NCVO Insight Event - Social Media and Charities


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A presentation I gave at the NCVO Insight event for Voluntary Organisations and Charities.

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  • People are using a whole range of social networking tools and discussion platforms to discuss your products or services. The first step to understanding where the problems are, and extracting the value this feedback can bring, is find it and listen.

    Let's look at how...
  • Bombs in Jaipur -
  • #iranelections on twitter
  • Acknowledge... that you've seen it, that you'll take responsibility, that you actually do care...
  • Once you start to listen, you may want to think about what to do with the conversations you find. Here the BBC used delicious to store and organise the bookmarks and, going a step further, set delicious up to publish directly into the side bar of one of their blogs so that readers could see what the editors were reading.

    (note: With that simple to make link between what was once an administrative process they're suddenly generating and sharing content.)

    [The BBC is a Headshift client]
  • Comcast Cable in America is often lambasted for it's poor customer service. Now they're using twitter as their early warning system. They acknowledge issues quickly and, where possible, resolve them.

    140 characters seems a pretty efficient way to deal with customer issues - perhaps it's a better way too?
  • We've already spoken a bit about engagement or, at least, small bits of engagement by the right people. What I want to talk about here is direct engagement...
  • Responding to consumers and stakeholders isn't something everyone in your organisation will want to, or should, do... it's almost certainly not the job of the IT guy in the basement, yet many organisations still put him in charge of their corporate website...
  • BUT it is a real opportunity to push your most talented people - the people you've hired for their creativity, knowledge and skills - out the door and let them, with a bit of training, shine.

    This is David Hone. He's Shell's Climate Change Advisor - a leading scientist in the area and, now, a frequent and vocal contributor in the search for a solution to the climate disaster facing us all... you, me and people who work at Shell alike.

    [Shell is a Headshift client]
  • Something we built for Compass, the political think-tank... users contribute ideas to better society and others help refine those ideas by commenting alongside individual sections of the document. We did this very inexpensively using Wordpress, some custom style sheets, and by further developing an open source plug-in.
  • iPM on BBC Radio 4 - it's "a blog with a radio station wrapped around it" - Eddie Mair

    They've opened their entire programme making process up to scrutiny but, more importantly, are involving their audience at each step of the way - asking for story ideas, feedback on suggested running orders, contacts who might be good interviewees, etc.
  • is a San Francisco based journalism project where users and journalists submit story ideas, journalists then pitch to do the story by quoting experience or unique angle, users then select a journalist to do the story and donate money to make it happen. The articles are published under a creative commons license so that the community that funded it can share it and use it as they like.
  • NCVO Insight Event - Social Media and Charities

    1. 1. Headshift Positioning Yourself at the Centre of the Flow(s) Robin Hamman
    2. 2. Headshift projects
    3. 3. London, Sydney and Austin
    4. 4. Awards • New Statesman New Media Awards 2008: • Forrester Groundswell Awards 2008: Finalists Winners • HEIST Awards for Education Marketing: Gold • Prospect Magazine Think Tank of the Year • Marketing Week Best Packaged Goods Web Awards 2006: Best website Site: Top 10 placement • New Statesman New Media Awards 2006: • Legal Business Best Legal Website: Top 20 Highly commended placement • International Information Industry Award 2005: • Internet Marketing Attorney: Global Top 10 Innovation in Knowledge Management placement • New Media Age Effectiveness Awards 2004: • Revolution New Media Marketing Awards: Best Public Sector Website Best use of new media for customer service • International Information Industry Award 2003: • IVCA Awards: Two Runner-up positions Best intranet / extranet • New Media Age Effectiveness Awards: Finalist • CRM Industry Awards 2003: Innovation of the Year • New Statesman New Media Awards: Finalist • International Visual Communication • Central IT Unit, Cabinet Office: example of Association Awards 2003: Commended best practice
    5. 5. step one: listen
    6. 6. Bombs in Jaipur
    7. 7. Monitoring with Netvibes (Credit: Graham Holliday)
    8. 8. Iranʼs elections on Twitter Source:
    9. 9. step two: acknowledge
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. step three: engage
    13. 13.
    14. 14.
    15. 15. Wide Participation - Twelpforce
    16. 16. Tweeting at the Speed of Scale
    17. 17. step four: collaborate
    18. 18. Multiple Channels
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Audience Helps Investigate
    22. 22. Berkshire flood map - BBC
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Key Points: Positioning yourself at the centre of the flow(s) • extend your antennae • find and monitor • acknowledge • engage • involve • measure
    26. 26. Discussion Robin Hamman Head of Social Media Headshift twitter: @Cybersoc [discussion]