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Algae to Biodiesel
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Algae to Biodiesel


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Algae-to-Biodiesel at LSC-Montgomery
    Let’s grow our own fuel!
  • 2. U.S. Dependence on Imported Oil
    A bad problem that is quickly getting worse
  • 3. Traditional biofuels compete with the food supply & contribute to rising food costs
  • 4. Even if the food supply wasn’t an issue, there isn’t enough arable land to produce enough fuel to meet the world’s needs
  • 5. The newest generation of biofuels include using algae, the fastest growing plant (actually a group of ~30,000 known species) known
  • 6. Algae is a feedstock that can be used to produce various types of fuel, including gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel
    A bad problem that is quickly getting worse
  • 7. Millions of dollars are currently being invested in algae-to-biofuels research
    Exxon-Mobil: $600 Million
    Bill Gates: $100 Million
    General Atomics/Department of Defense: $43 Million
    Solazyme: $76 Million
  • 8. Algae can be used to clean up wastewater
  • 9. Algae can be used to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere
  • 10. Algae oil and biomass can be converted into an incredibly wide array of products
  • 11. Growing algae at LSC-M
  • 12. The National Algae Association is a nonprofit organization seeking to form alliances that will fast track algae commercialization
  • 13. The National Algae Association recently approached the LSC Biotechnology Institute about housing and operating one of the first commercial scale algae growth and harvesting systems in the United States
    Photobioreactor (PBR)
    Oil Extractor
  • 14. Harvell Plastics and George Fischer Piping Systems donated several thousands of dollars worth of customized plastics for constructing 3 state-of-the-art PBRs at LSC-Montgomery
  • 15. Biocentric Energy has agreed to donate a photobioreactor (PBR) of what may be the most cost-effective design yet developed
  • 16. Yokogawa Corporation of America and Fluid Imaging Technologies have or will be donating/lending >$100,000 worth of instrumentation for monitoring the algae and culture conditions in real time
  • 17. Student Involvement
  • 18. Students have been meeting twice a week all semester planning both large- and small-scale algae projects
  • 19. A group of engineers, piping experts, and others have donated both time and materials in the construction of the first PBR
  • 20. The job never could have been completed without the MANY hours spent by our students working on this project (1)
  • 21. The job never could have been completed without the MANY hours spent by our students working on this project (2)
  • 22. Finished at last!
  • 23. Finished at last!
  • 24. Even Dr. Lane was impressed!