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ONS 2014 Bare Metal Switching & Programming
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ONS 2014 Bare Metal Switching & Programming


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Shrijeet Mukherjee's deck. …

Shrijeet Mukherjee's deck.
March 5, 2015 - Bare Metal Switching & Programming
Plenary at ONS 2014 featuring Najam Ahmad from Facebook, Shrijeet Mukherjee from CumulusNetworks, Jennifer Rexford from Princeton University and Rob Sherwood from Big Switch.

Published in: Software

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  • 1. v It Ain’t Software Defined Until You Unbundle the Platform Shrijeet Mukherjee, VP Software 3/5/2014
  • 2. Data Center Trend  Complex applications on generic infrastructure  Look at the x86 server market Unbundled OS + Apps  operating systems closed – Windows, Solaris open – Linux, BSD, etc – RedHat, Debian • •  applications • • closed – SAP open – Hadoop  Infrastructure not modified to enable app deployment March 6, 2014 Hardware Stays 2
  • 3. Software Defined Networks  Efficiency lies in a “Software Defined Data Center”  No perfect networking solution  Choose solution (Openflow, traditional L2/L3) More about choice than about API’s and architectures March 6, 2014 3
  • 4. Pre-requisite – Blow Up the Blob route monitor operating system hardware app app app operating system app app operating system hardware Single Vendor Blob app hardware Multi Vendor Ecosystem Openflow Agent Minimal OS hardware 4
  • 5. A Step .. Servers How do I make my IT infrastructure live up to its true potential? Networking (catching up) How do I make my network live up to its true potential? Help Me Choose Dell Networking OS (Force 10) Cumulus Linux Other Operating System No Operating System March 6, 2014 5
  • 6. So .. What Does it Take ? “I want to run NX-OS on my Dell S6000”  Interface standards matter     But not where you think Boot Loaders SKU’s, UUID’s etc Sensors and other peripherals  The box does more than Networking   March 6, 2014 PC spec, ACPI, BIOS spec enabled x86 ecosystem Software Vendors like Microsoft were key drivers 6
  • 7. ONIE — Open Network Install Environment Modern, Efficient Installer Industry Support Configure management Ethernet interface IPv6 ND, DHCPv4, Static IP Address  • Open source Well-documented Fetch installation file  Enables ODM ecosystem  Discover OS installation source HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SCP     • Install OS and reboot ONIE 7
  • 8. Bare Metal Switches Fuel Transition 40G Portfolio Model Number Description Dell S6000-ON 32 x 40G-QSFP+ Edge-Core AS6701-32X 32 x 40G-QSFP+ T5032-LY6 Agema AG-7448CU 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 4 x 40G-QSFP+ S4810-ON 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 4 x 40G-QSFP+ AS5600-52X 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 4 x 40G-QSFP+ Edge-Core Quanta QCT Description Edge-Core Arctica 3200XL Model Number Dell Penguin Computing 10G Portfolio AS5710-54X 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 6 x 40G-QSFP+ Edge-Core AS5710-96X 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 8 x 40G-QSFP+ Penguin Computing Arctica 4804X 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 4 x 40G-QSFP+ Quanta QCT T3048-LY2 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 4 x 40G-QSFP+ Quanta QCT T5048-LY8 48 x 10G-SFP+ and 6 x 40G-QSFP+ 32 x 40G-QSFP+ 32 x 40G-QSFP+ 10G Portfolio Model Number Description Agema AG-6448CU 48 x 1G-T and 4 x 10G-SFP+ Edge-Core AS4600-54T 48 x 1G-T and 4 x 10G-SFP+ Penguin Computing Arctica 4804i 48 x 1G-T and 4 x 10G-SFP+ Quanta QCT T1048-LB9 48 x 1G-T and 4 x 10G-SFP+ March 6, 2014 8
  • 9. Cumulus Innovation Focus Make networks more simple to deploy  Use native Linux : Familiar Interfaces  Leverage tools that exist; enhance for gaps  Deliver an OS distribution that is robust and supported  Enable innovation on the platform and incorporate Linux advances  IP fabrics as a basis for solid, scalable and open networks app app routing bridging ganglia Cumulus Linux app operating system hardware hardware 9
  • 10. Cumulus Innovation Focus Don’t re-invent the wheel, but smoothen the ride      ONIE – Unmanned Install PTMd – Cable fault detection Network Virtualization – Minimize physical changes Dual Home hosts – Simplified Networks Unnumbered Interfaces – IP management PTMd ovsdb Quagga Cumulus Linux app app app operating system hardware hardware 10
  • 11. Bringing the Linux Revolution to Networking Thank You! © 2014 Cumulus Networks. Cumulus Networks, the Cumulus Networks Logo, and Cumulus Linux are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cumulus Networks, Inc. or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis. March 6, 2014 11