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How to use paint

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How To Paint

  1. 1. How to Paint and Draw on the Computer Painting and Drawing tools can really enhance your classroom. Here are a few reasons why: • Valuable tool for artistic communication • Fun! • Computer art projects can add a new look to your program • Appreciate the robust features of computer art and the power the user has to modify them General Terms: • Paint Programs work by using PIXELS (little squares displayed on the screen). A cursor which has been assigned a particular color or pattern, moves across the screen, painting each square it passes over. Microsoft Paint is provided as an accessory in the Windows operating system. It is basic, but free, and worth using. • Draw Programs allow the user to create geometrically based objects. These programs are better suited to projects that are more graphically oriented with text included as an important element and generally not suited for someone who wants to create a "free-hand" drawing or painting. An example program is Microsoft Word. Using Microsoft Paint
  2. 2. To gain access to the Microsoft Paint, choose the Start Menu/Programs/Accessories. Commonly Used Tools for Painting: Marquee Tool Use this tool to select a rectangular portion of the screen Airbrush Tool Use this tool to spray a mist of the currently set foreground color Paintbrush Tool Use this tool to paint straight or irregular lines Eraser Tool Use this tool to erase an area of the image (Note: make sure your background color is appropriate since this feature "erases" in the background color) Pencil Tool Use this tool to draw Type Tool Use this tool to create text on an image
  3. 3. Line Tool Use this tool to draw straight lines at any angle Paint Bucket Tool Use this tool to fill an area with the currently selected foreground color Using Microsoft Word To gain access to the Microsoft Word, choose the Start Menu/Programs/Word. In order to draw, the drawing toolbar must be present. Choose the View File/Toolbars/Drawing. Now create a drawing object, which can be an autoshape, curve, line, and WordArt. AutoShape Options Lines WordArt There are several autoshape options to explore. See the various menus on the next page. Once an object is select, the color, size and frame of the outline, fill and background of the object can be changed.
  4. 4. WordArt:
  5. 5. Printing Pictures from Paint or Word To print a picture, on the File menu, click Print. Note: To see how the printed picture will look before you print, click the File menu, and then click Print Preview. To set margins or change orientation, click the File menu, and then click Page Setup. Draw and Painting Tutorials ~