Plan, Build & Run a SharePoint Service. Not a Server!


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Companies, its business units and departments all want SharePoint from IT. But just how many implementations does an organization really need? IT departments often end up with multiple instances of a particular technology and as a result battle to drive down costs for the business.

In this session Naz Parker provides IT decision makers and technical staff with some insight into how IT can deliver SharePoint as a Shared Billable Service to its businesses and will make specific reference to SharePoint the Sanlam way!

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  • Beware of DRS & V-motion in this configuration. Failover in this configuration is faster than V-motion can move your VMs. So turn it off.
  • A comprehensive governance policy is imperative in a Shared Service so get the business to be party to its development. And again, don’t re-invent the wheel. Others have done it before and learn from what they’ve already documented. Practical (not just a high-level document) – accessible – development standards – processes - strategic changes - dispute resolution
  • By design SharePoint allows for a de-centralised administration model and thus empowers the business.Align with existing Information Security PoliciesEncourage MM & assist Site admins
  • Plan, Build & Run a SharePoint Service. Not a Server!

    1. 1. 19 May 2012 The first ever all green SharePoint event on earth Plan, Build & Run a SharePoint Service. Not Server! Track: Voice of the Customer Session Level: 200 Naz Parker – Sanlam Group @NazParker01 #SPSJHB
    2. 2. House Rules
    3. 3. AgendaBusiness DemandPitfalls & Challenges of a “Reactive Approach”Doing it Differently
    4. 4. Why SharePoint demand?SharePoint has “grown-up”Business been told it is easy to useWill save them money, is “cheap” or is “free”Easy to “knock together”Adds great value
    5. 5. The common reactive approachBusiness A = All-in-one SP2010 Server!Business B = Upgrading 2007 Server!Business C = Needs dedicated SP2010 & SQL Oh! And Enterprise Licences too!Department D = Get’s a Document Library onBusiness A’s server.Team E = We’re very small, and want our own“free version” on our own VM!
    6. 6. Pitfalls & ChallengesMultiple Servers, Databases, etc.Increased Costs: Licensing, Support &MaintenanceWhat’s Cheap & Easy about that?Nothing!
    7. 7. How can it be done differently? Provide SharePoint as a Business Service
    8. 8. But what about?Questions that often scare IT departments. How much of what is required? How will it be configured? Who is going to pay for what?
    9. 9. So how can it be achieved?Executive Sponsorship  Buy-inClear objectives: SharePoint = Sharing Share to drive down costs Group-wide benefits Consolidation StandardizationBusinesses awareness - it’s coming soon!
    10. 10. Infrastructure & LicensingThe days of a business owning a server are over!IT owns SharePoint infrastructure & its licensing.Business owns the user licensing.An Enterprise Licensing Agreement helps.The Sanlam Way!
    11. 11. Design & Implementation Don’t try to be him!
    12. 12. Design & Implementation…Infrastructure ArchitectureSharePoint ArchitectureHigh Availability & DRManagement ToolsetsBusiness Data SegregationSecurityIn-house skills? PartnerThe Sanlam Way!
    13. 13. Make my day! Pick a Data Centre to power down! My Farm fails-over faster than you can V-motion my VMs! Data Centre 1 Data Centre 2 Hardware Network Load Balancing WFE 1 WFE 2 APP 1 SharePoint Application Failover APP2 SQL Primary Database Mirroring SQL Mirror SQL Witness VM HOST A VM HOST B Storage A Storage Volume Controller Storage BThe Sanlam Way!
    14. 14. Development, Test & DR DR Site Data Centre 2 WFE DR WFE Test DEV APP Test APP DR SQL DR SQL Test VM HOST DR VM HOST C Storage DR Storage BThe Sanlam Way!
    15. 15. Internal & External Facing Farms MS TMG Reverse Proxy Reverse Proxy SharePoint SharePoint For Enterprise Internet Sites Enterprise Content Publishing Active Directory LDAP Directory Internal-Facing Intranets Farm External-Facing Extranets FarmThe Sanlam Way!
    16. 16. Governance PlanImperative in a Shared Service!Don’t “re-invent the wheel!”Ownership & Roles!Must Be Practical!Development & Integration Standards!
    17. 17. BB Group Exco B Conflict Resolution Shared Services CC S B Board Communicate Decisions Strategic Changes Legend Major Impact Items S Shared Service Escalation C Provider S C C S CB Management Group: IT B Shared Ratification Architecture SharePoint Consultation Requirements e-Biz Technology Governing Body Decisions Governing Body Influence B B S Architecture/Operations/Projects B SharePoint SWAT Team Shared Service Provider S S B B S Business Project Business Technology SharePoint Internal Steering External Forums Shared Service B Forums Committees E Service E Provider Influence/Knowledge Sharing S B S CC Public Shared B SharePoint SharePoint Community E Interest GroupGovernance Flow The Sanlam Way!
    18. 18. De-centralized Site AdministrationInformation Security Policies Exist!Managed Metadata vs. FoldersSite Admins – Reduced Admin PermissionsThe Sanlam Way!
    19. 19. Service Adoption considerationsEmbrace “Early Adopters”Create Self-Help CapabilitiesFind Champions!Assist the business
    20. 20. Service Adoption considerationsHR & IT Dev are the ChampionsBusiness Analysts – SharePoint TrainingDevelopers Mind-shift – Code LastSite Admin & End User Team Site ManualsSite Admin “How To Sessions”Microsoft Productivity HubCodePlex SharePoint Learning – My Site – No content TabIntranets  Extranets  Business SolutionsThe Sanlam Way!
    21. 21. Service Support considerationsService DeskService Management Processes SLAs & OLAsReporting  Web Analytics +Internal SharePoint Support Team  COEProject Teams
    22. 22. Billing Model ConsiderationsBusinesses have budgets!Per User subscription?% of Operation Costs?Projects?Storage?
    23. 23. Questions & About MeSharePoint Manager with Sanlam ITISSIT Pro/Architecture on MS stack since 1994Working with SharePoint since WSS 2.0Contributor to Case Study