Mentoring Presentation to Athens Clarke County


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This is a presentation to Athens Clarke County, Georgia on mentoring at their annual breakfast.

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  • Let’s examine educate, train and inspire through the lens of a recent graduate. Cadet Sarah Goss graduate in 2009 with a double major in mechanical engineering and chemistry. She was an honor graduate (8th in her class), a battalion commander in the Corps of Cadets, and co-captain of the women’s soccer team. She was sponsored by Colonel Carver and thus she would frequently visit the Carver household to see how a military family operated from the inside. The picture to the far right is a typical Friday night with cadets at the Carver house enjoying each other’s company and playing a popular game called “Apples to Apples”. The animated pictures displays the highlight of the cadet experience, the oath of office. This is in contrast to the public image of West Point where the hat toss is the traditional celebration of graduation.
  • Mentoring Presentation to Athens Clarke County

    1. 1. What is this a picture of?
    2. 2. Why is West Point on aMentoring Presentation? • Lee .01% • Grant • MacArthur1% • Eisenhower10% • Patton • Schwarzkopf25% • Abizaid • Petraeus…Rest
    3. 3. West Point Academic Program Goals Graduates anticipate and respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological, social, political, and economic world.As Army Leaders, they:Demonstrate: Creativity Moral awareness Commitment to continued intellectual development Effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing skillsUnderstand: Culture History Patterns of Human Behavior Mathematics and Science Engineering and Technology Information Technology
    4. 4. Path Forward?How are we going to accomplish these goals given wehave spent 200 years optimizing the classroomexperience?One person at a time,on their turf,when they are ready (most of the time).
    5. 5. Inspire, Mentor, Empower6
    6. 6. Sarah Today Sarah graduated from West Point in 2009. We were there. I retired in 2010. She was there. She was in GA in 2012 (see picture) She will graduate from Yale in 2013. We will be there. This will continue for the rest of our lives.
    7. 7. Email from Colleague – Fall 2012“The big news, Jack has found his ambition, never seenhim so engaged with school. He really stepped up hiscourses AP History, Chinese, advanced literature, debateand on level math and science. He’s finally challenged,taking to heart the “frontal assault” concept with histeachers, engaging them in thoughtful and creative waysto ensure he’s getting what he needs. Beyond school, he’snow making more friends, with true peers.He’s has some good stories to tell, sure he’ll share whenwe get together…”