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Treat Gout Foot Effectively
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Treat Gout Foot Effectively


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The foot can swell up dramatically when someone has gout. The pain associated with gout is unbelievable and many people say it feels like someone is burning them with a hot fireplace poker.

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  • 1. Treat Gout Foot Effectively
  • 2. The foot can swell up dramatically when someone has gout.
  • 3. Typically, this only occurs on one foot but there are cases where someone does experience it in both at the same time.
  • 4. Gout foot makes it hard to walk and it can result in falls. This is due to the person being off balance.
  • 5. The swelling can also make it impossible to stand on the foot or to get a shoe on it.
  • 6. The pain associated with gout is unbelievable and many people say it feels like someone is burning them with a hot fireplace poker.
  • 7. The build up of uric acid in the joints of the foot is what results in this type of problem developing. For most people gout food can come on very suddenly.
  • 8. They can be just fine one moment and then start to have unbelievable levels of pain. In many instances gout foot doesn’t just affect this particular area either.
  • 9. The joints around the ankle may swell due to the uric acid that is present. It can also spread into the toes.
  • 10. It is typically the big toe that is more commonly affected but it can be any or all of them.
  • 11. The first time it happens some people think they may have sprained their foot due to the swelling and the pain.
  • 12. When a person wakes up with gout foot they may assume they got bit by a spider or other living creature while they were sleeping.
  • 13. It isn’t until they seek medical attention that they find out what they really have.
  • 14. Once a person has gout foot there is a very good chance that it will occur again in the future. Studies show that each future outbreak can be more severe too.
  • 15. This means that a person should do all they can to be able to prevent that from occurring. The pain can last for a week or longer and that is very hard to deal with.
  • 16. Many people miss days of work due to gout foot. They can’t get their shoe on to go, they can’t drive, and they can’t stand the pain to focus on their job.
  • 17. Some employers are understanding of this health concern but many of them aren’t. That can lead to additional stress too.
  • 18. When you have to take off work to treat gout without pay it can become a financial hardship as well.
  • 19. In order to fight gout foot a person has to take action to help reduce the amount of uric acid that is found in the body.
  • 20. Getting daily exercise and losing extra pounds is a great way to do this.
  • 21. Eating a well balanced diet can also help with reducing the amount of uric acid crystals that are allowed to form.
  • 22. Taking preventative measures is a great way to help reduce the pain and swelling that is associated with gout foot.
  • 23. It isn’t a good idea to rely on luck that it will be a long time between episodes.
  • 24. It also isn’t advised to take prescription mediations for gout. They can be very expensive. They can also come with some harsh side effects.
  • 25. While gout can affect any part of the body, the foot seems to be a common location for many people. Pay close attention to any warning signs that it is developing.
  • 26. Pay close attention to what you eat, what your level of activity is, and look for common triggers that seem to increase the chances of uric acid building up in the joints of the lower extremities.
  • 27. For more details and information to get rid of gout forever,
  • 28. visit