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Asexual Reproduction (1) Asexual Reproduction (1) Presentation Transcript

  • Asexual Reproduction Mr.Miller
  • Is this Statement true or false?
    • Two parents are needed to produced a new organism
  • What in the world is this?
  • This is a starfish Some starfish have the ability to regenerate if their limbs are removed
  • What is reproduction?
    • Reproduction is the process of producing offspring
    • Offspring - a new organism produced by one or two parents
    • There are two types of reproduction
      • Asexual Reproduction
      • Sexual Reproduction
  • What is asexual reproduction ?
    • Asexual Reproduction is the process of producing offspring with only one parent.
  • How does this happen?
    • There are several forms of asexual reproduction, which include:
    • Regeneration (Fragmentation)
    • Budding
    • Binary Fission
    • Mitosis
  • What is Budding?
    • Budding is a form of asexual reproduction
    • Budding involves the development pinching off of a new cell
    • Budding is very common in plants and fungi , but may be found in animal organisms as well, such as the Hydra . Usually, the protrusion stays attached to the primary organism for a while, before becoming free. The new organism is genetically identical to the primary one (a clone ).
  • Budding in a hydra
  • Regeneration (Fragmentation)
    • Regeneration is another form of asexual reproduction
    • During regeneration, an organism breaks into two or more parts.
    • Each part can grow into separate organisms
    • Starfish and sponges have the ability to reproduce asexually by regeneration
  • Binary Fission
    • Binary fission is a process of asexual reproduction in prokaryotic cells
    • Binary fission has four steps
      • 1. cell growth
      • 2. DNA replication
      • 3. Cell separation & growth
      • 4. The cell splits in two
  • Asexual Reproduction Poster
    • Instructions: You must create a poster that contains the following elements
    • Title (5pts)
    • Definition of Title term (10pts)
    • A drawing to represent each type of asexual reproduction(20 pts each)
    • Title to label the type of asexual reproduction be displayed (5 pts each)
    • A description of what occurs during this type of asexual reproduction (10 pts each)
  • What is mitosis?
    • Mitosis is the process of cell division in eukaryotic cells
    • Cells have a life cycle which is called the cell cycle. The cell cycle includes two stages:
      • Interphase
      • Mitosis
  • Which organisms reproduce this way?
    • Amoebas are single cell organisms that use mitosis to reproduce
    • The cells in the human body also reproduce through mitosis
  • Interphase
    • Before cells can divide their DNA must be replicated during interphase .
    • DNA is organized into structures called chromosomes
    • Then Cell Division occurs in a series of stages or phases
    • There are four phases in mitosis:
      • Prophase
      • Metaphase
      • Anaphase
      • Telophase
  • Prophase
  • Metaphase
  • Anaphase
  • Telophase
  • Cytokinesis
  • Lets Review What We Learned!
    • What is reproduction?
  • Reproduction is the process of producing offspring
  • What Are Offspring?
  • Offspring are new organisms created by one or two parents
  • What are the two types of reproduction?
  • Asexual Reproduction & Sexual Reproduction
  • What is Asexual Reproduction?
  • Asexual Reproduction is the process of producing offspring with only one parent