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The Importance of Link Building
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The Importance of Link Building


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From September 2010 by @jeremy_sherman for LMX. …

From September 2010 by @jeremy_sherman for LMX.

How to build inbound links, and why they're crucial to a successful Internet marketing campaign.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. The Importance of Link Building To a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign Jeremy Sherman Vice President, Search Marketing Customer Magnetism Twitter @jeremy_sherman @trycm
  • 2. How Search Engines Value Links- PageRank: A brief history - Sergey Brin & Larry Page’s algorithm developed in 1997 at Stanford. The foundation of Google.- PageRank is based on: -Links can be interpreted as “Votes” -Pages that receive more Votes are more important – and should therefore rank higher
  • 3. How Search Engines Value Links- Votes from more important pages (ie. Authority sites)count more than votes from lower quality pages -Relevancy, # of Links, Content, etc. define value -Not all links are equal- The Anchor Text (words of thelink) is associated with the pagethat the link points to – andtherefore tells the searchengine what that page is about
  • 4. Top 3 Ranking Factors of Inbound LinksInbound links are links FROM other websites TO your website. Internal links are links from pages WITHIN your own website.
  • 5. 1. Keyword Rich Anchor Text Links: - Utilizing targeted keywords is paramount to improving rankings for specific keywords.Tip: use tools such as Google’s keyword tool to find highly searched relevant keywords
  • 6. 2. Quantity and Quality of Links: - It is important to balance quantity and quality. - 5 “high value” links can have a bigger ranking impact than 50 “low value” links. - Determined by relevancy, content, authority, age, etc. - A link from CNN is considered significantly more valuable than a link from your friend Bob’s personal website. Tip: Consider these metrics when looking for links: - # of links pointing IN to Target Page - # of links pointing OUT of Target Page - Placement of link ON Target page – higher up on page is better
  • 7. 3. Diversity of Link Sources: - Build links from as many unique sources as possible. - 6 links from 6 unique websites is more valuable than 6 links from the same website.
  • 8. Three Ways to Build Links to Your Website
  • 9. 1. Leverage Existing Relationships: - Ask co-workers, family members, friends, and customers to link to you. - Make it easy for them to do it. Provide the html code so they can simply copy and paste onto their website. - Utilize your existing social media networks to develop links. - Resource Allocation: low cost / medium time commitmentTip: Include info on how to link to your site in every order confirmation email. Yourcustomers want to link to you – make it easy for them to do it.
  • 10. 2. Utilize High Quality Directory Submissions, Article Marketing & Press Release Publication: - Full control over anchor text selection and content messaging. - Resource Allocation: medium cost / high time commitment
  • 11. 2. Utilize High Quality Directory Submissions, Article Marketing & Press Release Publication: - A few places to get you started.Tip: Spend some time on research to find niche directories / article sites related to your industry
  • 12. 3. Create “Link Bait” that People will Link to & Spread Naturally: - Badges: logos or banners that users can place on their site to promote a specific cause, product, etc. - Widgets: a piece of self-contained code that can be installed on any webpage. - Quizzes: usually fun games users can play – and then post the results on their own site. - Resource Allocation: high cost / low time commitmentTip: Be sure your banners and widgets include a link back to your website with targeted keyword alternate text
  • 13. 3. Create “Link Bait” that People will Link to & Spread Naturally: Badge Widget Quiz
  • 14. Bonus. Link Reclamation: - For sites with an already established link profile - Mine existing links and contact those sites that are linking to you with “un-optimized” anchor text -Example: If a site links to, ask them if they would be willing to change your link to Targeted Keyword insteadTip: Use Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools and to analyze your backlinks.