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CEI Background Presentation
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CEI Background Presentation



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Custom Electronics, Inc.
    • March 2010
    • Founded in 1964, CEI designs and manufactures high-quality, high-reliability electronic products.
    • Headquartered in Oneonta, NY with 75 employees.
    • Addresses the global needs of military, commercial/industrial, renewable energy, aerospace and oil exploration markets.
    • Parent company of Ioxus, Inc., an emerging manufacturer of ultracapacitors and pseudo-ultracapacitors.
  • 3. Milestones 1964 : Custom Electronics, Inc. founded 1970 : Started producing Teflon  film capacitors 1980 : Created high-voltage modules 1990: Developed high-voltage, low-inductance caps 2003: Began investment in new technologies 2004: Ultracapacitor development initiated 2006: Ioxus founded - developed EDLC technology
  • 4. Market Overview
    • Wide temperature ranges exist within military, aerospace and defense applications, so electronics components are needed that are stable up to 260 degrees C.
    • J-STD-001 certified solders, like other certifications, for high-voltage solder assembly are needed to minimize corona (partial discharge) effects and assure a proper electrical connection.
    • Reliability is crucial in high-voltage applications, whether as part of a fighter jet radar, providing power in a satellite, or detecting deterioration in huge hydro generators.   
      • This helps the pilot of that jet perform missions safely, because satellites cannot be conveniently repaired in space, and so you can schedule maintenance on the generator before catastrophic failure.
    • Tailored solutions help provide optimum size and design for the application.  Solutions that are customized may not be off-the-shelf items and may be more costly, but they will be tested and built to meet the specific requirement to help insure dependability.
  • 5. CEI’s Differentiators
    • Tailored designs and legacy, speed from design to implementation
    • Customer service, engineering and quality control are the keystones to future growth.
    • High variety, low-to-medium volume production activities
      • 1 to 10,000 piece orders
    • AS9100/ISO 9001:2000 certified
    • Sole-Source for 18,000+ part numbers to all primes and sub-
    • contractors
  • 6. Capacitor Products
    • Unencapsulated
    • Wrap and Fill
    • Exploding Foil Initiators
    • Molded
    • High Temp
    • Specialty Film
    Tailored Solutions
  • 7. Integrated Electronic Assembly Products Module units typically consist of capacitors, resistors, diodes, coils, spark gaps and voltage dividers, but can include various other electronic devices. Typical module applications:
    • Power supplies for satellites
    • Radar and transmitter power supplies for military aircraft
    • Guidance system transmitters for missiles
    • Radar transmitters for shipboard defense
    • Power supplies for down-hole oil and gas exploration
    Tailored Solutions
  • 8. Standard Products High-Voltage / High-Temperature Capacitors - KMS Series CKR Series- Exploding Foil Initiators / EBW Capacitors - XKH Series XKM Series-
  • 9. Officially Launching Busbar Product Division in April 2010
    • Customer Design Assistance
    • Manufacturing to Customer’s Specifications
    • Insulation – Powder Coated & Vacuum Molded Epoxy, Laminated
    • Connectors & Bushings – Commercial, Military and Custom
    • Extras– Custom Molded Creep Barriers, Connector Shrouds & Molded Inserts
  • 10. QUALITY CONTROL Highlighted Customers
  • 11. Our Military and Commercial Applications
    • Power-supply systems for communications and weather satellites
    • Transmitter power-supplies for electronics counter measures (ECMs)
    • Detonating devices for exploding foil initiators (EFIs or EBWs) used in electronics safe arm devices (ESADs)
    • Partial discharge sensing equipment
    • Power electronics and pulse power applications                                    
    • Unpackaged breadboarding circuitry
    • Pulse-forming networks for radar transmitters
    • Starters for jet ignition systems
    • Power-supply systems for military aircraft
    • Guidance-system transmitters for missiles
    • Radar transmitters for shipboard defense systems
    • Traveling wave tube (TWT) power supplies for radar transmitters
    • Power supplies for down-hole oil-and-gas exploration
    • Cryogenic Devices
  • 12. Defense Programs AGM-84 “Harpoon” Anti-Ship Missile AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile AN/ALQ-126, 137, 165 Self-Protection Jammer AN/ALQ-172 Counter-Measures System (CMS) AN/ALQ-211 Suite of Integrated RF Counter-measures AN/APG-63(V)1 AN/APG-68 Fire Control Radar (F-16) AN/APG-73 Airborne Radar (F/A-18) AN/APS-124 Sea Surveillance ASW Radar (Mark III) AN/APS-137 Radar (P3 Orion) AN/MPQ-64 “Sentinel” Air Defense Radar AN/TPQ-47 “Firefinder” Radar System B-2 “Spirit” Bomber B-83 Bomb
  • 13. Defense Programs F-14 “Tomcat” Fighter (multiple) FB-111 Fighter-Bomber Global Hawk UAV, Hawk Missile & Upgrade Javelin Antitank Missile Joint STARS LGM-118 “Peacekeeper” MX ICBM (LANTIRN) System MK 7 “Aegis” Weapon System MK 15 “Phalanx” M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (PAC-3) Extended Range Interceptor (ERINT) Missile Patriot Missile SM-1 Standard Missile Trident II D-5 Submarine Launched ICMB
  • 14. IOXUS , Inc. a subsidiary of CEI EDLC – Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors “ Ultracapacitors” Transportation Renewable Energy Mass Transit Hybrid Electric Cars Train / Light Rail Engine Starting Load Leveling Fuel Cell Starting Factory UPS Telecom Support Utility Grid Stability Power Quality Wave Energy Energy Dispatching Wind Mill Pitch Control Solar Positioning
  • 15. Toll Free: 877-753-9234 Fax: (607) 432-3913 E-mail: Web: Michael Pentaris, President / C.E.O. [email_address] Michael Schulte, Sales Manager [email_address] Questions?