Mla style essay women need to reach some level of values in order not to be degraded


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Mla style essay women need to reach some level of values in order not to be degraded

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Mla style essay women need to reach some level of values in order not to be degraded

  1. 1. Surname 1Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date: 13th March 2011 Women Need to Reach Some Level of Values In order not to be degraded. Personal Experience Women in the society i live in have been heavily degraded in terms of the dignity andrespect they are accorded both by the men as well as the society at large. Women have been forgenerations especially in the developing countries been denied the justice to equal access ofopportunities regarding reading writing, voting, making of family decisions and getting their wayin career development. Such denial has been catapulted by cultural, religious and politicalbarriers which has made women to be viewed by men as the weaker sex incapable of making ofrational and abstract decisions that affect the society most (Head, & Galligan, 74). Such lowlevels in women’s educational and informational opportunities as well as biased stereotyping ofwomen has made them slaves of the male dominated society making thus them less dignified andrespected. For instance in the Arab countries religion of Islam has no or limited room for womenespecially in leadership and political positions and this has denied them a chance to participate indecision making processes as they are not represented. In china men are the only owners of thetop political positions leaving women out. Such traditional and degrading habits has made manywomen to be subject to men’s manipulation and control giving them limited opportunities tocontribute to the growth and development of their families and the society at large (Bernard,
  2. 2. Surname 2167). Therefore there are issue shat women should attain in the modern society so that they areable to be treated with their served dignity and respect. Overview of Topic In the modern era, world women are still subjected to unfair and inhuman treatments at inall levels of the society in that women are still not given priorities in terms of access to basichuman necessities like education opportunities. This is evident in societies which value the boychild at the expense of the girl child viewed to be of lesser value and such treatment has seenwomen become less educated leading to the continuing indignity against them in the society.Denial of such opportunities to women prevents them from liberating themselves from the men’senslavery hence becoming vulnerable to be used as property and objects by the culprits (Bernard,61). In addition to that women are not supposed to be loyal and submissive to men folk otherwisethey are branded rebellious and such labels are viewed by the society as socially unfit thusconsequently such expectations by the society have mistreated women making them to be lessdignified especially if they behave contrary to the social norms (Pearsall, 345). In the current world women are still expected to play the domestic roles of being homecaretakers and mainly expected to take care of the family as the husband still remains the solebread winner of the family. Thus failure by the male figures to take care oft heir responsibilitiesas in aces of family conflict or even in the case of death of the male women are faced withconstantly hard struggles in becoming the family bread winner and such situation has placewomen in inhuman and unjust ways of life like increasing poverty levels and disease makingthem less dignified in the society as misfits or of the lowly status. In the modern world there has been an increased attention towards feminism and otherfemale activism that had seen women accorded much rights and privileges which made them to
  3. 3. Surname 3be degraded in the society my men. This is mainly attributed to the increased levels of radicalfeminism that has depicted men as the cause of most of women’s problems and suffering yet inreality women have increasing degraded as a result of the after math of the intensifying feminismOut of the attention given to women affairs they have been enable to easily accesscontraceptives, abortion services and other heaths services they have been lacking for decades.Such service has reduced mother mortalities especially due to complications during birth andpregnancy hence have generally improved the lives of women in the society earning them somedignity amongst the men. Easy access to family planning services has reduced unwantedpregnancies which often leads to economic strains especially for the financial unstable womenthus being able to control the abilities to have family ha has helped them to prioritize on othercritical issues of life like careers and financial freedom hence has facilitated many of themleading respectable lives hence being treated with honor and dignity since they can take chargeof their lives responsibly contrary to past generations (Head, & Galligan, 74).. In the modern society women activism and feminism has increased and spread its effectsto the more conservative and traditional societies empowering women to know their naturalrights making them to carry out a revolution against the past injustices against them in thesociety. This has seen women access equal opportunities in alls aspects of life and moreinformed generation of women who sufficiently contribute to the growth and development of thesociety initially dominated by degrading men. Discussion In attaining their chauvinistic goals men have often denied women privileges ofeducation, holding property and taking leadership both in the society and politically,opportunities which would make them independent and empowered thus promoting the men’s
  4. 4. Surname 4ability to undermine their dignity. Therefore in the modern society it’s clear that women have toattain some level of various things in order to be dignified in the society. Some of these thingthat women need to attain In order not to be degraded include being, educated, aware of theirrights, regarding both state and family issues like birth, abortion, property ownership, childcustody and decision making processes in issues that affects them (Head, & Galligan,74). For a woman to be respected and dignified in the modern society one of the things thatwomen should attain is their rights to be educated rationally thus giving them an opportunity ofmaking a full contribution to societies they come from. According to Wollstonecraft womenhave been degraded by their societies simply because they have been assumed that they are weakbeings who are not able to make rational or even abstract thought about the society(Wollstonecraft, 234).Therefore for them to be seen as equal beings who can contribute to thedevelopment of the society just as the way men do, they should attain certain level of educationthat will serve to empower them to make rational and abstract decisions that will steer theirsocieties ahead thus making them to be respected and dignified as human beings. Therefore bywomen getting the appropriate education and training they will be able to play a critical anddignified role in the society which helps in eliminating the male stereotypic thinking that womenare incapable of making societal decisions. When women get educated they are capable ofthinking and acting as men contrary to the traditional assumption and hence success in thesociety resulting from educated women will help to reverse the biased thinking thus giving thema deserved dignity and respect from all quarters of the society (Bernard, 127). Another way that women will avoid being degraded in the society is by being wellprepared role models who give a dignified and respectful education to their children and this isattributed to the fact that women are the main educators and up bringers of most children in the
  5. 5. Surname 5society as compared to the male counterparts (Pearsall, 95). Women form the primary educatorsof young children thus by women having a relevant level of education on family matters and theroles they play in the society modeling skills will give them the best opportunity to offerdignified and respectful service to the society countering the traditional thinking that women arenot good role models. Biased thought which was based on the fact that women were lesseducated and would give falsified information while educating the youngsters. Based on the pastexperience women have been neglected when it comes to education opportunities and that hasmade men to stereotype women as toys and objects to be used by men to satisfy the needs ofmale ego resulting in the degradation of the value of women in the society for generations.Therefore by women getting the expected level of education on family matters especially onupbringing and making correct choices will dignify their inevitable and necessary contribution tothe growth and development of the society as a whole. In the traditional setting women had been taught from infancy that beauty is a woman’ssceptre and this has made their minds to shape themselves to the body imprisoning women fromachieving the best of themselves in the society (Wollstonecraft, 354). They have been made to berational companions to their husbands who solely focus on the outward accomplishmentslimiting their complete participation and contribution to the society and this ideology has madewomen to be degraded based on the stereotypic male performance in the society, thus educatingwomen to certain levels of understating will boost their dignity and respect as they will be able tohave enough resources that will yield more contribution of women into societal realms (Bernard,67). Women should get the most perfect education that boosts their understanding strengtheningboth the body and their hearts; this will render them independent both ideally and philosophically
  6. 6. Surname 6hence able to earn respect and dignity from the society as they have the necessary elements ofknowledge that promotes the cementing of the society (Wollstonecraft, 30). In the Handmaid’s tale women are seen to have a deeper sense of attachment beyondwhat men is able to see. For instance Offred when interacting with Moira and the wife of thecommander, talking about her daughter and her mother she constantly shows the implication thatwomen connect more deeply rather than just a casual interaction. This illustration brings in theconcept of sensibility in women which I think if well considered will increase the dignity andrespect that is accorded to women in the modern society. This is simply because women as awhole unit should be able to come together and inform each other on the best way forward in thesociety instead of depending so much on their feelings in making irrational decisions that leadsthem to being degraded (Head, & Galligan, 104). Another thing that women need to do in order to make them being dignified is to put theirefforts together in fighting for issues that empower them to attain the best of themselves in thesociety (Bernard, 194). Women across all boards and origins must speak in one language as itregards indignation of women in any society whether its about women and leadership oropportunities or access to healthcare services and education ,women as a unit must constantlydemand for what rightfully theirs and in doing so pressure on the society to improve thestandards and live of women will increasing forcing the society at large to appreciate the crucialrole that women play on development and survival of the entire human race (Wollstonecraft,123). Consequently women will be able to earn the dignity and respect that they deserve andhave been denied for generations. In addition to that for women to be dignified they should consider themselves as equalentities when it comes to representation especially in the political circles where they will be able
  7. 7. Surname 7to contribute to decisions made by the politicians regarding the society at large. Thus by womenensuring they attain certain representation in the leadership realms they will be able to beinvolved in the decision-making process e.g. on gender rights. Such involvement will ensure thatwomen get their deserved dignity in the society rather than being degraded simply because theydon’t have a say in everything that greatly affect them. This is seen in the handmaid’s tale in theGilead era where women have no rights to voting and leadership except serving as reproductiveobjects. In the modern world women especially in the totalitarian regimes like in Arab countriesdegrades women through their leadership and political tactics as they restrict women inparticipating in political and leadership making them less of human beings and more of objects(Bernard, 177). Therefore by women increasing their involvement in leadership and politicalparticipation they will be able to be dignified and respected as equal human beings. Another level in which I think when women attain they will not be degraded is the issuesthat regard career and professionalism. Most women in the past generations have been believedto do best as housewives and servants of their families. The element of women being left behindin career choice and performance for instance by taking the traditionally so called manly courseslike sciences has made them victims of degradation (Wollstonecraft, 89). Therefore by women taking charge of their profession by choosing classy careers likemedicine and law they will be able to earn themselves dignity and respect just as men do becausetheir misrepresentation in the manly careers has made them to be viewed as a weaker sexincapable of being accorded dignity and respect. In the modern society women have beendegraded because they are not economically and financially independent thus often get marriedto depend on men for provision of basic needs and this habit has made them to be degraded asdependable (Wollstonecraft, 123). Thus by women using education and their careers to attain
  8. 8. Surname 8financial freedom will reduce their dependency on men in the society which will in turn earnthem dignity and respect as they don’t depend men to sustain their lives hence they can makepersonal decisions regarding the best choices for their lives. Without a respectable career andindependence women become less dignified and render them as a weaker sex in the society(Atwood, 123). For women to be dignified and respected in the society they should be able to be involvedin the making of family decisions. This include issues of child birth, property ownership, rightsto divorce, child care, access to contraceptives and family planning methods, abortion issues andthe issues of polygamy. In the modern society women especially those unaware of their naturalregarding family decisions have been forced to polygamy, having many children and even deniedjustice regarding decision making on family rights and equality (Pearsall, 345). Such has madethem to be degraded in the society and therefore by women attaining certain level ofunderstanding of their rights on family decisions they will be able to be accorded more dignityand respect by the society especially the men because they can use the legal means to get justiceanytime their dignity has been suppressed unfairly (Bernard, 167). The more women getinvolved in the making of family decision the more dignity they will be able to acquire.
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