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NetSuite SuiteCommerce Customer Customer CaseStudy

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  • Results:
    NetSuite has streamlined business operations for hand-blown votive candle holder manufacturer and retailer founded in the late 1990s by cancer survivor and award-winning entrepreneur Lee Rhodes
    NetSuite provides scalability for business growth to $7 million in 2012 sales, with 10% of profits donated to cancer-related charitable organizations (more than $1.25 million in donations since 2003)
    NetSuite Retail Anywhere point-of-sale (POS) processes transactions and captures customer information for B2C sales at three brick-and-mortar stores in the Seattle area
    Implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform targeted for Q2 2013 will give glassybaby a single set of customer records across ecommerce and in-store touchpoints
    NetSuite supports continued expansion of B2B sales, with glassybaby products sold at more than 50 gift shops, restaurants and boutiques in the U.S.
    NetSuite Light Manufacturing module supports craftsmanship and production of 175,000 glassybabys a year in more than 400 colors at Seattle facility
    Real-time and historical data improves glassybaby’s ability to scale the business to meet seasonal demand spikes during the November-December holiday season
    QuickBooks lacked scalability needed for growing company, with manual data entry required between disparate systems
    glassybaby had difficulties aligning manufacturing production to demand because of data delays, manual processes and lack of systems interoperability
    Variety of POS systems for in-store sales over the years proved problematic at store level and in data movement to accounting system
    glassybaby chose NetSuite cloud technology to avoid large capital investments in software and servers and ongoing IT maintenance and upgrades to an on-premise solution
    Phased self-implementation of NetSuite solution enabled small company to gradually adopt cloud technologies to suit its business needs
    NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS chosen for robust in-store functionality and real-time bi-directional data integration with NetSuite, powering multi-channel sales from a single data source.

  • Product - SuiteCommerce Customer_Case_Study_Slides

    1. 1. Office:+1 646 459 2754
    2. 2. SuiteCommerce Customers © NetSuite 2010 2
    3. 3. Overview ‒ Wholesale distributor of electrical power equipment ‒ Based in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia ‒ Customer since 2007 ‒ Replaced MYOB, Microsoft Access ‒ Using NetSuite, NetSuite Financials, Inventory Management, Order Management, SuiteCommerce, CRM, Marketing Automation Challenges Time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry with MYOB and Microsoft Access desktop applications Costly downtime from occasional on-premise server failures Payments and invoicing through MYOB affected staff productivity, slowing cash flow NetSuite Benefits Improved staff productivity by 20+% since disparate MYOB and Microsoft Access applications were replaced Real-time visibility across financials, CRM, inventory, sales and procurement Role-based profiles give personnel flexibility to manage warehousing, sales, website, marketing, procurement etc. Alpha Energy Powers Up Its Distribution Business on NetSuite NetSuite is an amazingly efficient program that makes our business much more effective than we were with our old systems.“
    4. 4. Challenges Real-time visibility to meet the demands of a fast- growing and complex liquidation business Delays from manual data management being pieced together from disparate information Efficiency and control over purchase of goods, inventory management and the sales pipeline NetSuite Benefits Real-time visibility & control over large volumes of goods purchased, averaging 6 container loads daily Precise tracking of goods for rapid distribution and optimal product mix on their 45,000-sq-ft retail location Automated invoicing and purchasing minimizes manual work AMC Liquidators Gains an Edge in Fast- Moving, Complex Trading Operations NetSuite enables us to know in real time what our inventory position is and what's in the sales pipeline.“ Overview – Liquidator of hotel, office and high-end residential furnishings and equipment – Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL – Customer since 2003 – Using NetSuite, Financials, Inventory Management, Order Management, SuiteCommerce, CRM, Marketing
    5. 5. Challenges Manual work required to piece together data from disparate systems Delays in financial reporting, fulfilment and other processes that impacted business performance High cost in hardware purchases, software licensing, and IT upgrades, maintenance and data backups NetSuite Benefits Real-time view of its business: sales, customers, inventory, ecommerce, costs, profitability & more Order management processes reduced from days to same-day shipping Saves $12,000 previously spent on data backups, hardware and IT maintenance Candles and Supplies Lights a Fire Under Its Business with NetSuite NetSuite has been revolutionary for us. Having everything under one roof has greatly improved our efficiency, and I no longer have to manage a network.“ Overview – B2B and B2C merchant of candle-making and soap- making supplies – Based in Quakertown, PA – Customer since 2010 – Switched from Visual AccountMate, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Commerce Server, Excel – Using SuiteCommerce, Advanced Site Customization, ERP, CRM SFA
    6. 6. Overview – Plex Pty Ltd. – Based in Stanmore NSW, Australia – Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and Advanced Inventory – Switched from MYOB – Partners with OnSite Challenges Lack of inventory visibility prevented growth opportunities Order processing slowed by manual data transfers between MYOB and the company's custom Website Manual data entry delayed responses to customer inquiries Inventory slowdowns prevented expanding on new products NetSuite Benefits Instant handling of customers inquiries on product availability Cart-abandonment rates decreased from 25% to 10% Processing time cut by 75% from time-of-order to shipping Ship orders from 150 to over 600 daily Increase inventory turnover by 30% 60% growth with only 10% increase in staffing NetSuite OneWorld Helps Retailer Grow 60%, Streamline Key Business Processes With NetSuite, we can now rely on real-time inventory information across multiple warehouses and, in the future, multiple retail stores, so we no longer have to worry about our future growth with NetSuite. “
    7. 7. Overview – World leader in HVAC and refrigeration parts manufacturing & distribution – Based in Oklahoma City, Okla. – Customer since 2012 – Replaced Infor Visual Manufacturing – Uses NetSuite, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition, SuiteCommerce Challenges On-premise application was costly and outdated, and lacked the flexibility and reporting features CMP wanted. In-house infrastructure with 10 servers and IT resources could be eliminated with a move to the cloud. CMP wanted to strengthen its disaster tolerance capabilities in view of a tornado that decimated its facility. NetSuite Benefits Slashed crankshaft production lead time from 85 to 10 days while reducing costs 25% Netted a 26% increase in revenue while growing the business across 95 countries. 90% reduction in back orders, worth $300,000. Greater visibility and control of more than 3,000 part types and supported a wholesale redesign of CMP’s 160,000 sq.ft . manufacturing facility CMP Corp. Implements Lean Manufacturing Model with NetSuite to Cut Costs and Power Growth NetSuite has given us dramatically better data access and reporting and has been instrumental in our lean manufacturing initiative, helping us reduce cost and waste while achieving double-digit growth. “
    8. 8. Overview ‒ Wholesale and liquidation company specializing in buying and selling excess inventory, overstock, and closeouts ‒ Based in Los Angeles, CA ‒ Replaced SAP R/3, MS Great Plains, QuickBooks, Mail Order Manager, spreadsheets ‒ Using ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Challenges Unable to keep up with sales, & track inventory between busy bi-coastal warehouses Information access difficult for traveling executives Costly and functionally limited IT software solutions NetSuite Benefits More than $120,000 annual savings over the costs of other solutions Real-time inventory tracking not possible with DVA’s previous systems NetSuite for iPhone simplifies executive access to sales, finances, and other information Wholesale Distributor Saves $120,000 Over Former Costs for IT Software We went from the most expensive piece of software on the planet—SAP— down to QuickBooks and then to Great Plains. They were all either limited, costly, or both. We finally realized that we had to get on a single system, and that's where NetSuite came in. “
    9. 9. Overview – Makers of Natural Rodent Repellent – Based in Quezon City, Philippines and Redwood City, CA – Customer since 2012 – Replaced QuickBooks, Oasis, ShipRush, ProStores – Uses NetSuite & SuiteCommerce Challenges Complexity of multiple systems made staff training and visibility across systems difficult. Previous solution couldn’t scale to accommodate growing transaction volumes. Major retailers running lean operations demanded the same lean operations of their suppliers. NetSuite Benefits Provide on-time, same-day shipping more quickly and easily without multiple data entry points. Reduction in order entry time of at least 85 percent. Rapid growth, scaling at 40 percent for the past six years, serving 20,000 retailer locations, including 4,500 Ace Hardware stores alone Earth-Kind Gets Lean, Mean and Green with NetSuite In today’s age, you have to be nimble and agile. It’s really important for a fast-growth business to quickly adapt and fulfil customers’ needs. NetSuite’s really the best program out there.“
    10. 10. Overview ‒ B2B supplier of professional dentistry products to dentists and schools ‒ Based in Clinton Township, MI ‒ Customer since 2011 ‒ Navision (before the acquisition on Microsoft), Excel ‒ Using NetSuite Site Builder Challenges Costly & time-consuming upgrade to an on-premise Microsoft Dynamics NAV application Process delays, manual data work required & limited visibility into business metrics from siloed systems Additional credit card transaction fees paid due to security details they couldn’t produce to card processors NetSuite Benefits $23,000+ in credit card fees saved and 15% net income growth in the first year Access to consolidated record of customer orders, contacts and history SuiteCommerce platform supports a B2B customer portal for online ordering, history, payments and more EXACTA Dental Runs Its Growing Business with a Smile on NetSuite NetSuite allows us to keep finance, sales, inventory, shipping and customer information all under one roof.“
    11. 11. Overview ‒ Cosmetics Packaging and Design ‒ Based in the Netherlands ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ Replaced Microsoft Word and Excel ‒ Uses OneWorld, Advanced Inventory, Site Builder, ERP, CRM SFA Challenges Company growth supported by an easy-to-install IT system with worldwide access & corporate transparency Managing network operating in 25+ countries, multiple currencies & languages, with subsidiary relationships Expertise to maintain & update website. Replace inefficient manual data entry in Word & Excel NetSuite Benefits Accurate account of operations: sales coordination, supplier control, consolidated accounting & reporting, quality control, delivery and payment Successful management of international currencies and time zones 50% year-on-year growth Fasten Grows 50% Year-on-Year Thanks to Cloud-Based Software Suite We've evaluated the competition and came to the conclusion that NetSuite is leagues ahead in terms of functionality, ease of use and price.“
    12. 12. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of marine- grade accessories for adopted animals to encourage animal adoption. ‒ Based in Brooklyn, N.Y. ‒ Customer since 2012 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks and a Homegrown Website ‒ Using NetSuite, SuiteCommerce, CRM, Inventory Management, Order Management Challenges Difficulty maintaining inventory and tracking sales and costs at any given time with its QuickBooks system. Unable to adapt to a fast-moving business environment with haphazard business processes. Rapid business growth demanded an upgrade to an integrated business management solution. NetSuite Benefits 400% revenue growth between 2012-2013, with product & promotion donations to animal rescue organizations. Expanded its network of retail partners to over 150 brick- and-mortar & online merchants to over a dozen counties. Unified record of B2C & B2B customers, positioning the company for better sales effectiveness & customer service. Found My Animal Grows its Business and Rescue Pet Awareness with Since we moved to NetSuite, we began seeing extraordinary growth and are now able to manage it efficiently.“
    13. 13. Overview ‒ Luxury floor coverings ‒ Based in Sussex, UK ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Replaced Sage Line 50, ACT! CRM, Microsoft Access and Excel ‒ Using ERP, CRM SFA, Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization Challenges Achieve rapid growth without having to pay large upfront costs in new technologies Calculating shipping costs and currency conversions for international orders Limited office space they didn't want to use for servers NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Now runs all their ecommerce, accounting, warehouse and stock levels and data on a single, cloud platform All orders are now processed automatically with just a click of the shoppers button Operate with just 3 FTE & manage a complex network of third-party experts, saving £165,000 in annual staff costs Harvey Maria Harness SuiteCommerce to Increase Sales by 30–40% Year-on-Year Not only has it been integral to rapid business growth, enabling us to easily sell and ship internationally but NetSuite also allows us to keep the profile of a large company but operate like a lean, small one. “
    14. 14. Overview ‒ Supplier of metalworking machinery and lifecycle services to manufacturers ‒ Based in Melbourne, Australia ‒ Replaced Sage Pastel Evolution, SalesLogix, ServiceCEO, Vertical Solutions, Briefcase, Crystal Reports, Excel ‒ Using OneWorld, Inventory Management, Order Management, CRM, SuiteCommerce Challenges Patchwork of more than a half-dozen on-premise applications made managing the business difficult Delays in reporting and business execution, and loss of productivity with double data-entry Continued struggle with a third party service application NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Access to rich reporting with summary-to-detail drill-down on a departmental, regional & line of business basis Single customer view with process workflow, billing automation, visual scheduling, project costing and support for smartphones and tablets Mobile billing capabilities with electronic signature capture enables 85% of invoicing to be done in the field Eliminate 'Data Management Nightmare' to Engineer Business Innovation NetSuite has really helped us to increase the utilization and efficiency of our engineers as they now have the ability to know where all resources are at any given time, and who has capacity for further work. “
    15. 15. Overview – Based in Concord, NC – Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Advanced Inventory, Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization, ERP, and CRM+ – Switched from QuickBooks, Sage Challenges Helmet buyers require detailed specifications & design Support B2B & B2C customers on desktop & mobile platforms Limited IT budget Expand to other product lines without additional IT outlay NetSuite Benefits Save on 5 administrative and warehouse staff Product consistency at different platforms while catering to priorities of B2B & B2C customers Reach customers through mobile & tablet stores Webpage layouts draw attention to key information with custom product-zoom allowing buyers to drill down to crucial details KASK America's Bold Winning Strategy Begins with NetSuite Ecommerce NetSuite has helped us deliver a striking look-and-feel on our Websites. SuiteCommerce gives us top-notch design on a top-notch platform.“
    16. 16. Overview – Based in Perth, Australia – Using NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Advanced Inventory, CRM Site Builder and ERP – Switched from MYOB, a POS system, an inventory system and a credit card transaction terminal Challenges Poor integration between MYOB, an inventory system, a POS & credit card terminal Costly full-time IT support Maintaining multiple websites with separate branding Order dispatching errors due to manual processing Low mobile device conversion rate NetSuite Benefits Threefold sales growth to $5M turnover in the first year Full visibility of 6,000 different stock-keeping units Order fulfilment error rate down from 2% to 0.2% Increased smartphone conversions 5 times Saves $150K yearly over cost of running a non- integrated ecommerce solution Kitchenware Direct Increases Sales 917% With NetSuite's Web & Mobile Shopfront NetSuite was the only ERP system in the Australian market that could integrate all the different functions we needed and give us a seamless process from order completion to dispatch. “
    17. 17. Overview ‒ Imports and exports automotive parts and accessories ‒ Based in Singapore ‒ Replaced Flexware and home grown apps ‒ Using Site Analytics, Site Builder, Advanced Inventory, ERP, CRM SFA Challenges Meeting the rapid-delivery demands of its 350 chain stores and wholesale customers Fast response time from König’s own suppliers before their custom wheels go out of fashion NetSuite Benefits Doubled in sales in 4 years, while saving $120K per year over costs of on-premise applications 3-day U.S. deliveries from its CA & NY warehouses. Just- in-time shipments reduce König’s need for physical inventory by 25% Supply chain efficiencies have allowed König to expand into tire sales Custom Wheel Manufacturer Doubles Growth, Saves $120,000 Yearly NetSuite lets us look into our suppliers' workload, and lets our customers see our inventory.“
    18. 18. Overview ‒ Manufactures to of woodworking machinery ‒ Based in Irvine CA ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Replaced Sage SalesLogix and MAS 90 ‒ Chose NetSuite ‒ Uses SuiteCommerce, CRM+ Challenges Product shipments slowed by fragmented IT systems. Ineffective marketing from lack of visibility into lead generation. Existing systems made online sales expansion difficult Decreasing Laguna Tool’s environmental impact from their use of paper and toner NetSuite Benefits About $90K annual savings in IT costs over old system Average of 2-day order-to-shipment processing time instead of 3 days Online sales boosted by live inventory updates in 30- secs, instead of 30-mins with the old system. Managers can also now modify prices online instantly. Laguna Tools, Inc Cuts Average Order-to- Shipment Time from 3 to 2 Days NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations.“
    19. 19. Overview – The only American made metal water bottle, 100% recycled aluminum and BPA free. – Based in Union Gap, WA – Customer since 2010 – Company launched on NetSuite – Uses NetSuite, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition, SuiteCommerce Challenges As a start-up, Liberty needed a cost-effective cloud solution that could be rapidly put into production and scale to growth. Liberty did not want the complexity and delays of reconciling critical business data across disparate applications. NetSuite Benefits Since launching its business on NetSuite in 2010, Liberty Bottleworks has scaled production to more than 1M in 2013. 50% year-over-year revenue growth in sales over its SuiteCommerce - based website, through retail partners and corporate customers. Grown its retail partners to over 1,400 while expanding sales of customized bottles to more than 5,000 corporate buyers Liberty Bottleworks goes from start-up to sensation with NetSuite NetSuite is awesome and does an amazing job in tracking and managing inventory and enabling us to run the business as efficiently as possible.“
    20. 20. Overview ‒ Women's apparel brand ‒ Based in New York, NY ‒ Customer since 2006 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, osCommerce ‒ Using OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, ERP, Inventory Management, Order Management Challenges Keeping up with growing volume of transactions & SKUs Lack of real-time data and visibility from standalone financials, inventory and ecommerce Lilla P needed an integrated business management solution to realize their growth potential NetSuite Benefits Quadrupled revenue on SuiteCommerce since 2007, with 2x revenue growth as Lilla P refined its retail webstore Robust website functionality with out of stock notifications, image zooming, one-page checkout & "click to select" to change product colors without page reload Improved efficiency in inventory control, order management and financials Lilla P Finds a Perfect Fit with SuiteCommerce NetSuite has definitely allowed us to scale our business very seamlessly while improving productivity and avoiding unnecessary costs for servers and on-premise software. “
    21. 21. Overview ‒ A subsidiary of New York- based NBTY, manufacturer of 22,000 nutritional products ‒ Based in Beijing, China ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ Replaced Sage Accpac ‒ Using OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, Sandbox Environment, Advanced Inventory, Advanced Financials, CRM+ Challenges System used at the subsidiary level was too time- consuming and inflexible to support explosive growth Their HQ’s on-premise ERP expansion system requires extensive networking & localization Sage financial reporting was slow & cumbersome with custom reports requiring engagement with consultants NetSuite Benefits Two-tier ERP deployment provides U.S. corp. parent with real-time web-based visibility into subsidiary performance Avoids cost of at least 3 FTE at the subsidiary level for accounting & IT that would run a competing system Streamlines inventory management, warehousing and distribution of over 200 SKUs 100% a year growth in a two-tier model for global consolidation and visibility NetSuite is a very good system that beats everything we compared it to and it makes the globe small. Our parent company is in New York and we're in China, and they get instant, real-time visibility into our performance. “
    22. 22. Challenges Entry-level accounting system lacked scalability & deeper functionality required to support growth plans Manual work tracking and replenishing inventory, reporting sales, & managing transactions with suppliers and corporate customers NetSuite Benefits 400% revenue increase since 2010, with rapid growth to 13 coffee shops in the Bay Area Streamlined its wholesale distribution channel to 100+ buyers & simplified coffee procurement from suppliers Real-time visibility into stock in stores & its 20K-sq-ft warehouse, with store managers empowered to reorder as needed Philz Coffee Brews Business Success with NetSuite NetSuite is a very important tool that helps us work efficiently and effectively, which results in us being able to scale and grow faster.“ Overview – Retail/wholesale merchant of hand-crafted coffee and custom coffee blends – Based in San Francisco, CA – Customer since 2010 – Switched from QuickBooks – Using NetSuite Financials, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Order Management, SuiteCommerce
    23. 23. Challenges Time-consuming and error-prone supplier ordering and inventory management via Excel Difficult to coordinate inventory, sales and accounting and complicated monthly financial close Poor visibility into costs and revenues resulted in other expenses and missed revenue opportunities NetSuite Benefits 5x revenue growth since 2005 Reduced inventory costs by $100K by avoiding overstock and identify aging wines ideal for promotion Order fulfilment efficiency with real-time shipping rates, automated shipment label generation, and delivery tracking and confirmation Porthos Wine Ventures Grows Boutique Wine Distributorship 5x with NetSuite NetSuite is an excellent business backbone that has enabled us to grow our sales almost five times—there's no way we could manage our company and cash flow without NetSuite. “ Overview – Personal wine shopper service – Based in San Rafael, CA – Customer since 2005 – Switched from QuickBooks, Excel, Vertical Response – Using SuiteCommerce, Sandbox Environment, Site Analytics, Site Builder, Advanced Inventory
    24. 24. Overview – E-tailer of rugged and distinctive leather bags, luggage, wallets, accessories – Based in San Antonio, TX – Using NetSuite OneWorld, SuiteCommerce, Inventory Management, Financials, CRM, Warehousing / Distribution, Marketing – Switched from QuickBooks, Excel,, homegrown ecommerce website Challenges Difficult to manage webstore disconnected from back- office inventory, financials and customer records Lack cross-departmental visibility of KPIs Excessive time spent on manual data entry NetSuite Benefits 50% revenue growth since implementing NetSuite Manage 5 subsidiaries supporting multi-currency transactions and local tax compliance with NetSuite OneWorld 100% e-tail business with full integration between webstore, back-office inventory, financials and CRM Save on 2 employees doing inventory forecasting Real-time visibility on critical business metrics Leather Goods E-Tailer Saddles Up with NetSuite We've become much more empowered with NetSuite and have much better control over the business. Because of the functionality inherent in NetSuite, we're able to do things we could never have done before. “
    25. 25. Overview ‒ Australian owned & operated company specializing in supply to the printing, packaging, diemaking and digital industries ‒ Based in West Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ Replaced Nexus Systems, custom-built website ‒ Using ecommerce, CRM and ERP Challenges Previous ERP & inventory system required a lot of manual work and offered little visibility into the business Evolve beyond static custom-built website to offer ecommerce purchasing to B2B customers Risk of costly overstocks and stock-outs with inventory that was difficult to track NetSuite Benefits Saves on 1 FTE for bookkeeping with integrated financial mgmt. Real time financial reporting instead of 3 days SuiteCommerce opened new ecommerce revenue stream for customers of consumable products 95% inventory accuracy, leading to greater satisfaction among B2B buyers Speeds Financial Reporting, Improves Inventory Accuracy & Opens Ecommerce Channel on NetSuite NetSuite has changed our business... It was an easy decision to go with NetSuite and the end result has been very good.“
    26. 26. Overview ‒ Skin care line ‒ Based in Carlsbad, CA ‒ Customer since 2003 ‒ Replaced QuickBooks, ACT!, and ‒ Using Advanced Inventory, ERP, CRM SFA, SuiteCommerce Site Builder, Advanced Site Customization, Site Analytics Challenges Expand business from spa reseller customers, to reaching out to consumers directly Expand to Japan, UK, Canada, and Mexico Tracking of inventory from suppliers in China and Korea NetSuite Benefits $100K annual savings over cost of premise-based servers and IT infrastructure Role-based dashboards give mgmt. real-time visibility into supplier performance Integration of eCommerce, inventory & customer information. Advanced inventory module also ensures on-time product delivery Skinauthority Saves $100K Yearly vs. Cost of On-premise IT While Maintaining Growth We came from both the technology and spa industries and we knew we'd need top-quality products and service to succeed in this competitive business. NetSuite helps us do just that. “
    27. 27. Challenges Poor performance of existing ecommerce site Maximizing ecommerce performance with warehouse- management to drive growth Non-integrated business software made inventory tracking and forecasting difficult NetSuite Benefits NetSuite's ecommerce solution boosted page views by 78%; unique visitors by 56%; pages per visit by 14%; and new visits by 6% -- online sales increase by 45% More efficient warehouse management saves cost of 10 full-time employees 34% yearly sales increase with just a 10% increase in inventory – double-digit grown without adding IT staff Seasonal forecast reports in just 20 minutes NetSuite's Advanced Commerce Module Helps Boost Sales by 45% NetSuite gives us a fully integrated system that supports our growth from $5M to $50M and beyond.“ Overview – Retail, ecommerce sporting goods (online lacrosse equipment retailer) – Based in Brookline, NH – NetSuite Commerce, SuiteCommerce – Switched from Zoovy, QuickBooks, spreadsheets
    28. 28. Overview ‒ E-tailer of motorcycle helmets, jackets, luggage and other gear ‒ Based in Charlotte, NC ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ Using SuiteCommerce, Financials, Inventory, Order Management, CRM, Marketing ‒ The company launched its webstore business on NetSuite Challenges Business expansion beyond eBay without the time and expense of on-premise solutions Manual business processes required to manage and manipulate data in multiple systems NetSuite Benefits One integrated system for ecommerce, financials, inventory & order management, CRM, and marketing Saved 1 FTE in IT with NetSuite's cloud solution vs. on-premise software and servers Integrated inventory and ecommerce simplified stock expansion to 5,000 SKUs Motorcycle Gear E-tailer Revs Its Sales on NetSuite's Integrated Commerce Solution We went with NetSuite because it had everything in a single solution— ecommerce, accounting, CRM, inventory and more.“
    29. 29. Overview – Giftware (colorful votive candle holders) – Based in Seattle, WA – Using NetSuite Advanced Inventory, ERP, CRM, Retail Anywhere and SuiteCommerce – Switched from QuickBooks, CAM Commerce for POS Challenges QuickBooks lacked scalability for a growing company, with manual data entry required between dissimilar systems Data delays and manual processes made aligning production to demand difficult Data movement through QuickBooks was problematic due to various in-store POS systems NetSuite Benefits Scalability for business growth to $7M in sales Continued expansion of B2B sales at more than 50 gift shops, restaurants and boutiques in the U.S. Process transactions and capture customer information for B2C sales with Retail Anywhere POS A single set of customer records for in-store and ecommerce glassybaby Streamlines Multi-Channel B2C/B2B Business with NetSuite NetSuite is a very complete system that’s easily adaptable to a wide range of operations. It’s simple to maintain and scalable as you grow. We’re able to access sales data very quickly, and that’s a powerful tool for production planning. “
    30. 30. Overview – Provider of Christian health services – Based in Shelby, NC – Chose NetSuite for ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce – Replaced ProfitCenter Software Challenges Order fulfillment errors due to limited IT system Unreliable accounting, lack of reporting lead to lost revenues on shipping costs Wanted to maintain hard-won leadership position NetSuite Benefits Saved $500,000 over cost of on-premises installation Will save $50,000 annually in extra staff expenses vs. on-premise system Ecommerce sales increased by 25% in 6 months Real-time data for call center, marketing, Web, accounting, retail stores, IT, and CEO office Hallelujah Acres Increases Ecommerce Sales by 25% With NetSuite NetSuite has helped us improve customer service and order fulfillment. Plus it is flexible enough for us to affordably customize it to fit the company's long-term needs.“
    31. 31. Overview – Retailer of tactical gear – Based in Topeka, KS – Uses NetSuite SuiteCommerce, NetSuite Retail Anywhere POS, Inventory Management, Order Management, CRM – Switched from QuickBooks, custom-built web store Drive Growth with Unified Ecommerce and In-Store POS Solution We really feel NetSuite is the top, best-in-class solution, head and shoulders above the competition.“ Challenges Business growth limited by using different applications for financials, ecommerce & POS terminal Lacked visibility into customer activity and inventory Effectively managing separate product databases and web transactions NetSuite Benefits Unified solution for financials, inventory, ecommerce and retail POS Process transactions and capture customer data in 22 stores across 10 states Real-time visibility into warehouse inventory across 22 stores Simultaneously publish content and images to both B2C and B2B websites
    32. 32. Overview – Technology distribution – Based in Mexico City, Mexico – Customer since 2009 – Switched from Lomas legacy ERP – Using SuiteCommerce Challenges Visibility into sales per branch, part number and other attributes for forecasting and profitability analysis Eliminate high costs to deploy and maintain on- premise systems that required sizable IT staff Business growth impaired by manual procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes NetSuite Benefits 15% growth on ecommerce total sales launching B2B SuiteCommerce website, attracting 200 new partners Order processing time cut from 30mins to 7mins Real-time inventory and sales data & reporting; AdHoc reporting with transactional detail Mexican Enterprise Technology Distributor Grows Sales and Partners on Cloud NetSuite has given us better control of the company, and we have given end-users more power so they can do their jobs better without having to go to the IT department. “
    33. 33. Overview ‒ Provider of antivirus software ‒ Founded in 1992 ‒ 250+ customers ‒ Based in Bratislava, Slovakia ‒ NetSuite Financials, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Business multiplied annually, outgrowing small office software Had no unified view of customer Needed enterprise grade infrastructure without IT staff NetSuite Benefits Scaled efficiently with monthly E-store orders from 4,000 to 30,000 in 4 years Reduction in chargebacks by a factor of 8 Managing over 1,000 customer support contacts daily with reduced error rate and greater efficiency NetSuite Helps ESET Increase Ecommerce Revenues Tenfold We have been able to customize NetSuite to meet most of our needs, faster and at a lower price than we would have with any other system.“ ”
    34. 34. Overview ‒ Producer of digital signage ‒ Founded in 1987 ‒ Based in Exton, PA ‒ NetSuite OneWorld replaced QuickBooks, Sage MAS 50 and 200 ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, CRM and eCommerce Challenges Needed to improve operational efficiency to maintain competitive position Wanted to continue its global expansion into India and other countries Needed to improve website sales efficiency NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Month-end closing takes five days instead of three weeks Budgeting with real-time data from 11 subsidiaries and 9 holding companies around the world Web-based product sales processes are integrated with accounting, inventory and other processes NetSuite Helps Manage 11 Subsidiaries With Real-Time Data NetSuite helped us combine multi-company, country, language, and currency silos into one data center, and now lets us view all this information globally or locally.“
    35. 35. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of gastroenterology devices ‒ Founded in 2008 ‒ 90 employees ‒ Based in Alpharetta, GA ‒ Replaced Quickbooks ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Inadequate functionality to handle growth Zero inventory and manufacturing controls Complex supply chain: China, Korea, EU, USA NetSuite Benefits Fully implemented in two months NetSuite webstore delivers 15% of revenue Configured Case Management for FDA compliance Reduced 4 FTE IT staff and $8K per user license vs. on-premise solution 300% Annual Growth and FDA Compliance with NetSuite NetSuite is the only Cloud based solution that was built from the ground up., Great Plains and SAP BBD are all patch-up solutions.“ ”
    36. 36. Overview ‒ Worldwide distributor of plastic products and manufacturing services ‒ Founded in 1914 ‒ 40+ employees ‒ Based in San Diego, CA ‒ Replaced Peachtree and Custom developed software ‒ NetSuite W/D Edition, ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Challenges Focus on managing and growing business without the hassle of managing servers Managing multiple disparate systems Growth meant adding more IT staff NetSuite Benefits Increased productivity of every employee Complete Integration: NetSuite, POS, Shipping and Yahoo Hours saved reconciling sales orders Automated POS system saves 2-3 hours of staff time daily Integrates 3 websites Grew 60% since using NetSuite without adding additional backend employees NetSuite is a very powerful tool that allows us to focus on our business from all points. We can easily customize to make it fit our specific business model without having a full time IT position. “
    37. 37. @curiousrubik