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Crystal Research Associates Releases New 76-page report on Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC)
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Crystal Research Associates Releases New 76-page report on Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC)


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Crystal Research Associates ( has issued an Executive Informational Overview® (EIO) on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC). The full 76-page report is available on Crystal Research …

Crystal Research Associates ( has issued an Executive Informational Overview® (EIO) on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC). The full 76-page report is available on Crystal Research Associates’ website at

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. develops and commercializes proprietary laboratory instruments and consumable products. Its product portfolio is based on its patented pressure cycling technology (PCT) platform, which is able to apply and release high levels of hydrostatic pressure in a safe and controlled manner. The Company has installed roughly 235 Barocycler instruments in approximately 150 academic, government, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical laboratories, including many of the top laboratories in the U.S.

To date, there are over 100 publications from leading scientists on the multiple advantages of the PCT platform.

While this technology has applications across many industries, Pressure BioSciences is initially using PCT to develop products that improve sample preparation—the vitally important process of preparing a sample for analysis. In life science research, sample preparation is integral to tens of thousands of laboratories worldwide yet it is often a significant bottleneck to discovery and progress.

Pressure BioSciences’ line of Barocycler® products enables scientists to harness the power of PCT in the lab. Biological samples (e.g., cells and tissues from humans, animals, plants, and microbes) are placed in single-use processing tubes inside a Barocycler instrument and exposed to programmable cycles of low-to-intense pressure—up to 58,000 psi. This act of “cycling” pressure can accelerate and control physical and chemical processes, including the breakup of cellular structures and release of biomarkers from a sample for subsequent testing and analysis. Pressure BioSciences’ portfolio also includes Shredder instruments (for rapidly shredding or grinding samples), sample preparation kits and reagents, and related consumable products (e.g., tubes to hold the samples during the PCT process).

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Please view report for applicable disclosures.

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  • 1. New Independent Equity Research • A 76-page Executive Informational Overview® (EIO) by Crystal Research Associates on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. is available at • Covers a range of topics: o Pressure BioSciences’ proprietary laboratory instruments and consumable products o The Company’s market opportunities o Its patented pressure cycling technology (PCT) platform to develop products that improve sample preparation o Potential competition o …and other key fundamentals. .
  • 2. What is an EIO? • Our Executive Informational Overview® (EIO) presents a crystal clear, detailed report on a company in a manner that is easily understood by the Wall Street financial community. • It details a company’s product/technology/service offerings, market size(s), key intellectual property, leadership, growth strategy, competition, risks, financial statements, key events, and other fundamental information. • It is free of investment ratings, target prices, and forward-looking financial models. • Complete risks and disclosures are included within each EIO. • Our trademarked EIOs are exclusively written by experienced, award-winning analysts at Crystal Research Associates, LLC. .
  • 3. Excerpts from our EIO on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC) PROPRIETARY LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS AND CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS BASED ON PRESSURE CYCLING TECHNOLOGY (PCT) • applies and releases high levels of hydrostatic pressure in a safe and controlled manner .
  • 4. Overview of Pressure BioSciences • Proprietary laboratory instruments and consumable products • Portfolio based on patented Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) • PCT is a highly versatile and adaptable technology that can be used across many different industries • life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, forensics, food, antibioterror, agriculture, automotive, and oil and gas industries, among others .
  • 5. Products and Services • Line of bench-top Barocycler® laboratory instruments that employ high pressure to prepare research samples for downstream analysis and testing o extracts higher quality and quantities of proteins, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and small molecules from samples vs. competitive products • 235 Barocycler units have been installed to date • Customers include large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies o • (Bristol-Myers, Amgen, and Merck), U.S. government agencies (FBI, FDA, NIH, and USDA), and universities (Harvard Medical School, Stanford, and UCLA) Next-generation PCT platform is HUB family of Barocyclers; goal is to create a modular system that can grow and adapt to laboratories’ needs, with users purchasing accessories as needed to expand the functionality of their unit .
  • 6. Financials • All-time-high quarterly revenue of over $420,000 in 3Q13, up 7% year-overyear, stemming primarily from increased product and services sales o • Grant revenue a significant source of funding, though product sales increased 10% to ~$330,000, driven in part by growth of consumables, up 84% to over $50,000 in 3Q Single-use consumable products are an important element of product line o o • Products include PULSE Tubes and MicroTubes to hold samples during processing, as well as a variety of prepackaged sample preparation kits and reagents that provide additional specialized capabilities tailored to particular sample processing challenges All consumables designed to be used in conjunction with the Company’s laboratory instruments Revenues for the first nine months of 2013 were ~$1.15 million, up 12% over the same period in 2012, being driven by product sales, up 9% year-over-year to $746,000 for the first nine months of 2013 .
  • 7. Markets • Global proteomics market is estimated to reach $17.2 billion by 2017, expanding at a 14.2% CAGR (Source: MarketsandMarkets, Proteomics Market-Instruments, Reagents and Services-Trends and Global Forecasts to 2017, November 2012) • Sample preparation market for life sciences research could reach $5.4 billion in 2013, with potential to more than double to $11.5 billion by 2018, driven by new technologies and growing demand • Growth fueled by new innovations and developments in proteomic instruments, greater availability of funds from various organizations, and higher R&D expenditures .
  • 8. To read the 76-page EIO on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO-OTC) or find information on other companies under our coverage, please visit .
  • 9. About Us Crystal Research Associates, LLC ( is an independent research firm that has provided institutional-quality research on small- and mid-cap companies for the past decade. We are led by veteran Wall Street sell-side analyst Jeffrey Kraws, who is well known by the international financial media for his years of work on Wall Street and for providing consistent award-winning analyses and developing long-term relationships on both the buyside and sell-side. He has been consistently ranked among the Top Ten Analysts for pharmaceutical stock performance in the world for almost two decades as well as ranked as the Number One Stock Picker in the world for pharmaceuticals by Starmine and for estimates from Zacks. Additionally, Mr. Kraws has been 5-Star ranked for top biotechnology stock performance by Starmine. Corporate Headquarters: 880 Third Avenue, 6th Floor New York, NY 10022 Office: (212) 851‐6685 Fax: (609) 395‐9339 Satellite Office Location: 2500 Quantum Lakes Drive, Suite 203 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Office: (561) 853‐2234 Fax: (561) 853‐2246 . Jeffrey J. Kraws CEO, Crystal Research Associates