Impact ict to education


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Impact ict to education

  1. 1. IMPACT OF ICT TO EDUCATION Siti Maimunah Binti Hj. Abu Bakar Nurul Izzati Binti Muhaimin
  2. 2. ABSTRACT Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role in communication world nowadays. All important information can be gained from internet and thus, we can share them with our friends.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Information and Communication Technology (ICT) helps the process of teaching and learning based on worldwide research. It is proven by the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan where using ICT has a positive effect on student performance.
  4. 4. Student memory can be improved by visual picture • By using ICT tools, teachers will teach students by using power point that contain moving images and sound. • Example, in the class, teachers will use National Geographic to teach students. • Students are tend to remember what they learned in class.
  5. 5. Learning will be more efficient and effective • Using softwares that are provided for student such as e-Dictionary. Finding meaning and definition of words more easier. • Learning Zone, UUM. Help students to communicate with lecturers much easier. Lecturers can upload notes to Learning Zone and students can download the notes easily. Student will pay more attention in class when they don’t have to copy notes in the class.
  6. 6. Using ICT tools involving the higher cost • Need to buy laptop, printer, projector and others ICT tools in large quantity. • Need to send teachers attend course for using ICT tools. • When ICT tools were broken or need services, also involving higher costs.
  7. 7. Besides the influx of ICT equipment in the field of education, it is found that there exists a large number of teachers who are uncomfortable with the usage of computer (Bohlin, 2002; Cradles & Cradles, 2001; Fletcher & Deeds, 1994).
  8. 8. Complicated for teachers and students • Lack of skills for using ICT tools among teachers. • Take time to studying the ICT tools. • Not all the students are able to have laptops or computers and internet at home. • Therefore, it is hard to download notes and get information from teachers.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION • As the conclusion, ICT has an advantage and disadvantage as well when we use it. ICT in education also has impacts to teachers and student.
  10. 10. • The lack of skills in using ICT tools among teachers still can be improved by the teachers themselves. They can learn how to use ICT tools with other friends. Easier and cheaper than attending courses. • The government can provide a scheme for students buy laptops or scheme for families to buy computer at home. In addition, the government can provide the new internet system and can be affordable for schools to have that system so the lesson will be more efficient.