English speaking countries


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Es un power point elaborado por niños de primaria, acerca de los paises nativos de habla inglesa.

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English speaking countries

  1. 1. The UK , The USA , Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. English speaking countries
  2. 2. The uk
  3. 3. The flag is: Red , white and blue
  4. 4. The capital is England The capital of England is London.
  5. 5. THE UK The Uk is situated in Europe . It’s small. It’s composed by the next countries: ENGLAND SCOTLAND WALES NORTH IRELAND
  6. 6. The currency is… The pound. This is the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.
  7. 7. In summer the weather is warm and in winter it’s cold and rainy. It rains a lot during the year.
  8. 8. Typical Food from the UK are: Buxton blue Parmo Fish and chips
  9. 9. Some traditions are… Easter (in March) Halloween(31st October) The guy fawkes night. (5th December) Christmas (25th December)
  10. 10. Places to visit are… Westminster abady Big Ben The London eye
  11. 11. Some famous people are… Harry potter David beckham Elton John Elizabeth Hurley
  12. 12. The USA
  13. 13. The USA is situated in north America It´s a very big country. It has got 50 states. Its capital is Washington. the USA
  14. 14. The flag is red,white,blue and It has got fifty stars because of the states. the flag
  15. 15. The currency is the “AMERICAN DOLLAR” The president of the USA is “BARACK OBAMA”. The currency is...
  16. 16. THE WEATHER IS… It depends on the situation :in the nortwest in winter IT is rainy and in summer it’s sunny.
  17. 17. THE USA HYMN IS… O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming! And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there: O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
  18. 18. Some typical food is: Brownies , Cheeseburger and Apple Pie Typical food cheeseburger Apple pie brownies
  19. 19. Some traditions in the USA are Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving day… Some traditions are...
  20. 20. Nueva York (The liberty statue) Hawaii Washington DC (the white house) Los Angeles , California Some places to visit are...
  21. 21. Neil Armstrong , he was an astronaut who first stepped the moon in 1969. Michael Jordan , was a leading college basketball player at the University of North Carolina. Some famous people are... Armstrong Jordan
  22. 22. CANADA
  23. 23. The flag is red and wihte with a leaf. It’s a very big country. Canada
  24. 24. The capital is Ottawa. The currency is the “CANADIAN DOLLAR” The capital and the currency...
  25. 25. In summer the weather is cold and in winter it’s very cold and snowy. the weather
  26. 26. Tourtière ( pie flesh ), smoked meat sandwich, etc. are fronm Canada. Some typical food...
  27. 27. The traditións are stampede the Calgary, carnival winter, etc. Some traditions are...
  28. 28. Some places to visit are Toronto,Vancouver, Ottawa, etc. Some places to visit are...
  29. 29. Famous people are Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey,… Some famous people are...
  30. 30. AUSTRALIA
  31. 31. Australia is situated in the Australian continent. It`s a small country. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Australia
  32. 32. The flag is red, black and blue. it`s got six stars. FLAG
  33. 33. The currrency in Australia is the “ Australian dollar” . Currency in Australia
  34. 34. In summer the weather is sunny and hot and in winter it`s warm. THE WEATHER IS...
  35. 35. Typical food from Australia is a mixture of continents: asiatic and european food. SOME TYPICAL FOOD IS...
  36. 36. Some Australian traditions are: Australian day: it’s celebrated on 26th January. Anzand day: it’s celebrated on 25th April to remember the dead in the war. Some traditions
  37. 37. Some animals from Australia are: The canguroo, koala bear and wombat. Animals from Australia
  38. 38. Some places to visit in Australia are: OPERA HOUSE SIDNEY Places to visit in Australia
  39. 39. There are one hundred famous people in Australia: for example: Cody. Nicole Kidman Some famous people are...
  40. 40. IRELAND
  41. 41. IRELAND - It’s a small country. - It’s a republic. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. It’s situated in Europe.
  42. 42. The colours of the flag are green, white and orange. THE FLAG
  43. 43. The currency is... - The currency is the “EURO” like in Spain.
  44. 44. THE WEATHER In summer the weather is wet. In winter the weather is rainy and cold.
  45. 45. FOOD TYPICAL FROM IRELAND Most of food is based on vegetables, potatoes, meat and butter. “ THE IRISH STEW” it’s made of mashed potatoes, chicken, meat, bacon, fish, cheese pudding,prawns…:
  46. 46. SOME TRADITIONS ARE… ST. PATRICK'S DAY : It’s the patron of Ireland. It’s a Roman catholic holiday.
  47. 47. FAMOUS PLACES TO VISIT… Dublin. Limmerick cliffs. Galway bay.
  48. 48. FAMOUS PEOPLE Colin farrell: He’s an actor. Pierce Brosnan: He’s an actor too.
  49. 49. NEW ZEALAND
  50. 50. It’s a small country. It’s situated next to the Australian continent. In the Oceanic continent. The capital is Wellington . NEW ZEALAND
  51. 51. The flag is colour blue, red and white. It has got four red stars. THE FLAG IS...
  52. 52. The “NEWZEALAND DOLLAR” The currency is...
  53. 53. In summer (between November and February) it’s hot and in winter (between June and September) it’s cold and snowy. THE WEATHER IS...
  54. 54. Fish and chips. “ Hoot pies” Kiwi Typical food...
  55. 55. Easter. “ Anzac day” (25th April) Work day (the 4th Monday in October) Christmas. Boxing day (26th December) Some traditions...
  56. 56. “ Auckland city” with the Sky tower. The highest mountain “ Cook mountain”. “ Mapourika lake” FAMOUS PLACES TO VISIT...
  57. 57. Beautiful landscapes...
  58. 58. Russell Crowe. Frodo Bolsón FAMOUS PEOPLE...
  59. 59. ...THE END...
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