How to make money in photography


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How to make money in photography

  1. 1. • I’m going to ask you to do something this morning that 95% of people and Entrepreneurs won’t do!• Are you ready? Do you want to know what it is?
  2. 2. •STOP thinking small!!• It’s exhausting you, it’s destroying your family….it’s killing any chance of you EVER having enough to live on when you reach the age of 65!
  3. 3. You basically wasting your timebecause you’ve chosen a service basedindustry and your only income is called ACTIVE income.The only time ACTIVE income is good is when you are broke, starving & your car insurance is due.
  4. 4. I bet your thinking ‘Oh Sh*t’ now!
  5. 5. I know you had high hopes for this photography thing didn’t you?• “They say it’s the sexiest career at the PPofA convention!”• “I still owe on that damn camera I upgraded and my husband is going to kill me if he finds this out!”• “It’s my only creative outlet in this world…I need to be an artist!”• “You mean….All that time I spent learning that lighting technique & that program I got to shoot baby portraits was complete waste of time?”
  6. 6. The Economy is driven by knowledge and CONTENT knowledge specifically.– Do you have something to give in your knowledge bank to share? (take your brain to the bank)– When packaged and marketed correctly you can sell them in crucial areas of income Streams.
  7. 7. Would an extra 10k a month change your life?• What would it take to create an information product and sell it through products and programs online?Let’s do the math for a minute: – $147 x 68 products= $10,000 – $497 x 20 products = $10,000 – $997 X 10 products = $10,000
  8. 8. How about $20,000 a month?• What would you do?• Could you market better?• Hire out what you don’t want to do?• Take time off to spend with your family?• Write down 5 things that $20,000 extra a month income would do to your mindset and how it would change your life.
  9. 9. CASHFLOW CHANGES EVERYTHING!• When packaged and marketed correctly you can sell them in crucial areas of income Streams for serious CASHFLOW!
  10. 10. #1 Reason why people don’t do this is:• “Who am I to be an expert”? (low self worth)• “Don’t have enough money” (creativity issues)• “Not sure where to start? ( perfectionist)• Afraid they will be judged by peers. (EGO)
  11. 11. Here are REASONS most don’t talk about.• We would rather do what’s comfortable.• We say we want to make more money but instead we buy big screen TV’s and expensive cars.• We procrastinate and make excuses.• It’s the same reason people have addictions… – We want to escape…we want to avoid all of those feelings that are too uncomfortable to address.
  12. 12. When they say time is money….they aren’t kidding!
  13. 13. So what’s the solution?
  14. 14. Multiple Income Streams
  15. 15. It all begins with Products and Programs!
  16. 16. Start with a Core Program• Do you have a niche? Start with a CORE PROGAM!• Do you know what your Signature program is?• What do you want to be known for?• What do you know better than anyone out there?• Or… can you make a product being the deliverer of EXPERTS?
  17. 17. The RICHES are in the NICHES• “General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, us of but little use in the accumulation of money.”- Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich
  18. 18. How would you like to ….?• Own your own space?• Serve more clients in less time• Serve more clients better• Make WAY more money• Sell your services more powerfully and effortlessly
  19. 19. • “A step in the wrong direction is better than staying onthe spot all our life. Once you’re movingforward you can correctyour course as you go.Your automatic guidancesystem cannot guide youwhen you’re standing still.”-Maxwell Maltz
  20. 20. Discover YourUnique Branded System And Claim Your Space!
  21. 21. So, what’s up with all of the …. • Blueprints • Systems • Step-by-Step Processes • Formulas • Roadmaps • Gameplans
  22. 22. Marketing 101• People don’t want the recipe or to learn how to make the ‘Turkey dinner.’• People want it done for them….with mashed potatoes and gravy.• People want to know you have a step-by-step formula they can follow to get there faster.• People want to buy a template, a short-cut to solve their problems.
  23. 23. Marketing 101:• People want to know you feel their pain.• People want to know you have the answer.• People want to know you are known for something and that you have figured out what they can’t.• People want answers and they want relief.
  24. 24. Step 1DISCOVER your PROCESS• What are the steps you use to get results with your clients?• Separate your personality credentials, etc…from your process.• When you do 1:1 work, notice the parts that you tend to repeat over and over to every client.
  25. 25. Step 2:Aim for 3, 5 or 7 Steps
  26. 26. Step 3Notice• Notice which parts of your process you can teach to a group and which parts absolutely need to be done 1:1.• Question what you think needs to be done 1:1 to get great results. Does it really?Or does it have a process too?
  27. 27. Step 4Create Sticky Labels• Play around with the steps and name each one with an action word or phrase.• See if you can create a word, acronym, series of words that start with the same letter.• Name the whole system, blueprint, process.
  28. 28. Moxie Money Making Blueprint• Mindset• Marketing• Magnetize (leads)• Matrimony• Merchandise• Monetize/Money
  29. 29. Design you Leveraged Progression PlanServe more people, make more money, stop re- inventing the wheel!
  30. 30. This is for you if…..• You feel like your constantly re-inventing the wheel and you have no plan• You want to create steady, consistent cash flow• You want to feel like you’re running a “real” business• You want lots of ways to fill your programs• You want to be able to sell high-ticket programs right away versus at the end of the long sales funnel
  31. 31. Fast Track Program• Create your signature program so you will be known for something and your reach goes far and wide so that creating income streams is easier and faster. (passive income)• Research what people are already buying online so that you can draw them in to you using attraction marketing secrets that work.• Build a list of qualified leads for life that immediately know, like, trust you.• Plan out your 2012 year so that you are making at least six figures and building upon that every year after.• Build a scalable and sustainable business while knowing how to apply passive, leveraged and recurring income into your business forever and cashflow is never a problem again.• Know how to write easy copy that sells your products for you.• Know how to use your blog to set up systems that run like a well oiled machine that is automated and planned out well in advance so you are making money while you sleep.• Set up solid marketing online/offline marketing systems so that you are fully prepared to create multiple income streams.
  32. 32. Three levels for three The Diamond Level is for those are seriously ready to up-level their income and get the serious attention they need to get them there with action steps, accountability & much more. The Emerald level is for those that need inspiration, steps and accountability to get them where they want to be while getting several bonus one-on-one time with me as well as group coaching and lots of support along the way. The Amethyst is the lowest level for those just starting out with an idea they want to grow upon or someone that is looking for a beginner program for online business and needs a lot of basic understanding about their direction, Wordpress & proven marketing strategies set in place.