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Herbs of Spring for the Gulf Coast
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Herbs of Spring for the Gulf Coast






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Herbs of Spring for the Gulf Coast Herbs of Spring for the Gulf Coast Presentation Transcript

  • Herbs of Spring for the Gulf CoastFavorites for culinary and landscaping possibilities Presented by Jeanie Dunnihoo
  • Popular Herbs for SpringAlliums ParsleyArtemesias RosemaryBorage SageDill ThymeFennel BasilsLemon balm CatnipMexican mint marigold LavenderMints Salad Burnet
  • How Many Ways can You Grow?• Containers : Pots, Hanging Baskets, Anything that drains well.• Existing Gardens: Among the landscape or vegetable gardens.• Special Herb Garden: Formal or not.
  • Growing Basics• Soil preparation (proper drainage, pH balance, and nutrients).• Sun exposure (hours of sun/shade for each plant type)• Spacing (proper plant spacing to allow maximum growth of the plants)• Grouping (grouping like-growing plants and complementary plants together)
  • AnnualsPlants that grow, flower, set seed, and die inone season • Culinary Basil • Cilantro • Dill • Borage • Nasturtium • Stevia
  • Perennial Woody HerbsGenerally grow more slowly and prefer to dry out between waterings • Rosemary • Bay Laurel • Lavender • Salad Burnet • Sage • Pelargoniums • Artemesias • Oregano • Thyme
  • Containers
  • Stacked Tipsy PotsHerb Society Member demonstration at Southern Living Idea House, 2012
  • Need Portability Need Good Drainage
  • Easy Building Project
  • Herb Spiral Fast drainage at topEach plantis placed foroptimum Center is about 4 feetexposure tallanddrainage
  • Herb Spiral TrialExperiment….Mix it up…..Raise it up1. March
  • Herb Spiral Trial Herb spiralallows mixedplantings in a small area 2. May
  • Herb Spiral Trial Rosemary topiary in top of Spiral3. 9 months later
  • Herbs Get Front and CenterHot peppers Mint SunflowersVegetables Rosemary Oregano Thyme
  • Get Going Seeds Nursery grown plantPlant what you like anda new one to try
  • Gray Leafed Herbs• Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, Artemesia, Thyme• All need light watering but dislike humidity• Pea gravel + sand to add to pot mix for faster drainage (Water lightly)• Use raised clay pots or raised bed• Mulch with rocks, crushed egg shells, dry wood chunks or gravel
  • Plant Gray Plants for Contrast and Texture Artemesia Culinary sage Rosemary They are usually drought tolerantCurry scented Helichrysim Lavender Godwin Creek Purple culinary sage
  • Oregano and Oregano Flavored Herbs Cuban oregano(Plectranthus amboinicus) Oreganum vulgare Mexican Oregano (Poliomentha longiflora
  • Thymes • Plant in several areas • Trim often • Plant on a bump • Mulch with loose materialRoots form at basein semi woody zone
  • Rosemary
  • Rocky, Well Drained Raised BedUprightRosemary,Cubanoregano,purple basil,salviacocciniaArbor GateTomball Tx.
  • Cilantro Coriander Changes to Honey bees Wasps Coriander seedBeneficial bee Lady beetles
  • Mints• Peppermint• Chocolate Mint• Spearmint• Pineapple Mint• Lemon Mint• Mojito Mint• Swiss Mint• Red Stemmed Apple Mint• Cross Pollinated Mystery MINT
  • Grow Mints in Wide Pots to Keep Them in Bounds Bury pot for root barrier Mints tolerate some shade and need moisture
  • Lemon Balm and Lime Balm (Melissa officinalis) Lemon balmVariegated lemon balm Give afternoon shade for better flavor
  • Lemon Grass and Lemon Verbena Strong lemon flavor
  • Mexican Mint Marigold (Tagetes lucida) • Substitute for French tarragon, it has a similar flavor. • Fall bloomer. • Save some in butter for winter.
  • Borage
  • Garlic Chives (Allium tuberosum)Very tolerant to adverseconditions, will reseedeasily. Great in thelandscape. Flat leaves
  • Beautiful Basils
  • More BasilsAfrican Blue Hybrid Rosie Thai Basil? (ornamental) attracts bees Siam Queen Thai Basil
  • Citrus and Hybrid Basils Mrs. Burns lemon Tabriz Basil perpetou Varigated Aussie sweetie. Tastes similar to sweet basil.
  • Damage CausesInsectDamage1. Wipe down leaves and clip off damage. Die Back, usually from too2. Spray with soapy water first. Rinse. much overhead water.3. Use neem only if necessary.1 Remove damaged leaves. Avoid splashing water on leaves. Cold damage Cercospora leaf spot
  • Damage Causes GrasshoppersSpider mites Aphids Thrips
  • Damage Causes Chewing wormsgrasshopper or snail damage
  • Damage Control Safer’s Soap Spray Pruning
  • HERB the Protector
  • Basil ready to cook!
  • Preserving For Later Use• Freezing In Oil or Butter• Freezing In Stock Or Water• Drying – Strip Leaves From Branches • Place on drying screen inside in the South (due to generally high humidity outside) – Microwave • Use a low setting and test minute by minute to judge for appropriate dryness (works well with Parsley and Chives)
  • Adding Flavor to Your Life• *Start with a tablespoon of fresh herb mixed with unsalted butter to taste flavor. 2-3 Tbs. fresh = 1 Tbs. dry*• Harvest small leaves in 6” stems and strip or use whole then remove.• Med leaves like basil, oregano, sage, slice or cut with scissors. Can be used on stem then removed.• Parsley is a blending herb. brings out other flavors and mellows strong ones. Add toward the end when heating.
  • Culinary TipsTough leaves like lemon verbena and lemonbalm should be chopped finely before usingor infused to add flavorLemon grass should be pounded to breakup flavor cells. Best to remove stalksBay leaves should not be eaten.Remove before eating dish