DBA's World - Past, Present, Future


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If you want to choose your career as DBA, check this out!..

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DBA's World - Past, Present, Future

  1. 1. Business Unit or Product NameDBA’s WorldPast, Present and Future...Cüneyt Göksu,IBM Information Champion,IBM DB2 Gold ConsultantCuneyt.Goksu@Gmail.com
  2. 2. 2Who am I ? BS, Computer Science, YTU, Istanbul, Turkey, 1990 MBA, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey, 1992 MS in CS, IIT, Chicago, USA, 1994 20+ years in “Information Management” Technologies 1996, IDUG (International DB2 Users Group) 2004, TDUG (Turkish DB2 Users Group) 2008, 2009 IBM Data Champion 2009, IBM Gold Consultant
  3. 3. 3Today’s reality: ComplexityE01-EDIData Warehouse(Interfaces to and from theData Warehouse are notdisplayed on this diagram)G02 - GeneralLedgerA05 - APS01 - SalesCorrectionsI01 POReceivingI03 Return toVendorI06 WarehouseManagementMainframePC/NT appsUNIX apps3rd party interfaceS06 - Credit AppP15 EES EmployeeChange NoticeOTHER APPS - PCAP - Collections/CreditTM - Credit Card DBACCTS REC APPS - PC990CORBad DebtBeneficial FeesBeneficial ReconcileJEAXFJEBFAJEBKAJEDVAJESOAJEVSAJEVSFNSFTeleCredit FeesINVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PCCode AlarmDebit ReceivingsDevo SalesDisplay InventoryIn HomeJunkoutsMerchandise WithdrawalPromo CreditsRTV AccrualShrinkAP Research - Inv CntrlAP Research-Addl RptsBook to Perpetual InventoryClose Out ReportingComputer Intelligence DataCount CorrectionsCross Ref for VCB DnldsDamage WriteOffDebit ReceivingsDFI Vendor DatabaseDisplay Inventory ReconcileDisplay Inventory ReportingINVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PCDPI/CPIIC BatchingInventory Adj/Count CorrectInventory Control ReportsInventory LevelsInventory RollMerchandise WithdrawalOpen ReceivingsPI Count ResultsPI Time Results from InvPrice ProtectionSales Flash ReportingShrink ReportingSKU Gross MarginSKU Shrink Level DetailUSMVCB DownloadsJournal Entry Tool KitScorecard - HRL02-ResourceScheduling(Campbell)P09 - P17CyborgM02 - MillenniumM03 - Millennium 3.0Banks - ACH and Pos toPayCobraB01 - StockStatusS03-PollingP14 On-line NewHire EntryCTSPlan Administrators(401K, PCS, Life,Unicare, SolomonSmith Barney)D01 Post LoadBillingI04 HomeDeliveriesI02 -TransfersArthur PlanningI07 PurchaseOrderI12 EntertainmentSoftwareI05Inventory InfoE13E3 InterfaceS04 - Sales PostingV01-Price ManagementSystemI10 Cycle PhysicalInventoryI55 SKUInformationK02Customer RepairTrackingI35 Early WarningSystemB02 MerchandiseAnalysisI13- AutoReplenishmentU18 - CTOInterceptI09 Cycle CountsE02-EmployeePurchaseTexlon 3.5ACHStock OptionsI17 Customer PerceivedIn-StockU16-TexlonSiteSeerC02 - CapitalProjectsF06 - FixedAssetsUS Bank ReconFileStar RepairEDICoordinatorMesa DataNEW SoundscanNPD GroupAIG WarrantyGuardResumixOptikaStore BudgetReportingP16 - Tally SheetCash Receipts/CreditS05 - HouseChargesAd ExpenseL01-PromoAnalysisV02-PriceMarketingSupportBMP - Busperformance MngtStoreScorecardI11 PriceTestingValley MediaP09Bonus/HRI15 Hand ScanAppsRoadshowPOSS08 - VertexSalesTaxA04 - CustRefund ChksEquifaxICMS CreditCellularRolloverS09 - DigitalSatelliteSystemNPD,SoundScanSterling VANMailbox (Value)I18SKU RepX92-X96Host to AS400CommunicationS02 -LayawaysWashington,RGIS,Ntl Bus SystemsV04-SignSystemI14 Count CorrectionsNARMP01-EmployeeMasterfileI06 - CustomerOrderFrickCoUAR - Universal AccountReconciliationDepositoryBanksS07 - CellPhonesS11 - ISPTrackingAASFringe POCash Over/ShortL60 MDFCoopSKU SelectionToolSKUPerformanceSupplierCompliance1I35 - CEIASISMisc Accounting/Finance Apps - PC/NTCOBA (Corp office Budget Assistant)PCBS(Profit Center Budget System)Merchandising BudgetAIMSMerch Mngr ApprovalBatch ForcastingAd MeasurementAIMS AdminAIMSReportingAdLauncherV03- MktReactionsSpecSourceCTO2.Bestbuy.comRebateTransferSignSystemCopyWritersWorkspaceELTPowerSuiteStoreMonitorAIS CalendarStores & MrktsDue DatesSmart PlusInsertionsOrdersBudgetAnalysis ToolPrint CostingInvoice AppAIS ReportsBroadcastFilterSmart PlusLauncherGeneralMaintenancePrinter POPrinterMaintenanceVendorMaintenanceVendor SetupConnect 3Connect 3ReportsConnect 3PDF TransfeSpec SourceSKU TrackingS20-SalesPollingProdigyPSPIn-HomeRepairWarrantyBillingSystemProcess Servers(Imaging)Prepared by Michelle MillsAn example of a real architecture in an industry
  4. 4. 4The data landscape is complex…Highly distributedMultiple applications, databases and platforms• ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, DW, MDM• DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, TeraData…• NoSQL Databases• Unix/Linux, z-Series, WindowsComplex, poorly understood data relationships• Corporate memory is poor (outsourcing, turnover)• Documentation is poor or nonexistent
  5. 5. 6TimeGrowthofComputingPowerDumb Index in 2012?NewInformationAll DigitalDataSensemakingAlgorithmsGrowingAmnesiaIndex?
  6. 6. 7ProspectDatabaseEmployeeDatabaseHumanResourcesDepartmentInvestigationsDatabaseYou are unaware the newly hired employee hadpreviously been arrested for stealing from you!MarketingDepartmentEnterprise AmnesiaCorporateSecurityDepartment
  7. 7. 8ProspectDatabaseEmployeeDatabaseHumanResourcesDepartmentCorporateSecurityDepartmentFraudDatabaseYour marketing department is mailing offers toa person currently in jail for stealing from you!MarketingDepartmentEnterprise Amnesia
  8. 8. 9DBA ???Who is DBA ?
  9. 9. 10DataBase AdministratorWho is DBA ?* Prevent developers and users from corrupting thecompanys data.
  10. 10. 11Database ArchitectWho is DBA ?
  11. 11. 12DataBase Android** An android is a robot designed to look and acthuman.Who is DBA ?
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. 15DataBase Android*Where is DBA in the hierarchy?DBADBA
  15. 15. 16Edgar F. Codd and 12 Rules
  16. 16. 17Edgar F. Codd and 12 RulesSystem R, 1970, IBM
  17. 17. 18Edgar F. Codd and 12 RulesSystem R, 1970, IBMSQL 
  18. 18. 19Edgar F. Codd and 12 RulesSystem R, 1970, IBMSQL XQuery 
  19. 19. 20Edgar F. Codd and 12 RulesSystem R, 1970, IBMSQL XQuery BIG SQL
  20. 20. 21Platform, CPU, Memory, Storage...September 1956IBM 305 RAMACFirst computer with ahard drive.The 5MB hard driveweighed one ton,Multi-Million USD
  21. 21. 22Platform, CPU, Memory, Storage...AMDIntelPentiumPCMiddlewareMainframeIFLzIIPzAAPRISCWindowsMinix, Unix, LinuxVMSMVSCentral ?Distributed ?N-tier
  22. 22. 23Internationalization...EBCDIC  1950s, 1960s... Mostly MainframeASCII  1960s... PCsand WorkstationsUnicode  1987? ? ?
  23. 23. 24Data ModelingVery Simple Start May reach to this mess!
  24. 24. 25Data ModelingStarts from here May reach here...???IBM – Rational Data ArchitectCA - ErwinOracle DesignerSybase – Power designerMicrosoft - VisioQuest – Toad Data Modeller
  25. 25. 26PerformancePareoto Rule80 : 20“fixing the top 20% of the most reported bugs,80% of the users would not encounter any bugs”@Microsoft CEO20% of Database applications cause 80%of your problems
  26. 26. 27PerformanceSystem ApplicationHardware, CPU, Storage,Network, OperatingSystem, DBMS, I/OAlgorithm, Technology,Data Model, SQL DesignDBMS SQL
  27. 27. 28PerformanceDBMS SQLDASDParameter ListMemory BudgetMore Cache, Less I/OOptimizer (Rule? Cost?)Index DesignSortANSI SQL ?DBMS SQL ?UDF, SP, Trigger
  28. 28. 29End – to – End Transaction BreakdownApplication : Code, App Server such as JVM,External Sources (Flat File..)Network: Switch, Router, LAN, WAN, etc...Database Server: OS, Subsystem, SQL, DASD,Tablespace, etc...
  29. 29. 30Data StructureDDLDCLDMLTCL
  30. 30. 31Backup & Recovery#1 Task of the DBAWho is going to be affected in case of failure?1 – Enterprise2 – Customers, Users, Country and even all Planet!3 – More Importantly, you, loved ones and family!Data
  31. 31. 32DBA’s Problem Solving LifecycleCollectPerformanceDataAnalyzeMake surechanges aredoneDefine the ProblemPerformanceReportingManual or ToolingDBMS, SQL, OS, Network, Application vb...DBA, Non-DBA
  32. 32. 33Disaster RecoveryLocalDataRemoteDataTo Sync or Not to Sync !
  33. 33. 34SecurityDataDCL – Grant / RevokeInformation Security StrategyProduction Data  Test DataEncryption
  34. 34. 35Security – How the data is being attacked?ComplexityProbabilityDBA & Sysadm & AdministratorApp. Developer, valid user for dataNetwork, LAN SnifferSQL Users, App. Users (SQL Injection)Lost Backups during transit
  35. 35. 36
  36. 36. 37DB Tools• Monitors• Data Dictionary• Advisers (Index, Tuning, SQL etc...)• Data Analysis•Backup & Recovery Automation•Database MaintenanceA fool with a Tool is still a Fool @ Marco
  37. 37. 38Trouble Shooting
  38. 38. 39Which DBMS ?, Which DBA ?• DB2, IMS, Informix• Oracle• SQL Server• Adabas, Ingres, MySQL, Postgre SQL etc...Specialist?Generalist? Criteria• Price• Support• Documentation• Performance• Tools and Utilities
  39. 39. 40Which Datatype ?• Char / Numeric• Char, Varchar / Smallint, Integer, Decimal• Real, Float• LOB (BLOB, CLOB)• XML• Graphic• Date, Time• Row ID• Distinct Type Freedom 
  40. 40. 41Data ReplicationDB2forz/OSCoreBankATM VisaDB2forLUWCRMOracleBISQLServerHR
  41. 41. 42Vendors, 3rd Party, User Groups and Others...DBMSProviderVendorsUserGroupsIDUGOUGInternetITtoolboxDeveloperWorks Metalink
  42. 42. 43In memory DBKeep Data in MemoryExtreme AvailabilityLow Cost
  43. 43. 44SummaryModelling, ObjectManagement, Etc...xSkills (OS, Network,Application)Security & StandardsApp. Dev. InterfacesData IntegrationPast Today
  44. 44. 4510 – 15 years ago• %100 Technical, %100 Specialist• Poor Management Communication• Programmer DBA• 1 system, 1 DB, maybe 2!• More time for R&D• DBA ~ Sysprog
  45. 45. 46Today• Technical + Social + Politic!• e-DBA, Distributed DBA• x System, y DB, z DBMS• Less time for different specialities• Communication Skills• Certification• Internal Consultant• Prod DBA, Test DBA, Q&A DBA,Packaged DBA, Offshore DBA vb...globalizationInternet
  46. 46. 47Industry Trends• Performance Management Tools• Self-Healing, Self-Tuning Systems, Autonomous• Outsourcing• Smart Analytics• Appliance (Netezza...)
  47. 47. 48Rules of the Road for DBAs –• Write down everything• Keep Everything• Automate; Let the machine Dirty Work• Share your knowledge• Focus your efforts
  48. 48. 49Rules of the Road for DBAs• Measure twice, cut once!• Understand the business• Don’t be a hermit• Keep current• Don’t Panic!• Be Strategic!
  49. 49. 50$$$ / €€€ / £££
  50. 50. 51AcknowledgementsJeff Jonas,Distinguished Engineer, IBM Entity AnalyticsSeda İşi, IT Specialist, IBMMaja Markotic, DB2 DBA, Zagrebacka Banka, CroatiaSerpil Yıldız, TubitakFlorence Dubois, EMEA SWAT Team - DB2 for z/OS, IBMCraig S. Mullins, Data Management Strategist with NEON
  51. 51. 52Thank you DBA’s WorldPast, Present and Future...Cüneyt Göksu, DB2 SMEIBM Information Champion,IBM DB2 Gold ConsultantCuneyt.Goksu@Gmail.com