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Chronological yearbooks make so much sense. See how the Details yearbook staff at Whitney High School plans and produces weekly chronological coverage in a different way each year while meeting deadlines smoothly and addressing readers' wants and needs.

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all in order

  1. 1. it s all in order an in-depth look at weekly chronological coverage and how to make it happen created for you by Sarah Nichols, MJE Whitney High School ¦ Rocklin, Calif.
  2. 2. why bother?• improved coverage• logical organization• something for everyone• easy to meet deadlines
  3. 3. Loudoun Valley H.S., Purcellville, Va.
  4. 4. Loudoun Valley H.S., Purcellville, Va.
  5. 5. Loudoun Valley H.S., Purcellville, Va.
  6. 6. Loudoun Valley H.S., Purcellville, Va.
  7. 7. Glenbrook South H.S., Glenview, Ill.
  8. 8. Glenbrook South H.S., Glenview, Ill.
  9. 9. Glenbrook South H.S., Glenview, Ill.
  10. 10. Glenbrook South H.S., Glenview, Ill.
  11. 11. Glenbrook South H.S., Glenview, Ill.
  12. 12. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  13. 13. win/win/win• met all deadlines• sold out (twice!)• positive staff experience• intense coverage
  14. 14. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  15. 15. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  16. 16. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  17. 17. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  18. 18. ladder plans• determine start date• week by week• specialty areas, reference• assign full ladder at start of year
  19. 19. getting started• photo assignments from day one• calendar centrally located• monthly photo shoot (depending on staff size)• events, practices, meetings, more!
  20. 20. get it covered• weekly coverage planners• assign by partner groups• 5-10 photos with worksheet• good for grading, accountability• alternate due dates
  21. 21. file mgmt• upload to shared space (network)• use universal naming system• categorize by chronology• load, edit within 48 hours
  22. 22. it s my week!• pay attention, have a camera• look for the unusual• coordinate with staffers• first deadline vs. later deadlines
  23. 23. making modules• design and graphics training for all staff members during first few weeks of school• editors/adviser to comment, critique ... then staffers revise• incorporate visual trademarks, typefaces, thematic verbals
  24. 24. more or less• dominant vs. secondary packages• changing size, shape, placement• create your own based on content• more in library/template form gives everyone more options
  25. 25. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  26. 26. student life sports academics special ppl groups eventsWhitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  27. 27. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  28. 28. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  29. 29. current eventsWhitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  30. 30. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  31. 31. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  32. 32. unexpectedWhitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  33. 33. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  34. 34. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  35. 35. from yr to yr• specialty pages• reference section• important time periods• thematic coverage
  36. 36. people• earliest deadline• timeless coverage topics• personality profiles• look/feel different
  37. 37. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  38. 38. specialty• create change from year to year• incorporate theme elements• alternate placement in book• include random/timeless stories• represent small/unpredictable topics
  39. 39. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  40. 40. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  41. 41. changing times• anticipate important events• know reader wants/needs• make use of photo overload• create variety
  42. 42. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  43. 43. double time• clubs and sports (reference)• planned, systematic coverage• easy ladder planning• in addition to chronological
  44. 44. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  45. 45. Whitney H.S., Rocklin, Calif.
  46. 46. what else?• questions?• contact me: or