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Cutversion Presentation
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Cutversion Presentation


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Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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  • 1.
    • Do you want to….
  • 2.
    • Cut Fuel Costs…
  • 3. Cut Harmful Emissions…
  • 4.
    • Cut Imported Oil…
  • 5.
    • The E85 Cutversion Kit
    “ We cut your fuel costs, emissions, and imported oil by converting your vehicle.”
  • 6. E85 Cutversion Kit
    • Use E85, Gas, or Any Combination of Both
    • Easy Installation
      • Similar to wiring in a car stereo
      • Plugs into fuel injector connectors
      • No modifications to fuel delivery system needed
      • Installation is completely reversible
    • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
      • Transferable
    • Fully Automatic Operation
      • No switches or lights to monitor
      • Automatically detects ratio of E85 & gas in fuel system
    • Compatible with Vehicle’s Computer (ECM)
      • Does not override the car’s diagnostic system
      • All engine malfunctions are reported properly
      • No false check engine light signals
    • Patents Pending
  • 7. Easy Installation
    • The unit is a “plug and play” system:
      • Unplug the female connector from the vehicle’s wire harness to the fuel injector.
      • Plug that same female connector into a male connector on the unit’s wire harness.
      • Plug the matching female connector from the unit’s harness into the fuel injector in step #1.
      • Connect the positive lead to a fused power source and the negative lead to a ground source.
      • Attach the input sensor leads (varies per vehicle).
      • Fill up with E85 and go!
  • 8. Vehicle Applications
    • The E85 Cutversion Kit can be used on almost any passenger vehicle that uses gasoline and has multi-point fuel injection, and it works with any type of fuel injector.
    E85 Kit in a 2007 Dodge Charger 3.5L Fuel Injector Types:
  • 9. Reduced Costs
    • Sweden
    • E85 Refueling Stations: By law, every major petrol station has to carry a renewable fuel.
      • Government subsidies guarantee that E85 will sell for 30% less than gas.
      • 1,200 E85 Refueling Locations (August 2008).
    • Municipal Parking: In certain municipalities it is less expensive or completely free to park a vehicle that meets the local requirements pertaining to clean vehicles.
    • Vehicle Insurance: 20% discount.
    • Congestion Tax Exemption
  • 10. Environmental Impact
    • Ethanol is totally biodegradable.
    • E85 emissions compared to gasoline:
      • Particulate Matter (PM): 50% less
      • Greenhouse Gases (GHGs): 35-46% less
      • CO: 30% less
      • CO 2 : 5-10% less (tailpipe emissions)
          • Well-to-Wheel (total lifecycle): up to 65% less
          • At 15,000 miles per year, the approximate 372 gram/mile per vehicle CO 2 emission reduction achievable by switching from gasoline to E85 translates to an annual per-vehicle reduction of 6.1 tons of CO 2 .
          • Cellulosic ethanol has the potential for 86% less emissions.
  • 11. European Countries with a CO 2 Auto Emissions Tax Ireland United Kingdom Germany (eff. July 09) Sweden France Spain Finland Portugal Denmark the Netherlands Cyprus Luxembourg Belgium Italy Austria
  • 12. Competitive Analysis * The unit does not override any functionality of the car’s ECU. All malfunctions & trouble codes are properly recorded which results in the vehicle’s OEM warranty remaining intact.
  • 13. Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the E85 Cutversion Kit from Cutversion Technologies Corp.?
    • The E85 Cutversion Kit is an E85 conversion kit that will allow your gasoline fuel injected vehicle to be able to use either ethanol based or petroleum based fuels.
    • What is E85?
    • E85 stands for 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol is an alternative fuel that can be made from a number of renewable sources: corn, sugarcane, switch grass, and other types of biomass. Ethanol has been around for a very long time - Henry Ford actually designed the original Model T to run on ethanol back in 1908.
    • How does the E85 Cutversion Kit work?
    • The idea is simple: we modify the signal that is sent from the vehicle’s ECM to the fuel injectors to produce the proper fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. The System’s advanced circuitry is OBD-II certified which ensures that no check engine lights or conflicts occur with your vehicle’s computer.
    • Will I need to make any other modifications to my engine in addition to the E85 Cutversion Kit?
    • You will not need any other modifications after installing the System, but you may see additional horsepower increases by going with a higher flowing fuel pump and fuel injectors.
  • 14. Frequently Asked Questions (cont.)
    • Will using E85 harm any of my fuel system’s components?
    • No. All modern gasoline fuel injected engines are already ethanol compliant; you are probably burning 5% ethanol (E5) in your vehicle right now. There are a number of myths surrounding ethanol stemming mainly from its revival due to the oil crisis in the 1970s (gasohol). Since then auto manufacturers have designed their vehicles to be able to tolerate ethanol.
    • Can I still use gasoline after I have installed the E85 Cutversion Kit?
    • Yes. Once the E85 Cutversion Kit is installed, you will be able to use E85, gas, or any combination of both fuels. The advanced circuitry in the system will automatically adjust for whatever the fuel mixture is.
    • Why would I want to use E85 in my car or light truck?
    • There are many advantages to using E85 in your vehicle, especially if you are interested in high performance:
      • Increased Horsepower – E85 has an octane rating of 105.
      • E85 has a cooling effect in an engine’s combustion chamber which means:
        • Higher boost in superchargers
        • Higher boost in turbos
      • E85 will save you money at the pump over premium unleaded gas, and if you are running on race gas it will save you even more.
      • E85 availability is constantly increasing and can be found in more locations than race gas.
      • E85 burns much cleaner so you will not only be helping your engine and your pocketbook, you will also be helping the environment.
      • E85 lessens dependency on imported foreign oil - stop sending your hard earned money to OPEC.
  • 15. Supporting Organizations
    • BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport (BEST): deals with the introduction and market penetration of bioethanol as a vehicle fuel, alternative fuel conversions, and the introduction and wider use of flexible fuel vehicles and ethanol cars on the European market -
      • Participating cities/regions in Europe are:
        • Coordinating City is Stockholm (SE)
        • Biofuel Region (SE)
        • Somerset (UK)
        • Rotterdam (NL)
        • Basque Country and Madrid (ES)
        • La Spezia (IT)
        • Brandenburg (DE)
        • Nanyang (China)
        • Sao Paolo (Brazil)
  • 16.
    • "If history is any guide, oil will eventually be overtaken by less-costly alternatives well before conventional oil reserves run out.
    • Indeed, oil displaced coal despite still vast untapped reserves of coal, and coal displaced wood without denuding our forest lands."
    • – Alan Greenspan, 2005