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Award Winning Go Booklet Document Transcript

  • 1. Rising Above The Rest Giving New York Life Agents The Competitive Advantage GO Name MP Name The Company You Keep®
  • 2. As one of New York Life Insurance Company’s award–winning General Offices, we know what it takes to succeed at selling insurance and financial products. We also know that new associates are mostly concerned with answering the question: “To whom will I sell?” Fortunately, the steps to success in this career and the answer to that question have a lot in common. They share the same foundation – marketing. That’s the process of finding qualified customers to purchase the products and services you offer. This booklet introduces you to numerous, proven techniques you can make part of your customized marketing plan. You will also learn specific strategies that should work particularly well during your first ninety days, and techniques for expanding your marketing efforts in the months and years to follow. So, whether you’ve had prior sales experience or not, the information in this booklet will give you the self-confidence and know-how to master the art of marketing and build a successful, fulfilling and fruitful career with The Company You Keep®. Sincerely, MP Signature MP Name Managing Partner Location General Office
  • 3. Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Getting Started – N What Is Marketing? N How Does Marketing Work? N The Importance Of A Marketing Plan N How To Create An Effective Marketing Plan N Marketing Plan Implementation 7 Tools & Resources To Help Build Your Plan N Warm Sources N Prospect Marketing N Local Branding N Book Of Business Resources N Field Marketing Support Desk
  • 4. Introduction When first entering this business, many people assume the biggest challenge is making sales. However experienced, successful agents will tell you the biggest challenge is not making enough sales – but finding enough people to whom you can offer your products and services. That’s why you will often hear us say that agents are first and foremost in the “people finding business.” It’s also why we encourage our agents to give marketing the highest priority. Through a well thought-out, strategic marketing plan, you can almost guarantee yourself a steady supply of prospects and leads: one that is sure to grow your business and sustain your career for many years to come. Not a marketing expert? Not sure how to go about finding a receptive audience for your services? Not to worry. Our company has developed a host of effective marketing programs that can help you identify and cultivate the most likely markets for your products and services. Better still, we will show you how to integrate those programs into a comprehensive marketing plan that capitalizes on your core strengths, while taking maximum advantage of New York Life’s reputation and resources. A well- executed marketing plan is truly the “key to your success” as it will serve as a blueprint you can follow as you start to build your business, and one that will help keep your career on track as it develops and matures over time. 2 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 5. Getting Started What Is Marketing? Your Markets: With which groups do you Marketing is one of the most commonly identify? What motivates them and makes used – and least understood – terms in them unique? What do they need or desire business today. Many people, even seasoned most? How do they communicate with business professionals, sometimes confuse each other? marketing with advertising. Some even consider it synonymous with sales. Your Products & Services: What do Marketing is about positioning your business you have to offer each particular target and products in a way that appeals to, and audience? Why are your products or services motivates, potential consumers. It is the the right choice for that particular audience? Marketing is about process of creating opportunity to get in front of a client or prospect on a consistent Your Message: What do you want the positioning your and favorable basis. As such, advertising, audience to do and why should they do it? business and research, public relations, customer service, How do you adapt your message so that it and sales – any activity that requires you to resonates with this particular audience? products in a way communicate and interact with the public How can you differentiate yourself from falls under the marketing umbrella. the competition? that appeals to, and motivates, potential How Does Marketing Work? Your Method: What is the best way to As the definition above suggests, marketing reach this audience? Has it been tried consumers. isn’t a single step or function, but an before? What’s the easiest way or preferred organized process with steps to implement way for the audience to respond? sustained strategies and tactics. It is a discipline that seeks to match the right Fortunately, no one expects you to be able to message to the right audience, and deliver it answer all these questions right away. That’s in a way that they are most likely to respond. why New York Life has come up with a quick and easy way to help you get started. In order to become an effective marketer, As you will see in the following section, you need to consider the following factors: we’ve created a web-based tool that will show you how to construct an effective marketing plan: one that will systematically address these questions and allow you to take maximum advantage of all the marketing experience our company has to offer. 3 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 6. The Importance of a When completed and implemented, a Marketing Plan marketing plan will allow you to identify A well-written, comprehensive marketing and penetrate appropriate target markets, plan is the focal point of any successful build lasting client relationships, and business venture because it describes how position yourself as a valued member of you, as a business owner, plan to attract and your community. retain customers. In this respect it is primarily an organizational tool to help drive business, and is the basis upon which all How To Create An Effective other operational and management plans are Marketing Plan derived. Marketing offers you a wealth of To be effective, a marketing plan must follow information that, if applied correctly, can a logical path: one that breaks down even focus your activity and virtually assure your the loftiest ideal into specific, achievable success over time. tasks. Fortunately, the path has already been well marked, and the following questions will An effective marketing plan will help boost help guide you through each and every step: your sales and increase your profit margins, which is the goal of every business owner. Vision: What would you like to achieve in It is a roadmap to success, and as such, care your career over the next 3-5 years? The and time should be put into its development. marketing plan should provide you an As you get started, however, recognize that incremental path to a long-term vision, your plan is a work in progress. You must which you may or may not know at this be able to convince both prospects and stage of your career. (Be sure you can answer customers that you can deliver the best that question first, in terms that are brief, products or services at the best value. You clear and achievable in the foreseeable must create a level of differentiation between future.) A vision should include a target you and all the others who sell similar market, a specialty area of business and a products. This is where the marketing plan geographic territory. comes into play. There are numerous advantages you can extract from the Example – Become the premier retirement marketplace if you know how, and the planning specialist in New Haven, CT, marketing plan is an excellent tool for working with individuals who have house- identifying and developing strategies that hold income of 75K+, and are age 50+. will help you capitalize on these advantages. 4 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 7. Goals: What overarching achievements will Tactics: Are defined as specific tasks that enable you to achieve your vision of success? must be completed in the near-term to What major initiatives have the power to support implementation of your strategies. make your vision come true? Three You must decide who will do them, and suggested categories might be: when they should be completed. 1) Achievement of an appropriate professional designation, As you can see, the terms used in your 2) A leadership role within a business/ marketing plan run from the high-level industry organization, vision to ultra-specific tactics. What makes 3) Targeted involvement within a charity or New York Life agents so successful is that our volunteer group. As you can see from the example below, each goal should suggest a marketing plan process shows you how to specific way to accomplish your vision. connect both ends of the spectrum. That way, you won’t waste your valuable time For Example – Earning my CFP within chasing unachievable goals, or get bogged 18 months. down by busywork that ultimately leads nowhere. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Objectives: What specific, measurable Section/Agent Marketing Plan. results do you hope to achieve in support of your goals? For Example – Take a leadership role with key chamber activities. Strategies: How will you achieve these measurable results? What audiences will you pursue and what techniques will you employ? For Example – Develop a relationship as part of your charitable work with a particular 50+ group in New Haven. 5 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 8. Marketing Plan Implementation Now that you know some of the terms you will need to build your marketing plan, and the path that you must follow, it’s time to get started. One resource you should become familiar with is the Agent Marketing Plan Web Tool. This easy-to-use resource gives you a proven framework upon which to build your plan. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent Marketing Plan/Web Tool. An additional resource you will want to become familiar with is the Marketing Resource Guide (found on Agency Portal). This comprehensive guide describes many of the internal marketing tools and techniques available to you as an agent. These tools and techniques are the building blocks that you will need to assemble your plan and implement your strategies. For more Once you are familiar with all information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent Marketing the resources at your fingertips, Plan/Marketing Resource Guide. the process is fairly simple and your management team will be available to guide you all along the way. 6 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 9. Tools & Resources To Help Build Your Plan If you’re a new agent – or this is your first Project 200: This project is usually the time building a marketing plan, the first one that new agents employ, and is remainder of this booklet is dedicated to designed to help develop a base of giving you a brief overview of the various prospective clients. In essence, the program tools and techniques you have at helps you create a “name bank” by listing all your disposal. the people you know and would want to contact about your services. They may be Warm Sources friends, relatives, neighbors, friends-of- Warm sources are very different from friends, former co-workers, fellow volunteers, prospects you receive in mass marketing and club members, etc. As you might have general prospecting efforts. The term guessed, the goal is to generate an initial list “warm” comes from the fact that these of 200 contacts that will grow as you prospects are generally people you know, continue to make more contacts in people with whom you have some natural the community. association or people who are familiar with your services, or you are comfortable calling upon. Given this heightened affinity and Market Surveys: As the name implies, recognition, these individuals tend to be this process requires you to conduct a market receptive to your message. Any appointments survey with five members of your Project 200 and/or referrals that result from them are list. The individuals selected should be likely to be a positive experience in the sense people with whom you would be most that you don’t have to sell yourself, only your comfortable asking about their attitudes on products and services. The following are life insurance and a variety of other financial specific tools and techniques that can help topics. For example, one of the 16 questions you to cultivate this particular source. asks: “Which financial areas are of most concern to you – educating children, preparing for retirement, etc.” The purpose of this exercise is threefold: 1) to expose you to the marketing process, (2) to see how fact-finding can help give you insight into consumer mindsets, and (3) give you a non-intrusive way to collect additional contacts by asking for other names that might be willing to help out with a survey. 7 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 10. Relationship Marketing System Referral Marketing: Early success as an (RMS): RMS is designed as an easy, low- agent is contingent upon realizing that your pressure way to contact members of your natural market of friends, relatives and other natural market (warm sources) and generate acquaintances cannot sustain you throughout interest in an appointment. This free pro- your career. Eventually your “Project 200” gram lets you send personalized, professional name bank will run dry and that’s why it’s so mailings to every member of your Project important that you learn the value of 200 list (or up to 200 other contacts). These expanding your reach early on. For many, mailings consist of an introductory letter and one of the most cost-effective and follow-up postcard, each designed to reliable sources of new prospects is referral announce your employment with New York marketing. This technique requires that you Life and prepare the recipient for your fol- have a strong understanding of the value you low-up phone call. By recognizing the fact bring to others. When you understand this, that you already have a relationship with you can confidently ask for referrals, or these individuals and treating them accord- better yet, personal introductions to others. ingly, RMS actually strengthens existing rela- In so doing, you are effectively taking the tionships by reinforcing your desire to help credibility you have built up with one person and positioning you as a valuable resource. and transferring it to another. The key to For more information go to Agency Portal success is earning the right to ask for the Home Page Resource Section/Agent referral by demonstrating your Marketing Plans/Prospecting professionalism, trustworthiness, and Tools/Relationship Marketing System. concern for the well-being of others. Once you have established yourself in this way, referrals/personal introductions become easier to obtain. And to make this process even easier, New York Life has developed several effective referral-gathering techniques, including the List Presentation Technique, Mailing List Approach, and the Ideal Client Profile. Be sure to ask your manager/trainer for information on each of these proven methods. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Referred Leads And Personal Introductions. 8 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 11. Personal Observation: Personal Center Of Influence Marketing: observation is the art of having your Chances are you’ve heard the expression: “receiver” on at all times and to be “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who pro-actively looking for opportunities to you know.” That’s what Center of Influence introduce your services. This technique is Marketing is all about: cultivating and something you can practice every hour of the maximizing relationships with people who day and develop over time – especially as you are in a position to have a profound impact become more familiar with the various needs on your career. A Center of Influence (CI) is our products fulfill. While it sounds simple, someone who knows, and is in contact with, it takes a trained eye to view everyday events many other people through social, political, as unique relationship building and sales opportunities. For example: a storefront religious or business affiliations. More sign that says “Under New Ownership” gives importantly, the CI is usually a leader or you the perfect opportunity to send a respected individual with influence over the welcome note or drop in, offer people with whom he/she is in contact. congratulations and briefly introduce your Lastly, a CI is someone who likes you, services. For more information go to Agency respects you and wants to help you succeed. Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent As a result, your relationship to a CI can be Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource one of your most powerful marketing assets, Guide/Warm Leads/Personal Observations. and their endorsement can help pave the way to an incredibly productive career. For more Networking: Like Referral Marketing, information go to Agency Portal Home Page networking is a very effective way (on Resource Section /Agent Marketing multiple fronts) to develop new prospects Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm and contacts. This valuable prospecting tool Leads/Centers Of Influence. works one of two ways: 1) you rely on the credibility of the group to gain access to its members, or 2) you rely on the credibility of a member to gain access to the group. The first technique assumes that you are already a member of the club, business association, Chances are you’ve heard the civic group, etc., while the second assumes that you are an outsider, known only to a expression: “Sometimes it’s select few. This technique is tremendously effective either way, and the number of not what you know, but who people you can meet via networking is virtually limitless. For more information go you know.” to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Networking. 9 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 12. Prospect Marketing such as small business owners or parents who As an agent, you can’t afford to overlook the are worried about saving/paying for college. importance of Prospect Marketing. By using Rest assured, New York Life has a program proven mass marketing techniques such as that can help you match the right approach direct mail, print advertising, and e-mail, letter, with the right audience. you can uncover a host of productive new markets, expand your book of business, and The Life Event Leads Program: We generate a steady flow of names. Best of all, know that there are times when people are New York Life has already done much of the more likely to purchase life insurance than groundwork by assembling a variety of others. In most cases, these selling prospect marketing tools and resources that opportunities revolve around major life have proven to create interest among a wide events such as the birth of a new child or the range of audiences. For more information purchase of a new home. Accordingly, New go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource York Life has created a direct mail program Section /Agent Marketing Plan/ that automatically sends prospect letters to Prospecting Tools. new parents and new homeowners in your area every week. Letters are delivered to Direct Mail: While direct mail has always those counties your management team has had its place in the marketing mix, this selected. All responses are recorded by our medium has undergone a rebirth given the Sales & Support Marketing Team, and sent rising cost of traditional advertising and the to your office within 24 hours of receipt so advent of ‘Do Not Call’ lists. Direct mail that you can follow up as quickly as possible. can save you time and money by offering an Best of all, there are no up-front marketing efficient way to contact large numbers of costs – you only pay for the leads you prospects and determine their level of receive. For more information go to Agency interest in your services. As such, the first Portal Home Page Resource Section /Sales & step for a successful direct mail program is to Marketing/Lead Generation/Prospecting determine the market you wish to target. Programs & Campaigns/Life Event Leads Program. Generally speaking, you will want to target individuals that have recently experienced some kind of important life event such as the birth or adoption of a child, the purchase of a new home, or entering retirement. You may also want to contact groups with whom you have some common ground or interests, 10 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 13. Turnkey Marketing Strategies And Because New York Life recognizes the Tactics: The Marketing Strategies & Tactics importance of the small business market, we found within the Agent Marketing Plan Tool have assembled a variety of resources to help are complete turnkey programs allowing you identify and contact local entrepreneurs. agents to prospect and get in front of their We also offer a Small Business ToolKit that target market. Each Strategy & Tactic lets you conduct a do-it-yourself marketing contains a program description as well as a program at virtually no cost. The materials checklist/work plan of the tasks to be in this kit are designed to promote four key completed to ensure that the program runs strategies: (1) The Value of Life Insurance; smoothly. Additionally, we have included (2) The 401(k) Sale; (3) Retirement compliance approved promotional material such as flyers and/or posters, letters, invita- Planning; and (4) The 401(k) Pivot Sale to tions and ad boxes that can be downloaded Life. For more information go to Agency and used with Emerald websites. If you're Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent looking to build your brand recognition in Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/Small your community, the Marketing Strategies & Business Marketing. Tactics section on the Agent Marketing Plan page can help you do just that. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Agent Marketing Plan Web Tool. Small Business Marketing: Small Businesses are a valuable market for most New York Life agents. Why? It’s simple: small business owners need our products to protect key employees, increase retention, transfer ownership, and provide valuable security for their families. Plus, small businesses are often more accessible than large corporations, so it’s easier to build a relationship. Small Businesses are also more likely to have you conduct lunchtime seminars and education programs as a value-added benefit to employees. Best of all, when a small business grows, your business is likely to grow right along with it! 11 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 14. Upromise: While New York Life does an One of the most excellent job of marketing its products and effective e-mail prospecting tools available to services, there are times when the company New York Life agents is, will enter into co-marketing agreements with a product created and provided by Identity other leading organizations to leverage their Branding, Inc. This automated, web-based brand and customers for potential business. system makes it easy to connect with both These agreements are mutually beneficial clients and prospects by electronically because they allow both parties to enjoy sending storyboards, financial articles, e-cards increased credibility, access to new markets, and a variety of other compliance-approved and the ability to share new services. communications. One notable feature is the ability to schedule your communications, so The Upromise relationship is particularly you never have to worry about missing an valuable to agents because it is a free service important date. In addition, each that helps families earn, save and pay for personalized message you send helps you college. Every time one of your clients build relationships with your clients and purchases and registers an eligible product, gives prospects more information about your New York Life will make a deposit ($25 for services. For more information go to Agency each eligible life policy*; $40 for each eligible Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent annuity contract*) into their Upromise Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/ savings account. Since college funding is a e-Relationship. topic that appeals to a vast number of American households, this program makes it easy to schedule appointments, share infor- mation about this unique value-added service and discuss how you can help fill the college savings gap. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/Upromise. *Variable products are offered through NYLIFE Securities LLC Registered Representatives 12 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 15. First Research: New York Life has teamed LifeFolio: LifeFolio is a simple, straightfor- up with First Research, the leader in industry ward filing system that helps prospects and intelligence for sales professionals, to help clients organize their important financial and you market your services to small business personal documents. Distributed exclusively owners, their key employees or virtually through New York Life agents, this unique anyone working in one of 300 industries. document filing system is comprised of the Through First Research, you enjoy free and following elements: unlimited access to a web-based resource that makes it easy for you to research and under- N LifeFolio Flyer stand the issues impacting business owners N Dividers (24) today. More importantly, it will also help you get a better understanding of each N Six Steps To Organizing Your Life with particular business, and to offer targeted, New York Life’s LifeFolio System meaningful solutions. As a result, First N LifeFolio Checklist (Editable & Annotated Research can help you open more doors, close versions are on Agency Portal) more deals, and position yourself as a trusted N Family Tree Worksheet (Client & Agent financial advisor, rather than an insurance Versions) salesperson. For more information go to N Sample Letter to Executor/Executrix Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section N A Death in the Family Brochure /Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting N LifeFolio Prospecting and Referral Letters Tools/First Research. N Adding Family Members to Client Relationships with LifeFolio (Training PowerPoint) N Organize Your Life (Consumer PowerPoint) In addition to making documents accessible to the owner, this system also makes sure that anyone else who needs to find them, such as a beneficiary or executor, will have specific instructions on how to do so. Given the benefits LifeFolio offers, it is a great way to establish yourself as a valued resource, engage prospects and clients in a meaningful discussion about their needs, and to possibly generate referral opportunities with family members, beneficiaries, executors and other named parties. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/LifeFolio. 13 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 16. Local Branding As a result, we have created an online library Local branding is the process of building of Compliance-approved templates you can awareness about you and your services in download any time you like, each the community. By using advertising, professionally designed and ready for your public relations, community events and personalization. One of the most popular sponsorships, you can leverage the power of and cost-effective is a tri-fold brochure that New York Life’s corporate brand, and tells prospective clients a bit more about you, position yourself as a local “franchise.” In (your education, experiences, achievements, addition to building awareness and etc.) and shares information about New York credibility, local branding also demonstrates Life as well. For more information go to that you have made a serious and lasting Agency Portal Home Page Resource commitment to your market, and that you Section/Sales & Marketing/Marketing have a vested interest in the success of your Resource Center/Client Pieces And community. For more information go to Promotional Tools/Compliance-Approved Agency Portal Home Page Resource Brochures. Section/Agent Marketing Plan/ Local Branding. To support your local branding efforts, New York Life has created a number of resources such as personal websites, personalized client newsletters, door hangers, print advertisements – as well as all the other resources listed in this section. Agent Brochures: Brochures are one of New York Life’s most popular marketing tools. That’s because they are versatile, easy to produce – and most important of all – able to convey a host of information in a relatively small space. You can use brochures in a variety of ways; as handouts, display take-a-ways, presentation tools, and support material for direct mail campaigns. 14 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 17. Business Card Ads: Advertising is an with absolutely no cost. For more essential element of any successful business – information go to Agency Portal Home Page large or small. As an agent, you naturally Resource Section/Agent Marketing benefit from New York Life’s national and Plan/Local Branding/Business Cards, regional advertising campaigns. However, Letterhead & Envelopes. there are many reasons why you might want to incorporate advertising into your local Market Yourself In The Community: branding efforts: Given the importance of local branding to your success, New York Life has developed N Excellent supplement to your other four pre-packaged, turnkey marketing kits marketing and prospecting initiatives. that make it easy to stage your own N Enables you to reach many prospects at community-based events and create a “buzz” one time. about your business: N Enhances your presence in the community and makes your business look N Grand Opening/Special Event Kit strong and vital. N Local Marketing & Branding Kit N Builds awareness and establishes N Local Event Sponsorship credibility. N Billboard Marketing There are many types of ads from which to With these kits, you have access to an entire choose, however one of the most versatile and least expensive is business card-size library of resources that are dedicated to advertising. Business card-size ads are small, enhancing your visibility and promoting typically 3.5” x 2“ advertisements with the brand awareness on the local level. All four same general layout and content as a business kits are conveniently located under the card (containing your name, title, photo and Market Yourself In The Community link on contact information.) Business card-size Agency Portal, and there is absolutely no cost advertisements are handy because their to access these resources. For more compact size fits almost any publication, and information go to Agency Portal Home Page are easy to reproduce since there is no Resource Section/Sales & Marketing/ artwork or other complex graphic elements. Marketing Resource Center/Marketing That combination makes them perfect for Yourself In The Community. church bulletins, local newspapers, school programs – virtually any local print publication. Since this type of ad has proven so popular, the Agency Portal features a pair of templates that you can download and use to create your own business-card size ads – 15 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 18. Ghostwritten Articles: The New York Seminar Marketing: Seminar marketing Life Ghostwriting Program gives you access to can be a powerful branding and prospecting a series of informational/educational articles tool. When done properly, it instantly that you can submit to local newspaper, establishes you as an authority in the mind magazine, and website editors under your of your audience; allows you to deliver a own name. That’s right, it’s your article so compelling, targeted message; and helps you you get the byline and all the credit. The capitalize on the enthusiasm and momentum articles are written by professional staff generated in a group environment. Given writers and cover a variety of insurance and the success and popularity of seminar financial topics such as “Is Your Business marketing, New York Life has assembled a Really Protected?” and “Getting the Most host of tools and resources to help make Out of Your Pension.” What’s more, these this technique as simple and cost-effective articles have already been approved by as possible. Compliance (SMRU) so you don’t have to submit any paperwork or wait for permission Through our Seminar Resource Guide on to use them. The program is a wonderful – Agency Portal, you can find sample and free – way to gain exposure, demonstrate invitations, effective presentation techniques, your expertise, and position yourself as a information on target audiences, and of valued community resource. For more course, approved presentations that you can information go to Agency Portal Home Page deliver to groups such as the Rotary Club, Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/ the local Chamber of Commerce, school and Local Branding/Ghostwritten Articles. community associations, etc. Seminars range from providing basic product information (e.g. “What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance”) to value-added, life focused concerns (e.g. “Raising Financially Responsible Children”) to more advanced concepts such as estate planning. By taking advantage of these resources, you will be able to provide a valuable community service and uncover a host of new business opportunities – with a minimum investment of time and money. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Local Branding/Seminar Resource Guide. 16 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 19. Book of Business Resources Knowing how vital client marketing can be As an agent, you realize that every client is to your success and longevity, New York Life important. That’s because each name that has developed the following book of business appears in your Book of Business represents a resources available to our agents: Book of substantial investment … an investment of Business Profiles - Agents with a sizeable your time, money, and considerable talent. Book of Business can order a Book of Business Profile that segments, identifies and To protect your investment – and make sure provides strategies to capitalize on potential it pays the long-term dividends you deserve – opportunities within their book. It can be you will want to develop an effective, easily ordered from the Agent Marketing planned, client Book of Business marketing Plan web tool. For more information go to strategy. Ideally, this strategy should Agency Portal Home Page Resource incorporate multiple contact points (birth- Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Agent days, policy anniversaries, etc.); a variety of Marketing Plan Web Tool. media (direct mail, telephone, e-mail); and convey a variety of messages (customer appreciation, product information, sales opportunities etc.). By generating a steady stream of personalized communications, you can be sure that your customers will always feel valued, and that you will remain “top-of- mind” whenever they need additional services. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book of Business. Here are just a few of the other benefits that planned Book of Business marketing can provide: N Stronger Client Relationships N Increased Cross-Selling & Commissions N More Referrals N Less Client Turnover N Reduced Prospecting Costs N Improved Productivity 17 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 20. Client Marketing Program (CMP): Field Target Marketing: As mentioned The Client Marketing Program is an effective, earlier, the key to successful marketing is affordable way to let your clients know you matching the right message to the right are thinking about them – and to make sure audience. Field Target Marketing makes this they are thinking about you too. This easy by helping you identify specific program lets you send personalized direct audiences (segments) within your Book of mail letters, informative newsletters, and Business, and giving you the tools you need Hallmark greeting cards to your entire book to create your own turnkey marketing of business or select clients. Direct mail campaigns. With Field Target Marketing, letters are delivered three times a year, and you control the entire process from start to you can choose from a variety of topics such finish. You can segment clients based on a as college funding, estate planning, business variety of criteria, generate mail lists, print succession, and more. You also have your compliance-approved letters, and download choice of three highly targeted newsletters: telemarketing scripts – all from the INtouch for young families and middle convenience of your office computer. You markets, INtouch Gold for seniors, and should be able to create a FREE, do-it-your- INbusiness for entrepreneurs and small self life insurance, annuity, long-term care business owners. insurance or general interest campaign with ease. For more information go to Agency The newsletters, which are also mailed three Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent times a year, include your photo, contact Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Field information, and a personalized message in Target Marketing. the masthead. And for those special occasions when you want your customers to know you care, you can also order personalized Hallmark greeting cards to be delivered on select holidays. That’s three valuable services in one convenient program, and a sure way to get the most out of every client relationship. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Client Marketing Program. 18 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 21. Long-Term Care Print On Demand Building A Fortune 100 Company, (POD): This free marketing service makes it One Career At A Time easy for licensed agents to order a host of As you can see, New York Life is dedicated to valuable LTCi materials, including: the success of our agents, and heavily invested in our career agency system. By N Postcards, Letters and Mailers giving you the tools to develop and N Brochures and Concept Papers implement an effective marketing plan, we N Seminar Invitations are putting “the key to success” at your N Automated Wave Mailings fingertips and helping insure the growth of N Direct Mail Letters with Business your business. Best of all, this booklet just Reply Cards scratches the surface when it comes to the resources available to you as a New York Life Many of these items can be personalized agent. Check with your manager for the with your contact information. LTC POD most up-to-date programs and services, and materials can be sent directly to clients and start laying the foundation for a lifelong prospects, or delivered to your office for career. We wish you the best of luck, and handouts, displays, personal mailings or any look forward to being your partner for Life. other promotional need. For more information go to Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Long-Term Care Print On Demand. New York Life is dedicated to the success of our agents, and heavily invested in our career agency system. 19 NEW YORK LIFE – THE COMPANY YOU KEEP
  • 22. Portal Link Reference Guide Topic Agency Portal Location Agent Marketing Plans Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/ Agent Marketing Plan Marketing Resource Guide Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide Relationship Marketing System Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plans/Prospecting Tools/Relationship Marketing System Referral Marketing Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Referred Leads And Personal Introductions Personal Observations Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Personal Observations Networking Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Networking Centers Of Influence Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Marketing Resource Guide/Warm Leads/Centers Of Influence Prospect Marketing Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools Life Event Leads Program Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/ Sales & Marketing/Lead Generation/Prospecting Programs & Campaigns/Life Event Leads Program Turnkey Marketing Strategies & Tactics Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Agent Marketing Plan Web Tool Small Business Marketing Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/Small Business Marketing Upromise Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/Upromise
  • 23. Topic Agency Portal Location Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/e-Relationship First Research Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/First Research LifeFolio Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Prospecting Tools/LifeFolio Local Branding Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Local Branding Agent Brochures Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Sales & Marketing/Marketing Resource Center/Client Pieces And Promotional Tools/ Compliance-Approved Brochures Business Card Ads Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Local Branding/Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes Marketing Yourself In The Community Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Sales & Marketing/Marketing Resource Center/Marketing Yourself In The Community Ghostwritten Articles Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Local Branding/Ghostwritten Articles Seminar Marketing Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Local Branding/Seminar Resource Guide Book Of Business Resources Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book of Business Book Of Business Profiles Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Agent Marketing Plan Web Tool Client Marketing Program Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Client Marketing Program Field Target Marketing Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section/Agent Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Field Target Marketing Long Term Care Print On Demand Agency Portal Home Page Resource Section /Agent (POD) Marketing Plan/Book Of Business/Long-Term Care Print On Demand
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