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Nico Miceli

Nico Miceli

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  • No one listens to a link farm No one listens to directory links
  • Your industry can be really cool!
  • This is making boring content interesting and making
  • This is making boring content interesting and making
  • Travel industry moves people around and this talks about how other things travel – totally relevant To increase your target audience – you move from page 2 to page 3 by getting links from increasing your audience Everything interesting that you see revese engineer it to see if it works for your client


  • 1. Content Creation for Boringand Regulated IndustriesPresented by:Nico Miceli |
  • 2. Content is king• Yeah we get it!• But do you have content that is gettingyou links?• Do you have things getting you long tailtraffic and increasing your internetpresence?@nicomiceli
  • 3. Do you have Linkable Assets besides justcontent?@nicomiceli
  • 4. This Is Content@nicomiceli
  • 5. This Is a Linkable Asset@nicomiceli
  • 6. “Ehhh That’snot my targetaudience”@nicomiceli
  • 7. The Mindset• Your clients are thinking about thetarget audience• We are thinking how to increaseinternet presence and get more people- real people to talk about you@nicomiceli
  • 8. Content & Linkable assets are a pieceof the puzzleIt helps with linkbuilding & on pagefactorsStay on topic but widen your audience!@nicomiceli
  • 9. Widening youraudience willwiden yourtarget audience@nicomiceli
  • 10. But it’s sometimes difficultSo let’s dive into the two things thathinder linkable content@nicomiceli
  • 11. “There isn’t much coolstuff in my industry”“My industry is boring”@nicomiceli
  • 12. @nicomiceli
  • 13. • Think about yourproduct– What are the thingsrelated and associatedto it?– Are there any emotionsor feelings that comeout of it?– What facts can youthink off?– What are yourcustomers, customersinterested in?– What are the effects ofit?@nicomiceli
  • 14. Lets Talk Office Supplies@nicomiceli
  • 15. Lets Talk Office SuppliesB2B@nicomiceli
  • 16. Lets Talk Office SuppliesB2B@nicomiceli
  • 17. How do we think aboutlinkable assets?• Lets ask the people@nicomiceliAll in one scrapper
  • 18. @nicomiceli
  • 19. Reddit@nicomiceli
  • 20. Reddit@nicomiceli
  • 21. Reddit@nicomiceli
  • 22. RedditOFFICE HACKS!@nicomiceli
  • 23. @nicomiceli
  • 24. “Binder Clips”@nicomiceli
  • 25. @nicomiceli
  • 26. Keep going!• The top 100 office hacks• Best sharpie art• Other uses for dry erase markers• Be the resource that people go to• But… make it different than what’s outthere!@nicomiceli
  • 27. HALT! Serious Time!• Red Tape!– Lots of red tape• Regulated industries• Legal• Steps of approval@nicomiceli
  • 28. No more fun?• Now it’s stricter• You can’t use crazy ideas• But you can use DATA!• Use the resources you have• And make it look nice@nicomiceli
  • 29. Lets talk Finance@nicomiceli
  • 30. Lets talk Finance
  • 31. Finance Industry@nicomiceli
  • 32. Biggest increase@nicomiceli
  • 33. “People want toknow about themarket!”“Tell them!”@nicomiceli
  • 34. Lets get deeper in Data• The World Fact Book•• World Bank• International Monetary Fund• State Agency Databases• US Government Printing Office (GPO)• Social Security Death Index••• Here:
  • 35. So what do I do with it?@nicomiceli
  • 36. Turn that data into a FusionTable!• Create interactive embeddable charts• Overlay any data on a map• Update the data whenever you want@nicomiceli
  • 37. What should you build?• Search and find out what questions arebeing asked?– Create something people will want to use– Create a resource@nicomiceli
  • 38. Keep thinking! Whatwill overlay on a map?@nicomiceli
  • 39. •Crime•Income•Places ofinterest•EmploymentRates• High way speedlimits• City cleanliness• Historical events• Public court data@nicomiceliExample Data Sets here:
  • 40.
  • 41. Want studies backed bycredible sources?ext:pdf OR "study"~increase OR ~decrease [key word]ext:pdf OR "study"~increase OR ~decrease car accidents@nicomiceliOther query Ideas here:
  • 42. Want someHarvard dataand researchpapers to turninto somethingdigestible?You got it!@nicomiceli
  • 43. @nicomiceliExtra Proof?
  • 44. Who made that?• College Lead Gen Site!• 439 Linking Root Domains• PA 67•
  • 45. Who made that?• A Travel Site!•• PA 77• 80 Linking Route
  • 46. Remember…For creating cool interestingcontent and linkable assets findout what people want aroundyour industry or want to knowabout your
  • 47. But don’t…
  • 48. Don’t
  • 49. Thanks!Nico Miceli - SEER