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Cumulus Linux 2.2 Overview


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Cumulus Linux Network OS Brings Modern Data Center Networking to the Enterprise …

Cumulus Linux Network OS Brings Modern Data Center Networking to the Enterprise

Cumulus® Linux® 2.2 brings greater flexibility, simplified operations and end-to-end resiliency along with a new hardware architecture and new ecosystem solutions

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  • 1. v Modern DC Networking for Enterprises What’s New with Cumulus® Linux® 2.1 & 2.2 Empowering the Modern Data Center Cumulus® Networks®
  • 2. Cumulus Linux 2.2 § Modern DC Networking for Enterprises 2 1 2 The Hardware Ecosystem in Action Introducing x86 on network platforms Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies Simplified Configuration and Troubleshooting Comprehensive Suite of Host HA Options The Power of the Linux Apps Ecosystem Server application portability made simple Broadened applications integration
  • 3. Hardware Ecosystem in Action 3 CL 1.5 CL 2.2 #Platforms Timeline CL 2.0 Hardware Agnostic OS - 16 Platforms added over a span of 1 year New CPU architectures •  16 Platforms •  5 Hardware Vendors •  2 CPU architectures 40G Fixed Platforms Trident II switches •  13 Platforms •  5 Hardware Vendors 1G Fixed Platforms 10G Fixed Platforms •  6 Platforms •  3 Hardware Vendors
  • 4. Hardware Ecosystem in Action – Dell s6000-ON with x86 CPU § Dell S6000-ON: §  First x86 platform with Cumulus Linux §  Form Factor: 32p 40G §  Trident II SoC •  Wire-rate •  Supports rich feature set including VXLAN •  Low latency §  Dell brand and professional services §  ONIE specific SKU from Dell S6000 4
  • 5. Hardware Ecosystem in Action - x86 CPU § One step closer in managing switches like servers – x86 5 §  Strong, simplified server app portability §  Custom development made easy •  No need to cross-compile Introducing support for x86 NSX Access the Linux application ecosystem for networking Hardware Cumulus® Linux®
  • 6. Hardware Ecosystem in Action – 10G SFP+ Trident II platforms § More Choice — 10G SFP+ TII Platforms 10G-SFP+ Trident II platform addition: §  48p x 10G-SFP+ + 6xQSFP+ form factor §  VXLAN Support §  Perfect port density for leaves §  Reuse existing 10G transceivers & cables §  First platform supported: Penguin Computing Arctica 4806XP 6
  • 7. Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies Improved, Scaled, Simplified Interface Configuration (ifupdown2): §  Apply configuration with minimum disruption •  Brings interfaces up/down as required §  Simplified configuration •  Apply diffs to persistent configuration •  Dependent configurations applied automatically •  Simplified glob function •  Reduced configuration file size, Faster to read and execute §  Fully Extensible •  Written in Python §  Improved error handling 7 Operation Efficiencies — Better Linux Networking Experience
  • 8. Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies – Route Scale CL 2.1 scales number of prefixes available to 32K entries 8 Switch Performance Trident II Switches MAC address table •  32K entries •  Hardware capable of 288K entries through Algorithmic LPM expansion Routes / Prefixes •  32K entries through Algorithmic LPM expansion (32K IPv4/ 16K IPv6), Hardware Capable of 128K - Minimum Software Release: CL 2.1.0 •  Alternate 16K TCAM-only mode - Default mode for CL 2.0.x releases (8K IPV4/ 4K IPV6 (64 bit mask), 2K IPv6 (128 bit mask)) Host Routes •  16K Host Entries (16K IPv4 / 8K IPv6) •  Hardware capable of 112K entries through Algorithmic LPM expansion
  • 9. Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies – Host HA § Comprehensive Suite of Host HA solutions 9 Single Attached Host Active/Backup Bond Dual-Attached Host Active/Active Bond Host-MLAG Host, Redistribute neighbor* Common Applications: Hadoop, WebScale Common Applications: Virtual Workloads Common Applications: Enterprise Workloads Applications: Verified on Linux Hosts * Experimental
  • 10. Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies – PTM Enhancements through BFD 10 §  Fault detection mechanism between two endpoints §  Fast failure detection in place of regular keep alive •  Subsecond Dead timers §  Lightweight, consistent mechanism across protocols •  One BFD session can work in conjunction with multiple protocols, in a consistent fashion – OSPF, BGP, … BFD L3 Fabric Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) enables:
  • 11. Enterprise-Centric Operational Efficiencies - PTM Enhancements 11 § Enhancements: §  PTM uses the file to configure BFD sessions §  PTM supports three parameter types in the topology file now: global, per-port and templates. graph G {
 BFD="upMinTx=300,requiredMinR x=100"
 "cumulus":swp44 -- "qct- ly2-04":swp20 [BFD="upMinTx=150,requiredMin Rx=250"]
 "cumulus":swp46 -- "qct- ly2-04":swp22
  • 12. Modern DC Design Flexibility – Lightweight Network Virtualization (LNV) §  Self-contained overlay solution for bare metal switches §  Lightweight overlay solution §  Leverages VXLAN §  Small deployments - small number of tenants, static provisioning §  Controller-less, Replicates broadcast, unknown unicast and multicast (BUM) for virtual network members §  Components: §  Peer Discovery & VXLAN replicator node 12 Lightweight Network Virtualization– Overlay solution for L2 Cloud services on bare metal switches
  • 13. The Power of the Linux Apps Ecosystem •  Fast Growing ecosystem §  Joint Solutions with Technology Partners §  40K+ Apps from Debian to leverage •  Rapid Integration with Third Party Applications §  <60 days for integration for Midokura and Fox-T solutions Cumulus Linux as a Platform for Apps Save on OPEX with Linux toolset
  • 14. The Power of the Linux Apps Ecosystem - sFlow •  sFlow provides network visibility: §  Capacity Planning §  Performance Monitoring §  Troubleshooting §  Security •  Host sFlow Agent §  Open Source sFlow Agent §  Consistent with server approach •  Integration with InMon: Experimental in CL2.1, Supported in CL 2.2 14 Packet Sampling 1 in N Switch Silicon Host sFlow Agent Linux Apps Ecosystem – sFlow
  • 15. © 2014 Cumulus Networks. Cumulus Networks, the Cumulus Networks Logo, and Cumulus Linux are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cumulus Networks, Inc. or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis. § Thank You! 15 Bringing the Linux Revolution to Networking