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Quick introduction to mobile analytics.

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Mobile Analytics

  1. 1. Measurements and MetricsMOBILE ANALYTICS
  2. 2. VALIDATED LEARNING LOOP • Analytics and Metrics Process = Build + Measure + Learn • Best summarized by Eric Ries’s Validated Learning Loop in Lean Startup methodology Not just code. Also alignment of measurement and business strategy REFERENCE: Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  3. 3. OUTCOMES• Analytics don’t end with measurement• Must translate data into desirable outcomes Test, measure, and take action REFERENCE: Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  4. 4. BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS• FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION: WHAT DEFINES SUCCESS?• All analysis start with a question• Understand what metrics and data are needed to make better decisions and perform better• Analyze mobile app architecture – Any constraints that may inhibit measurements – How to leverage technology
  5. 5. PRODUCT USAGE METRICS AARRR!• What do you need to do to build your product and learn about your users?• Dave McClure’s AARRR model provides 5 useful metrics to learning about your product and how it is used Reference: dave McClure, 500 startups. Picture courtesy of walt Disney pictures
  6. 6. THE AARRR MODEL Reference: dave McClure, 500 startups
  7. 7. FUNNEL ANALYSIS• A funnel of steps that a user go through before meeting a goal, for example – Steps leading to contacting the company – Steps leading to purchasing the product – Steps leading to purchasing in-app modules/features – Steps leading to purchasing merchandise or tokens (for games(• Funnel analysis = understanding conversions• A step in a funnel = a page view (web) = a screen or action (mobile app)
  8. 8. WEB VS MOBILE WEB MOBILE APP Session tracking done primarily thru Session tracking done primarily thru cookies and Javascript UDIDHuman user interface is keyboard and Human user interface is gestural and mouse based touch-basedWeb measurement model is centered Measurement model is less aboutaround page views, referrals, search, referrals and search and visits Unique visitors are measuredUnique visitors are tied to individual or differently because of gateway IPs of server IP addresses carriers
  9. 9. SOLUTIONS• Flurry –• Localytics –• Webtrends –• AppClix –• Kontagent –• Bango –• Apsalar –• Claritics –• Others that we may have missed…
  10. 10. MOBILE METRICS CATEGORIES• Application• Content• User Behavior• People/Location• Technical
  11. 11. COMMON MOBILE METRICS 1• Applications • Content – #Downloads – Screens – Conversions – Visits, unique visits (Monetization) – In-app – Engagement/loyalty – Ads (over time) – Links – User acquisition – Other events – User retention – Cohort analysis (retention, engagement, monetization)
  12. 12. COMMON MOBILE METRICS 2• User Behavior • People/Location – Screen flow (useful for – Users navigation and usability) – Social identity – Exits (how users are – Countries/Regions exiting an app) – Languages – Sessions – Marketplaces (length, frequency, type of users) – Carriers – Age
  13. 13. COMMON MOBILE METRICS 3• Technical – Errors – Devices – Operating systems – App Versions – Connections
  14. 14. REPORT TERMINOLOGY • Common report terminology • Example: Breakdown of OS versions used to run the app FILTER: Time DurationDIMENSION: OS Version METRIC: Session Reference: Localytics report
  15. 15. STRATEGIES• Define a few funnels to understand how user usage drives towards a goal like registration, purchase• If possible apply some of the advanced tracking and reporting features in the analytics tool to provide deeper insights – Filters (at the log and report levels) – Funnel analysis – Profiling• Keep refining how metrics are tracked
  16. 16. EVENT TAGGING• Data collection• Mapping: Actions » Events » Metrics• Need to define events to tag so that we can measure the metrics• Example: – Start Time = Time when a player starts playing a game – End Time = Time when a player ends a game – Defines the names for both events
  17. 17. Questions? Picture: Sean Dreilinger -
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