 2 trained at each National Standard level. Training Numbers of children receiving Level 3 National Standard Training Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Education & Workforce 421 National Number of Local 9 20 21 22 23 25 27Training Development Standard Cycle Authorities Training Delivering multi- level National Standard Training. Cyclist 407 Go Mountain A mountain bike 10 Number of 24 40 40 40 40 40 Progressions Bike proficiency scheme Accredited Centres that covers 4 themes and 5 levels of proficiency. Designed to give Number of people 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 people the trained on scheme confidence and skills to make active journeys into Scotlands countryside. 440 Commuter Cycle Courses designed to 11 Number of Cycle 6 10 12 14 16 18 Training support Cycle Commuter courses Friendly Employers delivered and give inexperienced cyclists confidence and skills in urban cycling to allow them to cycle to work safely. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 47
  • 25. 48 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Information and Monitoring & 201 National The National 12 Cycling Scotland 1 1Guidance Evaluation Assessment Assessment is a will conduct and qualitative publish the results assessment of local of a national authority cycling assessment of the policy. The purpose cycling policy and of the study is to practice of encourage an Scotlands local organisational authorities culture that ensures cycling becomes a realistic travel and leisure choice for the travelling public. Monitoring & 209 Cycle An initiative to 13 tbc Evaluation Monitoring establish accurate This project will be Development baseline figures for further developed cycling levels following the initial across Scotland. meetings of the CAPS Delivery Forum Engineering 320 On-Road Provide support and 14 Cycling Scotland 45 45 45 45 45 45 Guidance Engineering advice to local will provide a authorities and dedicated staff similar resource (recorded organisations in in hours) to provide good practice for on- technical guidance road cycle on on-road infrastructure. engineering Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Information and 321 Off-Road Provide support and 15 Cycling Scotland 45 45 45 45 45 45Guidance Engineering advice to local will provide a authorities and dedicated staff similar resource (recorded organisations in in hours) to provide good practice for off- technical guidance road cycle for off-road infrastructure. engineering 323 Demonstration Providing training 16 Number of 60 60 60 60 60 60 Sites venues and practitioners demonstration trained at projects demonstration showcasing good site(s) practice in Active Travel and Shared Use Routes. Engineering 324 SATIN - Scottish A forum to 17 Forum membership 100 Guidance Access Technical exchange good numbers Information Network practice, store, * tbc disseminate and to be confirmed by share information network partners between those delivering outdoor access and active travel infrastructure in Scotland. Number of discrete tbc visits to site for technical information Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 49
  • 26. 50 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Information and Making Cycling 422 Making Cycling Making Cycling 18 Number of 90 120 120 120 120 120Guidance Mainstream (MCM) Mainstream Mainstream is a set attendances by of professional practitioners at development MCM workshops workshops aimed principally at technical staff within local authorities and other agencies. These interactive courses will give staff key skills in various areas of cycle promotion. Number of 60 60 60 60 60 60 attendances by postgraduate students at MCM workshopsCommunication External and Media 510 Corporate We will conduct 19 Opportunities to 13700000 14500000 15200000 15900000 16600000 17350000 Relations Communications communications see and marketing *These are not pre- activity to highlight existing 2010/11 the benefits of KPIs but have been cycling. This will included to give an promote the many indicative baseline opportunities throughout the year to get involved in cycling events and activities. We have expanded the range of reporting measures for this area to highlight different impacts. Advertising Value £238,061 £350,000 £337,000 £352,000 £367,000 £384,000 Equivalent PR Value £714,183 £1,050,000 £1,010,000 £1,055,000 £1,102,000 £1,152,000 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Communication 505 Online Activity The Cycling 20 Number of website 100000 110000 120000 120000 120000 120000 Scotland website visits provides an online resource for cyclists in Scotland to get information about cycling, to be signposted to other relevant websites, to get cycling news and to find cycling events to take part in. Corporate 504 Newsletter We will produce 21 Newsletter 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000 Communications print materials to distribution figure provide news and updates on cycling in Scotland as well as the progress of our own and our partners key initiatives. Corporate 219 Briefing on We will produce 22 Number of position 2 2 2 2 2 2 Communications Cyclings link to position papers papers produced Policy outlining the benefits that cycling can bring across key policy areas. We will contribute Number of key 5 7 8 8 8 8 responses to consultation responses produced consultations on key Scottish and Local Government policies and strategies. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 51
  • 27. 52 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 Communication Conference 214 Cycling The conference 23 Number of 120 140 140 140 140 140 Scotland Conference provides an Conference opportunity to Delegates highlight and share best practice and innovation in cycling, promote work happening in Scotland and abroad and provide a networking opportunity for key stakeholder groups. 221 Active Travel Cycling Scotland is 24 Number of 150 150 150 150 150 150 Conference a key partner in this Conference conference Delegates promoting the use To be set by of active travel consensus of alongside other key project partners stakeholder groups.Leisure, Tourism Events 513 National Events The national events 25 Number of cycling 300 330 360 390 420 450and Access Website website provides all events listed agencies in Scotland that post cycle events to the web with a central point to post event details, meaning users only need to look at one site instead of many. Cycling Scotland developed and hosts the site. Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Leisure, Tourism Events 544 Bike week Bike Week is a UK- 26 Event Organisers 80 90 90 90 90 90and Access wide cycling festival Seminar delegate made up of around numbers 1500 events *Directed by UK organised Bike Week and independently by a assisted by CS wide range of organisations including local authorities, charities and cycle/health promotion groups. Cycling Scotland promotes the events in Scotland. 27 Number of 265 270 280 290 300 310 Registered Events Bike Week Event 48000 50000 51000 52000 53000 54000 Participants *this figure is based on estimates from individual event organisers 543 freshnlo Pedal Pedal for Scotland 28 Number of event 9000 11000 13000 15000 17000 19000 for Scotland is Scotlands participants biggest mass- participation bike ride. There a number of different levels of ride to allow cyclists of all abilities to take part. The event demonstrates the significant distances that can be achieved by bike in a short time to show how easily short car journeys can be replaced by more sustainable modes. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 53
  • 28. 54 Appendix 1 Cycling Scotland Performance Framework KPI Number KPI / Reporting Targets Programme Workstream Projects Description Measure 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16Leisure, Tourism Cycle Routes 224 Mapping & Identify, support 29 Number of Local 8 10 12 12 12 12and Access Routing and sign-post to community groups best practice in engaged in cycle route providing open information and source mapping mapping. content Promoting Leisure 411 Multi-Agency Partnership project 30 Number of Local 15 30 45 60 75 90 Cycling Led Ride to improve and Led Ride Programme increase access to Programmes; cycling activities. Cumulative Active Living Outcomes Activity/Outputs Short Term Intermediate Long Term Increased numbers of Cycle Friendly Schools Cycle Friendly Schools Improved on- Increased modal road safety for share of cycling Cycling to School Campaign More people aware of children cyclists Increased cycling to school and the for all journeys issues surrounding this levels of physical activity in the Cycle Training Programmes More children receiving cycle training population Increased modal share National Standard Cycle for cycling on Trainer Increased professional journeys to awareness of the importance school Increased and availability of cycle training mental health Cycle Training Standards & and wellbeing Delivery Group Increased capacity to deliver cycle training Increased levels of participation in Reduced cycling health A valued and supported cycle training workforce inequalities Increased modal share More workplaces become for cycling on Cycle Friendly Employers journeys to Improved Cycle Friendly Employer work sustainable economic More people with the skills Commuter Cycling and confidence to cycle to performance work and awareness of it as a realistic option More people engaged in cycling activities Reduced Cycle Friendly Communities environmental Increased awareness of the Fund depth and breath of roles impact cycling can play in local communities Appendix 2: Outcomes Framework Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 55
  • 29. 56 Information & Guidance OutcomesActivity/Outputs Short Term Intermediate Long Term National Increased awareness of the Local authorities Assessment of Recognised set level of Scottish cycling policy adopt and Cycling Policy of indicators for and practice Increased the implement Increased measurement recommendation levels of modal share of cycling s of National of cycling for physicalCycle Monitoring Increased awareness of the Assessment activity in the value of quality design and all journeys infrastructure population On-Road Increased design Engineering and build of high quality cycling Increased Increased Increased knowledge of the technical information required infrastructure levels of mental health to deliver for active travel and and public realm participation in and wellbeing Off-Road outdoor access cycling works EngineeringDemonstration Projects Improved safety Reduced health of built inequalities Improved development environment for planning & development cyclingScottish Access More people management and Technical engaged in Information cycling Improved Network Masterplans, (SATIN) activities sustainable Local Transport Strategies and economic Planning performance Increased knowledge of the role cycling can play in Applications willMaking Cycling delivering high level & long include the Improved Mainstream term outcomes provision of well quality of the located, quality built ReducedCAPS Delivery cycle routes and environment environmental Forum infrastructure CAPS Action Holders and impact Cycling officers will have a place to interact with each National Cycle other and Government Interest Group Communications Outcomes Activity/Outputs Short Term Intermediate Long Term Communications Strategy Increased More Scottish awareness of the people, Increased benefits of cycling professionals and levels of Communications politicians are aware of the physical activity benefits of cycling activity in the More people engaged in population Newsletter cycling activities Online Activity Increased uptake Increased of training programmes by mental health delivery outlets and wellbeing Cycling Scotland Conference Increased knowledge of the Increased modal Reduced role cycling can Increased health share of cycling play in delivering involvement in for all journeys inequalities high level & long cycling term outcomes programmes & events by Active Travel Conference participants and volunteer Increased levels supporters of participation in cycling Improved sustainable Annual Report economic Increased performance Policy Papers & provision for Consultation cycling in local & Reports national transport, Increased Reduced health, awareness of environmental environmental cycling and sports & impact programmes participation strategies Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 57
  • 30. 6. Cycling Action Plan for Scotland environmental and wellbeing mental health activity in the performance inequalities sustainable population Increased Increased economic Improved Reduced Reduced levels of physical As so much of Cycling Scotland’s future work is Government will do, what we expect others to impact health based around the actions set out in the Cycling do and what outcomes we expect that action will Action Plan for Scotland, the introduction to the achieve. Cycling is a fun, healthy and a virtually document and the table of actions is reprinted here free activity for those who have access to a bike. for background information. Learning to cycle safely can help young people become confident, independent teenagers and (Sections from Cycling Action Plan for Scotland adults. Designing our communities to make of participation in numbers making Increased levels cycling activities reproduced with permission under Open walking and cycling safe and easy, leads to utility trips by More people engaged in Increased Government Licence for Public Sector Information) increased visibility of cyclists and pedestrians and cycling bike helps create attractive places to live. Choosing Minister’s Foreword to commute to work and to school by bike helps reduce congestion in our towns and cities, is one of Our vision is that “By 2020, 10% of the cheapest forms of travel and can help maintain all journeys taken in Scotland will be a healthy mind and body. That is why we would like Leisure, Tourism & Access Outcomes by bike.” part in cycling on a to see, by 2020, 10% of all journeys in Scotland outdoors by bike recreational and making journeys numbers taking trip in Scotland participation in sports cycling More people More people Scotland’s accessing made by bike. Increased Increased Scotland’s by bike in Intermediate outdoors The shared vision for cycling in Scotland sets a challenge for central and local governments, Stewart Stevenson, MSP Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts businesses, employers, stakeholders working on Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and active travel and individuals. We are committed to Climate Change working in partnership with others to deliver this Supported by the CAPS Board vision. With one third of journeys under 2 miles, we believe our vision is achievable. We just need more Introduction Increased awareness of people to cycle more often and in so doing, develop cyclists in Scotland’s benefits of cycling number of people awareness of the appropriate cycle responsibilities of cycling events in opportunities for a cycling culture in Scotland. Currently 1% of all journeys by Scottish residents leisure cycling destination for Scotland as a awareness of awareness of the rights and availability of aware of the cycle trips Increased Increased Increased Increased Increased Scotland outdoors are made by bicycle (Scottish Household Survey Short Term routes The Scottish Government’s purpose is to focus Travel Diary, 2008), and we would like to see this government and public services on creating a more increased tenfold to 10% by 2020. Although this successful country, with opportunities for all of is an ambitious vision, we believe it is achievable. Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable Around half the short journeys made (under 2 miles) economic growth. This first ever Cycling Action are made by car; many of these could be switched Plan for Scotland (CAPS) sets out how cycling, to bike. This Action Plan aims to provide a within the wider context of walking and active travel, framework to help create an environment which is contributes to this purpose, particularly through attractive, accessible and safe for cycling. improving health, reducing congestion, reducing carbon emissions and providing a good transport The majority of this Action Plan is structured around alternative to persuade people out of cars. the key issues that emerged from the Scottish National Tourism Forum Led Ride Programme Government consultations undertaken in 2008 and Developing Mountain Mapping & Routing Biking in Scotland The actions in this document aim to increase 2009, and the recent findings of the Activity/Outputs Bike Week Go MTB Events Access cycling across Scotland, supporting both new and Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change58 experienced cyclists. It outlines a framework for (TICC) Committee. 59 delivering the vision, setting out what the Scottish
  • 31. ACTION BY WHOM WHEN FUNDING OUTCOMES We asked the people of Scotland what would Scottish Ministers are leading this through: 2010-11 encourage them to cycle more often; the analysis of 1. To establish a new Cycle Training Standards Chaired by Cycling 2010 £300k Increase in and Delivery Support Group (CTSDSG), to Scotland on-road cycle those consultation responses has been published. • Setting an ambitious vision for cycling; formulate a plan by end of 2010 to deliver a training coordinated approach to training; an increase in The TICC Committee also consulted in 2009 as • Publishing this framework for action; the number of volunteers available to deliver training and a support network for the volunteers; part of its inquiry into active travel. The Committee’s • Investing in the strategic national cycle network and support for Local Authorities in offering the 3 subsequent report, published in March 2010, (NCN) and its links to key destinations; levels of cycle training including on-road. 2. To work with key stakeholders and the tertiary Scottish Government, 2010-11 tbc A better concluded that action was required on cycle training, • Working in partnership to ensure the national education sector to offer accredited modules on Cycling Scotland, skilled how to integrate cycling best practice within their further and higher workforce planning, speed limits, infrastructure improvements, network links with local cycling and pedestrian professional sphere. education sectors leadership and funding. Each of these areas is access networks provided by local authorities; 3. To provide increased support for community Cycling Scotland, 2010-11 £150k Increase in cycling projects this financial year that will communities, people cycling addressed in this Action Plan. • Working in partnership to make our roads safe promote cycling in an inclusive, accessible way, individuals in all particularly to novice cyclists, and encourage the communities for all, including cyclists, for example though development and maintenance of online cycle journey planning by local communities. lower speed limits, good design of roads 4. To promote cycling to young people not only as All stakeholders Ongoing Increase in 3. Framework for Delivering More Cycling and cycle infrastructure and segregated paths an activity for leisure or travel, but also as a fun school cycling activity and a sport, through the promotion of activities where appropriate; cycling activities, led cycle rides and cycling as a PE activity choice. This Action Plan provides a framework for delivering • Facilitating the coordination of action by different 5. To encourage participation in and to promote Sustrans Ongoing Increase in the vision, setting out what the Scottish Government partners, such as on cycle training; the annual Hands Up Survey in September as part number of of the criteria for Sustrans’ safe routes to school participants in will do, what we expect others to do and what • Seeking opportunities to ensure cycling (both funding the Hands Up Survey outcomes we expect that action will achieve. on and off-road) is an integral part of decisions 6. To encourage private sector employers to Energy Saving Trust 2010 £150k Increase in Together the actions in this document will increase on planning, travel by other modes, training of become Cycle Friendly Employers by offering private sector loan support for workplace cycling facilities. employees cycling across Scotland and will also directly professionals and travel planning by employers; cycling to work contribute to the targets set out in the National • Developing the National Planning Framework 7: To complete the missing links in the National Sustrans Ongoing £5.65m Completed NCN in Scotland Physical Activity Strategy (Let’s Make Scotland for Scotland 2 (NPF2) which seeks to Cycle Network in Scotland. Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts 8. To promote the use of planning policy, access All stakeholders Ongoing Better designed, accessible More Active, 2003). “promote development which helps to improve legislation and design guidance to a wide range of cycling facilities professionals; and to promote the outcomes of health, regenerate communities and enable access legislation in the form of leisure activities. As the TICC committee concluded, leadership is disadvantaged communities to access 9. To encourage cycling and rail integration by Transport Scotland, Ongoing Improved working in partnership with Network Rail and cycle facilities needed at all levels to achieve the vision. Action will opportunities.” franchise operators to identify opportunities for cost effective improvements in infrastructure and be required from individuals, from communities, • Investing in community cycling, particularly services. from businesses, from cycling organisations, from focussed on those where the health benefits 10. To continue to work with SCOTS and other partners to encourage the further roll-out of Scottish Government, SCOTS and local Ongoing More 20 mph schemes Local Government and from Scottish Government. would be greatest, or those without access to a effective 20 mph schemes in residential areas. authorities across We will work to ensure that as far as possible Scotland Using the World Health Organisation’s definition of car or other convenient motorised transport, and these also cover cycle routes and areas with high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists. “advocacy”, this Action Plan includes: in supporting good on-line local information. 11. To publicise and promote methods of traffic Scottish Government, Ongoing More 20 mph • A Cycle Forum led by Cycling Scotland will calming on non-residential mixed-use arterial SCOTS and local schemes streets such as those described in DfT Local authorities across ‘A combination of individual and social actions report to the Scottish Government annually on Transport Note 2/08. Scotland 12. To undertake a legislative search to reveal the Scottish Government 2010-12 Better designed to gain political commitment, policy the impact and progress of this Action Plan. operation of liability laws and how they work in understanding support, social acceptance and systems support for other countries in Europe and around the world, and whether there is a direct link to levels of of liability law and effect on a particular health goal or programme.’ – WHO 1995 cycling and KSIs. cyclist KSIs 13. To try and identify what kind of hierarchy Scottish Government 2010-12 Fewer cyclist might be established and develop an educational and stakeholders accidents awareness campaign for all road users. Central and local government policies and 14. To investigate the degree of statutory Scottish Government 2010 onwards Less programmes need to acknowledge that active travel consultation required for new traffic management bureaucratic measures in other northwest European countries; process for including cycling and walking can help deliver their and, to gather the views of stakeholders on any implementing proposed changes to the current system. TROs outcomes. In particular, mechanisms which will 15. To update and re-issue Scottish Office Scottish Government 2010 onwards Less support the achievement of the National Indicators Development Department Circular 7/97. bureaucratic process for and identify local indicators through the Single implementing TROs Outcome Agreements (SOAs), should be developed60 16. To continue to collect data that will provide a national picture of cycling and travel habits Scottish Government Annually Publication of local and 61 and strengthened. national statistics 17. To develop guidance for gathering data on the Led by Cycling 2010 onwards Publication of numbers of people cycling at a local level. Scotland local and national statistics
  • 32. Cycling Scotland Cycling Scotland Consolidated Income and Expenditure Account and Statement of Financial ActivitiesConsolidated Balance Sheet at 31 March 2010 for the year ended 31 March 2010 2010 2009 Unrestricted Funds Restr. Funds 2010 2009 £ £ £ £ General Designated Total TotalFixed Assets £ £ £ £ £ Incoming Resources Tangible assets 513 634 From Generated Funds 513 634 Gifts and donations 450 - 4,000 4,450 110Current Assets Trading Income 73,938 - - 73,938 84,121 From Charitable Activities Debtors 71,404 57,990 Scottish Government Grant 901,600 - - 901,600 1,478,788 Cash at bank and in hand 467,429 202,824 Education and consultancy 6,160 - - 6,160 3,472 538,833 260,814 Marketing and event income 10,042 - 219,361 229,403 145,283Creditors: Amounts falling Other income 70,782 - 30,043 100,825 3,403 From Investment Income due within one year 304,767 78,639 Bank interest 4,585 - 30 4,615 14,794 Other Incoming ResourcesNet Current Assets 234,066 182,175 Salaries and premises costs recharge - - - - - Profit on disposal of fixed assetsTotal Assets less Current Liabilities 234,579 182,810 Total Incoming Resources 1,067,557 - 253,434 1,320,991 1,729,971Net Assets 234,579 182,810 Cycling Scotland 2009/2010 Annual Report & Accounts Resources Expended Charitable ExpenditureRepresented by: Charitable Activities 602,123 - 625,613 1,227,736 1,616,072Unrestricted Funds Governance Costs 14,213 - - 14,213 42,771 General 206,782 182,175 Other Resources Expended - 864 - 864 5,560 Designated 513 634 Total resources expended 616,336 864 625,613 1,242,813 1,664,403 Restricted 27,284 - 234,579 182,809 Surplus/(deficit) for the year and net incoming/(outgoing) resources before transfers and exceptional items 451,221 (864) (372,179) 78,178 65,568The foregoing Income and Expenditure Account and Statement of Financial Activities and Balance. Sheet are not themselves thestatutory accounts but are a summary of the consolidated statutory accounts which have been subject to audit. The Auditors’ Report in Exceptional items (26,407) - - (26,407) -the statutory accounts contained an unqualified opinion. The full accounts, including the Auditors’ Report and Directors’ Report, will be Transfers (400,206) 743 399,463 - -presented at the AGM on 25 November 2010. A copy of the full accounts can be obtained from the Secretary. Net movement in funds for the year 24,608 (121) 27,284 51,771 65,568 Balance brought forward 182,174 634 - 182,808 117,241 Closing balance at 31 March 2010 206,782 513 27,284 234,579 182,809 Comprising:- Unrestricted Funds General 227,541 - - 227,541 202,754 Transport Planning and Engineering (20,759) - - (20,759) (20,579) Designated Assets 513 - 513 634 Restricted Funds Cycle Friendly Employer Fund - - 25,108 25,108 - Pedal for Scotland Fund - - 2,176 2,176 - 206,782 513 27,284 234,579 182,809 63
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