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Mapa da Cachaca na #www2013
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Mapa da Cachaca na #www2013


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Published in: Self Improvement, Business

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  • 1. WHOWHO?WORK Paralelo Multimidia – Imagem e Som at UFSCar and Digicorp at USPWHAT ELSE • Writes about technology and digital culture• Plays in a band called Salt’n Pepper• Has a dog called Ozzy• Knows how to code in NCL (Brazilian Digital TVstandard), but doesn’t know why.• Tuesday is Truco’s Day and Friday is FancyDrunk Friday after 6pm at the "PacaembuMansion (our co-working space)”VISIT USR. Itápolis,Felipe Jannuzzi.Multimedia Producer from São Paulo.
  • 2. Created in 2010 by Felipe Jannuzzi and Gabriela Barreto
  • 3. WHAT IS CACHAÇAWHAT IS CACHAÇA?CACHAÇA?Cachaça is a distilled spirit produced in Brazil from fresh sugar cane juice.Its alcohol graduation goes from 38% to 48%. Cachaça was first madearound 1530-1540 in Pernambuco or São Paulo (or Ilha da Madeira inPortugal – but don’t tell anybody!). Only in 2013 it was recognized as aBrazilian spirit by the USA government.IF YOU DON’T KNOW CACHAÇA, I AM SURE YOU HEARD ABOUT:Ingredients:1 lime, quartered2 tsp fine sugar2 oz cachaçaPreparation:Place the lime wedges and sugar intoan old-fashioned glass.Muddle well.Fill the glass with ice cubes.Pour in the cachaca.Stir well.Note: Keep the sugar mixed in the drinkby stirring often.CAIPIRINHA
  • 4. HOW IT STARTEDHOW IT STARTED?It all started with a bookabout wine and war.At the end of the war they found thousandsand thousand of French wine andchampagne at the Eagle’s Nest in Germany.
  • 5. If the French has the champagne, the Mexican has the Tequila, the Scotch the whisky and theRussian the Vodka, Cachaça is the beverage that represents the Brazilian culture and history.
  • 6. ON THE ROADON THE ROADFor the past three years, we’ve been documenting with photos, videos andtexts the stories of the cachaça’s producers. From the smallest to thelargest. From the oldest to the newest. From North to South. East and West.Everywhere we went we found an alembic and a good story.
  • 7. ON THE ROADON THE ROADWe have thousands of photos and about 100 videos so far. Theyare in, in our social networks andin partner´s channels. All our content are registered as CreativeCommons
  • 8. CACHAÇA IS EVERYWHERECACHAÇA IS EVERYWHEREThere are more than 4.000 labels and40.000 alembics!!!
  • 9. CACHAÇA IS EVERYWHERECACHAÇA IS EVERYWHEREHow are we gonna tell those stories?So we created a map so everybody can collaborate and register a cachaça alembic!In December 2012, the Ministry of Culture said this was the best cultural mappinginitiative of that
  • 10. PROFILEPROFILEAnyone can collaborate with technical information, the history of the alembic,curiosities and photos. Users can also find in the profile “where to drink” and makedirect contact with the cachaça producer by e-mail.
  • 11. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING?We want totalk about:•Music,•Food,•Tourism,•Design,•Drinks,•History,•Economy,•Trends,•Brazilianlifestyle,•etc…
  • 12. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?And we found a lot of people willing to create with us:•Web entrepreneurs,•chefs,•web-developers,•researchers,•academics,•mixologists,•sommeliers,•musicians,•designers,•writers,•photographers,•movie-makers,•etc…
  • 13. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING?With musicians from Brasilia and the talented composerAlessandro Corrêa we created a CD with 12 instrumental tracks. It is amusical map of the cachaça alembics representing our main Brazilianmusic´s styles: samba, frevo, forró, chorinho, milonga, etc…Milonga – Bebida NacionalParaty – Bebida Nacional
  • 14. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?Mariana Jorge is a designerat FIB (Fábricas de IdeiasBrasileiras). She writes aboutcachaça’s labels at Mapa daCachaça. We are working ona book about cachaça andthe Brazilian design.At FIB they developed our newvisual
  • 15. The history of Brazil and the World
  • 16. Our people
  • 17. Our nature
  • 18. Our love for soccer
  • 19. And our love for all Mothers in LawThe Mother in Law´s Tamer
  • 20. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?Cachaça and Gastronomy, another sweet topic. We receiverecipes having cachaça as an ingredient and published thenon Mapa da Cachaça. The collaborators are chefs,mixologists and kitcken enthusiasts.By chef Gui Matheus
  • 21. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?Main focus todayis to understandthe effects ofthe differentkinds of woodsused to agecachaça. So wecreated theMapa daCachaça´s Lab.
  • 23. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?We want to create the one and only Cachaça´s Guide withprofessional tasting (Wine Spectator is a reference)and DO IT YOURSELF KITS
  • 24. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?Partnership withDestemperados: the largest“food experience network” ofBrazil. They have more than100 “food hunters” around thecountry.Together, we want to map thebest places do drinkCaipirinha during the WorldCup of 2014We already have a category“Where to Drink Cachaça” atMapa da Cachaça
  • 25. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?And we found a lot of people willing to create with us:We’ve been working with Cardumesince we were a small WP blog.Old Mapa da Cachaça logo
  • 26. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE WE DOING ?Ele: tu veio sozinha, foi?Eu: vim.Ele: tu tem corági, né?Eu: hum… achu qui sim.Ele: é, tudo é mais fáci pá quemtem corági.Eu: u senhor tem coragem?Ele: rapáiz, eu tenhu’a corágimédonha!Sabrina Duran writes forCrônicas & Contos
  • 27. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE ARE WE DOING ?We helped Renato Figueiredo publish his book “De Marvada aBendita”. He now writes for Mapa da Cachaça and we areproducing events together.
  • 28. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE ARE WE DOING ?We are traveling together with the Sommelier Leandro Batista to alembics,recording videos and producing events.
  • 29. WHAT ARE WE DOING?WHAT ARE ARE WE DOING ?Bia Goll is a chef at Otto Bistrot inSão Paulo. Together we are doingevents and are working on apepper sauces based on thedifferent kind of woods used toage cachaça.Bia is one of the many collaboratorsthat send us recipes to be publishedat Mapa da Cachaça
  • 30. SAIDEIRASAIDEIRAAN ENTREPRENEUR• Making the project alive by diversifying but always staying true to the earlyconcept of the project• Creating together to create forever• Using the web to test ideas before implementing• Mobilizing the peersA BRAZILIAN• Travel all over Brazil to learn and promote more about our history and cultureA COMUNICATOR• Work with different platforms: cinema, TV, web, books, magazines, CDs,events…• Explore narratives• Help to give voice to the anyone with a good ideaMy GOALS as:
  • 31. CONTATOSCONTATOSE-mail: /mapadacachacaInstagram: /mapadacachacaTwitter: @mapadacachaca