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A short presentation on the key reasons and ways to integrate social media with search engine marketing.

A short presentation on the key reasons and ways to integrate social media with search engine marketing.

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  • Mainly focused on Google because they hold 98% of mobile search share. Mobile search is not like desktop search. Avg. mobile query is 15 characters long and takes approx. 30 key presses and 40 seconds, according to Google Keep in mind that Google mobile results pages are normally restricted to 5 results and studies show that most mobile users will NEVER look past page 2
  • Mobile is growing at a mind-blowing rate. Mobile facilitates the process of connecting with your audience at the most personal level.
  • Mobile Presentation SEs use different bots and algos for mobile search, evaluating sites as if they are being rendered on a mobile device Googlebot-Mobile has different user agents (define: strings sent to the browser to identify the device being used) that send various device UAs to imitate countless different devices Site ranked partially based on how well the page will render on the device requesting it Google gives improved quality score and ranking based on whether signals indicate the content is mobile in nature Content Formats


  • 1. Integrating Social & Search Optimizing Your Social Media Campaigns for SEO and Reputation Management Liz McClendon Social Media Manager Customer Magnetism1
  • 2. Why Integration is Important • Social Media campaigns on their own are great for branding, and in turn reputation management • Social Sites often have high Page Ranks and will most likely show up on the 1st page of results for your company/brand name • HOWEVER not for improving your rankings for your targeted keywords2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. What’s True for Search is True for Social • Content, Keywords, and Links – Just like any search engine optimization campaign: fresh, keyword-rich content and links are crucial to success • If you’re lucky, this happens naturally4
  • 5. Content • Search engines love new content • Easy ways to keep up: – Connect your blog’s RSS feed to your Facebook account – Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to each other, Flickr, etc. • Include multimedia updates – Increase your chances of 1 of your photos showing up for a keyword’s image results5
  • 6. Keywords • Domain Names & Title tags – It’s important to have your brand name/ targeted keywords in your business’s website URL & title. Same goes for social profiles.6
  • 7. Keywords • When you register for social profiles, use the name that people will look for you by – If it won’t fit or is taken, make sure to include your full name/brand name in the Name or Bio section – After 25 fans on Facebook, you can create a customized URL (facebook.com/username) with keywords • Potential clients will most likely search for keywords – not your brand name7
  • 8. Keywords8
  • 9. Links • On most social sites, all links are nofollow – This means that no link juice passes to your link – However, when search engines crawl the site, they will in turn see your link and that link will be indexed sooner • LinkedIn and YouTube have a few great follow-link opportunities9
  • 10. Programs like Quirk Search Status are available for your browser so you can view which links are follow and which are nofollow10
  • 11. Social Bookmarking • Tons of sites, not tons of value for improving organic rankings • Can be beneficial for reputation management11
  • 12. Reputation Management • The rapid rate at which search engines crawl social sites keeps them high in rankings • Social bookmarking sites will often shoot to the 1st page of results, but will fade back down within a manner of days12
  • 13. Customer Magnetism 2697 International Parkway Parkway 7 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 www.customermagnetism.com Liz McClendon twitter.com/LizMcMedia liz@trycm.com13