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NetSuite Americas Customer CaseStudy

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  • Results:
    TEAM has improved efficiency, visibility and productivity by centralizing on one robust cloud business platform for its enterprise IT software and hardware distribution business
    Launching a B2B ecommerce site on NetSuite, TEAM has grown its ecommerce share of total sales to 15 percent with growth to 50 percent expected in two years
    TEAM publishes inventory data to its SuiteCommerce website for online partner ordering and self-service, helping attract 200 new partners in less than a year
    NetSuite Inventory Management supplies visibility and ensures appropriate stock of IT infrastructure hardware and related components
    Sales reporting now available in real time, compared to 30 days of report generation based on outdated information
    Ad hoc reporting with drill-down to transactional detail enables TEAM to make informed, data-driven business decisions
    Order processing time reduced about 4x, from up to 30 minutes to just 7 minutes
    Real-time inventory and sales data has enabled TEAM to streamline its replenishment processes
    Previous legacy ERP system offered little visibility into sales by branch, brand, part number and other attributes, making forecasting and profitability analysis difficult
    TEAM wanted to eliminate the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems that required a sizable IT staff to deploy and maintain
    Slow and manual procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes impaired efficiency and business growth
    TEAM selected NetSuite over SAP and Microsoft with on-time, on-budget implementation by NetSoft, a Mexico-based NetSuite partner that has led more than 60 NetSuite deployments
    NetSuite delivers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to previous and competing solutions with a complete cloud business management suite, including ecommerce to open a new sales channel
    NetSuite CRM being rolled out to give sales reps and managers better visibility into opportunity, pipeline and customer data
  • Results:
    Water for People has improved financial visibility and control to support development of locally sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education
    Ability to tie financials to individual projects and budgets vs. actuals reporting optimizes projects in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and India
    NetSuite OneWorld global business management solution enables monitoring and consolidation of international subsidiary locations with drill-through to detail
    OneWorld facilitates multi-currency transactions in more than a dozen currencies
    In place since 2008, NetSuite cloud architecture enables web access by Water for People personnel from international locations
    About 65 Water for People users around the world access NetSuite for expense reporting, purchase orders and more
    Centralized NetSuite system to oversee grants and donations improves management of donor restricted expenses
    Previous on-premise applications made it difficult to track funding and expenses, compromising organizational effectiveness
    Water for People personnel wasted time managing and consolidating disparate data sets in in-house IT systems
    Water for People worked through corporate citizenship program to implement a proven, flexible cloud solution for a host of non-profit operations
    NetSuite OneWorld selected as an ideal solution to better manage operations at nearly a dozen international locations
  • Region - AMERICAS Customer CaseStudy

    1. 1. Office:+1 646 459 2754
    2. 2. AMERICAS Region Customers © NetSuite 2010 2
    3. 3. Overview – Online retailer of European and Designer Lingerie – Based in Great Neck, NY – Using NetSuite Revenue Recognition, Advanced Financials, SuiteCommerce, Site Builder, Site Analytics and CRM+ – Replaced QuickBooks Challenges QuickBooks prevented growth potential in Europe QuickBooks and manual order processing limited growth in products and customers Company faced buying separate applications for CRM, shopping-cart, and credit-card processing NetSuite Benefits Saves $70,000 yearly while growing at 25% per year Integrated order processing saves $60,000 annually Real-time inventory visibility saves $50,000 annually Cut order-to-cash cycle from 3 days to just 1 day NetSuite Helps Online Retailer Cut Costs While Growing at 25% Yearly NetSuite's integration has helped us streamline and organize the company so we don't have to worry about growing the business“
    4. 4. Overview – IT consulting, management services – Based in Plano, TX – Switched from QuickBooks, spreadsheets – Using NetSuite ERP, and CRM Challenges Manual rekeying of consultants' time data from spreadsheets into QuickBooks risked billing accuracy Company admin's spent 4-6 hours per timesheet, each month to enter data Revenues lost from inaccurately billed consultant time NetSuite Benefits $17,000 monthly revenue increase from improved accuracy in tracking consultants' billable time Reduced administrative overhead by 20% from automation of formerly manual tasks Billing process now takes 1 hour, compared to 16 hours previously NetSuite Helps IT Services Company Boost Yearly Growth Estimates by 33% NetSuite has helped us in a number of ways, but best of all it helps us look and act like a high-end professional services company and that helps us win and retain customers. “
    5. 5. Overview ‒ Sign Making Equipment & Supplies ‒ Based in Grand Rapids, MI ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce ‒ Replaced Counterpoint Challenges Wanted to attract more franchise customers Fragmented IT systems meant challenge to manage inventory of 15,000 SKUs IT systems overloaded by 8,000 orders a month across 9 warehouses NetSuite Benefits Order processing time cut by 66% Decreased monthly inventory by $500,000 (15%) Saved $1,000 per month in mailing Web channel now accounts for 11% of revenues Cut pricing update time from 2 hours to 10 minutes NetSuite Cuts Order Processing Time by 66% for Advantage Sign Supply NetSuite has simplified our company's operations, given us great efficiency, power, and flexibility, helped us do business on the Web, and has helped unify our customer touchpoints by linking CRM with ERP and Ecommerce. “
    6. 6. Overview – Based in Jamestown, NY – Using NetSuite Mid Market Edition, Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization, Site Analytics, and Advanced Inventory – Switched from Monster Commerce, Peachtree, QuickBooks financials, and other third-party software Challenges Non-integrated business software couldn't support company's growth Wasted time spent on data entry and software maintenance Manual data interchange between software delayed new orders and inventory calculations NetSuite Benefits Cut 20% in operating costs and saved $30K over cost of server-based system upgrade Double-digit growth with end-to-end process integration Web store updated instantly with incoming inventory Automated multi-level pricing simplified customer self-ordering Customer access to order status cut 10 hours in handling inquiries monthly NetSuite Helps Cut Operating Costs 20%, Grow in Double Digits NetSuite helped us become an efficient company that's responsive to our customers and to their tastes. Our efficiencies cut operating costs by 20%, increased sales and keep on a steady double-digit growth path. “
    7. 7. Overview ‒ A leading supplier of new consolidated and kunkle relief vales ‒ Based in Riverdale, IA ‒ NetSuite ‒ Chose NetSuite over Syteline and in-house custom applications Challenges Rapid growth due to accelerated gas and oil extraction in Montana and North Dakota Support core wholesale/distribution business as well as field repair and service organizations Needed multisite inventory management and scalable, unified platform NetSuite Benefits Allied Valve was perfectly positioned to grow overnight from a one-man presence in North Dakota when Bakken Oil boom started Single business platform powers distribution, service and repair with greater synchronization between departments Company size has grown 400% with the same IT staff Allied Valve Keeps its Business Pumping with Netsuite There is a tremendous growth in North Dakota without sufficient infrastructure. NetSuite lets us take advantage of that boom leveraging iPads and trucks.“
    8. 8. Overview ‒ Provider of pool safety solutions ‒ Based in Orange, CA ‒ Uses NetSuite ‒ Replaced Sage, QuickBooks, and MS Access database for CRM and Excel ‒ Chose NetSuite OneWorld over SAP MAS 200 and Sage Accpac Challenges QuickBooks unable to scale data volumes as it grow, resulting in lost and corrupted data Lack of integration resulting to poor visibility into critical business information Growth potential was limited NetSuite OneWorld Benefits All-Safe Pool has achieved strong and steady growth in B2C and B2B sales 2x gain in productivity across the board with on-demand access to real-time data NetSuite CRM helped drive a 25% gain in B2C sales SoCal company doubles productivity and fuels strong growth with complete NetSuite cloud solution Our entire business is built on NetSuite, and our ability to access real-time financial, inventory and customer information has been a big part of our growth. ”“
    9. 9. Challenges Real-time visibility to meet the demands of a fast- growing and complex liquidation business Delays from manual data management being pieced together from disparate information Efficiency and control over purchase of goods, inventory management and the sales pipeline NetSuite Benefits Real-time visibility & control over large volumes of goods purchased, averaging 6 container loads daily Precise tracking of goods for rapid distribution and optimal product mix on their 45,000-sq-ft retail location Automated invoicing and purchasing minimizes manual work AMC Liquidators Gains an Edge in Fast-Moving, Complex Trading Operations NetSuite enables us to know in real time what our inventory position is and what's in the sales pipeline.“ Overview – Liquidator of hotel, office and high-end residential furnishings and equipment – Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL – Customer since 2003 – Using NetSuite, Financials, Inventory Management, Order Management, SuiteCommerce, CRM, Marketing
    10. 10. Overview ‒ Producer of barcode software ‒ Founded in 1995 ‒ Based in Phoenix, AZ ‒ NetSuite replaced legacy software and spreadsheets ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, inventory, CRM and eCommerce Challenges Lowered productivity and increasing operational costs Challenging to keep up with 25,000 customers Billing processes suffered from errors and delays resulting from lack of coordination Remote access was cumbersome NetSuite Benefits Cut administrative operating costs by 35% Reducing outstanding receivables by 80% and the number of past-due customers by 47% Integrated business processes have eliminated redundant and overlapping customer data Cut Administrative Costs by 35% While Boosting Productivity NetSuite gives us the ideal platform for flexibility, from our 360-degree view of the business to our fully integrated application workflows.“
    11. 11. Challenges Disconnect between accounting & services teams made tracking profitability difficult 20-30 days lag time in service billings Customers are not up-to-date on project costs due to lack of services-accounting integration NetSuite Benefits 25% growth since bringing in OpenAir with 1 less full-time administrator Month-end closing reduced to just 5 days Real-time visibility into project status and improved resource utilization NetSuite OpenAir Helps Software Provider Grow 25% with SRP The greatest benefit of OpenAir SRP is visibility. Without it, we cannot make educated decisions or consistently deliver on projects.“ ” Overview ‒ Supplier lifecycle management solution provider ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Based in San Francisco, CA ‒ Switched from QuickBooks ‒ Using OpenAir
    12. 12. Challenges Manual project management processes hindered Backstop from taking on larger & more complex projects Difficultly forecasting profitability due to lack of real-time visibility into time & expenses Project managers spent several days per month reconciling monthly timesheets NetSuite Benefits Tripled the profit margins since bringing in OpenAir Project managers' monthly invoicing processes at 1.5 hours instead of 2 days Budget reports for complex, multi-client projects takes just minutes, instead of 2 hours Professional Services Group Triple Profit Margins with Process Automation With OpenAir we were able to nearly triple our margin by accurately capturing time and forecasting demand. We've also improved the accuracy of our estimates and reduced the amount of time spent on invoicing. “ Overview ‒ Financial software ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Based in Chicago, IL ‒ Switched from home grown software and spread sheets ‒ Using OpenAir
    13. 13. Overview – Online shopping club – Based in Montreal, Canada – Replaced QuickBooks and in-house software – Chose NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Disparate systems provided no visibility into profit and cost across global operations Inventory turnover created significant inventory management challenges Avoid additional hiring for IT operations and system administration NetSuite Benefits 1,100% growth in sales 8x FTE growth in 12 months Eliminated order processing delays Seamless multi-location inventory management Streamlined process for adding hundreds of new products daily Beyond The Rack Serves 4 Million Customers with NetSuite OneWorld Using NetSuite rather than a traditional in-house solution allows us to reduce upfront investment and keep our money focused on growing the business.“
    14. 14. Overview ‒ Provider of a unified operations center and data analytics for utilities and consumers to optimize energy delivery and usage ‒ Customer since 2010 ‒ Based in Bellevue, WA ‒ Switched from QuickBooks, Excel ‒ Using NetSuite, NetSuite Financials, CRM, Revenue Recognition, Advanced Projects Challenges Scalability and depth of functionality required to grow the business with lean IT and administrative operations Burden of manual work resulting from islands of information across disparate on-premise applications Needed 1 system to support current & future business needs, including customer support & case management NetSuite Benefits Optimize lead-to-order-to-cash processes and improve customer relationship management Strong pipeline analysis & sales forecasting from CRM & financials integration for data-driven business decisions Accelerate monthly financial close, real-time visibility with summary-to-detail reporting and simplify annual audits Calico Energy Powers Up its Greentech Business on NetSuite NetSuite has been a great tool for us -- very flexible and a good platform for growth. “
    15. 15. Overview ‒ Sales effectiveness software and services ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ Based in Pleasanton, CA ‒ Switched from nearly 14 disparate applications, including MS Dynamics GP, Marketo and Neocase ‒ Using OneWorld, OpenAir PSA, CRM Challenges Patchwork of nearly 14 disparate applications Business performance and visibility was hindered by lack of real-time actionable data Merger & acquisition impaired by lack of standardized process in on-boarding new business entities NetSuite Benefits Real-time management & global financial consolidation of 7 subsidiaries Multi-currency transactions in nearly 140 countries Real-time business metrics with drill-down into customer, financial and opportunity detail OpenAir PSA streamlines project management and resource utilization for 100+ consultants & integrators CallidusCloud Upgrades Its Global Business Operations to NetSuite For the first time, we have a complete 360-degree view of our customers and our business. NetSuite is our system of record and it's fantastic.“
    16. 16. Challenges Manual work required to piece together data from disparate systems Delays in financial reporting, fulfilment and other processes that impacted business performance High cost in hardware purchases, software licensing, and IT upgrades, maintenance and data backups NetSuite Benefits Real-time view of its business: sales, customers, inventory, ecommerce, costs, profitability & more Order management processes reduced from days to same-day shipping Saves $12,000 previously spent on data backups, hardware and IT maintenance Candles and Supplies Lights a Fire Under Its Business with NetSuite NetSuite has been revolutionary for us. Having everything under one roof has greatly improved our efficiency, and I no longer have to manage a network.“ Overview – B2B and B2C merchant of candle-making and soap- making supplies – Based in Quakertown, PA – Customer since 2010 – Switched from Visual AccountMate, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Commerce Server, Excel – Using SuiteCommerce, Advanced Site Customization, ERP, CRM SFA
    17. 17. Overview – Digital intelligence consultancy focused on online data analytics and marketing – Based in Phoenix, AZ – Customer since 2012 – Replaced QuickBooks,, Affinity Live, Basecamp, Harvest – Using NetSuite, OpenAir PSA, SRP, Revenue Recognition, CRM, OneWorld Challenges High risk of data errors from 5 disparate systems needs burdensome manual work to ensure data accuracy Lacked visibility and control needed for growth and optimize project delivery and resource utilization Time-consuming manual data reconciliation diverted resources from focusing on client satisfaction NetSuite Benefits Real-time budget tracking and resource optimization on project delivery, margin and client satisfaction Multi-currency conversion and local tax compliance for operations in Asia and Australia Anywhere, anytime access across 4 offices in Phoenix, Chicago, Vancouver and Ottawa Cardinal Path Charts Course with Integrated Services, Financials and CRM Solution NetSuite's resource planning has given us fantastic ability to look into the future and feed that information back to management and business development.“
    18. 18. Overview – Customer since 2003 – Based in Toronto, Canada – NetSuite ecommerce, financials, inventory management, CRM, order processing – Also considered SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, ACCPAC Simply Accounting Challenges Needed competitive advantage of an integrated business solution against larger retailers Cost of invest in on IT system and its on-going maintenance NetSuite Benefits 25% annual growth since deploying NetSuite in 2003 $120,000 annual savings on purchasing, operations management and CRM 0.9% customer refund rate vs 3.5% industry average Manage 2,500 purchase orders with 100 suppliers anytime Home Furnishings Retailer Grows 25% a Year on NetSuite Our growth has a lot to do with NetSuite. The efficiency we gain with NetSuite translates into cost savings and a real competitive advantage“
    19. 19. Overview ‒ Manufacturer's representative for instrumentation and process control equipment ‒ Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ‒ Replaced ERP, quoting package, CRM, email, technical support, and service and repairs databases ‒ Using NetSuite Canada, ERP, CRM SFA, Advanced Financials Challenges Winning the trust & confidence of manufacturer-partners in an increasingly competitive North American market Highly trained staff for selling & servicing highly complex products worth as much as $250,000 Fragmented accounting applications & spreadsheet- based sales-order systems NetSuite Benefits Reduced operating expenses by 30% & sales training time from 2 years to 3 months Improved sales report frequency from 1 per quarter to automatic monthly reports In-stock orders processed in 5mins not 30, & a 100-line custom-order proposal compiled in 30mins not 3hrs CB Engineering Maintain Sales While Reducing Operating Expenses by 30% NetSuite gives us a central place to manage and access all information, so we can keep our hands on the business at all times, and not worry about losing track of anything “
    20. 20. Overview ‒ Dental implant care provider ‒ Based in Greenwood Village, CO ‒ Customer since 2010 ‒ Switched from Microsoft Dynamics GP ‒ Using OneWorld Challenges Complex subsidiary structure of over 120 entities Poor multi-subsidiary support requiring more than 90 charts of accounts 92 separate instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP made growth for ClearChoice Management not feasible. NetSuite Benefits Consolidated 92 separate instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP on OneWorld Multi-subsidiary OneWorld solution implemented in just three months Reduced financial closing time by 80% ClearChoice Management Consolidates Over 120 Subsidiaries on NetSuite OneWorld NetSuite OneWorld gives us the power we need to run our large and growing business, increase our labor efficiencies, and simplify our processes. ”“
    21. 21. Overview ‒ Interconnection and Colocation solutions, Telecom ‒ Based in Denver, CO ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ 100+ Users ‒ Switched from disparate small-business applications ‒ Using OneWorld Challenges Move all information into one single database Provide staff with remote access to the system A solution requiring little on-going on-site maintenance or management NetSuite Benefits Integrated all data into one database, and the company’s information secured by automatic back up Enabled remote, real-time access into the system for all staff Requires minimal on-site IT infrastructure and management Cologix Streamlines Business with Netsuite NetSuite's SuiteCloud solution, from CRM to ERP and the custom developed Network Inventory Management system, affords us a single version of the truth and a 360 degree view of our entire business ” “
    22. 22. Overview ‒ Talent Management Software ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Based in Santa Monica, CA ‒ Switched from QuickBooks & home-grown application ‒ Using OneWorld & OpenAir Challenges Limited business software to support international launch Complex customer contracts & revenue recognition requirements slowed financial reporting & hindered growth Customer-focused marketing & promotions are hindered by lack of customer analysis tools NetSuite Benefits Double-digit growth without adding IT staff for finance Automating billing processes & multi-currency conversions helped reduce staff time spent by 60% 7 different currencies automatically converted & consolidated into U.S. dollars with OneWorld Talent Management Firm Streamline Financials for Continued Growth After IPO NetSuite's financial reporting, compliance workflows, and other functions helped us save months of staff time during our IPO process, and they continue to help us save time and money in our day-to-day financial and compliance reporting. “
    23. 23. Overview ‒ Provider of check scanning equipment to the banking, financial services, POS, and small business markets ‒ Based in Northfield IL ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, Sage, Exact Software, spreadsheets ‒ Using ERP, CRM+, Advanced Inventory, Sandbox Environment Challenges Multi-location business model strained near-obsolete, server-based IT systems Order processing, inventory-tracking & customer case management handled in spreadsheets & fragmented systems Improve service and support for top customer-resellers NetSuite Benefits 350% growth in 6 years without adding staff, & $300K annual savings over server-based IT systems Integrated inventory tracking cut 54% in open inventory & 30hrs/wk staff time saved in integrated shipping module. Same-day shipping instead of a 2-day order-processing. Customer-call escalations reduced by 62% NetSuite Helps Manufacturer Grow 350% in 6 Years Without Adding Staff NeSuite has helped us become more efficient, more responsive to customers, and more profitable.“
    24. 24. Overview – Content Marketing, Interactive Media Agency – Based in Chicago, IL – Customer since 2006 – Switched from QuickBooks, – Using OpenAir Challenges Lack of process integration, manual data entry errors, slowdowns & redundancies prevented expansion Existing PSA software was limited and unreliable, which reduced the accuracy of invoices and reports Difficulty keeping processes consistent and making accurate forecasts with spreadsheets NetSuite Benefits 300% growth in client workload Streamlining and standardizing all business processes Generate highly accurate revenue and cost forecasts from centralized historical information NetSuite OpenAir Helps Marketing Agency Grow 300% NetSuite OpenAir's ability to integrate with our GL and CRM tools was a huge draw for us. We no longer have to spend time and effort on double entry of data in multiple systems. “
    25. 25. Overview ‒ Wholesale and liquidation company specializing in buying and selling excess inventory, overstock, and closeouts ‒ Based in Los Angeles, CA ‒ Replaced SAP R/3, MS Great Plains, QuickBooks, Mail Order Manager, spreadsheets ‒ Using ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Challenges Unable to keep up with sales, & track inventory between busy bi-coastal warehouses Information access difficult for traveling executives Costly and functionally limited IT software solutions NetSuite Benefits More than $120,000 annual savings over the costs of other solutions Real-time inventory tracking not possible with DVA’s previous systems NetSuite for iPhone simplifies executive access to sales, finances, and other information Wholesale Distributor Saves $120,000 Over Former Costs for IT Software We went from the most expensive piece of software on the planet—SAP— down to QuickBooks and then to Great Plains. They were all either limited, costly, or both. We finally realized that we had to get on a single system, and that's where NetSuite came in. “
    26. 26. Overview ‒ Developer & provider of online information software databases for libraries ‒ Customer since 2004 ‒ Based in Ipswich, MA ‒ Switched from Proprietary applications ‒ Using NetSuite and CRM Challenges Proprietary applications limiting growth into new markets Disparate data sources made analysis of sales & marketing activities cumbersome & inaccurate CRM system did not provide detailed customer information Team selling opportunities limited by lack of consistent data & collaboration tools NetSuite Benefits Automated & guided sales processes saving thousands of managerial man-hours per year Full visibility into all prospect and customer activity Greater understanding of sales representative skills & strengths enhanced individual and team performance EBSCO Publishing Builds International Business on NetSuite CRM With NetSuite, everyone on our team can submit a customer case that will be meaningful to everyone in the world. The uniform platform has been of tremendous value. “
    27. 27. Overview ‒ Business back office outsourcing for charter schools ‒ Based in Emeryville, CA ‒ Customer since 2007 ‒ Using OneWorld Challenges Maintain double-digit growth rate Tightening budgets and growing compliance demands Wanted solution that would scale to handle dozens of charter schools NetSuite Benefits Deliver greater functionality to school-clients at less than 50% of the cost of outsourced IT service Real-time reporting capabilities tracking complex, constantly changing charter school compliance rulings NetSuite economies of scale let EdTec offer 30 schools knowledgebase with more than 600 tutorials on a multitude of subjects NetSuite Helps Charter School Services Provider Cut Client IT Costs in Half With a single instance of NetSuite, we're running 30 schools as if they were business subsidiaries.“
    28. 28. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of gastroenterology devices ‒ Founded in 2008 ‒ 90 employees ‒ Based in Alpharetta, GA ‒ Replaced Quickbooks ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Inadequate functionality to handle growth Zero inventory and manufacturing controls Complex supply chain: China, Korea, EU, USA NetSuite Benefits Fully implemented in two months NetSuite webstore delivers 15% of revenue Configured Case Management for FDA compliance Reduced 4 FTE IT staff and $8K per user license vs. on-premise solution 300% Annual Growth and FDA Compliance with NetSuite NetSuite is the only Cloud based solution that was built from the ground up., Great Plains and SAP BBD are all patch-up solutions.“ ”
    29. 29. Overview – Full-service marketing agency (clients include Nationwide Insurance, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, UPS & Cisco Systems) – Based in Columbus, OH – Switched from, Harris Enterprise Agency Suite (EAS), Atlassian JIRA – Using OpenAir, PSA, OneWorld, Advanced Billing, Revenue Recognition, SFA Challenges Managing & reconciling information across standalone project management, SFA, billing, financials, time & expense reporting, and related systems Standardization and centralization of three separate agencies on a single system Problematic use of Citrix VPN to access certain data cause delays and impact productivity NetSuite Benefits Productivity and decision-making improved with 6x faster access to information and report generation Reconciliation of financials and project services data in a single integrated system Anywhere, anytime web access promotes collaboration across distributed office environments Digital and Social Marketing Agency Gets Disruptively Creative with NetSuite NetSuite is the ideal solution to standardize our various processes and enables outstanding visibility and execution across the business.“
    30. 30. Overview ‒ Library solutions provider ‒ Founded in 1998 ‒ Based in Duluth, GA ‒ Replaced Sage SalesLogix, Goldmine, ACT!, Mas90, DynaLink ‒ NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Trying to grow a complex business selling specialized hardware and software to libraries and colleges, but had trouble keeping up with orders Manual processes slowed responses to price changes resulting to inaccuracies Non-integrated solutions made it difficult for management to assess business performance NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Saves more than $100,000 yearly Reduced time for processing estimates and orders by 75% Improved customer relationship 40% reduction of customer-reseller administration NetSuite Helps Education Systems Distributor Save $100,000 Yearly While Maintaining High Growth NetSuite has given us an out-of-the-box product that lets us aggregate all data on a single platform, which gives us the flexibility to customize it pretty much any way we want.“ ”
    31. 31. Overview ‒ Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution of cosmetics ‒ Based in Laguna Hills, CA ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ Switched from Sage MAS 200 ‒ Using NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory ‒ Partnered with eBizNET Solutions Inc. Challenges Efficiently control and track product movement throughout Epicuren's complex manufacturing processes Inefficient usage of storage space from lack of automated inventory control and warehouse management processes Order acceptance are delayed by up to 2 days from lack of real-time, integrated order processing NetSuite Benefits Real-time inventory data, immediate acceptance of orders and a 125% increased in order shipments Raw materials storage space reduce by 33% even with 1,700 active SKUs Inventory turns up by 33% & stock-outs down by 25% NetSuite Helps Cosmetics Maker Boost Order Shipments, Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction NetSuite and eBizNET (WMS partner) have brought us to the point where our supply chain execution complements our product and marketing arsenal and we can compete with anybody now—and that's just what we are doing. “
    32. 32. Overview ‒ Provider of antivirus software ‒ Founded in 1992 ‒ 250+ customers ‒ Based in Bratislava, Slovakia ‒ NetSuite Financials, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Business multiplied annually, outgrowing small office software Had no unified view of customer Needed enterprise grade infrastructure without IT staff NetSuite Benefits Scaled efficiently with monthly E-store orders from 4,000 to 30,000 in 4 years Reduction in chargebacks by a factor of 8 Managing over 1,000 customer support contacts daily with reduced error rate and greater efficiency NetSuite Helps ESET Increase Ecommerce Revenues Tenfold We have been able to customize NetSuite to meet most of our needs, faster and at a lower price than we would have with any other system.“ ”
    33. 33. Overview ‒ B2B supplier of professional dentistry products to dentists and schools ‒ Based in Clinton Township, MI ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ Navision (before the acquisition on Microsoft), Excel ‒ Using NetSuite Site Builder Challenges Costly & time-consuming upgrade to an on-premise Microsoft Dynamics NAV application Process delays, manual data work required & limited visibility into business metrics from siloed systems Additional credit card transaction fees paid due to security details they couldn’t produce to card processors NetSuite Benefits $23,000+ in credit card fees saved and 15% net income growth in the first year Access to consolidated record of customer orders, contacts and history SuiteCommerce platform supports a B2B customer portal for online ordering, history, payments and more EXACTA Dental Runs Its Growing Business with a Smile on NetSuite NetSuite allows us to keep finance, sales, inventory, shipping and customer information all under one roof.“
    34. 34. Overview ‒ Provider of industrial supplies ‒ Based in Oakland, CA ‒ Founded in 1948 ‒ Customer since 2003 ‒ Switched from QuickBooks & MBA Accounting Software to NetSuite ‒ Using NetSuite for ERP, Inventory, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Shrinking building materials margins as economy tightened Accurate competitive analysis to determine price changes Improve performance by increasing operational efficiency NetSuite Benefits Analytics help management make pricing adjustments based on accurate competitive analysis Set prices for thousands of SKUs in a day, compared to a week or more NetSuite reporting capabilities help managers track sales, order pipelines and inventory Feeney Competes and Diversifies in Tight Economy NetSuite helps us be more competitive, more agile, and plan our future with precision. It gave us the tools to provide better customer service, and it gives our departments the information they need. “
    35. 35. Overview ‒ Non-profit org dedicated to ending poverty ‒ Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada ‒ Switched from Microsoft Dynamics GP, GoldMine CRM, proprietary inventory management system ‒ Using NetSuite, Financials, CRM, Inventory Management, SuiteCommerce Challenges Patchwork of disparate systems Website limitations meant online channel could not live up to its potential as a fund-raising platform High IT costs to deploy, maintain, upgrade and patch on- premise software, servers and backup systems NetSuite Benefits Increased annual donations by 15-20% each year since 2005 while avoiding 2 FTEs in finance, 1 FTE in IT and 1 FTE in its call centre Real time accurate financial data is available on demand, compared to a 30-day lag with previous solution Cloud mobility supports traveling employees FH Canada Fights Global Poverty with A non-profit agency like ours is most healthy when everything is integrated and works together, and that’s what we’ve gained with NetSuite.“
    36. 36. Overview ‒ Provider of fan sports apparel ‒ Based in Hoboken, NJ ‒ Founded in 2005 ‒ Customer since 2010 ‒ Switched from Quickbooks and PDGsoft to NetSuite ‒ Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains and Sage Mas 200/400 ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, Inventory, & Manufacturing Challenges Poor integration between QuickBooks and webstore lead to duplicate effort and flawed order management Lack of visibility into order exceptions and stockouts impacted margins Difficult and labor-intensive raw materials tracking Benefits Automatically import and process orders improving shipment times and customer satisfaction eliminated 9 week material ordering delays Commission reporting cut from four hours to four minutes GameWear Cuts Waste and Streamlines Order Management with NetSuite Using the NetSuite Ecommerce platform is boosting sales, and gives us the opportunity to scale up our business-to-consumer operations. ”“
    37. 37. Challenges Inefficient, error-prone manual processes with spreadsheets incapable of supporting their growth plans Delays and errors from lack of integration between web storefront and back-office operations Limited visibility into inventory, sales and B2B customers made business planning and growth difficult NetSuite Benefits Visibility and automation across finance, order and inventory management, CRM and purchasing Capture transactional data from 30+ retail locations worldwide and B2B/B2C sales over its web storefront Saves 100hrs/week by consolidating multiple recipients from a single corporate gift order into a single line Garrett Popcorn Shops Heats Up Its Business Growth with NetSuite With NetSuite, multiple lines of business are integrated into a single platform and that provides visibility for management, finance and our inventory team.“ Overview – Food and hospitality (gourmet popcorn) – Based in Chicago, IL – Customer since 2006 – Switched from Spreadsheets – Using NetSuite Financials, OneWorld, CRM, Inventory Management, Order Management, Purchasing
    38. 38. Overview – Provider of online publishing services – 30 million readers per month – Based in New York, NY – Replaced QuickBooks and Excel with NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Operational inefficiencies hindered growth Difficulty optimizing complex, multi-dimensional advertising contracts using QuickBooks Lack of consolidated financial information Inefficient revenue recognition and limited business visibility NetSuite Benefits Deployed NetSuite OneWorld in 60 days Integrated accounts payable and receivable processes cut bookkeeping costs by 20% Role based dashboards give up-to-the minute views of order performance, receivables and expenses NetSuite OneWorld Reduced Gawker Media’s Bookkeeping Costs by 20% Our processes are integrated and automatic, and our analysis is based on dependable, up-to-the-minute information.“
    39. 39. Overview – Giftware (colorful votive candle holders) – Based in Seattle, WA – Using NetSuite Advanced Inventory, ERP, CRM, Retail Anywhere and SuiteCommerce – Switched from QuickBooks, CAM Commerce for POS Challenges QuickBooks lacked scalability for a growing company, with manual data entry required between dissimilar systems Data delays and manual processes made aligning production to demand difficult Data movement through QuickBooks was problematic due to various in-store POS systems NetSuite Benefits Scalability for business growth to $7M in sales Continued expansion of B2B sales at more than 50 gift shops, restaurants and boutiques in the U.S. Process transactions and capture customer information for B2C sales with Retail Anywhere POS A single set of customer records for in-store and ecommerce glassybaby Streamlines Multi-Channel B2C/B2B Business with NetSuite NetSuite is a very complete system that’s easily adaptable to a wide range of operations. It’s simple to maintain and scalable as you grow. We’re able to access sales data very quickly, and that’s a powerful tool for production planning. “
    40. 40. Overview ‒ Provider of transportation technology ‒ Based in St. Paul, MN ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Switched from SAP ‒ Running NetSuite in 2 months ‒ Deployed NetSuite across inventory, ERP, and CRM Challenges Needed scalable ERP system after 3M spinoff Unable to perform financial or sales analysis Growth limited by lack of visibility into new sales opportunities NetSuite OneWorld Benefits NetSuite provides a scalable, cost effective ERP system that allows GTT to continue rapid growth Even with 3 subsidiaries, GTT gets detailed, weekly financial and sales reports Dashboards provide instant inventory, backlog and pipeline visibility GTT Running on NetSuite OneWorld with 2,000+ Customers in Just 60 Days In 60 days we had a complete, scalable ERP infrastructure, thanks to NetSuite, and we're now growing at a good pace. ”“
    41. 41. Overview ‒ Activity image capture coompany ‒ Based in San Mateo, CA ‒ Switched from Quickbooks,, SaaS- based eCommerce platform ‒ Running NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Combination of outsourcing and fragmented in-house business software prevented GoPro from taking full advantage of a fast-growing market opportunity Inability of business software to handle multiple sales/distribution channels had slowed order processing Lack of integration between accounting and customer records caused delays in tracking receivables NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Grown revenue by 300% year-over-year The company is saving approx. $360,000 yearly Faster workflow, increased productivity and saved man-hours NetSuite Helps Manufacturer Grow 300% While Expanding Market and Attracting Strategic Investors Not only does NetSuite support our business growth, but it also benefits our investor and strategic partner relations, with its support for financial transparency, information accuracy, and regulatory compliance. “
    42. 42. Overview – Retail, ecommerce, automotive equipment – Based in Indianapolis, IN – Replaced six instances of QuickBooks – Uses NetSuite for financials/ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Build competitive advantage by improving shipping and service performance Inventory management among 6 US warehouses was difficult through QuickBooks, Slowed shipments and missed sales Multiple invoices on orders from different warehouses confused customers NetSuite Benefits Visibility into warehouse inventories enables shifting stock between locations per sales opportunities Response to customer inquiries improved by 75% Shipping time improved by 25% Shipping costs cut by 10% Single invoice on products shipped from multiple locations NetSuite Helps Auto-Equipment Retailer Pioneer New Online Business Model In our industry it might take a week or two to ship a two-thousand-pound car lift to a customer, but with NetSuite we can make most of our shipments in just two to three days. That's a tremendous competitive advantage “
    43. 43. Overview – Provider and retailer of musical supplies – Based in West Lake Village, CA – Chose NetSuite CRM over – Replaced custom built software Challenges Manual handling of complex sales quotes Sales of equipment and services to recording studios and live venues require extended contract negotiations Quate system consisted of Excel spreadsheets NetSuite Benefits 3X growth in three years Increased sales efficiency helping company to achieve 12% annual growth rate in a difficult economy Improved pipeline efficiency has reduced quote time from 5 hours to 1 hour Pipeline analysis reports help sales representatives increase effectiveness NetSuite CRM Helps Guitar Center Grow Outside Sales Division With NetSuite our salespeople can organize their workday, and we can deliver sales quotes that are impressively accurate.“
    44. 44. Overview ‒ Supply chain management solution provider ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Based in Gaithersburg, MD ‒ Switched from Oracle Projects ‒ Using OpenAir Challenges Lack of global standardized processes made it difficult to keep up with growth Incomplete information combined with outdated project management tools produced inaccurate reports Revenue leakage from irregular non-supportable processes, and different currencies NetSuite Benefits Resource planning jumped from 3 weeks to 26 weeks in advance providing better predictability Reports that used to take a week are available instantly Administration of OpenAir is minimal -- just 1 support person for a thousand users Automated change-request interface workflows saves delivery managers 200+ hours a month NetSuite OpenAir Helps Boost Performance, Efficiency of Global Operations NetSuite OpenAir is our foundation for global standardization!
    45. 45. Challenges Flexibility to adapt to new demands of omni-channel shoppers and optimize its global supply chain Cost and difficulty in maintaining dozens of point-to-point integrations that couldn’t support business transparency High costs for IT resources and delays from mainframe applications and 60-server data center NetSuite Benefits Accelerated business transformation from mail-order catalog company to multi-channel retailer Visibility into salesorders across channels, inventory and customer information Fulfil orders with same-day shipping compared to once- a-day batch processing Hanover Direct Transforms Its Business to Modern Multi-Channel Retailer NetSuite enables us to literally guide the business in real time. Overview – Has a portfolio of home fashions, apparel and gift brands – Based in New Jersey – Customer since 2011 – Switched from Infor/Lawson ERP for financials, legacy mainframe ERP for inventory and order management, homegrown legacy CRM – Using OneWorld, NetSuite Manufacturing, Financials, Inventory Management, Order Management, CRM
    46. 46. Overview ‒ Provider of project cost management systems ‒ Founded in 1989 ‒ 50+ Employees ‒ Based in Scottsdale, Arizona ‒ NetSuite CRM, SFA, Financials, and OpenAir PSA ‒ Replaced Intacct and Challenges Limited visibility due to multiple business systems International expansion created taxation challenges Inability to get clear consistent view of customers NetSuite Benefits ROI in just 12 months, with 20% lower costs Proposal generation times slashed over 80 percent Reduced one FTE by automating contract generation and client renewal processes Greater visibility and control over sales process OpenAir provides detailed project management integrated into financials and customer data. Hard Dollar Cut Costs by 20% with NetSuite From an accounting perspective, it is so refreshing to see all the detail in the reports from NetSuite—the transactional searches are extremely detailed and rich. “
    47. 47. Overview – Provider of Christian health services – Based in Shelby, NC – Chose NetSuite for ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce – Replaced ProfitCenter Software Challenges Order fulfillment errors due to limited IT system Unreliable accounting, lack of reporting lead to lost revenues on shipping costs Wanted to maintain hard-won leadership position NetSuite Benefits Saved $500,000 over cost of on-premises installation Will save $50,000 annually in extra staff expenses vs. on-premise system Ecommerce sales increased by 25% in 6 months Real-time data for call center, marketing, Web, accounting, retail stores, IT, and CEO office Hallelujah Acres Increases Ecommerce Sales by 25% With NetSuite NetSuite has helped us improve customer service and order fulfillment. Plus it is flexible enough for us to affordably customize it to fit the company's long-term needs.“
    48. 48. Overview – Clothing Manufacturer – Based in White River Junction, VT – Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Advanced Financials, ERP and CRM+ – Replaced Sage MAS 200 Challenges Manual order processing and warehouse picking slowed shipping and delivery performance Limited growth potential with Sage MAS 200 Expecting to double the sales & more wholesale orders Needed new software operational for the busy season NetSuite Benefits Process a 100-line wholesale order in 10 minutes, which previously took 3 days 50% boost in warehouse output & mis-picks reduce by 98% Financial reports in minutes, compared to 2 days with previous system 50% growth & $50K annual saving over server-based system 3 month rollout with NetSuite NetSuite Helps Clothing Maker Grow By 50% While Saving $50,000 Yearly Thanks to NetSuite, we know we can grow the company without worrying about whether we'll have the IT resources to keep up.“
    49. 49. Overview ‒ All-in-one sales & marketing automation software ‒ Based in Chandler, AZ ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Switched from QuickBooks, Excel, Infusionsoft ‒ Using OneWorld OpenAir , ERP, CRM and SFA Challenges Disparate collection of QuickBooks, Excel & its own InfusionSoft software prevented scalability Phone-based sales team needed CRM to be integrated with order management Disconnected applications made reporting difficult and required manual work that hurt productivity NetSuite Benefits 3x revenue growth since January 2010 Improved project & resource management, and project profitability tracking with NetSuite Advanced Projects Reduced monthly financial close time to 1½ day from 12 days InfusionSoft Drives Rapid Growth with NetSuite Cloud Solution If we didn’t have NetSuite, we never could have grown as fast as we have.
    50. 50. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of electrical components ‒ Based in Lake Forest, CA ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets ‒ Chose NetSuite over SAP BusinessOne ‒ Deployed NetSuite across ERP, CRM, customer and partner portals Challenges Exploit opportunities for international growth Needed cost effective, multi-language ERP solution Distributed workforce and partners needed remote access Benefits 25% greater functionality over SAP BusinessOne 120% growth without adding FTEs Saving $30K to $50K on VPN connections Dashboards provide real-time visibility into supply chains and sales pipeline iConn Technologies Saved $100,000 with NetSuite SAP BusinessOne would have required us to triple staff, spend more, and we still wouldn't have the functionality and ease of use we're getting now. NetSuite puts you in the driver's seat, so you're not spending time figuring out the software. “
    51. 51. Overview ‒ Enterprise software for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and construction firms ‒ Customer since 2003 ‒ Based in Jacksonville, FL ‒ 100+ employees ‒ Switched from Microsoft Project, point solutions, spreadsheets ‒ Applications Integrated: JD Edwards A/P & A/R Challenges Manual project tracking, and lack of time & expense integration slowed billing cycles Inconsistent processes made it difficult to calculate & predict resource utilization or project profitability Lack of process automation, A/P & A/R integration, created extra expenses for ICS' IT department Unreliable remote access via dial-in hindered performance of traveling consultants NetSuite Benefits OpenAir reduce invoice cycle time from 10 days to 2 days OpenAir reduce invoice inaccuracies from dozens with the old system to an average of 3 per month Web-based time and expense access, and approval workflows reduced processing time to bill the client NetSuite OpenAir Helps Boost Cash Flow by Reducing Invoice Cycle Time by 80% Implementing NetSuite OpenAir was one of the best decisions we made.
    52. 52. Overview – Portable coolers – Founded in 1947 – 250+ employees – Based in Katy, TX – NetSuite eCommerce, Inventory Management, Shipping, CRM Challenges Rapid product turnover lead to static catalogs Unattractive and costly consumer website Strengthen online presence while limiting IT spend Meet Ecommerce needs while maintaining wholesale business model NetSuite Benefits Web store traffic increased 40% and sales increased 30% year-over-year Fast, easy to design and maintain customer product information Smooth handoff to third-party Ecommerce vendor for easy order fulfillment Easy integration with Fluid Media website tools NetSuite Helps Boost Igloo’s Online Sales by 30% Igloo has claimed full control over their online content and presence, thanks to the powerful Web tools delivered by NetSuite.“
    53. 53. Overview – Provider of infrastructure services – Based in Short Hills, NJ – Replaced QuickBooks and SugarCRM – NetSuite and OpenAir Challenges Corporate spinoff needed enterprise-grade systems Previous parent company used disparate systems for accounting, CRM, and customer support Re-keying data between multiple systems, slowing processes and severely limiting visibility NetSuite Benefits Saved 1.5 FTE due to automated processes Quote-to-billing takes minutes Cloud delivery ensured go live with company launch Streamlined prospect-to-customer processes Visibility into the success of lead-generating activities InfrastructureWorks Accelerates Quote- to-Cash Process with NetSuite SRP The combination of NetSuite and OpenAir gives us complete, paperless enterprise management and allows us to stay lean.“
    54. 54. Overview ‒ Agriculture (sugar production at five mills in Mexico) ‒ Based in Monterrey, Mexico ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ Switched from Custom-built legacy applications, Aspel, CONTPAQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Excel ‒ Using OneWorld ‒ Partnered with Netsoft Challenges No standardization across processes & information Lacked visibility into inventory management and other core processes, forcing guesswork decisions Time consuming data re-entry NetSuite Benefits Automated sales orders, procurement, multi-location inventory management, order management & fulfilment, and customer management in 1 integrated solution Real-time visibility into sugar stock across all five mills Management control over subsidiary sugars mills and multi-currency transactions in Mexican pesos, U.S. dollar & Euros with OneWorld Ingenios Santos Realizes Sweet Business Success with NetSuite NetSuite has given us a world-class solution with minimal initial investment . . . A cloud solution has many advantages over an on-premise solution, and there is not a better solution in the cloud than NetSuite. “
    55. 55. Overview ‒ Kitchenware distributor ‒ Based in Irvine, CA ‒ NetSuite ‒ Replaced Sage DacEasy, TeleMagic, spreadsheets Challenges Limited small-business software prevented the company from taking advantage of growth opportunities Manual synchronization of software slowed order processing and greatly increased errors IRS had to maintain a complex 500,000-sku parts catalog for product reference and it caused confusion NetSuite Benefits Company growth at 150% with improved operating efficiencies saving $150,000 yearly Close tracking of vendor prices, automated billing process, and reduced man-hours Real-time visibility of company financial reports NetSuite Helps Kitchenware Distributor Boost Growth While Cutting Costs With NetSuite we're now able to stay ahead of our business growth, even while we're cutting costs.“ ”
    56. 56. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of RFIDs ‒ Based in Burlington, Ontario ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks, Sage Pastel, in- house applications ‒ Deployed NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Needed to streamline logistics and administration costs to succeed with corporate re-structuring Encumbered by numerous market initiatives and disparate IT applications in headquarters and remote subsidiaries Delayed workflow and financial analysis Lack of accurate production forecasting NetSuite OneWorld Benefits IPICO trimmed in excess of $300k in annual admin costs Accurate production planning has helped reduce shipping costs by 5 to10% and better inventory forecasting helped reduce purchasing cost by 10% Multi-subsidiary closing reduced from 30 to 5 days Global Manufacturer Restructures, Streamlines And Thrives with NetSuite OneWorld We had a logistics nightmare, and our disconnected business software wasn't helping. NetSuite now links our logistics planning with financials, and lets us access all our business information from anywhere in the world. ” “
    57. 57. Overview ‒ E-tailer of motorcycle helmets, jackets, luggage and other gear ‒ Based in Charlotte, NC ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ Using SuiteCommerce, Financials, Inventory, Order Management, CRM, Marketing ‒ The company launched its webstore business on NetSuite Challenges Business expansion beyond eBay without the time and expense of on-premise solutions Manual business processes required to manage and manipulate data in multiple systems NetSuite Benefits One integrated system for ecommerce, financials, inventory & order management, CRM, and marketing Saved 1 FTE in IT with NetSuite's cloud solution vs. on-premise software and servers Integrated inventory and ecommerce simplified stock expansion to 5,000 SKUs Motorcycle Gear E-tailer Revs Its Sales on NetSuite's Integrated Commerce Solution We went with NetSuite because it had everything in a single solution— ecommerce, accounting, CRM, inventory and more.“
    58. 58. Overview ‒ Warehouse distribution and industrial calibration services ‒ Based in Whitsett, NC ‒ NetSuite ‒ Replaced Microsoft Dynamics Challenges Limited business software couldn’t support complexities of a growing industrial measurement company Complex business model Existing business software was heavily customized and the company uses a massive proprietary database that functions on manual data exchanges NetSuite Benefits Saved more than $200,000 by writing its own customization scripts rather than 3rd party consultants Productivity has increased across the company with growth up to 20% annully Automated invoicing processes have helped the company speed up its order-to-cash cycle by an average of 5 days NetSuite Helps Growing Industrial Calibration Firm Gain Competitive Advantage While Cutting Costs Thanks to NetSuite, we get more done now with fewer people. We're more responsive to our customers, and more proactive in terms of features we can offer our customers—like on-site tech certifications—that our competitors can't match. “
    59. 59. Overview ‒ Grocery (produce displays of fruits and vegetables) ‒ Based in Mexico City, Mexico ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Replaced SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Challenges Impaired business efficiency and growth potential due to patchwork of disparate applications Lack of integration between previous website and back-office systems required time-consuming manual updates to inventory, prices, and products Struggled with high IT overhead and on-premise systems NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Fast-growing manufacturer of grocery store produce displays with 28% annual revenue growth in sales to new customers Enjoys multilingual, multi-location, and multi-currency capabilities Accurate, real-time inventory data on website grows business JM Villegas Expands Its Global Sales and Business Operations with NetSuite With NetSuite, we have more time to dedicate to growing our business instead of creating or developing new code. Having ERP, CRM and ecommerce in a single system with access from anywhere has improved every aspect of operations. “
    60. 60. Overview – Motorsports marketing services company – Based in Indianapolis, IN – Customer since 2009 – Switched from Sage, Peachtree, QuickBooks, Excel – Using Financials, OneWorld, NetSuite Advanced Projects for PSA Challenges Time-consuming manual processes to collect and reconcile financial data from disparate systems Monthly financial close took 30 days or more Poor visibility into costs vs. budget and overall project financials Limited ability to scale as the business grew and to manage effectively across the U.S., Europe and Asia NetSuite Benefits Reduced monthly financial close from 30 days to 10 days and streamlined revenue recognition processes Improved budget vs. actuals tracking with real-time data and anywhere, anytime access Streamlined multi-currency billings, payments, taxation and reconciliation across a dozen currencies Just Marketing International Speeds Financial Processes and Global Growth We're very pleased with NetSuite's capabilities and ease of use.
    61. 61. Overview ‒ Provider of healthcare software ‒ Founded in 2006 ‒ Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota ‒ Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics GP Challenges Needed to tightly integrate accounting with forecasting and planning functions Improve support with sales and billing processes Reduce high IT costs Ensure systems aligned with fast moving needs of healthcare startup NetSuite Benefits Saving $75,000+ annually on IT Reduced yearly audit fees by 30% Driven budgeting, planning and forecasting Able to outsource data entry while maintaining HIPAA compliance Kardia Reduces Audit Fees by 30% Using NetSuite In addition to saving us time and money, NetSuite helps keep management focused on our organization and our business goals, rather than on smaller parts.“ ”
    62. 62. Overview – Based in Concord, NC – Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Advanced Inventory, Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization, ERP, and CRM+ – Switched from QuickBooks, Sage Challenges Helmet buyers require detailed specifications & design Support B2B & B2C customers on desktop & mobile platforms Limited IT budget Expand to other product lines without additional IT outlay NetSuite Benefits Save on 5 administrative and warehouse staff Product consistency at different platforms while catering to priorities of B2B & B2C customers Reach customers through mobile & tablet stores Webpage layouts draw attention to key information with custom product-zoom allowing buyers to drill down to crucial details KASK America's Bold Winning Strategy Begins with NetSuite Ecommerce NetSuite has helped us deliver a striking look-and-feel on our Websites. SuiteCommerce gives us top-notch design on a top-notch platform.“
    63. 63. Overview ‒ Non-profit channeling microfinance loans to entrepreneurs world-wide ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Based in San Francisco, CA ‒ Switched from QuickBooks, Excel ‒ Using Advanced Financials, Expense Reporting, Employee Center Challenges Delays & imprecision in managing finances & reporting Manual processes & disparate data sets complicating auditing & IRS reporting compliance A week or more delay in expense reports reviews & approvals of 60 traveling employees NetSuite Benefits Handle rapid growth and streamline accounting, multi- currency management, and expenses and payables IRS reporting compliance with detailed accounting across developmental, managerial & programmatic areas Reduced time for per diem expense report approvals to a day, and budget vs. actuals reporting time to hours NetSuite Helps Kiva Make Microfinance Loans that Change Lives in Developing Nations NetSuite allows our finance managers to engage more with our products & systems as opposed to simply dealing with manual data entry, processing & reporting.“
    64. 64. Overview ‒ Manufactures to of woodworking machinery ‒ Based in Irvine CA ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Replaced Sage SalesLogix and MAS 90 ‒ Chose NetSuite ‒ Uses SuiteCommerce, CRM+ Challenges Product shipments slowed by fragmented IT systems. Ineffective marketing from lack of visibility into lead generation. Existing systems made online sales expansion difficult Decreasing Laguna Tool’s environmental impact from their use of paper and toner NetSuite Benefits About $90K annual savings in IT costs over old system Average of 2-day order-to-shipment processing time instead of 3 days Online sales boosted by live inventory updates in 30- secs, instead of 30-mins with the old system. Managers can also now modify prices online instantly. Laguna Tools, Inc Cuts Average Order-to- Shipment Time from 3 to 2 Days NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations.“
    65. 65. Overview ‒ Develop, market and distribute a variety of consumer products ‒ Based in Greenwood Village, CO ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, manual processes ‒ Using OneWorld, Advanced Financials, ERP, CRM SFA Challenges Sudden, rapid growth for newly released product Slow, unreliable IT resources Upgrade manual order processing, inventory management, and other processes NetSuite Benefits 500% growth while adding only 3 extra staff Time-per-order is cut from 10-minutes to an average of just less than 2-minutes Automated inventory management eliminates risk of shipping mistakes. NetSuite Helps Business Incubator Manage Success We couldn't be handling this volume of business without NetSuite. We'd need an army of extra staff, and even then it wouldn't work because of the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of spreadsheets and manual processes. “
    66. 66. Overview ‒ Provider of education curriculum and web assessment programs ‒ Founded in 1999 ‒ Based in Portland, Oregon ‒ Chose NetSuite to run ERP and CRM ‒ Replaced QuickBooks and Challenges Wanted to expand sales across US and Canada Needed to add remote sales people and build third party sales partner channel Fragmented IT systems NetSuite Benefits Saved $150,000 per year over in-house IT costs Able to calculate commissions in hour not days Invoicing takes 2 days instead of a week Strengthened sales force and partner channels Automated revenue recognition processes Using NetSuite, Saves $150K Annually Without NetSuite's integrated architecture it would have been near impossible to expand as smoothly as we did.“ ”
    67. 67. Overview ‒ Provider of classroom audio technology ‒ Based in Tualatin, OR ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ NetSuite replaced Peachtree, FileMaker and Excel ‒ Running NetSuite in 3 months ‒ Deployed NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, and CRM. Challenges Fragmented CRM and ERP slowed order processing Sales people couldn't track order status Combined software and spreadsheets caused data duplication, errors and inconsistencies Benefits NetSuite scalability supports Lightspeed’s rapid growth Significant drop in order processing and customer support handling times Anytime, anywhere access to distributed sales force Eliminated data duplication and extra data entry saving employees from additional administrative hours Lightspeed Technologies Doubled Growth Since NetSuite Go-Live NetSuite gives us a single view of the customer. We’ve strengthened customer support and relations, and we've been able to speed up order processing while improving system availability at the same time. “
    68. 68. Overview ‒ Women's apparel brand ‒ Based in New York, NY ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, osCommerce ‒ Using OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, ERP, Inventory Management, Order Management Challenges Keeping up with growing volume of transactions & SKUs Lack of real-time data and visibility from standalone financials, inventory and ecommerce Lilla P needed an integrated business management solution to realize their growth potential NetSuite Benefits Quadrupled revenue on SuiteCommerce since 2007, with 2x revenue growth as Lilla P refined its retail webstore Robust website functionality with out of stock notifications, image zooming, one-page checkout & "click to select" to change product colors without page reload Improved efficiency in inventory control, order management and financials Lilla P Finds a Perfect Fit with SuiteCommerce NetSuite has definitely allowed us to scale our business very seamlessly while improving productivity and avoiding unnecessary costs for servers and on-premise software. “
    69. 69. Overview ‒ Non-profit org providing free legal services & advocacy for people with disabilities and senior citizens ‒ Based in New Orleans, LA ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ Switched from Great Plains, spreadsheets ‒ Using Advanced Financials, Advanced Project Module, ERP, CRM with fundraising add-on, accounting, payroll, purchasing, job tracking Challenges Maintain computer uptime during emergencies IT system vulnerability to a break in the configuration of four-office network of VPNs and replicated servers Expense tracking slowed by disconnected business software and spreadsheets NetSuite Benefits Cloud-based architecture and web access enable continuity of operations in a reliable platform Generate financial statement in 2-mins, not 2-hrs; and get real-time financial forecasts Web donations go into NetSuite accounting instantaneously, compared to weekly with the old system Non-Profit Improve Efficiency & Service Delivery to People with Disabilities and the Elderly NetSuite gives us the ability to generate new fundraising activities, and to better track our regular projects.“
    70. 70. Overview – Portable GPS Devices – Founded in 1986 – Over 200 patents in GPS Technology – Based in Santa Clara, CA – Replaced SAP and Home- Grown Systems Challenges Outdated and underpowered Ecommerce system Real-time transaction processing and reporting were unavailable Lacked integration between webstore and financial system 3 month new product rollout to website NetSuite Benefits Increased daily online transaction processing by 3X Seamless integration between webstore and on- premise Oracle financials Cut product launch times from 3 months to 1 week IT cost for Ecommerce cut by 20% Magellan GPS Reduces IT Costs 20% and Triple Productivity with NetSuite NetSuite unifies our Ecommerce efforts on a single platform, and gives us real- time order processing unavailable with our outdated legacy system.“ ”
    71. 71. Overview – Retail sales, cosmetics education services – Based in Valencia, CA – Using NetSuite Site Builder, Site Analytics, Advanced Inventory, Advanced Financials, Revenue Recognition, ERP and CRM – Switched from Microsoft Dynamics Navision Challenges Multi-channel business model held back by Microsoft Dynamics Navision Web sales limited by manual re-keying of orders into accounting Difficulty posting new products to the website NetSuite Benefits Web sale growth of 900% Post new products to the website in 30 seconds and create instant promotion codes for market opportunities Automated order-processing in minutes Inventory instantly updated as new orders arrive Post fully detailed web orders to accounting instantly; rather than batch processing at end-of-month NetSuite Helps Cosmetics Educator Cut Overhead While Growing Retail Business NetSuite is a very complete system that’s easily adaptable to a wide range of operations. It’s simple to maintain and scalable as you grow. We’re able to access sales data very quickly, and that’s a powerful tool for production planning. “
    72. 72. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of minted awards and gifts ‒ Based in Green Bay, WI ‒ Customer Since 2008 ‒ 37 NetSuite users ‒ Replaced BPCS AS400 with NetSuite ‒ NetSuite runs ERP, CRM, eCommerce Challenges Grow customer base, make better use of its website Phone orders slowed processes and limited potential for higher-margin custom sales Complex drop-ship orders processed manually, slowing shipments to multiple customer locations NetSuite Benefits Added 25% new customers since NetSuite go-live Reduce sales staff 50% since automating order processing Assembling custom-order kits now takes just 20% of the time it took before NetSuite Medalcraft Mint Adds Customers, Cuts Production Time with NetSuite NetSuite helps us across the board. The customer center helps us grow by taking a lot of the labor out of custom order-handling. Shipping automation lets us handle larger organizations that might want to ship products to 200 locations—much more easily. “
    73. 73. Overview – Provider of full service market research – Based in Austin, TX – Founded in 1999 – Replaced QuickBooks and – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains, Sage MAS 90 and 200 Challenges Needed to improve financial forecasting and business performance Fragmented systems and spreadsheets delayed accurate financial reporting and close NetSuite Benefits Reduced accounting time for cash flow analysis by 18 hours per week Reduced time spend on monthly close by 8 hours Saving $50,000 yearly over extra staffing Profitability analysis helps direct sales efforts Expedited project mgt., expense reporting and purchase-order processes Mindwave Saving $50,000 Annually Using NetSuite NetSuite helped us significantly reduced the hours we were spending on accounting allowing us to spend more time on forecasting and profitability.“
    74. 74. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of healthcare tools ‒ Based in Lake Forest, CA ‒ Founded in 1978 ‒ NetSuite customer since 2007 ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks, and Corezon ERP Challenges Manage complex, integrated assembly and quality control processes amid increasing price competition Maintain fast order fulfillment despite fluctuating customer ordering patterns and expanding sales in 90- plus countries NetSuite Benefits 50% decrease in customer order fulfillment times No new IT staff despite continued growth Production planning time reduced from days to hours Complete order-to-source traceability on inventory lots NetSuite Helps Monobind Cut Order Fulfillment Times By 50% NetSuite provides the critical tool to see our current sales demand, direct the orders through our seven-step assembly process, and ensure that they go out the door on time to give the best delivery performance possible. “
    75. 75. Overview ‒ Mountain-inspired lifestyle apparel brand ‒ Based in Jackson Hole, WY ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, spreadsheets ‒ Using ERP, CRM SFA Challenges Rapid growth —from 0 to 150 dealers in 2 years— required robust back-office system Competing with well-known brands such as North Face, Columbia and Patagonia NetSuite Benefits Grew from 150 to 750 dealers Boosted yearly units shipped from 20,000 to 300,000 Currently the top-selling pants line in the outdoor specialty retail space Outdoor Apparel Brand Increases Units Shipped from 20,000 to 300,000 Our business was growing at a rate that challenged our IT systems, and fortunately we chose NetSuite at just the right time. We're now one of the hottest brands in the apparel space. Everyone in our industry knows us. “
    76. 76. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of torque tools ‒ Based in San Jose, CA ‒ NetSuite customer since 2004 ‒ NetSuite replaced Great Plains, Peachtree and Goldmine ‒ NetSuite deployed across ERP, CRM and Advanced Inventory Challenges Couldn't keep up with growing demand for products Legacy IT software fragmented, costly, difficult to upgrade and customize Manual sales and inventory tracking caused lost sales, incomplete product shipments. NetSuite Benefits Saving more than $100K per year by eliminating custom development, server hardware Time to generate a complex purchase order has dropped from 4 hours to 30 minutes Automated order processing reduces errors by matching sales estimates with purchase orders Mountz Saved $100,000 Per Year Over On- Premise Systems With NetSuite, sales people can manage their own accounts, manufacturing people can track work orders and inventory in real-time, and our CEO is now fully engaged with our information technology. “
    77. 77. Overview ‒ Organization serving as the federally designated national communication system for runaway and homeless youth ‒ Based in Chicago, IL ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ Switched from FoxPro MS-DOS ‒ Using NetSuite, ERP and CRM Challenges Slow response time of extremely large resource database Large volunteer staff with limited technical expertise Small IT budget with an outdated DOS application NetSuite Benefits Ease of use reduced technical training time, and allows updating & adding providers quicker than previous system Replacing antiquated DOS application significantly improved call center metrics and reduced hold times NetSuite's extensive database enables detailed, long- term research and analysis of NRS' results True Cloud Solution Removes IT Burdens from National Runaway Switchboard NetSuite has been extremely supportive of our 24/7 nationwide service to this very vulnerable population of homeless, runaway and at-risk youth.“
    78. 78. Overview – Mountain bike retailer – Based in North Hollywood, CA – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains,, and Quickbooks – Replaced Quickbooks and Excel Challenges Adding international channels meant complexity in bookkeeping, inventory management Wanted to attract quality employees by simplifying remote access Manual inventory management slowed order processing NetSuite Benefits Real-time sales pipeline visibility maximizes cash flow Saving $100,000 annually by eliminating additional bookkeepers Additional savings of $20,000 per year vs. conventional server-based VPN NetSuite Helps Niner Bikes Grow and Save $100K Annually NetSuite is easy to use, but it also can take us to a $100,000,000 company without missing a beat.“ ”
    79. 79. Overview ‒ Education ‒ Based in West Chester, PA ‒ Customer since 2004 ‒ Switched from Sage Accpac, home-grown applications ‒ Using NetSuite Challenges Managing 150 pre-schools, elementary, & middle schools via limited software, and without wide-area networking 2 weeks lag-time in financial reporting due to per school calculation of complex finances, then FedEx data to Nobel High equipment & network costs of server-based IT system, and long implementation time for 150+ schools NetSuite Benefits 45 days implementation time & $200K savings in capital equipment, network, and maintenance costs Grown to 190 schools without adding IT headcount Per-school or aggregated financial reports in 2 or 3 mouse clicks, from the previous 2 weeks lag-time NetSuite Helps Education Company Save Money While Growing its Business We always had the information, but it existed on 150 machines & it took 2 weeks just to get the schools' numbers. Now, even with our school count up to 190, we can see it all in one place—on our dashboards—and we can standardize our analytical processes to get the information we need in real time. “
    80. 80. Overview ‒ Provider of home brewing equipment ‒ Customer Since 2009 ‒ Headquarters in Roseville, NY ‒ NetSuite replaced Homegrown POS ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP and POS Challenges Limited in-house POS software couldn’t support growth Disparate POS Software and NetSuite ERP slowed order processing Unable to respond to customer demand due to lack of visibility into inventory across three retail stores NetSuite Benefits Efficient order-to-cash process saves one full day for credit card payments Integrated POS and ERP systems reduced stock-outs at retail stores Reduce inventory by 15% with real-time inventory reporting Homebrew Business Boost Efficiency to Prepare for Growth Before NetSuite we shipped inventory to our stores on a weekly basis. Now we ship daily, which improves our customer responsiveness, and helps us cut out wasted inventory. “
    81. 81. Overview ‒ Wine maker and distributor ‒ Based in Kirkland, WA ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks and ‒ Uses NetSuite Challenges Growing private-label wine business straining startup financial software New tasting room and retail operation added complexity Data stored in two separate databases, limiting visibility Primitive ecommerce capabilities restricted promotions Avoids costly, lengthy, and complicated on-premise solutions NetSuite Benefits Rapid implementation, flexible ecommerce solutions Avoided $30,000 in up-front license costs with NetSuite cloud solution Able to grow by 25% with no additional staff expense Northwest Cellars saves $30,000 by adopting NetSuite I spent 30 years in the software business prior to starting the winery. I didn't want to deal with installing and maintaining software on PCs. I spent too many years doing that. ”“
    82. 82. Overview – IT Solutions and services, reseller and integrator – Based in Waltham, MA – Customer since 2005 – 265 users – Switched from combination of legacy software & spreadsheets – Using Sandbox for OpenAir PSA, Advanced Project Module, Advanced Inventory, ERP, CRM, Revenue Recognition Challenges Complex IT infrastructure from multiple acquisitions limited flexibility & scalability to continue growth Combinations of legacy software and manual processes hindered productivity in 8 offices Impossible to keep current with business information NetSuite Benefits Real-time visibility into finances, sales and customer support, purchasing and inventory Automated quote-to-invoice process, greatly improving productivity and simplifying operations Scalability to continue growth without adding IT staff with cloud architecture Supports multiple branch offices per region to analyze business performance from multiple perspectives Growing Company Maximize Efficiency by Integrating New Acquisitions NetSuite gives us the triple-A effect we've been looking for — Always Available Anywhere.“
    83. 83. Overview ‒ Professional baseball team ‒ Based in Oakland, CA ‒ Chose NetSuite CRM over ‒ Have been the Oakland A’s since 1968 Challenges Reliance on outdated software caused errors and wasted time processing and forecasting sales Lead tracking errors lead to poor ticket sales and lack of fresh data Management couldn’t track activities of sales reps NetSuite Benefits Greatly improved sales-lead tracking and management Improved targeted ticket packages due to better analytics Customizations allow the A’s to create new ticket varieties Automated reports provide visibility into sponsorship promotions Oakland Athletics Boost Ticket Marketing, Strengthen Sponsor Relations NetSuite's top-tier service and scalability allow us to make changes that positively impact our performance, products and keep our business moving forward. ”“
    84. 84. Overview ‒ Content, collaboration and information sharing solutions for the public sector and regulated industries ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ HQ based in Sydney, Australia ‒ Switched from MYOB in Asia Pacific, Sage in United Kingdom and Excel spreadsheets ‒ Using OneWorld Challenges Global financial transparency limited by different accounting systems used in all worldwide offices On-premise solution in UK provided limited visibility and access for Australian head office Finance team wasted time on data retrieval and compilation, rather than adding analysis and insights NetSuite Benefits Complete global visibility across 7 subsidiaries, with real- time financial reporting and consolidation Monthly financial close accelerated 3x and reporting cycles reduced from 15 to 5 days OneWorld multi-currency conversion capabilities automate transactions across multiple countries Objective Corporation Transforms Global Finance Operations with OneWorld NetSuite OneWorld not only meets our current needs, but gives us the scalability to seamlessly add products and solutions as required in the future.“
    85. 85. Overview ‒ Provider of communications solutions ‒ Founded in 2005 ‒ Based in Troy, Ohio ‒ Replaced Goldmine and QuickBooks ‒ NetSuite running across Financials and CRM Challenges Business model required complex billing, customer service processes Needed integration with custom databases Increasing company visibility NetSuite Benefits Grew from $2M to $8M in revenue without growing finance staff Customer support time decreased by 75% Reduced customer setup time from hours to seconds Grew more than 35% annually NetSuite ERP and CRM Grew One Call Now’s Earnings from $2M to $8M We didn't want to add servers — we've got 180 triple-redundant SQL servers right now — but we needed a way to manage all that information, so we chose NetSuite. “
    86. 86. Overview ‒ RV and trailer manufacturer and distributor ‒ Based in Shipshewana, IN ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks, MS Excel and Outlook ‒ Uses NetSuite Challenges Needed to compete through innovation and efficiency in the challenging market for RV Lack of software integration among the company's accounting, purchasing, and warranty groups resulting to wasted time and errors Manual reporting cannot keep up with the company’s growth NetSuite Benefits Process integration and improved reporting are helping Open Range save more than $180,000 yearly Automated reporting, drawing up full production schedule and dealer-communications interaction cuts the time spent NetSuite Helps RV Maker Save $180,000 With Process Integration NetSuite has helped us cut overhead costs immediately, and has given us the ability to grow again, without limits. ”“
    87. 87. Overview – Online toy retailer – Based in Litiz, PA – 85,000 SKUs – Replaced Proprietary IBM based solution – NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Challenges Transition from phone to webstore for order placement Needed to improve order processing, inventory management, to keep customers happy and supply chain efficient Existing webstore not compliant with security standards and did not interface with business systems NetSuite Benefits Saving more than $100,000 yearly over the cost of comparable on-premise business software Order-to-cash process increased up by approx. 25% Saving $25,000 per year on webstore-management staff with no increase in warehouse staff SEO reporting, other upgrades have helped increase webstore traffic by 27% Outback Toys Grows by 33%, While Saving $100,000 Yearly With NetSuite With NetSuite, we're running a lot more proficiently. Growth isn't a problem now—it's an opportunity and we can make the most of it.“
    88. 88. Overview – Health and beauty, retailer and manufacturer of more than 40 hair care products – Based in Carlsbad, CA – Using NetSuite Retail Anywhere, Mid Market Edition, Advanced Inventory, Site Builder and Advanced Site Customization – Switched from QuickBooks, third-party ecommerce platform customized for health and beauty Maker of Ovation Hair Products Enhances Business Beauty with NetSuite I'm very comfortable knowing that if our business doubled tomorrow, NetSuite could handle the growth.“ Challenges Manual record-keeping of financials and customers information due to disparate systems Paper-based order management delayed deliveries High cost of IT implementation, integration and maintenance with on-premise solutions NetSuite Benefits Real-time visibility into sales, inventory, manufacturing, accounting and customers information Streamline transactions with purchase order automation 25% annual sales growth since deploying NetSuite
    89. 89. Overview – Wholesale distribution (consumable supplies for point-of-sale systems) – Based in Concord, CA – Replaced Intuit QuickBooks, Legacy Sales, shipping and ecommerce systems – Running NetSuite Challenges Efficiency and data accuracy was hurt by need to re-enter information across accounting, sales, shipping and credit card processing systems QuickBooks lacked scalability to support growth to more than 4,000 B2B customers across the U.S. and Canada Subpar website and lack of robust customer self-service hindered customer retention efforts NetSuite Benefits NetSuite’s unified solution saves time (saving FTE processing) Productivity increased 2x since migration from QuickBooks Installation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce contributed to 2x increase in web orders Website redesign drove large gains in unique visitors B2B customers served has increased 35% to 5,500 since NetSuite implementation Paper-Net Boosts Productivity 2x and Grows B2B Commerce Business Atop NetSuite and SuiteCommerce It was a little scary to move to something new online, but going with NetSuite was one of the best decisions we ever made. We have real-time visibility into all aspects of our operations and I’m totally confident in the accuracy of our data. “
    90. 90. Overview – Retailer of tactical gear – Based in Topeka, KS – Uses NetSuite SuiteCommerce, NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS, Inventory Management, Order Management, CRM – Switched from QuickBooks, custom-built web store Drive Growth with Unified Ecommerce and In-Store POS Solution We really feel NetSuite is the top, best-in-class solution, head and shoulders above the competition.“ Challenges Business growth limited by using different applications for financials, ecommerce & POS terminal Lacked visibility into customer activity and inventory Effectively managing separate product databases and web transactions NetSuite Benefits Unified solution for financials, inventory, ecommerce and retail POS Process transactions and capture customer data in 22 stores across 10 states Real-time visibility into warehouse inventory across 22 stores Simultaneously publish content and images to both B2C and B2B websites
    91. 91. Challenges Entry-level accounting system lacked scalability & deeper functionality required to support growth plans Manual work tracking and replenishing inventory, reporting sales, & managing transactions with suppliers and corporate customers NetSuite Benefits 400% revenue increase since 2010, with rapid growth to 13 coffee shops in the Bay Area Streamlined its wholesale distribution channel to 100+ buyers & simplified coffee procurement from suppliers Real-time visibility into stock in stores & its 20K-sq-ft warehouse, with store managers empowered to reorder as needed Philz Coffee Brews Business Success with NetSuite NetSuite is a very important tool that helps us work efficiently and effectively, which results in us being able to scale and grow faster.“ Overview – Retail/wholesale merchant of hand-crafted coffee and custom coffee blends – Based in San Francisco, CA – Customer since 2010 – Switched from QuickBooks – Using NetSuite Financials, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Order Management, SuiteCommerce
    92. 92. Challenges Time-consuming and error-prone supplier ordering and inventory management via Excel Difficult to coordinate inventory, sales and accounting and complicated monthly financial close Poor visibility into costs and revenues resulted in other expenses and missed revenue opportunities NetSuite Benefits 5x revenue growth since 2005 Reduced inventory costs by $100K by avoiding overstock and identify aging wines ideal for promotion Order fulfilment efficiency with real-time shipping rates, automated shipment label generation, and delivery tracking and confirmation Porthos Wine Ventures Grows Boutique Wine Distributorship 5x with NetSuite NetSuite is an excellent business backbone that has enabled us to grow our sales almost five times—there's no way we could manage our company and cash flow without NetSuite. “ Overview – Personal wine shopper service – Based in San Rafael, CA – Customer since 2005 – Switched from QuickBooks, Excel, Vertical Response – Using SuiteCommerce, Sandbox Environment, Site Analytics, Site Builder, Advanced Inventory
    93. 93. Overview ‒ Provides young athletes positive, character- building sports experience ‒ Based in Mountain View, CA ‒ Switched from Intuit QuickBooks, Excel, custom-built webstore ‒ Using Advanced Financials, Revenue Recognition, ERP, CRM, Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization Challenges Inefficiencies from manual processes involving QuickBooks, Excel and a custom-built website Delays in visibility into revenue stream and expenses, making it difficult to forecast and adapt Needed a modern cloud solution to enable greater agility and mobility with anywhere, anytime access NetSuite Benefits Dual donation & service sales revenue streams update automatically in NS Financials, eliminating manual work Access to all employees for self-service, and real-time visibility in their HQ & 9 regional offices across the U.S. Steady double-digit revenue growth since going live on NetSuite in 2009 Positive Coaching Alliance Gains a Winning Edge with The integration between our SuiteCommerce storefront and NetSuite is great because we can make changes to our webstore very quickly.“
    94. 94. Overview – Wholesale distributor of point of sale supplies – Based in Danvers, MA – Replaced ACT, QuickBooks Enterprise, Miva Merchant – Chose NetSuite over and SalesLogix – NetSuite CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Disconnected sales, marketing, and accounting hampered growth Sales and marketing analysis was difficult and slow Limited financial resources were strained by existing IT infrastructure NetSuite Benefits $50,000 savings from productivity gains and reductions in IT spending 50 percent gain in sales campaign effectiveness Supporting 40 percent growth in sales volume NetSuite Helps Save POS Supply $50,000 While Supporting 40% Growth We were initially just looking at NetSuite’s CRM side, but after looking further we began to think about integrating our CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and UPS shipping, and realized what a powerful solution that would be. “
    95. 95. Overview – Retail, wholesale distribution company; importer of fashionable accessories – Based in Stuart, FL – Replaced Sage MAS 90 – Running NetSuite Challenges The company wanted to take advantage of market opportunity by adding ecommerce feature to the business Combination of premises-based accounting software and manual warehouse-management processes couldn't keep up with expected order increase Expansion requiring scalability without duplicating administrative overhead Wanted to move to third-party logistics and avoid building an in-house IT group NetSuite Benefits B2B and B2C eCommerce experience gives channel buyers comfortable, powerful experience over desktop and mobile platforms Grown customers to 5,000+ while adding minimal administrative staff and saving $70,000 yearly Bulk-invoicing cuts processing time for daily billings from half day to 1 hour while typical training time reduced to days Prime Source Accessories Expands Fashion Brands and Saves Over $70,000 Annually with NetSuite NetSuite has helped us open an eCommerce channel and take on a much larger workload, all without adding the costs of IT servers or staff.“ ”
    96. 96. Overview – Provider of real estate services – Based in Honolulu, HI – NetSuite CRM – Replaced Challenges Lacked efficient way to share data with agents and sales managers Needed solution to blend real estate market data with customer data No off-the-shelf solution supported its unique workflow NetSuite Benefits Agents able to manage 10X more relations over previous system Delivering 1.5 million e-mails on behalf of agents yearly 98% buy-in from 240 independent real estate agents Integration between NetSuite CRM+ and Prudential Web portal NetSuite CRM+ Led to Prudential’s Skyrocketing Agent Productivity We knew we needed a solution that was both powerful and easy to customize. NetSuite was the most flexible architecture for our needs.“
    97. 97. Overview – Consumer Product Research – Based in Old Bridge, NJ – Customer since 2008 – Switched from QuickBooks, spreadsheets – Using NetSuite, Advanced Financials, Advanced Project Module, Advanced Billing Schedules Challenges Inability to track costs for facilities and professionals used in projects Limitations of its accounting software made it impossible to determine actual resource costs and project profitability Limitations of spreadsheet processes created inefficiencies in day-to-day business performance NetSuite Benefits Integrated, real-time information Monthly financial reports in 2 days instead of 1 month, ad hoc reports 10 minutes, not 2 hours. Data centralization, workflow compliance and automatic, one-click reporting not previously possible Product Researcher Optimize Pricing By Tracking "Unpredictable" Facilities Costs Before NetSuite we had no way of knowing if our facilities and human services were being priced fairly, or of calculating the profitability of our research projects. Now we have the information at the tip of our fingers... “
    98. 98. Overview ‒ Criminal Justice & Healthcare ‒ Based in Dallas, TX ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ Switched from QuickBooks ‒ Using NetSuite, ERP and CRM Challenges Limited business software couldn't support substantial growth potential Manage 16 satellite offices in 3 states without wasting administrative time and slowing business processes Inability to take online payments risked billing errors, particularly in cash transactions NetSuite Benefits 500% growth in 3 years, while reducing administrative time and costs $600 monthly savings in CPA costs with remote access to real-time financial information Automated processing for credit cards and on-site cash payments eliminated errors from manual processes NetSuite Helps Healthcare Company Grow 500% in 3 Years NetSuite has allowed us to take the company from 10 employees to 110 in 4 years, with financial control and visibility -- something no other software product could do. “
    99. 99. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of Architectural Wood Products ‒ Based in Boise, ID ‒ Established in 1991 ‒ Switched to NetSuite from SAP ‒ NetSuite runs inventory planning, sales, marketing, reporting and analysis Challenges SAP inflexible and inappropriate for the custom demands of commercial clients like RedBuilt Needed enterprise ERP solution after RedBuilt became independent from corporate parent Weyerhaeuser Rapid ERP replacement required, as former corporate parent would terminate access to SAP in 6 NetSuite Benefits Avoiding $275,000 in annual salary costs for SAP and database administrator First-year costs with NetSuite are just half of what RedBuilt would spend to stay with SAP Transition from SAP to NetSuite completed in just 86 days RedBuilt Switch from SAP in Just 86 Days; TCO Nearly $300,000 Lower We share the vision NetSuite has that the cloud is the future of information systems. At just a fraction of the cost of keeping SAP, NetSuite provides us a solution that is much more flexible and dynamic. “
    100. 100. Overview – Employment law/HR counsel for small & medium-size business, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies – Based in Birmingham, AL – Customer since 2007 – Switched from Projux – Using OpenAir Challenges Lack of centralized, consistent time and billing processes was preventing maximized performance Each firm had unique filing & resource management processes, and varieties of billing rates & policies Manually consolidating information for billings NetSuite Benefits Each firm has real-time visibility into all attorney activities Integrated, automated time and billing processes save time and costs of multi-office invoice processing Automated time tracking calculate precisely how each attorney is performing NetSuite OpenAir Brings Consistent Time, Billing Processes to Law Firm Alliance With our ever-changing staff needs, we needed a solution that wouldn't trap us with rigid subscription terms. NetSuite OpenAir provided that solution.“
    101. 101. Overview ‒ Provider of point of sale technology for pharmaceutical companies ‒ Based in Olympia, Washington ‒ Replaced Siebel/Upshot and Peachtree Software ‒ Running NetSuite across financials and CRM Challenges Pharmacy software company responding to fast market growth Needed to hire geographically dispersed talent Needed to improve efficiency over fragmented IT systems NetSuite Benefits Saved more than $125,000 over hosted IT system Saved more than $150,000 on personnel while growing at 25% Grew revenue from existing customers by 50% Integrated UPS shipping saves $10,000 / month Retail Management Solutions Saves $300,000 Using NetSuite We couldn't live without it. We would never have been able to grow the way we've grown without NetSuite.“ ”
    102. 102. Overview – Software developer – Based in Newton, MA – Customer since 2006 – Switched from manual processes – Using OpenAir Challenges Manual time tracking, invoicing, and forecasting was difficult to scale Time spent by consultants on administrative tasks Limited visibility between U.S. and worldwide teams, and differing management methods NetSuite Benefits Time saved with integration of time tracking with invoicing and forecasting Visibility into worldwide operations Direct access to project information anywhere through cloud architecture Professional Services Team Focus More on Clients, Less on Paper work Our consultants love the increased visibility they now have. No longer do they have to ask for the hours remaining on a contract or the status of a project. All the information is readily available to them no matter where they are in the world. “
    103. 103. Overview – Finance and Accounting Outsourcing and Consulting – Based in Rockville, MD – Customer since 2011 – Switched from QuickBooks, Replicon, SugarCRM, spreadsheets and other software – Using OpenAir SRP Challenges Growth opportunities hindered by disparate software and spreadsheets Ability to efficiently monitor & manage task assignments 5-day turnaround time to assemble detailed new- business proposal risked loss of new business NetSuite Benefits Improved project delivery by 15%, cut administrative workload by 50%, reduced average sales cycle by 75% Complete a formal new-business proposal in 24 hours, and speed up monthly invoice preparation by 4 days Potential budget overruns caught within a day, not 2 weeks. $100K yearly saving over other implementation. Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Firm Prepare for Growth, and Boost Profitability Our employees are working on thousands of tasks each month, but we were unable to see exactly what they were doing day to day or to project the total cost of a project, until the end of the month. NetSuite OpenAir SRP has turned that completely around. “
    104. 104. Overview – Ecommerce, manufacturing company selling animal/dog accessories – Based in Bend, OR – Replaced Custom Filemaker Pro – Using NetSuite ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Challenges Ruffwear had outgrown its homegrown software Manual processes slowed shipment; Manual transactional data re-keying and importing, leading to delays and errors Limited visibility into crucial operating metrics Customer service lacked integration with other key systems, slowing response time NetSuite Benefits Ruffwear has grown 135 percent since adopting NetSuite, with no increase in IT spending NetSuite managing 200 shipments per day from Ruffwear facilities Integrated CRM enables faster resolution of customer inquiries and better aligns customer service with corporate- wide goals NetSuite eliminates duplicate entry throughout the value chain, improving accuracy and saving valuable time Ruffwear Grows 135 Percent Without Increasing IT Expenditures Thanks to NetSuite Efficiencies NetSuite has allowed us to focus on our core competencies: designing and developing innovative dog gear, not worrying about running servers, managing backups and dealing with credit card compliance on our own. “