Introduction to Culture24, Museums at Night and the Connect10 competition

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This slide deck comes from Rosie Clarke and Nick Stockman, the team at Culture24 who coordinate the annual Museums at Night festival. The images depict the diverse range of projects and strands of …

This slide deck comes from Rosie Clarke and Nick Stockman, the team at Culture24 who coordinate the annual Museums at Night festival. The images depict the diverse range of projects and strands of work that non-profit online cultural publisher Culture24 produces; the growth of Museums at Night over the last few years, along with pictures of some of the successful events; and an outline of how the Connect10 competition enables UK museums and galleries to win a top artist and £2000 for their Museums at Night event.

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  • Welcome! Thanks to the Jewish Museum for hosting. Housekeeping – toilets, fire exits.How this morning will work:Intro to Culture24 and Museums at NightIntro to Connect10Hear from Richard Wentworth, Connect10 artistHear from Paul Homer, Jerwood GalleryCoffee breakHear from Laura Crossley, cluster coordinatorSplit off into interest groups and discuss how this could work for your venues, next steps.Please ask questions at any point.
  • Croeso!
  • We’ve recently signed data-sharing partnership agreements with various organisations including the Telegraph, London & Partners (who publish Visit London) and Gransnet. They’re all looking at the APIs now, but we’re keeping quiet about it until the listings start popping up on their sites.We’re also going to be aggregating all the events taking place as part of the First World War partnership over the next 4 years.
  • Conference success – key talks:Time Out on moving from paid to free model, Penguin bringing in their new Insight Hub, lots of venues sharing what they’re doing and measuring online and how they’re gaining better knowledge of their audiencesNext September, will be back again.
  • Popular with venues
  • Popular with visitors
  • Popular with the media
  • Any questions?
  • Not announce 2014 artists – photographer shares his name with a toasting ska artist & artist associated with nude installations, CompetitionTen artists40 venuesTen pollsTen winning venues£2,000 prizeArtists fees and exs coveredBursaries for runners-up
  • Big Spectacular things55,000 TONS
  • Small but beautiful things


  • 1. Photo (c)
  • 2. • • •
  • 3. Data sharing Editorial
  • 4. Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 May 2014
  • 5. 2009 - 2013 Venues and Events 700 583 600 537 500 457 416 411 400 345 352 Venues Events 286 300 200 157 125 100 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • 6. Visits 160,000 146,000 140,000 121,000 120,000 100,000 100,000 85,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 34,000 20,000 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • 7.
  • 8. Audiences Participation Venues Artists
  • 9. 2013 2012
  • 10. CONNECT10 PROJECT TIMETABLE FINAL TIMETABLE ON OUR BLOG NEXT WEEK MID-OCTOBER to MID-NOVEMBER Event Submissions from venues W/C MONDAY 9 DECEMBER Participating Venues Announced MID JANUARY UNTIL END OF JANUARY Competition open for public voting
  • 11. We were intrigued with a project that relocates a cult exploitation movie, reimagined by a contemporary hipper than hip director, into a former Church in a steel town. Faster Pussycat… is an ode to female violence and plays with traditional gender roles. This brought to mind Scunthorpe’s only newsworthy riot that took place in 1997 and started with two women brawling outside a chip shop after a night out and ended with 3 burnt out police cars. ‘If you want wild living fast…’ then come to 20-21.
  • 12. We want the installation overall to reflect the migration story of Tyneside. We have various impactful statistics and data sets that Julia could use as the basis of this piece. We envisage the community’s participation as fundamental to the process. In the lead up to the event we would form an exciting campaign to collect the vessels needed for the installation. We will use our extensive community networks in the project to ensure diversity of participation. We would like to invite visitors to the Late Show event this year to participate in the creation of the installation and, to also take a memento of their involvement away with them. The installation could be in the impressive Great Hall with views across the city, late Victorian architecture and 120 sq metres of space…
  • 13. We want to build on our recent growth of an audience segment the NT term ‘live life to the full’ visitors – adults who confidently seek distinctiveness and originality and whose open attitude keeps them young at heart. We also want to attract a new audience to this event -‘young experience seekers’ (a group of people who are open to a challenge and who make and take opportunities). Likely to be under 30, they are impressed by the spectacular and will approach it with energy and enthusiasm, capturing moments in their mind which will feature in the anecdotes of their life
  • 14. Event budgets: £400 Materials – locally-sourced containers / coloured dyes (Artist to advise) £400 Lighting equipment hired to provide night-time illumination of the piece. £200 Disposal / clean up costs £300 Hire of alternative visitor parking nearby so site becomes fully pedestrianised £600 Subsidised ticketing costs for no.100 visitors to make this a completely FREE event £100 Refreshments for visitors – cake in exchange for questionnaire! £2000 Total An optional extra to the above could be: £700 Produce event film (Filming x1day, Edit x1day). In-Kind contributions £900 Staff time x 6 days to prepare site for artwork, install and de-rig installation (inc. Duty Manager) £100 Marketing – AVC website / flyers
  • 15. 30,000 VOTES