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Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
Dried Flowers
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  • 1. Dried Flowers
  • 2. Methods
    • Air drying
    • 3. Desiccants
    • 4. Pressing
    • 5. Microwave (pressed and whole)
  • Air drying
    Upside-down by stalks – Choose area that does not receive a lot of sunlight and is not exposed to moisture. Place like flowers together in bunches to avoid some drying before others.
  • 6. Screen drying – spread blooms or leaves on wire screen that receives ventilation on all sides. Turn blooms every day or so. May drop flower stems through screen until bloom rests flat on screen. Good for flowers that will not dry well hanging upside down.
  • 7. Upright-drying -- For flowers like statice or strawflowers that dry well. Arrange in a vase and allow them to dry in place. May also place into vase with water and allow the water to evaporate.
  • 8. Drying with Desiccants
  • 9. Sprinkle about 1” desiccant on bottom of glass or plastic container. Arrange blooms on top. Cover petals with crystals, including between layers. Do not mix blossom types. Cover with airtight lid.
  • 10. b) Check blooms every 3 days for dryness. Use small paintbrush to remove desiccant.
    c) May also place into microwave oven for about 2 minutes at 50% power.
    d) Recycle silica gel by baking crystals in foil-covered pan @ approximately 250 degrees F for 20-50 minutes
  • 11. Pressed flowers
    Phonebook alone
    Phonebook and silica crystals
  • 12. Plywood flower press
  • 13. Microwave pressed flowers
    May use purchased microwaveable flower drying board ($25.30 - 47.95 new from . . .
  • 14. Or -- Make your own press from cardboard for use in the microwave
  • 15. Pressing flowers with microwave
    Lay petals/leaves/stems/etc. between tissue paper
    Clamp boards together with rubber bands
    Microwave about 2 minutes on 50% power. Add time in 30 – 60 second increments.
    Allow plants to cool. If not yet dry, microwave another 30 – 60 seconds
  • 16. Book Press vs. Microwave
    Book press without silica may take 6 – 10 weeks to dry, or about 2 weeks with silica; microwave drying takes a few minutes
    Book press provides better results with some lighter –colored flowers and flowers with higher water content; microwave may turn them brown or emphasize the veining
    Microwave will actually enhance the colors of some darker flowers – works great with roses!
  • 17.
  • 18. Gathering
    Gather when dry and fresh
    Cut with scissors
    Save in plastic bag
    Try various types of plants – leaves, stems, grasses, vines, seed heads
    Look for varying sizes, shapes, tints, veining, and textures
  • 19. Sample Crafts
  • 20.
  • 21. Cards
  • 22. More ideas . . .
    • Night Lights • Note Cards• Ornaments With Pressed Flowers• Place Cards• Place Mats • Press Flowers from Special Occasions • Pressed Flower Jewelry• Pressed Flower Luminaries • Rubber Stamping Projects• Stationery• Sun Catchers • Wedding Invitations
    • Decoupage• Decorate Bags and Boxes• Decorative Mirrors• Decorative Pressed Flower Pots• Fan Pulls • Flower Stickers• Framed Botanical Art• Gift Tags• Herbarium Collections• Journal Covers and Pages• Magnets • Mats And Frames • Memory Book Covers and Pages
  • 23. Helpful Resources
    Microwaved Pressed Flowers, by Joanna Sheen (745.92 She)
    Flower Drying Handbook, by Dolly Lutz Morris (SB447.M67.1996)
    Flower Drying With a Microwave, by TitiaJoosten (745.92 Joo)
    The Creative Book of Pressed Flowers, by Mary Lawrence (745.92 Law)
  • 24. Websites
    How to Press Flowers (
    Lee’s Wood Projects (
    Using Desiccants for Drying Flowers (