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www.ctrl-arch.com Ctrl-Arch is a multidisciplinary firm specialized in Architecture and Interior Design. Ctrl-Arch connects different ways to live the PASSION for design and architecture. Ctrl-Arc transforms your dreams into reality.

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Lookbook Ctrl Arch Ok

  1. 1. Ctrl-Arch is a multidisciplinary firm specialized in Architecture and Interior Design. Ctrl-Arch connects different ways to live the PASSION for design and architecture. ctrl-arch transforms your DREAMS into REALITY
  2. 2. Hospitality and Commercial
  3. 3. IL POSTINO Italian Restaurant/wine&cocktail Bar San Diego,CA designed by Serena Zanello 2010 Brief: Owner of severals restau- rants in SoCal asked us to tran- sform a 7500sqf basement in a uni- que, different , modern Italian restaurant/Cocktail&Wine Bar which theme was based on the Italian mo- vie “Il Postino”. We are in in the Hip Artist Neigh- borhood of North Park. An Italian Bistro & Wine Bar in San Diego with design influences from the Italian film of the same name. Custom screen-printed tables and hand painted wall graphics round out this whimsical mail-themed spa- ce.
  4. 4. “no design system is or should be perfect” by m.frederick
  5. 5. ZERO Cocktail Bar Turin , Italy designed by E.Zaniboni D.Bardini photo by Daniele Boccallo graphics by TrulyDesign 2010 Zero, before of a cocktail bar acc+ording to the needs of the client, was meant to be a new meeting point of Piazza Vittorio in Turin. Without being decontextualized and self cen- tered. But with a strong personali- ty. The union of two adjacent rooms on the ground floor and the consequent elimination of the dividing walls al- low the restyling of the space and the obvious distinction between service areas and public spaces . The counter, the main character, is essential for the geometry and material consistency without giving up a dialogue with the new “container” that receives it. The reinterpretation of the aesthetic of industrial architecture and attention to details make of Zero an essential , clean- and elegant space that not give up being stylish.
  6. 6. CLOVERLEAF Cafe/Bakery/TuttiFruttiYogurtstore Los Angeles,CA designed by Serena Zanello 2009 The client asked us to combine a cafe/bakery with a yogurt store and to design a modern Italian space clean and essetial. We came up with a small bakery in the San Gabriel Valley that offers fresh breads in a slick but comfy environment. Custom designed & bu- ilt display cases allow customers to grab their own bread.
  7. 7. ...where cold and warm are melted in one space!
  8. 8. THE MERK Italian Bistro San Diego,CA designed by Serena Zanello photo by F.Bongiorno 2008 Owner of the Keating Hotel the well known boutique hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter wanted us to design an high- end Italian restaurant with cocktail bar and vip zone. Modern, essential which would spouse perfectly -for style and design- the adiacent Kea- ting Hotel. Tantilizing the senses, the design captures the essence and ambian- ce of a fine, yet intimate, dining bistro. The MerK, located in the heart of downtown San Diego’s Ga- slamp District, radiates a sleek so- phistication while remaining a fun, delicious, and affordable eating en- vironment for San Diego locals and visitors alike. www.themerk.com
  9. 9. Merk The
  10. 10. AJA Asian Restaurant/Cocktail Bar Atlanta,GE designed by Serena Zanello 2008 Aja is a Hip Cocktail Bar and Re- staurant in Buckhead, Atlanta, GE. The client asked us to convert an old Emeril Restaurant , located on the ground floor of a skyscraper in a Modern Asian Restaurant/Cocktail Bar. We extended the patio creating a big outside space, the “zen garden”, connected to the dining area through an inside-outside bar. At the bar and all over the place customers can see imagery who remind the ancient Asia.Red,Wood and Black are the main colors. White panels with asian text are pending from the ceiling while a big buddah is overlooking the dining area. The vip zone decorated with ancient asiatic tools and objects is located on the mezzanine.
  11. 11. Residentials and others...
  12. 12. APARTAMENT MB Restyling Turin , Italy designed by E.Zaniboni E.Coccolo photo by tommasobuzzi.it 2008 Restyling of a low industrial buil- ding in a private courtyard in San Salvario, Turin. Through the reco- very of degraded working space and remaking its courtyard was possible to transform a two-room apartment in an apartment about 90 sqm. Old sheds are been replaced with a terrace. The apartment is connected with the low manufactured through a glazed area overlooking the terrace.
  13. 13. APARTMENT “there is Restyling no Torino, Italy contradiction designed by E.Zaniboni D.Bardini between 2008 A young professional decides to reno- vate her new apartment of 70 sqm loca- discipline ted in Corso Telesio (Turin, Italy) . In accordance with needs of the client, we proceed by the and freedom, recovering unused space distribu- tion and creating a bright and cozy living area where was inserted a between small kitchen area, off center en- trance. The bedroom is obtained in the space that was once destined to become the kitchen while the old caution and kitchen becomes the walk-in closet. creativity.” by R.Piano.
  14. 14. APARTMENT Restyling Vercelli, Italy designed by E.Zaniboni D.Bardini 2009 The restyling of a 100 square meters apartment located in the center of Vercelli is characterized by fine di- stribution of the layout and the ca- reful reshaping of environments with a clear distinction between living and sleeping area. The sober use of color and concentration of furnitu- re and equipment on the perimeter walls of the living area make a sun- ny apartment, spacious and elegant.
  15. 15. CHALET Restyling Chamonix, FR designed by E.Zaniboni D.Bardini S.Toscano 2007 The private commission decides to buy a cottage divided into two buildings and get a single house on two levels. Located in the heart of the village Les Granges at Chamonix in front of two magnificent glaciers and Taconnaz Des Bossons, the chalet is placed in a valuable natural context. The “day” area, located on the ground floor, hosts the kitchen, dining room, double height lounge, guest room, storage and fitness area. The latter is equipped with every com- fort: sauna, jacuzzi and gym. On the first floor we find the master bedro- om, relax room and a standard room.
  16. 16. “Objects communicate in real time.It’s not true that what is useful is beautiful. It is what is beautiful that is useful.Beauty can improve people’s way of life and thinking.” by A.Castelli Ferrieri
  17. 17. CESARE Ricordando EXHIBITION IL MONDO CHE VERRA’ DI CESARE ROCCATI Turin,Italy set designed by E.Zaniboni R.Zanello ROCCATI 2009
  18. 18. Projects we did with...
  19. 19. SHOW LIFE Hotel de Charme Perugia, Italy designed by studiodoppio with E.Zaniboni photo by www.braviniphoto.it 2009 Restoration and Restyling of a ‘600 farmhouse in the hil- ls of Umbria. Inside the lar- ge existing plots (about 1000 square meters) were carri- ed out 25 rooms, while the hotel resort includes a new swimming pool and a restaurant. The project has paid particu- lar attention to the landscape plan, creating an architecture that fits well camouflaged in the context of hills through local materials, such as the split stone, and green technologies.
  20. 20. The logo for the hotel THE KEATING HOTEL was created to mirror a portal. The outside of the building is very hi- storic and has the cha- San Diego , CA racteristics of the st- yle of architecture from 100 years ago. As one designed by Pininfarina with S.Zanello walks thru this portal, they travel thru a span of time from a historical photo by : M.Vincent F.Bongiorno building to a futuristic, innovative, emotional and 2007 technological use of spa- ce. Aspects of this logo Brief: Design a Boutique Ho- are found throughout the tel which represent Pininfarina property from the entran- Style: clean, essential, fun- ce in the lobby to public ctional, elegant, emotional and bathrooms, guestrooms, technological. etc. Interior design of a boutique Hotel from the original design concept to the branding of all printed materials and collate- ral. The original idea was to crea- te a very contemporary design, keeping some elements from the past ( bricks, stairs, details). Also to create a flush space by removing the existence of inte- rior walls in each room. www.thekeating.com
  21. 21. A contemporary interpretation and testament to style and design that is visually striking yet inviting and warm. The rooms are conceived without interior walls to create a new interpretation of space, ta- king away the traditional division of the warm and wet zones (defined as the bedroom and bathroom)
  22. 22. SWAI San Diego , CA Lounge/Club @ The Keating by Pininfarina with S.Zanello 2007 As with the entrance to the lounge the predominant colour is red, creating a rich passionate atmosphere. The walls are punctuated by peeks to the original brick and stone , showing the heritage of the building. The bar has a high- tech feel and is made entirely from alu- minum and steel. The social area changes from day to night with the help of the lighting and curtains which unroll from the ceiling to create a more private atmosphere.
  23. 23. LE BURREAU BURRE’ Turin, Italy designed by studiodoppio with E.Zaniboni 2006 Cocktail bar located in the heart of the historic center of Turin and quickly became one of the most popular nightspots night- life of the city. The restaurant is planimetric divided into two rooms. In the first, the bank and deliberately backcounter fill almost all the space available to become the to- tem of the local reference. Fronts are painted, like a blackboard, phrases and apho- risms related to the pleasure of drinking and conviviality. The other room is instead a more private space, where you can relax on comfortable so- fas in a more secure environ- ment, characterized by warm colors and decorative fabrics.
  24. 24. Serena Zanello Architect.Interior Designer Serena Zanello was born in Ivrea, Italy and earned her bachelor degree in Architecture at “Facoltà di Architettura, Po- litecnico di Torino” in Dec 2003. After her studies in Italy and France ( Ecole d’architecture de Saint’ Etienne ) she started her professional career in 2003 becoming a member of the Turin Architects Order and working with Pininfarina Extra, one of the most renowned international design firms. Serena worked on Pininfarina’ s first hotel design ever, a 35-room urban lifestyle hotel in downtown San Diego. This is a project that she followed from design inception to completion and was named in the“100 Sexiest Hotels in the world 2007” with its Sway Lounge and the Merk Restaurant. She founded with her partners Ctrl-Arch in 2008 and since then she has been working successfully as Lead designer and Project manager on different projects located in USA. Emanuele Zaniboni Architect Ctrl-Arch USA 340 E.Jefferson St. Emanuele Zaniboni studied architecture and design in Torino (Italy) and at the Ecole d’ architecture de Grenoble (France). Los Angeles (CA) 90011 He graduated from the Politecnico di Torino in 2003. Until 2006 he has collaborated as an architect with different leading T +16192749893 Italian architecture firms. He then founded EZA, an interior design and architecture consultancy. He is also a creative director and partner of Ctrl-Arch, a multi-disciplinary agency providing services related to the fields of architecture, serena@ctrl-arch.com interior design and graphic arts based in San Diego (USA),Torino (Italy). He is passionate about graphic design, photo- graphy and contemporary art. He collaborates with independent magazines and art network like Lompgraphy, Paratissima, Polaroidart. He trust in value and power of art to create a better or, at least, a more beautiful, world. Ctrl-Arch Italy p.zza Carlo Felice 30 10121, Torino Davide Bardini Project Architect T +39 011 19711089 F +39 011 19504490 Davide Bardini was born in Ivrea (Italy), he studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin and at the Sint Lucas Hogeschool voor wetenschap & Kunst in Bruxelles (Belgium).He started his professional career working for several emanuele@ctrl-arch.com architectural firms in Turin improving his expertise in housing and care projects. He is currently working at his bachelor davide@ctrl-arch.com dissertation on a large scale project for the city of Turin.He founded with Emanuele and Serena Ctrl-Arch in 2008. He is particularly interested in the methodologies of design as well as in graphic representation. www.ctrl-arch.com
  25. 25. 2 0 1 0 Special Thanks to: Carf for supporting us TratcorVision for building us TrulyDesign for coloring us Friends&Family for loving us